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Found 92 results

  1. Rare Small Anvil 50ql Reserve price: YES Start bid: 4s Min increase: 50c Buyout: 12s I can delivery in Exodust near x23 y44 or mail with COD to reciever.
  2. Welsh Smithery and Brokerage Firm Apologies. The Welsh Smithery and Brokerage Firm is closed right now due to real world getting in the way. We will update the thread when that changes.
  3. Order Queue: 0 (Willing to BARTER all items for dirt, 10c for 100 dirt, temporary) rares +10c to all orders (only if it happens and you want it) Path of Love: Refresh 20c (99% nutrition) Chain Smithing: 1-60ql Chain Armour 1c per Ql 1-60ql Chain Bardings 1c per Ql Special Material +1s (silver, steel, bronze) Plate Smithing: (low level Plate smith) Plate Armour 1-30ql 4c per Ql Blacksmithing: (low level blacksmith) Tools 1-30Ql 1c per Ql Steel +2 per Ql Carpentry: Tools 1-50Ql 1c per ql Practice Doll 1-50Ql 1c per ql Archery Target 1-50Ql 2c per ql (completed archery target cannot be picked up) Rope making: (random quality) Bow String 10 3c (while supplies last selling 100 bowstrings for 10c or 10 for 1c) Rope 1c mooring rope 5c coordage rope 10c thick rope 15c Boat Stuff: (random quality) Anchor 10c (will make mooring anchor for 12c) Rafts 10c Bulk: (random quality <50) (will not deliver inland more then a large cart can handle) Rock shards 1k 1s Iron Lump 1k 1s Iron Ribbon 100 60c -------------------------------------------------------------------- Located on Inde. Delivery Fee: (free delivery for repeat customers) (double cost for inland villages, dependent on distance) Inde. 10c Other 50c
  4. Greetings fellow Wurmians! Annex is located on the Exodus server (co-ordinates y29 x11), we offer a variety of services and there is a merchant located on the deed stocked with a selection of leatherworking and blacksmithing goods. CoD & DELIVERY OPTIONS Items can be collected from Annex (co-ordinates y29 x11) Items can be mailed (where possible), the buyer will be expected to pay the CoD fee. Items can be delivered (Exodus & Celebration ONLY), delivery will be charged at 20 copper. For other servers it may be possible to arrange a meeting location convenient to both for trade. Close to the Exodus border, etc... LEATHER ITEMS TOOLBELTS 50 QL 40 Copper 60 QL 50 Copper 70 QL 60 Copper STUDDED ARMOR SETS 50 QL 50 Copper 60 QL 65 Copper 70 QL 1.8s HORSE ITEMS 50 QL Saddle 60 Copper 60 QL Saddle 70 Copper 70 QL Saddle 80 Copper 50 QL Bridle 40 Copper 60 QL Bridle 50 Copper 70 QL Bridle 60 Copper 50 QL Horseshoes 50 Copper 60 QL Horseshoes 75 Copper 70 QL Horseshoes 1 Silver NOTE: The price listed is for a set of four horse shoes, not per horse shoe. HORSE BUNDLES Each bundle includes; one saddle, one bridle and four horseshoes all improved to the listed quality. 50 QL Bundle 1.25 Silver (25 Copper Discount) 60 QL Bundle 1.60 Silver (35 Copper Discount) 70 QL Bundle 1.95 Silver (45 Copper Discount) CONTAINERS 30 QL Backpack 5 Copper 30 QL Waterskin 5 Copper 30 QL Quiver 5 Copper STUDDED LEATHER BARDING 50 QL Barding 1 Silver 60 QL Barding 1.5 Silver 70 QL Barding 2.5 Silver LEATHER IMPING 30 QL Free 40 QL 5 Copper (Per Item) 50 QL 10 Copper (Per Item) 60 QL 15 Copper (Per Item) 70 QL 20 Copper (Per Item) BLACKSMITHING ITEMS IRON TOOLS Awl, Branding Iron, File, Hammer, Hatchet, Leather Knife, Metal Brush, Needle, Pickaxe, Rake, Saw, Scissors, Shovel, Small Anvil, Stone Chisel or, Trowel. 