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Found 208 results

  1. Rare Gold Chain Barding 70ql

    Rare Gold Chain Barding A powerful chain barding to protect your noble steed. This is a very rare and interesting version of the item. It could be improved with a lump. You can barely make out the signature of its maker, 'Icbash'. . Starting Bid: 4s Bid Increment: 1s Reserve: None Sniper Protection: 1 hours
  2. WTS Seryll Lumps and Armour

    Looking to sell the following items; Asking 3s per lump (will take 2s for the 80ql), 4s for the breastplate or open helm, 2s for all the other armor pieces. Items will be sent COD from Chaos at buyers expense.* If you have ever been to Chaos and are not Mol-Rehan, there may be some additional wait time as I will have to travel to freedom to send your items. COD costs are doubled for lumps.
  3. I play some other games, where it is necessary to have multiple sets of gear, because of the bonuses or restrictions they provide. For my priests, I would love to be able to fast switch between melee gear, archery/casting gear. Also, would be nice to be able to quick swap weapons. Say I am out skilling with a pair of knives and get jumped by a couple champ trolls. Would be nice to hot key my 2h LT weapon and beat those trolls down to size. Sure, maybe it is supposed to take time to make a weapon switch (by fumbling around with inventory and equipping). If so, give us the hot key and put a timer on the switch. Just help us get rid of the endless clicky clicky we have to do for everything
  4. [FAIL]Wurm armor calculator

    In trying to quickly calculate what ql should be studded leather armor in order to be better than various pieces of my current chain armor, I found that available calculators are not bad, but lack instant glance ability at simple slider dragging. So I wrote my own quickly in C#. Features: -Allows quick calculation of damage multiplier by simple slider dragging of required armor type. -Calculates ql of other armor types that correspond to same damage multiplier. This process happens as soon as you drag any slider. In other words, all sliders move together. Instructions: Move slider of required type to change armor quality. Other sliders will start moving as well. The damage multiplier will be calculated dynamically and other sliders will be in positions that correspond to this multiplier. Download: EDIT: Seems like a total failure for other people. Delete this please.
  5. Not sure if this is a bug or if this has just not been introduced in game: Rare armour does not glow, neither do rare bells and rare saddles on horses also do not glow. Any plans to introduce these into game? Rare weapons glowing while equipped look very cool. Thanks.
  6. Armor racks

    It would be nice to have the model of the armor on the racks be the model of the armor stored inside. This would be great for displays at your market.
  7. WTA Seryll pieces and lumps

    Auction of undamaged Seryll objects. 1. Sabaton - Start 4s. 0.5s increments 2. Open helm - Start 5s. 0.5s increments 3. Chain boot - Start 2s. 0.5s increments 4. Vambrace - Start 4s. 0.5s increments 5-12. Seryll Lumps - Start 3s each. 0.5s increments Buyout.....make me an offer.
  8. Pls Close, auction completed.

    [14:09:28] A fine leather jacket strengthened with metal studs. This is a very rare and interesting version of the item. It could be improved with a leather. QL: 60.50 Starting price: 2s Min inc: 50c Reserve: none Snipe Protection: 1hr Private buyouts accepted Buyer can pick up the set at K12 on Deliverance, or mail at buyers expense, Happy bidding
  9. I know that there have already been several threads about this, and yet it is still not fixed. Therefore I feel no guilt what-so-ever writing yet another one and praying it will not go ignored... again. Although the title should say it all.... Please Please get the graphics for the silver, gold, and bronze chain horse bardings working. It has been far too long for it not to be fixed. You all add tons of things to the game and while they are all fkn awesome!, please take a few minutes and fix this one little tid bit. It don't even require a new release, just a little coding fix and a graphics, which you might already have. Thanks!
  10. Woa on Armor Pieces

    Not sure if this has been suggested before, but thought this might be a nice Casting addition to armor: Casting WOA on Boots could allow a small speed boost to people on foot (works same as WOA on horseshoes) Casting WOA on Gloves/Gauntlets allow a small speed boost to Attack/Block speeds and/or chance. Any thoughts?
  11. Lothak's Leatherwork (90ql)

