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Found 2 results

  1. The "math" ... and I use the term VERY loosely here, was posted a few months back about how bulk QL is averaged. Long story short: I stashed 7 logs between QL 92.08 and 92.14, ended up with 89.95. " if it's an increase in QL then it's instead reduced by 10%. " According to Wossoo. Now as you can see by some replies below, it doesn't matter to noobs (not you Osten, you also noticed it) who spend more time trolling forums than honing their skills and thus don't notice, but to folks with heavy crafting it gets nasty (if it hurts on WU, I can imagine how bad it can get on WO) Pointless, and really messed up at higher levels imho. "RNG to determine what RNG will calculate the RNG for the RNG to the RNG of the RNG's random RNG values". Skillgains, QL, success rates.... way too much RNG.... still wondering how the hell one fails to dip a piece of hot metal in water eh. <-- comment sticks for a lot of other stuff, just not this thread. Dug up the averaging math. Forced 10% reduction.
  2. I'm not sure how the Wiki editors would like to handle this, but I suggest that the recent explanation of averaging and how it pertains to BSBs should be somewhere referenced as it is brought up many times. I'm guessing that this also applies to FSBs as well, so maybe a new page on Averaging explanation or a note on both fsb and bsb pages? I know I'm going to forget where I read this in about a month, so having it in an appropriate place in the Wiki would be helpful. Reference: Where the statement came from: The explanation: Bulk Storage Bin QL Calculation Clarification This is all on a per item basis, dragging 10 at a time still is handled one by one due to how the drag and drop is currently being handled. First of all we acquire how many items of the same type are currently inside the BSB. ( 3kg clay = 1.5 items) Then we figure out how many items are actually being added by dividing the weight of the item with the template items weight ( Weight / Template Weight ). After that we calculate how many percent of the new total the item that we are adding is going to be ( Number of items added / ( Number of items in BSB + Number of items added)) Then we calculate the difference in QL between what is inside the BSB and what is being added. We then multiply the difference with the percentage to get how much the QL is allowed to change. Then the last bit is pretty simple, if the QL will be reduced by adding the item the change will be increased by 10% ( CurrentQL - Change * 1.10), if it's an increase in QL then it's instead reduced by 10%. Thanks go to Erik (Dev) who explained this!