50 QL 15 Copper 60 QL 25 Copper 70 QL 45 Copper NOTE: The price listed is per tool, for tool sets please see below. TOOL SETS Tool sets comprise of the following tools; Hammer, Hatchet, Pickaxe, Saw, Shovel, Small Anvil, Stone Chisel & Trowel. 50 QL 1 Silver (20 Copper Discount) 60 QL 1.7 Silver (30 Copper Discount) 70 QL 3.2 Silver (40 Copper Discount) LARGE ANVILS 50 QL 20 Copper 60 QL 40 Copper 70 QL 70 Copper LAMPS All lamps are imped to 50 QL and the prices listed below are per lamp. Discounts can be negotiated for bulk orders (10 lamps or, more). Copper Hanging Lamp 20 Copper Iron Lamp 20 Copper Iron Torch Lamp 20 Copper Gold Hanging Lamp 40 Copper Silver Hanging Lamp 40 Copper IRON LANTERNS 50 QL 20 Copper 60 QL 35 Copper 70 QL 50 Copper Lanterns can be dyed; red, blue, green, white or, purple for no extra charge. If you would like your lantern dyed then please specify a colour when ordering. CARPENTRY ITEMS Oak Tools: Clay Shaper, Grooming Brush, Mallet, Rope Tool, Spatula or, Spindle. Willow Tools: Fine Fishing Rod 50 QL 15 Copper 60 QL 20 Copper 70 QL 45 Copper NOTE: The price listed is per tool. PLACING ORDERS To place an order you can reply to this forum post or, contact Maizie in-game or, via forum PM
  5. Hi! I decided to sell some of my tools: Carving Knifes: Carving Knife 60ql - 30c Carving Knife 71ql - 50c Carving Knife 74ql 72CoC - 1s Carving Knife 81ql 89WoA - 3s Mallets: Mallet, birchwood 71ql - 20c Mallet, Oakenwood 69.9ql 89CoC 66WoA - 3s Needles: Needle 69ql - 30c Needle 80ql 45CoC - 70c Needle 70ql 75CoC - 1s Needle 80ql 84WoA, 83CoC - 3s Rope Tools: Rope Tool, Pinewood 77ql - 60c Rope Tool, Oakenwood 88ql - 1s Hatchets: Hatchet 83ql - 70c Hatchet 50ql 84CoC - 1.5s Spindles: Spindle, Oakenwood 67ql 31WoA - 50c Spindle, Pinewood 56ql 44WoA - 50c Saws: Saw 67ql - 40c Saw 78ql 67WoA - 1s Files: File 70ql - 40c File 72ql 68CoC - 80c Steel and Flints: Steel and flint 7ql 50CoC - 50c Steel and flint 70ql 64WoA - 1s Sickles: Sickle 69ql 62WoA - 80c Sickle 28ql 90CoC - 3s Fruit Presses: Fruit Press, willow 34ql 64CoC - 70c Fruit Press, thorn 78ql - 80c Fruit Press, grapewood 80ql- 90c Other: Hammer 70ql - 40c Large Anvil 80ql - 80c Small Anvil 53ql 59WoA - 60c Clay Shaper, Oakenwood 18ql 66Coc - 60c Spatula, pinewood 50ql 73CoC - 80c Scissors 80ql 77CoC - 1.2s Trowel 59ql 72CoC 57WoA - 1.3s Rake 31ql 71CoC - 70c Fine Meditation Rug 44ql 75CoC - 80c Cheese Drill 40ql 77CoC - 80c Leather Knife 89ql 87WoA 53CoC - 3s Butchering Knife 60ql 87CoC - 2s Compass 73ql - 4s Weird: Paw 52ql 66CoC - 70c (good for Natural Substances grinding) Clay 73WoA - 80c (fast mortar) [update: must be wrapped, so double mailing costs here] Small Pinewood Bucket 49ql 62CoC - 80c (good forestry gains during mapple season + milking) You will have to pay CoD fee (+10c to Exodus or +20c to other servers). Send me a pm or write a post in this thread.