    Lothak's Leatherwork COD from Chaos Toolbelts: 50QL: 20c 60QL: 30c 70QL: 40c 80QL: 50c 90QL: 1s Saddles: 52QL: 30c 62QL: 40c 72QL: 50c 82QL: 1s 92QL: 2s Studded leather sets: 60QL: 0.5s 70QL: 1s 80QL: 2s 90QL: 3s Bardings: 70ql: 1s 80ql: 1.5s 90ql: 2.5s
  12. Kalambaka Handcrafting waiting for your orders on the following items: On order (available latest on next day): Chain armors: 50QL chain set (9 parts) > 1s/set 70QL chain set (9 parts) > 1s40c/set 80QL chain set (9 parts) > 2s20c/set Blacksmithing opening prices: 60QL blacksmithing tools > 25c 70QL blacksmithing tools > 40c 80QL blacksmithing tools > 70c Tools do not include large anvil, PM for prices Current spiced chain parts on stock: 80QL chain jacket; AoSP 49 > 60c 80QL chain jacket; AoSP 59 > 75c 80QL chain jacket; AoSP 61 > 75c 80QL chain jacket; AoSP 85 > 1s20c 80QL chain sleeve; AoSP 87 > 1s20c 80QL chain sleeve; AoSP 69 > 80c 80QL chain pants; AoSP 72 > 1s sold 80QL chain pants; AoSP 67 > 80c 80QL chain pants; AoSP 57 > 75c 80QL chain pants; AoSP 54 > 70c 80QL chain pants; AoSP 54 > 70c 80QL chain pants; AoSP 53 > 70c 80QL chain pants; AoSP 47 > 60c 80QL chain gauntlet, AoSP 55 > 70c 80QL chain gauntlet, AoSP 43 > 45c 80QL chain gauntlet, AoSP 42 > 45c AoSP: "Aura of Shared Pain has been cast on it, so it may hurt creatures hitting the wearer." All items are made of pure, carefully selected iron. Delivery options: Pickup at Kalambaka (Xanadu, S15 - coastal deed (map location: ) COD - paid by customer, not recommended for chain sets as it will be real expensive (COD applies per part) NEW! There is a merchant holding now at Kalambaka, right under the Gate House holding my items. Being there check the other merchants too The merchant holds a full 50ql and a 80ql chain set at all times and part of the enchanted chain parts. Some tools and shields are also available on it. Payment options: Cash Sleep powder at 1.2s Contact options: Reply to this thread Forum PM to Jaz Ingame PM to Zaj or Jaz Visit Kalambaka, the pretty hillside town
  13. WTB red scale dragon armour for gold not Paypal. If you have a set, with or without AOSP, please pm me so we can make a deal. Thanks.
  14. [Xanadu]--Mistress of Metal

    Now open for business, the Mistress of Metal, located at L24, deep in the bay near a large patch of peat moss. Willing to create chainmail (65 or lower QL), platemail (50 or lower QL), weapons (60 or lower QL), tools (70 or lower QL) on request. Vynoran enchantments can also be performed (COC, WOA, AoSP), but these may take extra time. Delivery for requested items will be sent COD. Please leave a message below or contact Cirianna, Bokora or Deathhuntsalone in game. Current inventory at merchant stand: Enchanted 75QL mallet (oakenwood) with 69COC: 2s 74QL mallet (oakenwood) with 44COC: 1s 50c Tools 72QL saw 35c 72QL rake 35c 72QL needle 35c 71QL shovel 35c 72QL hatchet 35c 73QL leather knife 35c 73QL pickaxe 35c 72QL chisel 35c 72QL large anvil 35c 72QL scissors 35c 74QL file 35c Weapons 60QL longsword 40c 60QL huge axe 40c (sold...more coming soon) 60QL butchering knife 40c 60QL short sword 40c 60QL carving knife 40c 60QL sickle 40c 60QL scythe 40c Armor 65QL chain coif 20c 65QL chain pants 25c 65QL chain jacket 25c 65QL chain sleeves 20c (2 available) 65QL chain gauntlet 20c (2 available) 65QL chain boots 20c (2 available)
  15. I'm new to the game and forums, but the mayor of the town I've moved in to said that something like this would be appreciated on the forums. Using the formulas presented from, I've created a graph of the damage reduction provided by the various armors. There's nothing new on my part here, other than presenting it in a visual fashion.
  16. Anything you see in this picture is for sale. There are reserves on a few items, denoted by the ®, will post if/when they pass reserve price. All items are pickup at my deed on Indy, Cliff Side or Cliff Side Port, or you pay mailing cost. PM bids allowed - Will post first letter of name Bid Packages: (A1) Rod of Transmutation - 15s ® (B1) 96 ql Seryll Lump - 2s ® (B2) 95ql Seryll Lump - 1.5s (B3) 94ql Seryll Lump - 1.5s (B4) 93ql Seryll Lump - 1.5s (B5) 6x 90ql Seryll Lump - 6s (B6) 3x 80ql Seryll Lump - 2.5s (C1) 90ql Seryll C. Pants - 3s ® (C2) 90ql Seryll C. Coif - 1.5s (C3) 30ql Seryll C. Coif - 0.5s (C4) 30ql Seryll C. Gauntlet - 0.5s (D1) 90ql Seryll P. Sabaton - 1.5s (D2) 30ql Seryll P. Sabaton - 0.5s (E1) 8x Sleep Powder - 4s (E2) 3x 80ql Fireworks - 0.5s (F1) 3x Yellow Potion - 10c (F2) 3x Easter Egg - 10c Minimum Raise: By Level - A - 1s B/C/D - 0.5s E - 0.1s F - 5c Current Bids: Two Hour Sniper Protection
  17. Supreme Plate Leggings [15:21:26] Greaves for the lower part of the legs, a cuisse for the upper part, joined by a poleyne covering the knee. This is a supreme example of the item, with fine details and slick design. The plate leggings needs to be sharpened with a whetstone. QL: 91.01 No Enchants Starting Bid: 6s Increments: 1s Buyout: An offer i cant refuse Pm on forums or in game (Hoppy) Pickup Or Mail, buyer pays CoD costs Happy bidding!
  18. Shop Fit For A King

