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Found 58 results

  1. WTS Ada Great Helm

    WTS Adamantine Great Helm. 83+ QL Has 73 Web Castee on it to slow enemies down. 30 Silver Buyer pays Cod. Will accept offers and trades just private message me. Ty
  2. Adamantine Great Helm

    Starting bid: 30s Bid increment: 1s Reserve: None Snipe Protection: 1 hour Buyout: None Current bid: None Please note I do not accept private bids, all bids must be posted here, feel free to PM me with buyout offers or questions. Item will be CoDed to winner at their expense unless picked up on deliverance at Funndy Docks. I will also accept payment in Euro via Paypal, standard 1s:1e ratio.
  3. A good friend asked me to have this unique relic in Wurm appraised for him. It is not for sale by me, but I can relay offers to its owner. Hidden by the Gods to reward explorers discovering the land of Celebration, this unique item can not be crafted by normal means and only one exists in the lands of Wurm. The Sickle of Awakening is an Adamantine sickle; turned rare by the bones of a dragon and enchanted by the high priests and priestesses of Vynora and Fo. Only the ultimate creators have the power to forge sickles out of moon metals, making this item truly an artifact. A kind of small hand-held scythe with a crescent-moon formed blade. This is a very rare and interesting version of the item. It could be improved with a lump. It is enchanted with Human's demise, and has an aggressive aura towards humanoids. Nimbleness has been cast on it, so it increase the chance to hit. [94] Life Transfer has been cast on it, so it will transfer life to you when harming enemies. [96] Circle of Cunning has been cast on it, so it will increase skill gained with it when used. [99] Mind stealer has been cast on it, so it will steal knowledge from non-players. [97] It has the signature of its current owner, as the Gods of Wurm decided history should know him as the creator of it. He wishes to remain anonymous so I have not included it.
  4. WTB lump of adamantine

    I'm looking to get a kilo lump of adamantine. PM prices, CoD / Delivery to Exo.
  5. Auctioning off this enchanted white drake set, with an adamantine great helm. The Enchants on it all are Web Armour - with the helm having a 92 cast. The helm can only be improved with adamantine lump, however sales for those occasionally do crop up. This is the look of the set, including helm, below is the QL/enchant power. (the helm is 92 web armour). Web Armour slows down creatures that hit you, both their "swing timer" and their movement. Starting Bid: 90 Silver Reserve: 90 Silver Buy out: Make me an offer 2 hour sniper protection. I reserve the right to refuse any bids from players deemed undesirable.
  6. New mining reward

    Well we have been getting rewards added into the mix and they are great so i am suggestion a new one. Make it so you can get adamantine, glimmersteel and seryll ore/lumps randomly when mining just like the other things they have been adding.
  7. I went onto the test server, I had the following skills set : Fighting - 70 Normal Fighting - 70 Longswords - 70 I had a pen created with bison spawned within (thanks to darkfilo for the help), I had an adamantine sword and an Iron sword spawned (90ql each). I killed 10 bison with the iron sword first, then 10 with the adamantine sword. I took all of the logs and parsed them to find the following results. Iron : Total swings=420 Hits=199 Misses=44 Glances=116 Parries=120 Hardest hit=5531 Weakest hit=1272 Average damage=4171.80 Adamantine : Total swings=456 Hits=203 Misses=51 Glances=128 Parries=131 Hardest hit=5539 Weakest hit=1082 Average damage=4018.94 Here's the raw data: Adamantine Iron
  8. Sickle Of Awakening (Made By Rolf)

    I have now gotten the Sickle Of Awakening from Rolf. See here for more info. I was the first person on Celebration, so I got it. (I am Garff) it is QL 50, And adamantine. It takes VERY LITTLE DAMAGE (two prunings = less than 0.01 damage) I will sell it to the highest bidder. It also has the signature of Rolf. I'm running this auction till atleast sometime next week.