  6. Ships Sailing boat 2s Knarr 20s Caravel 30s I will not make Cogs or Corbitas - they are not worth the effort anymore as prices are so low. Imped to 55ql, any wood you like, made to order. Pickup only. The Whispering Wood's cave shipyard. 5 Trait horses 50c each. Have many in black. Discounts for venerables when available. Blacksmithing items 60ql for 40c each. I will not do large anvils it's too boring. Vynora enchants up to 50 power for 1c per point. Can often get higher enchants, just not reliably enough to advertise. Jewellery items Up to 50ql, gold or silver: Altar message me to discuss Candelabra 60c Other stuff 50c Mailbox ready Can CoD those things which are CoD-able. [14:42:56] Courier has been cast on it, so it seems to be possessed by something. [94]
  7. Edit: Can a mod move this thread to the Release Temporary Market? I just noticed I posted it in the wrong section. Selling my two characters currently located on Release server. Murp (Blacksmith) < SOLD > Roose (Vyn Priest) <SOLD> [update April 16th] Both sold, please close. Thanks for reading.
  8. Hi all, Looking to buy a good all round account! Minimum skills are; 50 Blacksmithing 50 Woodcutting 50 Carp 40 AH 20 HFC 50 Masonry The account can be better then these skills. Please send me skill dumps & prices. Will spend up to 300Euro if the account is right. Thanks.
  9. Hillbilly Hermitage Located South West of Amish Paradise on Celebration Map & location http://impgal.site90...elebtpikols.jpg - X28Y44 Pickup and mail(COD) only at this time. Delivery to AP can be arranged in some cases. Current stock can be found here: http://forum.wurmonl...ry/#entry635305 ________________________________________________________________ You can now also buy from merchant Visit The Hillbilly at Celebrity Seaway Market (Merchant house next to mailbox) Typical selection will be Various 70-80ql tools, lanterns and anchors ​________________________________________________________________ Any questions, feel free to contact me ingame or via PM. Guruen is the name both places. Enchants Currently not taking orders on enchants 1-69 1c Per enchant power 70-79 1c Per enchant power, +10c 80-84 1c Per enchant power +30c 85-89 1c Per enchant power +60c 90+ custom Blacksmithing (except scythes, knives and sickle) 50ql - 20c 60ql - 30c 70ql - 45c 80ql - 70c Large anvil +10c Lamp, 10x * (Iron Lamp or Iron Torch Lamp) 40ql - 1.2s 50ql - 1.8s 60ql - 2.5s 70ql - 4.2s (only doing small orders at this ql) 80ql - 6.8s (only doing small orders at this ql) Masonry (Only on Celebration server. Area around my place and AP no travel fee, rest of celebration 10c travel fee.) Improving: Guardtowers 60ql - 25c Forges/ovens 70ql - 45c Paving Looking to impress your neighbours with some marble flooring, but don't have the skill to put it down yourself. I can be hired to make marble floor or any of the other types that takes more skill than you currently have or want to grind to. Materials should be present when i'm hired, but can in some cases deliver materials too for an extra fee. Base price will be 8c per tile + travel fee. Discount can be discussed on large jobs. PM with details to get a quote! Digging Got any crazy digging projects that needs high slopes, you can hire me. Currently 93+ digging. Pricing are set depending on job size, PM with details to get a quote! Special offers: None at the moment. COD pricing: Celebration 10c, cross-server 20c Check here too see what can and cannot be mailed * Pick up only
  10. a back pack full of every black smithing tool and a shovel imped to 90ql starts at 5 silver and 50 copper increase auction ends 4 days from now with 2 hours snipe protection awl file hammer hatchet large anvil small anvil leather knife needle pickaxe rake saw scissors shovel trowel lantern stone chissel
