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Found 175 results

  1. Hello! WTA Left shielding shoulder pad Cloth armour piece damage reduction vs slash damage QL 25 Starting bid: 5s Bid minimum increment: 25c Buyout: none Seryll leggins QL 23,31 Starting bid: 2s: Bid minimum increment: 25c Buyout: 4s and seryll plate vambrace QL 24,52 Starting bid: 1s: Bid minimum increment: 25c Buyout: 3s 1. 2.buyout 3.buyout
  2. 7S
  3. Full Rare Chain Set 95ql ~ 20s
  4. [SOLD]

    All kinds of tools and weapons on sale! Buyer pays COD or picks up items on Deliverance (central west coast) SPECIAL: Can sell the whole stash for 15s! Rare toolbelt with 10 slots 10s!
  5. Starting Price (euro): 10s Min Increment (euro): 1s Reserve: No Snipe protection: 30mins Private bids: Accepted 91.90QL rare hammer, iron BoTD95 with 77 armour smithing imbue [09:03:55] A hammer with a metal head and wooden shaft. This is a very rare and interesting version of the item. You need to temper the hammer by dipping it in water while it's hot. [09:03:55] It has been imbued with special abilities, and it improves armour smithing max ql [77] [09:03:55] Blessings of the Dark has been cast on it, so it will increase skill gained and speed with it when used. [95]
  6. Starting Price (euro): € 15 Min Increment (euro): € 1 Reserve: No Buyout: Taking offers PM bids possible PayPal verified only! I'm also verified, and only will trade with verified buyers. This account is a good starter account for someone who wants to make a Nahjo priest and doesn't want to start from scratch. Please see the following link for details on current skills: Name: Nacholibre Main Title: Padre Meditation Title: Warm of the path of love The character comes with the following tools: personal merchant contract 81.99QL lantern, iron (Yellow Dye - R=226, G=214, B=28) 51.08QL statuette of Magnaron, gold (required for Nahjo) 68.01QL exquisite meditation rug CoC49 34.40QL grooming brush, oakenwood CoC63 11.76QL rake, iron CoC89 55QL long bow, willow (blank) 2.77QL hatchet, iron CoC81 1QL pickaxe, iron CoC72 17.16QL saw, iron CoC71 9.55QL shovel, steel CoC39 8.49QL carving knife, steel CoC48 72.75QL mallet, oakenwood CoC49 80.06QL sickle, WoA79 58.63QL stone chisel, iron BoTD61 59.20QL needle, iron (bllank) 67.76QL spindle, birchwood (blank) 9.17QL grindstone 10QL tent, cotton (starter one) 16.86QL water skin, leather 18.11QL kingdom tabard, cotton (spare) He has a wizard look with his long beard and comes with the following armour: 25.71QL sapphire staff, oakenwood 10.39QL ring, seryll (Nolo 90) 10.39QL ring, seryll (Nolo 85) 70.53QL chain coif, copper (head) 71.01QL chain sleeve, copper (left shoulder) 70.49QL chain sleeve, copper (right shoulder) 50.63QL kingdom tabard, cotton 70.96QL chain gauntlet, copper (left hand) 70.16QL chain gauntlet, copper (right hand) 79.76QL cloth shoe, cotton (left foot) 79.79QL cloth shoe, cotton (right foot) 70.20QL chain pants, copper (legs)
  7. For as long as I've played Wurm, there's been a bit of confusion about what sort of armor or clothing is effective to what degree. Usually this isn't a big deal, as we just had to remember which armor types were generally effective against what, and which helmets covered the eyes, and that sort of thing. However, as time goes on and new items get introduced, things get more complicated and hard to answer, leaving us with weird questions like how many of the new wool hats actually provide protection even at cloth level, and if they don't, why not. Seeing as how the effectiveness of a piece of clothing or armor can be extremely counter-intuitive, I feel the game ought to just tell you, on some level, how effective a piece of armor is, or at least what body parts it covers. I understand that the alternative, which the game currently seems to be going for, is for the armor options to simply make sense intuitively and for the players to figure out the rest. This makes sense if the items make sense, but they don't. For example, from what I've been hearing, a cloth hood counts as (cloth-level) armor, but a wool hat doesn't, which is rather silly. So, I guess my suggestion is for one of the following to happen: Either clothing and armor items need to make some kind of consistent, intuitive sense, or we need the game to tell us what they actually do. Either is fine by me.
