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Found 208 results

  1. *************************************** Were working to replenish our stock, can take orders for Large Crates please allow time for construction. Any enquiries re future orders PM Zetzu or myself in-game *************************************** WTS Building Materials Bricks 2,000 20ql 2s per K SOLD Mortar 3,000 10ql 2s per K Dirt 2,000 1s per K Concrete 100 11ql 1s Support Beams 100 5s Metal Lumps Gold lumps 1,000 1ql 1s SOLD Gold lumps 1,000 20ql 1s SOLD Tin lumps 5,000 25ql 1s per K Iron lumps 2,000 40ql 1s per K Iron lumps 1,000 75ql 3s Zinc lumps 1,000 65ql 2s Fruit & Veg Onions 92ql 1s per K Apples 2,000 1s per 100 Storage 64 Small Crates 3c each 20 Large Crates Cedar 10c each SOLD Will make more Tools Saws 70ql 15c SOLD If you need tool/tools made PM Zetzu for custom order Info I live on Xanadu server R14 Can deliver on any server coast (except Chaos) Orders 3s or more free delivery PM me or Zetzu here or in game Any C.O,D, items will be mailed via our 100 enchant mailbox
  2. as the title says i want to sell 5k bricks for 9s including delivery for all coastal deeds (chaos not included)
  3. 4k stone bricks ~35ql 2s / 1k 5.5k mortar 32ql 2.5s / 1k Large Crates 15c each Ready to pick up at h10 Celebration Delivery possible Pm Larom in game
  4. WTS 5k mortar 2s per K SOLD 4k Dirt 1s per K SOLD 1k Bricks 2s SOLD 1k Iron lumps ( 15 ql ) 1s SOLD 1k Copper lumps ( 11.8 ql ) 1s SOLD 1k Tin lumps ( 27 ql ) 1s SOLD 100 x Support Beams 5s SOLD 8 x 70 ql Saw 20c each 30 Large (Cedar) Crates 10c each SOLD 12k Onions 91ql 1s per k or 10s for the lot I live on Xanadu server R14 Can deliver on any server coast (except Chaos) pm me here or game. Orders 3s or more free delivery PM me or Zetzu here or in game
  5. WTS 10k mortar 2s per K SOLD 1k Bricks 2s SOLD 3k Dirt 1s per K 2x Rare longsword ( ) 4s each ( one left ) SOLD I live on Xanadu server R14 Can deliver on any server coast (except Chaos) pm me here or game.
  6. Looking for 70ql + colossus bricks/clay -bulk- Rare Caravel Rare Knarr Challenge Statue pm me infos =)
  7. Hey! Check my stuff and price! BULK QT Price Support Beams 100 4s Shafts 1k 1s Planks 1k 1,5s Hull Planks 1k 4s Deck Boards 1k 4s Pegs 1k 2s Tenons 1k 2s Ribbons 100 1s Small Nails 1k 1s Large Nails 1k 1,5s Fance Bars 100 2s Mortar 1k 2,5s Stone Bricks 1k 2s Collosus Brick 1k 3s Marble Bricks 100 3s Marble Slab 100 2s Stone Slab 100 2s Arrow shaft 100 15c War hunting head 100 20c Hunting arrow head 100 20c War arrow 100 70c Hunting arrow 100 70c Handle 100 20c Frying Pan 100 1s Wood shingles 1k 1,5s Concrete 100 1s Meat 1k 1,5s Sprout 100 1s Animal Bits 1k 1s Mining / Diging QT 20QL 40QL 60QL 80QL 99QL Iron 100 10c 25c 50c 80c 4s Gold 100 2s 2,5s 3,2s Silver 100 2s 2,5s 3,2s Tin 100 2s 2,2s 2,5s Marble 1k 1s 1,2s 1,6s 2,8s 3,5s Copper 100 Zinc 100 20c 40c 70c 90c 2s Slate 1k RockShards 1k 1s 1,2s 1,6s 2s 3,5s Tar 1k 1s 1,4s 1,6s 2s 3,5s Dirt 1k 1s Sand 1k 1s Clay 1k 1s 1,2s 1,6s 2s 3s Other Items QT QL Price Pickaxe WoA 49 1 40 50 Pickaxe WoA 30 CoC 53 1 40 75 Gems 1-15 2c Gems 15-80 1c Source Crystal 