  11. Edvins Blacksmith And Stuff

    Black Smithing 50QL Tools 15c (Hammer, File, Needle, Awl, Trowel, Stone Chisel, Rake, Shovel, Pickaxe, Leather knife, Hatchet, Scissors, Saw, Small anvil, Frying pan, etc) Large Anvil 25c Lamps 30c (iron lamp, iron Torch, Lantern) Lamps 40c (Imperial street lamp, silver hanging lamp, Copper hanging lamp) 4 Horse Shoes 40c 60QL Tools 25c Large Anvil 40c Lamps 35c Lamps 50c 4 horse shoes 75c Jewel Smithing Comming soon Bulk Nails 1s/700 Ribbon 1s/100 fence bars 1s/50 Stone bricks 1s/500 Mortar 1s/400 Start up SALE 10% off your order on Tools and Lamps untill the timer runs out,, times up normal price now! Pick up at Deliverence harbour (4x21y Deliverence) Or Greendog (16x27y Deliverence) Free when order extend 1s Mail can be arrange (buyer pays the mailing fee) Free deliver to your deed (on Deliverence) when order extends 5s Delivery to a port on other servers cost 1s (indipendence, Exodus, Chaos, Celebration)
  12. Ok, first an introduction. Some weeks ago, the major of our deed, tell me that she want to remplace the crude iron street lamps with street brass lamps, this model: We chit-chated a bit about the matter, and after some research found we need around 50-60 lamps, then I started to look for those lamps, in game and in forum, I was about to give up, because even wen we offer a good price, no one jump over our order, but then a guy in our server offered to take the job, so we come to an agreement about the price, the amount, and a reazonable time frame to fullfill the order. To my surprise, a few days after, this person contact me again, and tell me he have to refrain our contract without complete it, so he give me 20 lamps, a good discount, and lots of apologies for not be able to acomplish the order. The days passed and we yet lack of about 40 lamps, the original plan was to get only 40 ql lamps, so wen i turned the 40 BS decided to do the lamps by my self. I go to the public mine and mine lots of copper, then a friend kindly grant me acces to his own zinc veins, and the things started to go on. At first i was a bit concerned, because while brass and his cousin Bronze are pretty low level aloys used since the prehistory and a fairly common one in the middle age, in wurm seem like there are more like a super metal of the goods, maybe with some super utility or something like that, because if not i can´t see the reazon to make it more difficult to obtain than enriched uranium. Its at least unreal, for not say stupid, to mix 1 kg of a refined metal with 1kg of another refined metal, and end with 0,10 kg of an allmost useless aloy. Can some one explain to me as if i where a 5 years old kid where are the other 1,9 kg of the mix? are our forges capables of such high temps to make some of the metal get vaporized? While i know the fact that with very low metalurgy skill i can´t pretend to obtain high ql end product, at least be a bit more real and give me 2kg of Brass/Bronze out of 1Kg of zinc + 1 kg of copper, or at least 1,5-1,8, but 0,10 really? Its Brass, (or Bronze) not gold or platinum cmon, its a low tech aloy that men knows allmost since he learn how to melt metals with fire. But to make it more ridicoulous, in wurm brass is one of the most useless aloys, the only things you can do are lamps and pendulums, thats all, no armor, no weapons, no keys, no hinges, no padlocks, no nothing, only lamp heads (2 kind) a pendulum ball and anbother one thing i don´t remember rigth now. But w8 the history doesn´t ends there, there is more griefing to the poor smither trying to make use of brass. In the end