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Found 210 results

  1. As the title suggests I'd like to get a price check estimate on what a rare leather armor set could sell for as a buyout. Thank you.
  2. WTS Drake Hide Armor for 1g - mail cost
  3. Never played WO, kind of hung up my MMO hat for the most part. I've got about 45hrs into WU and like it a lot so far. Was playing Rising World, but that needs to progress further to become a full fledged survival/adventure game. I enjoyed the building aspect for the most part though. I have spent a little time looking and haven't been able to find a guide of any kind for enchanting GM spawned items with the GM tool (ebony wand). It might be eluding me because I haven't played any priestly type characters in WU and just don't get how it works. I'd like to be able to gift my friends playing on our private server with the occasional pick/sword/armor with a useful enchant on it. What am I missing?
  4. For those not aware its been a longtime feature to be able to outfit tower guards with player crafted weapons and armor, thus upgrading them. Though they are not capable of using mounts or archery as ranged weapons. It doesn't get much widespread usage due to two main problems. One, anyone from the same kingdom can equip or dequip a guard. Tower guards can die from non-pvp means, even suicide (can be fun to watch ur events), thus leaving gear scattered about. I would like to see guards enabled to use bows, and perhaps even mounts. Additionally some permission system or setup for preventing just anyone from being able to strip guards. Also some central storage or armory to help with managing and equipping large numbers of guards. At either the deed or pmk level.
  5. I have a large assortment of armor for sale everything is negotiable. I play frequently so in-game PM's are welcomed (same as forum name), as well as forum posts and PM's Buy Out for Pictured With Delivery! - 3s AoSP - Aura of Shared Pain Also for sale: 10QL Saw, Iron (71CoC) - 71c 79QL File. Iron (58WoA / 69CoC) - 80c 2.7QL Trowel. Iron (75CoC) - 75c 77QL Chisel, Iron (75CoC) - 75c Happy Trading! - The Damsel 0/
  6. I have a various assortment of weapons and amor enchanted and not, for sale, everything is negotiable. I play frequently so in-game PM's are welcomed (same as forum name), as well as forum posts and PM's - Also for sale: Rare Cedarwood Short Bow 30.01QL - 2.5s* I will also accept a buyout for the bulk of it, 4 Silver for everything! BotD = Blessings of the Dark AoSP = Aura of Shared Pain * - Not discounted.
  7. This Black Drake Armor set is all over 80 ql and has Aura of Shared pain cast on each piece. Selling for 200 silver in game or 200 dollars to pay pal. You can message Plater in game for details.
  8. Surprised this hasn't been mentioned, but searching this subforum didn't turn anything up. Would it be possible to alter the graphics of the armor stands in the same way as animals are currently being modded? (which is awesome btw) Would basically like to see armor stands showing something other than studded leather. If probing the contents of the stand is a bit much to code, maybe have different armor stands require a particular hat/helm to make it that type of stand? Seems hitching posts could be made to require particular ingredients so guessing the possibility is there... but then a little knowledge is a dangerous thing
  9. Considering selling a suit of seryll armor. All the pieces are listed here: Please make offer if interested. I will decide whether to sell based on amounts offered. Alendhor
  10. Buying any color set, any QL. 50s/e each with hat, or 45 without hat. Send me a PM to discuss currency and shipping/delivery.
  11. I have no idea what the market for rares currently is, so would like a PC on the items here. Any assistance would be greatly appreciated. Thanks very much
  12. Let players wear carved pumpkins on their head as vanity armor, Halloween is coming and it would be a great last minute addition.
  13. Moving to Epic and WTS all but the barest essentials I will need if I ever decide to come back to Freedom. Not going to set prices, just offer and I will probably take it.
  14. Ends in Three days. Buyer pays COD from chaos server. Will accept silver or euro as currency with 1s=1e. Private bids accepted. Opening bid:75s Reserve: None Sniper Protection: 1 Hour Min Increasement: 1s Buyout: 130s/e EDIT: Forgot to add the picture!
  15. I started this project several months ago and finally got around to finishing it. The balance thread in City Hall was a pretty good motivator. The point is to make different armors different for certain situations and play styles. This is a concept design for a major overhaul, not just a minor tweak (although the patch notes will probably still say "armor was tweaked" if this is actually considered). It also intends to encourage mixed armor sets and better balance higher tier armors so as to avoid straight buffs and linear hierarchies of best to worst. Keep in mind that there are other parts of the game that need to be balanced, and this design affects those parts of the game as well. This is a starting point. Below are the concept design and a spreadsheet of the raw damage reduction values and values adjusted for glance rates under the new system. Concept Design: Spreadsheet: This is a work in progress. I would really appreciate feedback so this can be updated and hopefully considered by the development team for addition or inspiration for a new system. Please give specific comments; "+1" and "-1" are not feedback and don't help anything. I have not gotten around to a few key aspects of the design, including cloth and leather armors, a look at web armor vs. aura of shared pain, and ideas for the promised scale, ring, and splint armors to fit the new system. If possible, I would appreciate if some players could either post below or message me some test results regarding web armor (duration and magnitude of effect by power) and AoSP (damage reflected by power and damage taken). I have an extremely small sample size currently, and the larger the better for a project like this. Please try to keep this on topic and purely logical. I'd hate to see this turn into the usual mess of KvK and personal attacks that most balance threads devolve into.
  16. A means of converting the older red scale sets to one of the newer scale types. Older drake sets to new drake too for that matter. Don't even need to retain current enchantments; although, it would be nice.
  17. I have some things I need to get rid of I have a full 9 Piece set of studded leather all 50 ql Full set of bronze chain all 30ql Full set of iron chain 20-30 ql 1800 dirt 2000 sand Saddles and cowboy hats all 20 ql Wagons and furniture all made to order yer choice in wood Small braziers marble brazier pillers Strange devices All items are At S-11 deli Pickup or cod only I do NOT deliver All prices are obo. Leave me a message or contact me in game ty
  18. please close

