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Found 175 results

  1. Hey guys. Selling this 90+ QL plate set. There are 3 out of 9 parts rare. The numbers in the brackets indicate the power of the AosP cast on the different items. Starting bid: 20s Min increment: 50c Reserve: Yes Location: Exodus, Gold Pearl Market (X11, Y25) (all parts are mailable however, winner would pay COD)
  2. Greetings all, I'm interested in buying a white drake cap. QL is not a concern, AoSP would be a bonus. My asking price is around 9s. Xilus~ ----- Cap has been purchased.
  3. Selling a Rare Chain Coif and Glove, Can be imped up to roughly 80 QL if needed. Prices are negotiable. Currently aiming to sell them at 3 silver per piece.
  4. HSB Outfitters has re-opened the Chain Shop, now on Exodus! Full armor set base pricing: *no coif* 60ql - 1s 70ql - 2s 80ql - 3s Barding: 60ql 75c 70ql 1.5s 80ql 2.5 s AoSP pricing 30-69 power - 1c per power 70-79 power - 1c per power + 10c per piece *full sets special order* 80-89 power - 1c per power + 20c per piece *full sets special order* 90+ power auction only at this time SPECIALS Full enchanted sets only: 1 silver off base price first imp to initial ql free! *all pricing pick up only with alternate pickup site on Chaos Please also visit Merchant Hsb chain at the FOE Canal Market for single item pricing
  5. This is basicly what I want to get rid of. Go ahead and offer... I'm located in Deliverance, east of Rome. I will COD (You will pay for the fees) or log in for trade near my deed. Offer on this post and i'll see what I can do. Thanks!
  6. Wtb Scale Set

    Hello, im looking for a scale set, please PM me with what you have avalable. If you so wish a drake set is a avalable in part trade with high aosp, details can be discussed in PM if u have a set too offer.
  7. Closed

    close please
  8. Note: I'm not on Deliverance any more. Sorry about that. I'll edit this thread and bump it when I decide to get back in business. Happy shopping! Greetings, Prospective Customer I am naught but a humble leather goods merchant located on Deliverance, looking to distribute my wares close, far, and yet further abroad. This merchant ad is (not yet) endorsed by Docterchese, PR Extraordinaire. The Goods Armour (1x cap, 1x jacket, 1x pants, 2x sleeves, 2x gloves, 2x boots -- even if you don't want the cap you can buy it anyway and give it to a friend, or whatever) QL ~ Normal ~ Studded 50 ~ 75c ~ 1s 60 ~ 90c ~ 1.2s 70 ~ 1.5s ~ 2s Toolbelts QL ~ Price 40 ~ 50c 50 ~ 60c 60 ~ 80c 70 ~ 1s Saddles QL ~ Price (these use a LOT of leather when imping) 40 ~ 80c 50 ~ 1s 60 ~ 1.2s 70 ~ 1.5s Barding (coming soon) Containers (all containers will be between 30 and 50 ql) Type ~ Price Backpack ~ 10c (quite a bit more leather needed to make these) Waterskin ~ 5c Quiver ~ 5c I am also taken to bouts of good/insane mood where I make things for free, and I will often make things up to 30/40ql for free. So be aware of my mental stability - you might benefit from it. I'll also imp any leatherworking item at a rate of 1c per 1ql. Prices are not fixed and may be subject to change. I may also accept barters and if you think that I owe you any favours you may attempt to cash them in here. The Location I am located at Miya on the Deliverance server. Here's a useful map. As you can see, Miya is clearly marked in the centre of the picture. I can freely deliver to any location that you can see there, or I can mail items to you (at your expense). Contact me on Deliverance as 'Infinitai'; contact me on #Captains by that name also; send me a message on this here forum; or indeed reply to this thread to make an order or enquiry.
  9. Close Please

    Starting Bid: 9s Hidden Reserve: yes Min increment: 50c Private Bids: Yes, PM me here or ingame (also called Blob), if asked though by bidding ur are agreeing to allow me too give them your name (too avoid trouble) Buyout: Make offer through PM End of auction: Location of Items, Halcyon independance, near FM COD is paid for by the buyer.