after a lot of mining, and a lot of fustrating metalurgy, i´ve ended with a fair amount of brass lumps, and was lucky enough to get a 6,4kg lup of 37ql, so i used all the low ql one to make lamp heads, there was a bit of ligth in the end of the tunnel, because i see each lamp head use around 0,8 kg of lump, so i was pretty happy, cause i was thinking that even if not a breeze like iron ones, brass lamps aren´t a unreachable thing. At the end i got 43 brass lamp heads, and in the end turned into 43 brass street lamps, even was lucky enough to obtain a hanfull of unfinished ones that go in the range of 14-25 wen finalised. I empty my forge, put all 43 lamps there and my precious, my own, my shiny 37ql 6,4 kg lump, wahited until glowing hot, and the reality of wurm come over me, and crushed my dreams of 40ql lamps. So in the first image, you can see there, a 25ql one (yeah), couple of 23ql, one allmost 22ql, a couple of 20ql, and a bunch of lower ones, but hey, if a full lamp only uses 0,8kg, while i will not be able to imp all the lamps to 40 or close, at least half or more... Then, the first punch in my face (to be honest that fells more like a kick in my theet) Yes, as you see, a single imp to 25,72 from 25,26 (a measly 0,46) consumed 0,25kg of the my shiny lump, i was o.O this can´t be real, must be some kind of error, or graphick bug, or my client got the wrong decimal rounding... Yeah, you wish. Oh! look, i got a 39ql one, and only cost me half of that lump.... The sade end, after the shiny was completely gone Oh yeah, i got one at 39, 95 other at 37,32, and one downgraded from 23,18 to 23,07, and only at the cheap cost of 6,4kg ol brass lump. Btw, for the ones that never did brass, this mean 64kg of copper + 64kg of zink, or a total amount of 2560 kg of ore, yes as you can read, a full large cart and a 1/4 of other of ores, just to improve 2 lamps from 25 to 39, and to degrade other, lets not forget that one. Then imho, something is very wrong with that picture, and really need to be changed, idk, make the mixing yield more aloy or reduce the amount of aloy needed to improve the lamps, but please, do something because rigth now make things out of brass its a very frustrating and disapointing task, and while i´m not against the concept of the challenge, this one is too much, is not a challeng, but a grief. So, i don´t know if developers read this threads, or if even care about the rants of a single player, but i will be more than pleased to read the opinion of others fellows wurmians chossing the ways of the anvil and the hammer, noobs like me, and ofcourse some of the BS monsters out there. One last tought, i´m very aware of the fact the steel can be even worse, but at least steel have really nice uses, you can do all kind of armours, weapons and tools out of steel, each one having good advantages over his pour irons cousins, while in the other hand, brass has so restricted uses that make it allmos not worth all the trouble to work with. Salu2.
  13. Edvins Blacksmith And Stuff

    Hello! iam now starting offer my Smithing skills for your service. Just reply to this post or pm me if you want to buy anyting. Black Smithing 50QL Tools 15c (Hammer, File, Needle, Awl, Trowel, Stone Chisel, Rake, Shovel, Pickaxe, Leather knife, Hatchet, Scissors, Saw, Small anvil, Frying pan, etc) Large Anvil 25c Lamps 30c (iron lamp, iron Torch) 4 Horse Shoes 40c 60QL Comming Soon Jewel Smithing Comming soon Pick up at Decelles (12x9y Deliverence) Can deliver to coast (7x9y Deliverence) or to Greendog (16x27y Deliverence) Free when order extend 1s Mail can be arrange (buyer pays the mailing fee) Free deliver to your deed (on Deliverence) when order extends 5s Delivery to a port on other servers cost 1s (indipendence, Exodus, Chaos, Celebration)