    Ended, please close
  19. Right, got a pile of enchanted goodies. PM an offer for individual items via the forums or ingame to Baddbob. All items will be sent via mailbox from Chaos, meaning that you must either be 1. Part of the MR PMK, or 2. Never have set foot on Chaos or have an alt that never went to Chaos. Recipient pays CoD. Click the links below to see three pages separated by... Armor,,Akk0xNL,JewfxhP#0 Weapons,,Akk0xNL,JewfxhP#1 Sold: Staff, Steel AD Nim 80 CoC 87 Spear, Iron AD Nim 88 CoC 85 Tools,,Akk0xNL,JewfxhP#2
  20. Not sure if I should start the topic on WTB or WTS forums, but I have 3 satchels full of gems(total 8712.6ql of mostly 10+ql gems), which I would like to trade for drake set (with cap). Armor quality is not important, can be even at creation quality. Black/white would be preferred, but that is not dealbreaking, when it isn't. Considering also purchase offers for the gems, although trade is preferred. Bag 1 = 2046.59ql Bag 2 = 3801.53ql Bag 3 = 2864.48ql ----------------- Total = 8712.6 ql
  21. so, this is my new armor compilation Seryll plate Helm Chest Gloves Boots Drake Skin Sleeves Pants all at minimum 70+ with AOSP
  22. I have all three colors to choose from. Jacket - 24s pants - 20s shoe - 16s hat - 12s sleeve - 12s glove - 9s Imped to 80 QL or left at low QL if you want the imping experience. I expect about 90 hat orders, once i post this, lol. PM me your order, specify low QL or 80 QL and who to COD it to. If you are traveling between servers, let me know so we can coordinate for a time to mail, when you are NOT traveling. COD has some bugs when the recipient is crossing servers, or so I have been told by GMs in the past. Thank you!
  23. Looking to get 1 gold. chest has 89a rest has above 90a + enchants
  24. Welcome to Blazer's shop! PM for enchants! Also planning carpentry buildings(97 carp). Give a shout on forums for priceds! Alternate payments: Referal - 6s Sleeping powders - 1,5s/each Delivery fees: Items can be COD'ed, buyer pays it. Delivery free on Chaos(MR Only)/Deliverance/Exodus. 25c for Celebration/Independece. 50c for West Xanadu, 1,5s for east Xanadu. Pristine/Release is 2s. Didnt find what you need? Give me a shout and I can try to sort it out Our Friends: Ravenholm's plate smithing/smithing/enchanting - perfect plate sets to protect you or your friends!
  25. Rare

    Hi i am auctioning a Rare Studded Leather Boot thats 31ql today happy bidding! Start Bid: 2s Buyout: 6s Increments: 50c No Snipe Protection