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Found 60 results

  1. 88.19ql Adamantine Lump 0.37kg pm offers
  2. If you need anything, send a message to me (Luttuosa) or Davih or write us in game Here the complete list of what we have. ADAMANTINE: adamantine lump 0.36 Kg 91,77 Ql. adamantine lump 0.38 Kg 96,30 Ql. adamantine lump 0.38 Kg 98,85 Ql. GLIMMERSTEEL: glimmersteel lump 0,38 Kg 98,81 Ql. glimmersteel lump 0,40 Kg 99,99 Ql. glimmersteel lump 0,38 Kg 97,18 Ql. glimmersteel lump 0,39 Kg 96,43 Ql. rare glimmersteel lump 0,30 Kg 52,12 Ql. rare glimmersteel lump 0,37 Kg 94,08 Ql. SERYLL: seryll lump 0,27 Kg 11,56 Ql. seryll lump 0,27 Kg 12,58 Ql. seryll lump 0,27 Kg 11,78 Ql. seryll lump 0,29 Kg 95,90 Ql. seryll lump 0,27 Kg 15,41 Ql. seryll lump 0,27 Kg 18,10 Ql. seryll lump 0,29 Kg 98,78 Ql. seryll lump 0,29 Kg 95,66 Ql. seryll lump 0,29 Kg 97,62 Ql. seryll lump 0,29 Kg 97,55 Ql. seryll lump 0,07 Kg 49,93 Ql. seryll lump 0,23 Kg 78,63 Ql.
  3. Mask of returnet - 5s Rare chain set +80ql AOSP - 20s - reservation. Rare Kyklop Strange Bone 100ql - 27s Rare Pickaxe 90,76ql W89C90 +10% resource ql - 12s Rare Pickaxe 90ql W91C97 + bronze rune of Libia - 14s Rare large axe 94.59ql - HDCOC94LT97WOA98 - 12s Rare Axe 76,87ql - 6s Rare Whetstone 66ql - 2,5s Rare Shield 86ql - C68 - 4,5 Rare Longsword 32ql- 7s Rare Carving Knife 70ql W91C98LRF - 12s Rare Carving Knife 58ql - 6s SUPREME toolbelt, leather 90,01- 13s Rare Hammer 63ql - 6s Rare File 89ql - 6s Rare Large Maul 47,42ql - 7s Rare Saw 5ql - 5s Rare Spatula 60,79- 3s Rare Needle 2.61ql - 3s Rare Shovel 76,26QL W86 C91 - 8,5s Rare Shovel 94,05QL W72 C58 - 7s Rare Mallet (Cedarwood) 51,5ql - 6s Rare Plate Gauntlet 80,21QL - 3s Rare Plate Gauntlet 78,02QL - 3s Rare Plate leggings 72 ql 52AOSP - 8s Rare Chain Jacket 69ql - 3,5s Rare Silver Statuette of Vynora 31QL - 5s Rare Gold Statuette of Vynora 63QL - 6s Rare Butchering Knife 87,21ql W69 C84 - 8s Rare Knapsack - 7s Rare Lock Pick 57,92ql - 50c Scythe 1,67ql 101CoC - 4,5s Rare Iron Lump 40ql - 30c Rare Iron Lump 72ql - 30c Seryll Lump 98,59ql 0,25kg - 2,5s Seryll Lump 99,59ql 0,28kg - 2,5s Glimmersteel lump 81,12ql 0,34kg - 3,4s Glimmersteel lump 83,07ql 0,33kg - 3,3s Glimmersteel lump 87,36ql 0,34kg - 3,4s Glimmersteel lump 87,18ql 0,14kg - 1,4s Glimmersteel lump 82,04ql 0,34kg - 3,4s Glimmersteel lump 89,08ql 0,35kg - 3,5s Adamantine lump 82,40ql 0,33kg - 3,3s Adamantine lump 86,81ql 0,32kg - 3,2s Adamantine lump 90,30ql 0,36kg - 3,6s Adamantine lump 85,96ql 0,31kg - 3,1s Adamantine lump 87,59ql 0,40kg - 4s Adamantine lump 87,59ql 0,40kg - 4s Adamantine lump 87,59ql 0,25kg - 2,5s Blood Blue Dragon 100ql - 1s Blood Blue Dragon 100ql - 1s Blood Blue Dragon 100ql - 1s Blood Blue Dragon 100ql - 1s Blood White Dragon 100ql - 1s Blood Red Dragon 100ql - 1s Blood Red Dragon 100ql - 1s
  4. Item up for Auction: 91QL Adamantine Longsword [12:40:49] It is enchanted with Human's demise, and has an aggressive aura towards humanoids. [12:40:49] Nimbleness has been cast on it, so it increase the chance to hit. [72] [12:40:49] Frostbrand has been cast on it, so it will cause frost wounds. [79] [12:40:49] Circle of Cunning has been cast on it, so it will increase skill gained with it when used. [88] [12:40:49] A single steel rune of Vynora has been attached to it, so it will reduce damage taken (10%) Starting Bid: 15s Min Increase: 1s Reserve: None Buyout: 25s Snipe Protection: 1 Hour Items will be Sent CoD Happy Bidding All
  5. I am selling one of the rare adamantine longswords that was awarded by GM during the Chaos Treasure Hunt event (1 of 20). This sword has a reduced weight of 2.25kg compared to the standard 3kg. It has several high level enchants: One of these at 80ql recently sold for 50s without enchants. I am also now asking 50s. Please PM me here on the forums, thanks!
