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Found 175 results

  1. Tools Leatherwork Misc Have some tools/horsegear with enchants, just send me a message... Make loot of blacksmithing and leatherwork with discounted prices, or single pieces on demand. Feel free to ask, maks QL ~80. PM in-game: "Willslaphanisen" and "Rgr" Remember to add the 1c fee if mailed. Will update with more stuff. -Will-
  2. Hi, As u can see i want to buy raw scale pieces. The colour is not important. Just PM me here or in the game
  3. POTIONS AND OILS Potion of Leatherworking 65.34QL 1.5s Oil of the Armour Smith 91.53QL 1s Oil of the Armour Smith 89.05QL 1s Fletching Potion 68.43QL 1s Fletching Potion 73.54QL 1s Potion of Mining 66.94QL 1s Potion of Mining 43.22QL 1s Potion of Woodcutting 94.57QL 1s Potion of Woodcutting 50.17QL 1s Salve of Frost 92.84QL 30c
  4. Armour Starting Bid: 1s (each) Bid Increments: 50c PM Buyout offers accepted Armour Lumps Starting Bid: 1s (each lot) Bid Increments: 50c PM Buyout offers accepted Rings Starting Bid: 1s (each) Bid Increments: 50c PM Buyout offers accepted
  5. All items start bid of 10 copper. Min Bid After Initial Bid: 1 copper No Max bid, No reserve No sniper protection, winner will be as per timer end in 3 days time. Edit: Buyer pays COD, apologies for forgetting that. Congratulations to the winners: (total is without cod fee's) Kondris, Items: 1, 2, 3, 5, 8, 9, 11, 12 and 15, total:1s34c Talohan, Items: 4, 6 and 10, total: 1s50c Gwyn, Items: 13 and 14, total: 60c Neville, Item 7, total: 12c Crezena, Item 16, total 15c Please advise the in game name you wish me to cod the items to and i will send them out asap.
  6. I have some old chain sets sitting on armour stands inside a building. They've been sititng there for quite a while. I checked them today and the pieces had a lot of damage. Some pieces 16dmg. Does anyone else find the decay of armour sets sitting in armour stands to be somewhat excessive? Good thing I store my good set on my merchant. Although, it sort of defeats the purpose of having armour stands in the game to begin with. I look at it this way. Why should I store armour on a stand if it's going to decay hardcore? I just find the decay makes the item less useful overall in the game. Thoughts anyone?
  7. SOLD Price on the set has been reduced to 6.5s firm. You can contact me in the future for imping services as I'm 86.64 platesmithing.
  8. Topic closed... SOLD rare basinet helm, steel (a101) - 5s SOLD rare plate gauntlet, steel (a91) - 3s SOLD rare plate gauntlet, steel (a95) - 3s SOLD 80ql lantern, iron (R18G18B237 Blue) - 65c SOLD 86ql dog pelt with COC (6.5dmg; can be mended) - 40c
  9. ***** SOLD TO Mrjay ***** 82QL Steel Plate Armour Set #1 90+ AOSP All Pieces - 858 AOSP Total Price: 7 silver ***** SOLD TO Costume***** 82QL Steel Plate Armour Set #2 90+ AOSP All Pieces - 848 AOSP Total Price: 6.5 silver ***** SOLD TO Costume***** 82QL Steel Plate Armour Set #3 90+ AOSP All Pieces - 842 AOSP Total Price: 6.5 silver 82QL Steel Plate Armour Set #4 80+ AOSP All Pieces - 783 AOSP Total INCLUDES FREE 69QL Large Shield Price: 6 silver All plate armour sets will be mailed in a backpack from 100 cast mailbox. PM me on the forum if I'm not online.
  10. BOWS : short : 73ql nim54 coc63 -1s 85ql -70c 87ql -70c medium: 5x 85ql average -70c long : 64ql 35nim 81coc -70c 58ql 70coc -50c 56ql c62 -50c Large metal shields : 1.57ql 50coc 2.78ql 58coc 3.49ql 81coc 4.14ql 62coc Medium maul 80ql HD 33nim 69F 56coc 48ql pendulum 92 lurker in the deep 82ql longsword acid damage + 82 frost 74ql rare fishing rod 72coc 78ql rake 77woa 26coc 5x Black legion kingdom banner 1x Black legion kingdom flag 58ql shovel 52woa 43coc 68ql shovel 59woa 52coc 80ql rare small metal shield PLATESETS : More armour sets : More items: A whole lot of weapons: I have way more armour random armour sets (chain, plate and leather) and a hell of a lot of tools, literally tell me what you need i'll get it for you. PM with what you need, i'll keep on adding things as time goes on.
  11. Starting bid 2s increment 0,25c sniper protection:1h
  12. Basic Shoulder Pad, Iron 75QL, 0DMG Starting bid: 1s Minimum increase: 5c Buyout price: 1,3 s
  13. Complete set. 2.5s
  14. Does this mean than chain now has a base damage reduction of 55 and the studded of 60 ? does this also mean that chain damage reduction was reverted to the old version before the last armour update ?
  15. No enchants, and no sig so you can add your own when you examine it All pieces 90+ql Note: One boot missing. I got hungry. Euros only please! Starting bid: 75e Buyout: Open to offers 1hr sniper protection Happy bidding!
  16. seryll chain set

