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Found 4 results

  1. #1 backpack - 10c each #2 rake C84 - 42c #3 rake C74 - 37c #4 pick C89 - 45c #5 shovel C71 - 36c #6 hatchet C77 - 39c #7 tabard - 10c
  2. I'm not much for "forum ing" lol but could not resist to suggest this idea i have.. We have backpacks, satchels , etc, for the self, why not make some saddlebags for horses so's we can carry a little more than our bodies but not as much as carts, etc,. I can imagine lots of things I could put in my tamed horses saddlebags for when I am traveling to do business abroad but not taking enough to use a cart! Would also be cool to be able have like a tent stashed in my saddlebags (along with other camping gear) for those long trips i need to stop for the wurm night and camp-out till light.. Maybe make them for tamed horses only, or not,, can see an advantage ether way, Anyways, thought i'd try my chances of helping add some to this wonderful game, best I ever plaid in about 20 ta 30 years of playing games on a PC, yes I am an old kid hahaha!! You all keep up the awesomeness! Brant
  3. 70 ql studded leather armor I use to do 70ql backpacks but this one took me 30 leathers so please dont ask 70 ql quivers 70 ql toolbelts 70 ql leather barding 70 ql saddle 50 ql meditation rugs 50 ql fine rugs 50 ql beautiful rugs I can do any vegtable, cotton, wemp with 64 ql I do have some 5 speed horses Please pm me on Piperlane and we can talk about what the prices for everything is. thank you for shoping at Piper's Shop
  4. If not mailable, all of these are available for pickup or local delivery near Amish Paradise on South Celebration. In game name is Guenivere. Tools and enchants: Dredge 45ql - 40c Pickaxe 47ql 39 WOA 17COC - 50c Mallet 65ql 75WOA - 1s Crafting and Bulk: 99ql leather hide 9kg - 50c 50 backpacks - 1.2s 10 silver hanging lamps 30ql - 2.5s 116 Cordage ropes 9.33ql - I'm not sure the market price on these, if you'd like them let me know 2.5k cooked meat - 4.5s 1200 pumpkins - 1s 12 Rafts - 1.2s Weapons and Armor: Small metal shield 58ql - 20c Two-handed sword 45ql 21 Frostbrand - 65c Longsword 69ql 49COC - 1s 10c deals!!! 40ql toolbelts (2) - 10c Silver pendulum 14q - 10c Holiday items: Garden gnome: 4s Santa hats (x2): 2s Thank you!