  10. WieselTrupp's Armour Store This Merchant is located in the Tap Dance Market Stores, just left of the Altairs. The stock gets refreshed Daily, if he ever runs out of a ware that you would like to buy, PM me ingame. (Wieseltrupp) Iron: Chain Armour Parts QL 60: 18c (Jacket and Pants +5c) QL 70: 25c (Jacket and Pants +10c) Bardings QL 60: 1s 20c QL 70: 2s (All sizes)Shields QL40: 10c For Larger orders or custom materials other then Iron send me a PM.
  11. [15:49:30] You can barely make out the signature of its maker, 'Blob'. [15:49:30] Aura of shared pain has been cast on it, so it may hurt creatures hitting the wearer. [92] Quality is 79.63 Starting bid = 2s Min increment = 50c buyout = 5s !! Happy Bidding !!
  12. Starting Bid: 5s Hidden Reserve : yes Min. Increment : 50c Buyout : 11s Private Bids: Accepted only if i can give the name of the bidder if asked Sniper Protection: 30minutes Auction Ends: 12th of June 9pm GMT Location: Halcyon, central independance 5-10min west of FM. Cod not included in price. Chain, Helm and Shield made by Blob Casted on by Shads from : Bids from the person who buyout-ed previously and then ignored all further communication (aka trolled) will be ignored, you will be told when I see a bid from said person. If this seems irrelevant too you it shouldnt be you so just BID (Shads's posts are important/valid as a co-creator of this set)
  13. Starting Bid: 3s Hidden Reserve : yes Min. Increment : 50c Buyout : 9s Private Bids: Accepted only if i can give the name of the bidder if asked Sniper Protection: 30minutes Auction Ends: 5th of July 9pm GMT 5th of June 9pm GMT (i got june and july confused) Location: Halcyon, central independance 5-10min west of FM. Cod not included in price. Chain, Helm and Shield made by Blob Casted on by Shads from :
  14. Want to sell Studded Armour 44+QL gloves included PM General for an offer or post on here will accept any offers If you don't ask you won't know =p
  15. Armour Auction Short sale 1 set of Studded Leather Armour 44+ QL Gloves are included i couldn't get a pic of them sorry ; Starting Bid:10s New Starting Bid: 15c Minimum increases:50c New Minimum Increases: 10c Buyout:No Sniper protection 1 hour Happy Bidding p.s sorry i can't get a working photo on here will someone message me so i can ty
  16. This is the inventory of my merchant located in my Lighhouse a bit E from public mine at Celebration. You can either buy it yourself or PM me to COD a item to you. Edit: Rare coif and gauntlet sold. For sale: iron chain armour set 1s leather armour set 1s iron file ql 70 coc49 0.8s groom.brush ql 35 coc 62 0.8s iron hammer ql 70 coc 75 1s iron saw ql 70 woa 56 0.8s stone chisel ql 63 coc 43 0.6s iron trowel ql 70 woa 40 0.6s rest is on images... NEW: iron shovel ql 70 woa 51 0.9s cedar mallet ql 90 coc 68 1.4s cedar ropetool ql 54 coc 60 1s irn hatchet ql 70 coc 59 1s iron file ql 70 woa 80 2s large anvil ql 86 woa 89 3s
  17. Hey all, I'm looking to earn some in-game silver to pay for deeds and thought I'd task it upon my priests. First in line is Henzy - he can cast enchanted grass and do basic vyn spells (anything at 50 faith and below.) Second is Rockeater - he's a mag priest of over 70 faith, meaning he can cast strongwall, mole senses and others like smite. Almost able to do disintegrate too, could do it with another mag linking. Prices are as follows: Henzy: Enchanted Grass (80c/tile) - path of love ability, enchants grass tiles so they give almost infinite food to grass-eating animals such as horses. Castable once every 21 hours. Other vyn spells (e.g. Animal's Demise) are negotiable. Rockeater: Strongwall* (1s/cast) - collapses mined cave tiles. AoSP (negotiable, 2c/power as a rule though that can decrease on larger orders) - adds a whole new dimension to armour, turning it into a weapon that can fight back! PM me for specifics. Mole Senses* (80c/cast) - Detects the depth of rock underneath the tile or border, in intervals of 10 dirt, up to 200 dirt in depth. Great way to find new mines to build. *If you can provide sac items on these casts then I'll knock 30c off of the price per cast (and it'll be a much quicker process) I can travel to anywhere on Indy, Deli, Exo or as a long shot Celebration. I'm based in West Deliverance and in South Independence, anywhere near there is easiest for me to travel to. I don't charge travel fees, feel free to tip for longer journeys but I don't mind. While working at your deed, it would be helpful to have access to a vyn/mag altar. Gives me something to do while waiting on the enchanted grass timer or for favor to regenerate. A bed and even a chest to store stuff in would be very much appreciated on longer jobs. While present I can do altar blessing and converts for free. On larger orders prices are somewhat negotiable, moreso if you can meet some of the criteria in the above paragraph I can accept alternative payments such as gems of equivalent value. PM Me or post here if you're interested.