  6. Prices is 3s per lump in picture, except .17 KG Glimmer lump, it is 1.2s Addy Lumps sold, 86 QL Glimmersteel lump sold.
  7. QL 84 0.32kg QL 55 0.26kg offers taken via reply or pm cheers, Simju
  8. Exquisite Shoulder Pad - gives a dodge bonus versus bashing when wearing light armor - 3s. ql 80.53 Adamantine lump 0.32 - 3.2s
  9. Hy. Im looking to buy 1-30ql adamantine lumps. Paying 1s per 0.4kg lumps
  10. Sorry, this topic is outdated. Some rift items that are left are here:
  11. #1 - 2.5s #2 - 3s #3 - 1.7s #4&#5 - 1.7s each or 3s for pair #6 - 4.2s (0,073)
  12. Xcalibers Merchant Sales is now open To the public life of the forum, more items will soon be added just got to sort things out in game and get them all ready to be sold ** Please dont waste my time making silly offeres - i dont mind disscounting things but offering a silly ammount will not make it cheaper just makes the deal longer to achieve ** Ingame name - * Xcaliber * - Glimmersteel - sold Spyglass x2 - sold Ointments - sold Elaborate pads - sold I'm on most days so please Pm me in-game for info or orders.
  13. Want to buy adamantine lumps Looking primarily for creation quality (under 50ql) paying by quality 0 - 25ql / 60c per .1 25 - 50ql / 70c per .1 50 - 100ql / 80c per .1 Please PM in game Thanks
  14. Everything pictured is for sale, prices are not firm. For regular items without a price, make an acceptable offer and I will send the item on its way. I can be PM'ed in-game as Epicphail Sale Including; 26x Sleep Powders - 1s/ea. 1x Rare Oven 1x Rare Sailboat - Offer. I will need this for some time longer, cannot sell immediately. ALSO WTS GOLD / SILVER COINS FOR EUR - 1.15s / 1EUR - PayPal Only PM for more info. Current stock: SOLD OUT
  15. Please Close. Thank you
  16. Trying to clear out some of that rift loot on my alt and get some spare coin to pay prem. Here is what I have for sale: the used artisan necklace was only equipped once to check it then removed, never used for crafting. [22:54:07] A delicate necklace with artisan symbols. It helps improving items to a higher level. It is very stable and has much energy left. It can not be improved. Please make offer on all items, any reasonable offer will be accepted. Thanks!
  17. Everything pictured for sale. EUROS PREFERRED as I am attempting to get away from the game, but will accept silver at 1s/1€ ratio for smaller items. No trades. Prices listed in red in picture. Prices are not firm, feel free to make offers. Lowballers will simply be ignored. Some additional information; I have confirmed the 1.5KG Hatchet does NOT fit inside a regular BOK, might still fit in an MBOK (untested) UPDATE: Drake set and Rare Large Anvil sold.
  18. 40s or 40$ Amazon Giftcard
  19. As title states i want to sell an adamantine great helm with 95 web armor cast. Im looking for 20s Edit: Helm is just under 81ql as well
  20. Introduction I was playing around in single player using the Ebony Wand. Specifically Specials->Create. I noticed within this list there are two objects entitled "boulder". Upon placing these objects I learned they are Adamantine and Glimmersteel boulders respectively to the list. What I'd like I have never seen these spawn naturally within any world, so I would like to see a mod that will spawn these in naturally around the world (assuming they don't already and I've just never been lucky enough to find them.) From what I can tell they drop a single, random QL (probably based on mine skill?) ore of 5 weight and then the boulder vanishes. Being able to have these randomly spawn around the world in the same way as Spawners and Source Wells would be an interesting addition to the exploration value of our worlds; if of course it's doable. Fair use I have no interest in paying for exclusivity of any mods. If you wish to develop on this idea I'd like to see it publicly for all to use should to choose to release it.
  21. Adamantine plate has the same movement speed as steel plate and glimmersteel plate. Adamantine plate has the same damage reduction as dragon scale armor, up to 75% damage reduction at 100 ql. Adamantine armor has higher damage reduction than armor made from normal materials, although the effect is less than that of glimmersteel. Adamantine weapons deal 10% more damage. Adamantine lump : QL: 99,13ql : Weight (0,4) Taking best offer starting at 5s, End: june 22 (can sell before the date if i think its a good offer)not an auction
  22. [ S O L D ] I'm offering these special lumps: Lump, Adamantine (98.64ql), 0.4kg - 7s Lump, Seryll (82.62ql), 1.0kg - 2.5s [SOLD]