1kg 1,5s Yellow Potion 1-100 10c Chain Armor Parts ~50 20-30c Smelter 1 15 1s Rare Rock Shards 10 1-70 15c Rare Carving Knife C70 W80 85 7,5s Small Crate 5c Buld Storage Bin (BSB) 10c Food Storage Bin (FSB) 15c Large Barrel 8c Small Barrel 5c Large Chest 8c Small Chest 5c Rare Ship Materials 30 1-50 50c Sprout 1,5c Rare Saw 17,69 5s Rare Pickaxe Iron W71C72 67,17 7s Rare Pickaxe Iron 43 5s Rare Hammer C91 92,84 7,5s Rare Gold Statuette 63 7s Animals Age Speed Price Cow 50c Bull 50c Calf 50c Horse 4 50c Bison 4 50c Sheep 50c Pregnant Animals 70c We can imp yours stuff! CHAIN SMITHING 51ql 61ql 71ql 81ql Iron 1s 1,2s 1,4s 2,2s Copper 1s 1,2s 1,4s 2,2s BLACKSMITHING 50ql 60ql 70ql 75ql Iron Tools 10c 15c 30c 40c Horseshoes Sets 50c 60c 1s 1,5s LEATHERWORKING 51ql 61ql 71ql 75ql Studded Leather Sets 50c 70c 1s 1,2s Toolbelts 15c 25c 35c - Saddles 20c 30c 50c 60c Leather Bardings 50c 60c 70c 80c LOCATION: Azyl 34x5y Deliverance. Delivery price to establish. For more information message to: Skorpionek
  8. I am looking to buy 5k bricks, 5k mortar, and rare clay/bricks. Please send me a PM or tell in game. My character name is Niru as well Thanks everyone!
  9. 2s/1k, free delivery. Contact me in game or send me PM on forum.
  10. Some stuff for sale -10k of 42ql steel lumps for 23s (buy them all for 20s) -5.7k Colossus bricks 2s/1k (buy them all for 10s) -Rare rope tool-maple 5s Free delivery to any coastal(no chaos) Steel is sold.
  11. WTS 7k Mortar 2s/1k and 7k Dirt 1s/1k 2k Stone Bricks 2s/1k Am located on the Xanadu server (R14) Can deliver (Not Chaos)
  12. Nippy General Store Helping you play the game you love, your way Leather works Blacksmithing Bulk Workload: Empty Blacksmithing Workload: Empty Armour Workload: Empty ***Special offers*** Currently no special offers Masonr​y Bricks - 1s per 500Mortar - 1.5s per 500Slabs - 1s per 75Carpentry ​Planks - 1.5s per 1kSmithing Small/Large Nails - 75c per 500Iron Fence Bars - 2s per 100Iron Ribbons - 1s per 100Rivets - 75c per 500Blacksmithing Tools 50ql - 15c60ql - 35c70ql - 50c80ql - 90cHorseshoes x4 50ql - 1sx4 70ql - 2s 10cLarge anvils 50ql - 30c60ql - 60c70ql - 80c80ql - 1s 60cLamps 30ql - 80c per 1040ql - 1.2s per 1050ql - 1.5s per 10Armour Leather 40ql - 40c50ql - 50c60ql - 60c70ql - N/A Studded Leather 60ql - 1s70ql - 2s80ql - 4s90ql - 7s Chain armour 40ql - 50c50ql - 1s Leather Goods Toolbelt 50ql - 40c 60ql - 50c 70ql - 60c 80ql - 1s 90ql - 2s Containers (standard 30ql containers, higher ql on request) Backpack - 5cQuiver - 5cWaterskin - 5cHorse gear - Bridles 50ql - 30c60ql - 40c70ql - 50c80ql - 75c90ql - 1s - Saddle 50ql - 60c60ql - 70c70ql - 1s80ql - 2s90ql - 6s- Leather Barding 50ql - 60c60ql - 70c70ql - 1.5s Nature Enchanted grass/trees - 70c per tile Merchant in Freedom Market last stocked 02/09/2013 Contact Shads or Boobaby in-game or on the forums either via pm or comment below to place an order. We're located on the independence server, our co-ords are 24x 46y. Deed name is Nippy shores. We do NOT deliver to other servers Fast service, good bricks as always, excellent on site brick crafting service. Would recommend any time.