  8. Auctioning my awesome full Rare chain set. Starting Bid: 15 silver Increase : 1 silver Buyout: Pm offer Happy bidding.
  9. As title says I want to sell a Red Scale set with Web armour. Will CoD at my expence to the buyer. Starting bid: 200e/s Minimum increments: 5e/s Buyout: Pm me Sniper protection: 1 hour Timer: Happy bidding.
  10. As said in the title. Here is a screenshot of the set: Price: 2s SOLD
  11. Surprised this hasn't been mentioned, but searching this subforum didn't turn anything up. Would it be possible to alter the graphics of the armor stands in the same way as animals are currently being modded? (which is awesome btw) Would basically like to see armor stands showing something other than studded leather. If probing the contents of the stand is a bit much to code, maybe have different armor stands require a particular hat/helm to make it that type of stand? Seems hitching posts could be made to require particular ingredients so guessing the possibility is there... but then a little knowledge is a dangerous thing
  12. Selling a Black drake set. No Enchants 80ql (can be imped to 90 on request) Please pm offers, i have cleaned out my mailbox reference pictures Black & white Also, a few Sets can be made to order just ask Cheers max This is a "Want to sell" Ad, not a "Merchant ad" please do not move my thread.
  13. i have tried to create a hide armour jacket with 0.82kg drake hide and i failed twice [21:22:06] You almost made it, but the drake hide jacket is useless. [21:22:23] You almost made it, but the drake hide jacket is useless. when i created it [21:22:35] You create a black drake hide jacket. the hide that left was 0.10kg Jacket needs 0.66kg so the hide that left should be 0.16kg
  14. Hey people, i'm looking to buy a drake armour set. Preferably black, green or blue. Will also consider a white set if you make a very good offer. I don't need a cap so we can maybe lower the price by a few breadcrumbs :). Payment will be done via ingame silver, no Paypal available. -Got my set!- Kekstier
  15. Its time that we are allowed to change color of our scale sets and drake set. Since we have lots of options now, why limit people to a compulsory color. Since WU is allowing people to spawn all these things. It would be really amazing if i could activate 0.01 kg scale and use on backpack to make all the Armour change color. As the famous quote: Whats in the color.
  16. Your bidding on a complete set of Supreme / Rare chain armour.. This is one set of Supreme and Rare to put 1 set together. Specs as followed: Supreme chain coif 69ql Supreme chain sleeve 60ql Supreme chain sleeve 60ql Rare chain jacket 81ql (96) AOSP Rare chain gauntlet 60ql (16) AOSP Rare chain gauntlet 81ql Rare chain boot 79ql (74) AOSP Rare chain boot 80ql Rare chain pants 85ql (93) AOSP Starting bid 22s Minimum increase: 1s Reserve 30s Buyout:50s Private offers: sure Snipe protection: 30 Mins Will pay cod fees for winners or can pickup @ Summerholt, Xan. I Put this on a toon with (5) FS can kill a troll NP very nice protection. Great starter set for FS grind.
  17. Closed

    Moved to auction.