    Blacksmithing 70ql Items - 45c 80ql Items - 80c 90ql Items - 1.5s Large anvils can be made at double the rate Chain Smithing Iron Chain (full set) 70ql - 2s 80ql - 3s 90ql - 5s Chain Barding 70ql - 1.5s 80ql - 2s 90ql - 3s (PM via forum for chain armor of other metals) Shield Smithing 70ql - 60c 80ql - 80c 90ql – 1.5s Plate Smithing Full set 70ql – 4s 80ql – 5s Great Helms 70ql – 40c 80ql – 50c Jewelry (Currently out of silver) Rings/Pendulums/Necklaces/Bracelets: 50ql - 30c 60ql - 50c 70ql - 80c 80ql - 2s 90ql – 4s Statuettes: 50ql - 60c 60ql - 80c 70ql - 1s 80ql - 2.7s 90ql – 5s Altars: 50ql - 2s(1.5s if lumps are provided) 60ql - 3s(2.5s if lumps are provided) 70ql - 4s(3.5s if lumps are provided) 80ql – 7s(5s if lumps are provided) 90ql – 14s(11s if lumps are provided) Leather-working Drake Imps 2s to 70ql 3.5s to 80ql 6s to 90ql Studded Armor (full set): 70ql - 1s 80ql - 3s 90ql - 5s Toolbelts: 70ql - 80c 80ql - 1.2s 90ql - 2s Saddles: 70ql - 1.2s 80ql - 2s 90ql - 4s (Don’t feel like making is hence the high price) Cloth tailoring Cloth amour 70ql - 1.5s Masonry and Stone Cutting(Any item) 70ql - 80c 80ql - 1.2s 90ql - 2s Carpentry, Fine Carpentry 70ql - 50c 80ql - 80c 90ql - 1.7s(Fine carp only) Mining Up to 95ql pm for pirce Vyn custom casting 80 power guaranteed any power lower than 70 is 50c 70 power 1c per power 80 power 2c per power + 50c 90 power 3c per power + 50c (i will not go for 90 cast price only apply if i happen to hit a 90 cast) Imps All imp prices will be calculated by (desired level – current level) For example a imp of a shield from 60ql to 80ql would be (80c – 40c = 40c) For items lower than 60ql but above 50ql assume 60ql. For items lower than 50ql assume 60ql +10c Traveling Fee (for altar and forge imps) 50c for Deliverance and 50c more for every border crossed. Free for order over 3s on Deliverance, 5s for Independence and Exodus, 7s for Celebration All items are mailed out from either Deil, Cele, or Chaos. If you wish to pick up we will meet in my deed in NW deil called Devil's Peak around 6.5x 7y on the coast. Alternate payment method Referal - 7s Sleep Powder - 2s
  19. CTC Sales (Celebration Server)