  14. I have a NEW FORUMS sale's.. (24/5-2012 to 31/5-2012) 5% off all orders over 5Silver 10% off all orders over 15Silver 15% off all orders over 20Silver Blacksmithing 50ql 60QL 70QL Tools 15c 25c 45c(Hammer, File, Needle, Awl, Trowel, Stone Chisel, Rake, Shovel, Pickaxe, Leather knife, Hatchet, Scissors, Saw, Small anvil, Frying pan, etc) Large Anvil 25c 40c 75c Lamps 30c 40c 70c (iron lamp, iron Torch) Lamps 40c 50c 80c (hanging copper lamp's <60QL only, Iron imperial lamp) 4 Horse Shoes 40c N/A 130c Enchants 20-50 Power Woa 1c/power Coc 1c/power AosP 1c/power Accepting gems as payment at 2 c per ql. Pick up at Stone Port 4x 18Y Deliverence map CoD adds 10c (mailing fee) 20c if i need to wrap it.. (dubble if i send it to Indi/exo/chaos) Using my 89 Courier mail box
  15. Now operating out of Riften and Golden Bay! Blacksmithing [Renowned Blacksmith] -Any Iron tools ex. anvils: 70ql = 40c -Lamps: 50ql = 20c Jewelrysmithing [Midas Touch] -Iron ex. Candelabra: 70ql = 50c -Iron Candelabra: 50ql = 25c -Gold ex. Candelabra: 70ql = 1s -Gold Candelabra: Unavailable ALTARS: By Negotiation, up to 80ql available Chain Armour Smithing [Renowned Chainsmith] -Chain Suit: 70ql = 2.5s Shield Smithing [shieldsmith] -Any iron shield: 60ql = 30c http://forum.wurmonl...nchanted-tools/ Spells to order! Vynora Enchants [Channeler] -Any tool CoC/WoA: 1c per power up to 70 -Aura of Shared Pain: 0.5c per power up to 70 N.B. Not able to guarantee power of casts, priest has been known to do up to 82 power before Magranon Spells -Mole Senses: 70c per cast + Travel costs -Strongwall: 1s first cast, 70c all subsequent casts + Travel costs N.B. Supplying gems and/or sacrifices sufficient for favour will decrease cast costs by 20c -Aura of Shared Pain: 0.5c per power up to 70 N.B. Not able to guarantee power of casts, priest has been known to do up to 87 power before Masonry work also available by negotiation [High Mason] Disclaimer: All prices are negotiable and payable in trade, all orders subject to availability and rejection at any time before payment is accepted for any reason.]
  16. Blacksmith items Various tools (hammer, pickaxe, shovel, rake, hatchet, saw, small anvil, file, trowel, leather knife, needle, awl, frying pan and the like): 15c, 25c, 45c, for ql 50, 60, or 70, respectively. Lamp (street lamp or torch): 30c, 40c, 70c, for ql 50, 60, or 70, respectively. Imperial lamp: 40c, 50c, 80c, for ql 50, 60, or 70, respectively. Large anvil: 25c, 40c, 75c, for ql 50, 60, or 70, respectively. Horse shoes (4 pieces): 40c, 80c, 140c, for ql 50, 60, or 70, respectively. Chain armour Full set (9 pieces): 1.5s, 3s, 5s, for ql 50, 60, or 70, respectively. Individual parts: 17c, 34c, 56c, for ql 50, 60, or 70, respectively. Boats (Quality of a boat doesn't really matter, but all boats are ql 45+; higher ql is also possible, but I honestly don't see any reason for that) Rafts: 20c. Rowing boat: 1s. Small sailing boat: 2s. Corbita*: 8s. Cog*: 12s. Knarr*: 30s. Caravel*: 45s. (*) The above prices for Corbita or "bigger" ships are for ordering; delivery will be in a few days (depends on the boat and my free time). For immediate sell, there is a 20% additional fee. Notes I am located at Deliverance Harbour, 4x 21y. For blacksmithing items or chain armors, I don't mind delivering (in Deliverance server), especially if you are in a coastal place, or you ordered a lot of things. I can also CoD the items. Delivery of boats (in Deliverance server) is also possible, but that depends on the case. I believe prices are fair and actually low. Some discounts might be possible, for large orders.