  18. Hello out there, up for auction is a nice set of studded leather armours at a quality of 80. It is enchanted with AosP at a strenght of 64.3 in the average. A detailed list of the parts: Auction details: Starting bid: 8s. Increments: 25c Buyout: 12s No reserves, sniper protection or private bids. I'm based on Independence, so it's only for the old Freedom Cluster. If you're reasonably close to Edoras (45/31) I'd deliver for free.
  19. Welcome, customers, to Merfin's Shop of fine leatherwares! I'm proudly and officially opening my little leatherwares shop. The selection of wares is still a bit limited, but will improve soon, I promise. I also guarantee you friendly service, and am willing to negotiate prices if you're placing a larger order and prove to be a pleasant customer All prices are without CoD, within Independence I'm willing to deliver any order above 2s for a low, negotiable fee, depending on distance. A discount if you come to Edoras and collect your wares yourself is, as always, negotiable. Improving fees are 1c per ql up to ql60, 2c per ql up to ql70, (2.5c per cl up tp 80)*. I'm looking forward to hear from you, be it here in the forum topic, via Forum PM, or in the ingame chat. *ql80 is not available just yet, but can be pre-ordered and should be available within a month.
  20. Been saving up too many pelts, time to sell. All Pelts have no damage. Mountain Lion Pelts: 10c- 68.76 11c- 69.08 11c 50i- 69.67 11c 60i- 69.97 18c- 74.02 18c- 74.43 35c- 82.11 50c- 90.43 60c- 66.01 Coc 25 75c- 67.47 Coc 43 90c- 85.23 Coc 16 Wild Cat Pelts: 35c 10i- 82.52 60c- 97.48 1s- 86.31 Coc 39 Dog Pelts: 9c- 68.07 17c- 73.69 17c 50i- 79.59 35c- 82.52 90c- 84.53 Coc 23 Pendulums: Pm me an offer 32.26 Litd 30 43.22 Litw 63 Chain Amour: 3s- 60ql Full suit Can Be mailed COD, Located on The Independance Server, Approx: 55x 20y Pm me with other offers on these items, i may think about it. Pick up/delivery can be arranged. Prices May be too high/low, not sure, just guessed. Will add more items soon.
  21. Wondering what my scale set would be worth, taking offers, Euros or gold. While I am not selling at this time, offers that I get now will be considered. Scale set would come with an extra glove.
  22. I am Blob, i am a chainsmith. I have 99cas and over my time have made many sets of armour. Today i was given the idea to show some of these, so here they are. A 95ql gold chain set made by me and a rather famous miner, go HOGWILD!! for..........Hogwash one of if not the greatest miner around on independance.Also the cleanest Hog in all the kingdoms and some other people who helped who shall not be mentioned (you know who you are ). This rather nice bling chain set was commissioned by non other than Elwood the master carpenter himself (the price ofc will not be disclosed as im sure someone would ask hehe) In this picture below is a rare forge , with the 95ql gold chain set and 2 full rare chain sets which over the coming days will probably be completely imped to 90ql there is also a extra coif. (I did not make all the rare chain sets myself, most was bought at lower qualities). Hope you like seeing part of my chain armour collection, what weird and wonderful chain sets have you made? The big questions is though: Is this the highest quality gold chain set ever made? During the making of this set i got some rarity achievements which are as far as i know are for imping the highest ql item of its type on the server. Details over how the achievement works would also be appreciated as my count went a bit weird. I now have 78 rarity achieves Hogwash's store:
  23. How do I upload a screen shot here? I want a price check on this armor.In both gold coin and Euros. I am looking to possible sell it as I do not do PvP and there is little use for me really have it as I prefer the look of the drake armor. Also Looking for anyone that has Green Drake armor. Full set of Red Scale Dragon Armor (no helm) Ql80 with a total of 592 AoSp spread across all the parts.