  18. I have no idea what the market for rares currently is, so would like a PC on the items here. Any assistance would be greatly appreciated. Thanks very much
  19. Hey all! It's just under 2 weeks now until Wurm Unlimited releases! Excited? You can pre-order the game from DLGamer and get 20% off the initial Steam price if you want. The first batch of updates to the permissions system went live this week. Tich told me to tell you that she's sorry that there were some teething issues - like settings not always transferring to the new system properly - but we hope it'll be well worth it in the long run with just how much better the new system makes things. I'd strongly recommend looking at the Wurmpedia article on Permissions if you're unsure about anything - the Wurmpedia team (in particular Keenan) have put a huge amount of work into making it as accurate and complete as possible. As for devs, they mainly continued with general polish and bugfixing work on Unlimited this week. But we do have a few other things to show off that might interest you, like visible adamantine and glimmersteel armour... catch it all below! The Week In Patch Notes The big story this week is the new permissions system, though there were quite a few other things that went live this week; like the awesome new deed plan viewer & exporter. I've seen some crazily complicated deed plans that people have effortlessly been able to export from directly in-game! There were also some general fixes. 06/10/15:New Permissions System! Notes about security kindling will use the default weight when making a fire (forge, oven, campfire).Can now have a deed role for an Individual (non-citizen) role.Deed plan now available for mayors.Writs will vanish when examined / managed. Building can be managed by r-click or from manage menu.You can now attach locks without having the key on you on PvE (was already like this on PvP).You can now sacrifice keys when the lock still exists on same server.Repair keybind should now work correctly on fences and walls.Fences are now paintable.Added missing text for deed settings.Max number of branded animals is number of tiles / 11 (PvE).Fixed face masks overriding the face protection that some helmets give.Fixed leading animals who have a bridle equipped. You will always use the bridle to lead if it has one, even if you have a rope activated.Fixed an issue where you wouldn’t stop dragging items when you died.Fix for player gods, so they allow flatten and level in caves if they can mine.07/10/15: Fix for Nahjo flattening / leveling in caves.Fix for allies in buildings, now checks the correct village (e.g. the owners village).Fix so planted items can be turned by the person who planted it.Beds with no permissions set, will allow anyone who has ‘may Enter’ on building to use it for free.Doors and Beds may now be managed by anyone who has manage permissions on the building.08/10/15: Fix for branding vanishing…(although some may have vanished this time).Fix so can lead branded animals if you have the brand village lead permission.Added ‘pass gates’ as deed permission, which (should) allow the players with that role permission to pass any gates that dont have their owner permissions (if they are managed by that deed).Disallowed getting hunted status on PvE.Fix for unhitching animals from a locked cart (PvE).Fix for picking locks. Adamantine & Glimmersteel Armour Textures This week, Saroman worked on textures for addy & glimmer armour so that it can be made to display correctly. Yet another thing for you Wurmians to wear! Oh how we spoil you. DeedPlanner Updates Warlander sent us a few pictures of his latest coding successes with the village planning tool DeedPlanner. He's getting ever-closer to being able to go live with bridges, which we'll also add to the in-game deed exporter so you can export on-deed bridge designs to the planner too. Screenshot of the Week This week's eaglespirit-themed screenshot was taken by Borgir, and happened to coincide with an eclipse too. It's quite mystical! What does the Eaglespirit want?! Why is it here?! Is this a message from the gods!?! That concludes this week's news! Fed up of hearing about Wurm Unlimited? Here, have an animated webseries about a cat. Cats solve everything.
  20. #1 Make an offer #2 2s SOLD! #3 1s SOLD! #4 Make an offer SOLD! #5 5s SOLD! All items may be picked up from my deed (Karthwasten, G17) on Pristine or CoD. Everything of value has been sold. Please close the topic.
  21. Looking to buy rare steel plate set Preferably 70 to 90 quality Aura of shared pain is a plus but not required Please post pictures of your armour for sale here or message me Can meet you at Summerholt / Whitefey / Greymead or anywhere close to these starting city's on Xan..
  22. Hello I'd like to imbue my LW set with oils of armour smith, but I am not sure if it works while imping scale armour. Anyone tested it and know answer?
  23. I want to sell my scale set. [15:41:28] You can barely make out the signature of its maker, 'Maximustehg'. The numbers are the value/lvl of Pain/AoSP It comes with a cuddly xmas hat [15:44:57] You can barely make out the signature of its maker, 'Grassninja'. Starting bid is 3 Gold or value 1s/1e B/O is 3g 40s or 1s/1e 3days from post Auction ENDS. aka monday evening EST. 1h snipe protection for ACTIVE bidders at end to avoid sniping. NO private bids, but private Buyouts are allowed. note: preferred currency is USD
  24. CLOSED

    Post or PM, buyer collects from Southern Release or pays CoD. potion of leatherworking 68.80QL - 3s potion of leatherworking 79.13QL - 3s potion of leatherworking 72.82QL - 3s potion of leatherworking 75.44QL - 3s oil of the armour smith 48.46QL - 2s oil of the armour smith 58.43QL - 2.5s oil of the armour smith 81.38QL - 3s oil of the armour smith 91.25QL - 3s oil of the weapon smith 92.93QL - 3s potion of woodcutting 84.50QL - 4s potion of woodcutting 80.85QL - 4s potion of woodcutting 76.77QL - 4s ointment of stonecutting 87.61QL - 3s black dragon blood (armour smith) x2 - 2s each troll king blood (stone cutting) x2 - 2s each green dragon blood (acid) x3 - 1s each