    Seryll chain armour has the same base damage reduction as Plate and Drake. Start: 30s Increments: 1s Snipe: 1 hour Buyout: offer Reserve: 40s
  17. Looking to sell a full red scale set, ~90ql, no enchants. The chest has my sig but the other pieces have no sig so you can add your own if you like Starting bid: 280 euros Bid increments: 5 euros Buyout: Open to offers Sniper protection: 2 hours Can either mail or pickup from Celebration Happy bidding
  18. I need to make some space! Individual prices listed below I have one set of 91+QL steel plate left Set includes: 2 vambraces, 2 sabatons, 2 gauntlets, Great helm, breast plate, and leggings 9 Silver for the set (not listed below!) Steel Great Helms with Aura of Shared Pain 91.05 QL AosP 73 1.15 Silver 91.10 QL AosP 73 1.15 Silver 91.04 QL AosP 74 1.15 Silver 91.05 QL AosP 74 1.15 Silver 91.10 QL AosP 74 1.15 Silver 91.16 QL AosP 74 1.15 Silver 91.19 QL AosP 74 1.15 Silver 91.04 QL AosP 75 1.50 Silver 91.41 QL AosP 76 1.40 Silver 91.14 QL AosP 77 1.40 Silver 91.03 QL AosP 78 1.40 Silver 91.18 QL AosP 79 1.40 Silver 91.00 QL AosP 81 1.60 Silver 91.00 QL AosP 83 1.60 Silver 91.22 QL AosP 83 1.60 Silver 91.29 QL AosP 83 1.60 Silver 91.15 QL AosP 93 1.90 Silver Steel Plate Gauntlet 1 Silver Each Quality: 90.83 90.90 90.93 91.00 91.06 91.10 91.10 91.15 91.22 91.40 Steel Plate Vambrace 1 Silver Each Quality: 91.02 91.04 91.09 91.12 91.15 91.19 91.19 91.28 91.31 91.56 Steel Plate Sabaton 1 Silver Each Quality: 91.01 91.05 91.07 91.13 91.30 91.36 91.39 91.43 91.56 91.99 Steel Plate Leggings 1.40 Silver Each Quality: 91.05 91.10 91.10 91.24 91.81 Steel Plate Breast Plates 1.40 Silver Each Quality: 91.03 91.10 91.10 91.12 91.24 Steel Great Helms 1 Silver each without Enchants Quality: 91.03 91.09 91.11 91.17 91.19
  19. Medieval Weapons This page includes dates, pictures and information on different types of weaponry. Medieval Armour This page includes dates, pictures and information on different types of armour.
  20. There are two videos on this page that show movement in comparable replica armour.
  21. Can close

    Either a full set or enough scale to make 1. Paying 3g for a set or 3.1g for the scale to make 1. Pm me here or ingame
  22. The average QL of the entire set is 62.24, the total amount of AoSP is 495. Please submit your offers and I will consider negotiating a fair price.
  23. Starting Bid: 25s Min Increase: 50c 1 hour snipe protection