    CTC Sales has merchants at Blackflame and Tap Dance Markets on the Celebration server. We sell tools, chain, leather, and weapons. Many of our items have Vynora casts. You can check our stock at: Blackflame: Tap Dance: For order PST to Catullus, Tclunatic, or Thedudeabides.
  20. Seryll Items and lumps (Pick up at SE Delivrance ar 46x 39y) Seryll armor parts and lumps Starting Bid: 12s increments: 1s Buyout: 25s No reserve, 1h sniper
  21. Rare armor, weapon and tools

    #1 Rare mallet, birchwood 52.91QL Starting bid: 3s Minimum increment: 1s Actual bid: 3s Buyout: No #2 Rare needle, iron 54,94QL Starting bid: 1s Minimum increment: 1s Actual bid: Buyout: 5s #3 Rare needle, iron 53,96QL Starting bid: 1s Minimum increment: 1s Buyout: 5s #4 Rare long bow, pinewood 48,97 Starting bid: 5s Minimum increment: 1s Actual bid: Buyout: No #5 Rare chain gauntlet, iron 52,51QL Starting bid: 2s Minimum increment: 1s Actual bid: Buyout: No Good luck all
  22. I'm looking to sell 90 QL black drake pay pal only starting at 80 euros. incraments of 1-5 Euros foot 1 Aosp 75 QL 90.02 DMG 0.02 foot 2 Aosp 68 QL 90.10 DMG 0.00 hand 1 Aosp 80 QL90.10 DMG 0.03 hand 2 Aosp 79 QL 90.11 DMG 0.00 Chest Aosp 80 QL 90.09 DMG 0.61 Legs Aops 84 QL 90.02 DMG 0.30 Arm 1 Aosp 90 QL 90.04 DMG 0.10 Arm 2 Aosp 85 QL 90.04 DMG 0.06 Email is the fastest way to reach me I'll check here about once a day.
  23. It would be nice to have a new small dragon that anyone can hunt. I understand that there should be no drops on them as far as hides and i am fine with that but a lot of players want to interact with dragons. We want to tame them and be able to breed them. We could even breed them to fight like we rise one with the good fighting traits and have arena fights with them. There is all kinds of things you could do with them like allow them to wear barding for the fights, allow them to be breed to ride as a mount anything is possible. Could you imagine a groups of players coming at you on an armored dragon in PvP or anywhere for that matter...sounds like a lot of fun to me.
  24. 90+Enchants and Aosp studded

    Here are some enchanted stuff. All have high power and come cheap Min increments 50c 1. 55.22Ql Large anvil 50 kg (old one) W97 C67 (making those is no longer possible) Starting bid 2.5s Buyout 6s 2. 90.75Ql iron hammer Coc 90 Starting bid 2.5s Buyout 6s 3. 90.76 iron hammer Coc 94 Starting bid 2.5s Buyout 6s 4. 90.20Ql ropetool oak Coc 90 ropetools can be lowered to any desired Ql Starting bid 2.5s Buyout 6s 5. 80.21 iron butchering knife Coc98 Starting bid 3s Buyout 6s 6. Studded set in backpack 90Ql 70+aosp great helm Starting bid 4s Buyout 7s Happy bidding and good luck
  25. With the WEEK 20 announcement "With the release of Xanadu we will also respawn new uniques across all the other servers so everyone can join in the hunt.", the armors are going to get completely devalued. I am not interested in waiting for and spending my time hunting them all down, so sell me your armor I'd rather build, craft and mine, to complete my projects, but I want to do it looking awesome! Please PM me with armor deals. Not going to pay the old prices of 80e a set on hide or 200e+ for scale. I'm only buying a few sets of each. If my offered prices seem low, imagine what drake is going to be worth when everyone has a set. Buying: RED Scale - 3 1 sets - 150e each Black w/cap - 3 sets - 40e each Green w/cap - 3 2 sets - 35e each White w/cap - 1 set - 30e each Will consider paying more if they come with enchants. I do not care about the QL. Pristine or Exodus (Posting to both markets) Please don't blast me for the prices. I am not to blame for the dragon armor devaluation. I expect these prices are going to be far better than waiting until the dragon slaughter starts again. There is no need to respond in this thread. PLEASE PM me if interested in unloading some armor.