  13. 2k bricks, 100 support beams. PM me Zaefran. i can make all sort of things, just ask.
  14. Closed

    I am looking to buy 3k bricks if you have them already made and can bring them to me on Pristine me
  15. Dear players of Wurm, I had been living in Elevation, under a deed named Silver leaf until owner of deed had abruptly left game with little to under a weeks upkeep, i log in a couple days later to find the deed disbanded aswell as a Drake Spirit killing me, i was unable to return to my corpse and am lost where to go i have bare minimum tools, and not sure of a good starting area all i really require is some tools, armour, and weapon of any description or ql, could anyone please give me any advice where i should pick myself up from this situation. -Thanks Bruz If anyone has an offer to keep me under their deed i will be more then obligated to help you with any labour, etc, etc, i can make bricks, arrows, anything you may require i am just asking for means to level up my skills.
  16. Want to buy : 50k bricks 50k mortar 50k dirt Delivered to West coast Deli. Paying euros or silver.
  17. Greetings! Looking to buy 5k bricks with delivery to R24 Xanadu. I will pay 10s for the bricks and another 5s for the delivery. PM me here if you're interested. Fulfilled!
  18. Xanadu E21 Bulk clay, bricks and mortar available Clay 1k -1s Bricks 1k - 2s Mortar 1k - 2.5s Ingame contact rhondeau or chemistchibi Pickup is free Delivery is 1s to xanadu coastline (no delivery to other islands at this time)
  19. More bricks and mortar to sell 20k in bricks......2s/1k 12k sold 8k left....4800left 10k in mortar.....2s/1k 5k left 10k in iron lumps 50ql....1s/1k 12 Sleep Powder............1s ea Items will be delivered in crates (No Charge) will deliver for fee I am on Xanadu New Spring Island Please pm me in game @ shadowwalker or msg me here with following information What server you are on Deed Name and location In game contact info Delivery or pickup Quantities And if there is caravel access I also have a knarr for deliveries so caravel access isn't a must
  20. 3,4 s - 1,7k bricks 3 s - 3 xpowders Xanadu j11 coastal pickup
  21. Pickup Only Hollow Springs Xanadu (j/11) 1.5s per 1k Also have 2k mortar for 2.5s per 1k. Crate Swap only Please
  22. I am looking for rare, supreme, or fantastic Clay and bricks. Comment below or pm me with prices and ql and rarity. Thanks sooo much!
  23. WTS 12k mortar 2.5s / 1k AND 4k bricks 2s / 1k AND Large Crates 20c each DELIVERY is possible, price depends on amount and distance. PICKUP at Celebration h10 (in game map) for free PM Larom in game
  24. Bricks!

    Hi, i need 2k bricks asap. I'm at S14 on Xanadu. Can anyone delliver today? now? PM Ingame: Avonly
  25. My skills are low but I am a hard worker and will do most jobs. Already completed commissioned job's: Making and selling 20K stone bricks (and mortar) Making 9K stone brick's over 5 days Landscaping over an 10x16 area, removal and relocation of dirt My main skill levels are: Carpentry 41.10 Fine carpentry 17.50 Shipbuilding 19.08 Woodcutting 24.83 Mining 21.99 Digging 26.96 Masonry 47.77 Stone cutting 43.49 Blacksmithing 23.60 Smithing 12.45 Thatching 9.59 Please message me if interested/to arrange any Contracts.