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Found 4 results

  1. This issue keeps reoccuring no matter what I'm doing or how many clients I have open.. Only one crashes at a time, but its the same kind of crash to desktop and its becoming more and more frequent. If anyone can help me with this I would be eternally greatful hs_err_pid26552 Error log! Console Log:
  2. I am using an 89.95ql rare chisel with WoA 75 on some unidentified archaeology fragments to clean them. I am able to queue 6 items - so I can use the chisel on a stack of 7 fragments before stopping. I have a fast chisel and so the first action in the queue is always 2.9 seconds. This first action does not increment the 'Actions Performed' achievement in the Achievements window. For example I process a stack of 7 fragments all successfully but the Achievements window only registers 6 more actions on the 'Actions Performed' Achievement.
  3. I was playing with some alts yesterday and the though hit me that it would be very useful/convenient if there were a little indicator that told you how many actions you have stacked, and what they are. For instance, if you are building a house and you stack two build actions and then a repair, maybe under the action timer two little plank icons and a hammer icon show up and then disappear as the actions complete. The specific icon could be similar or the same as the one used for improving. Any thoughts?
  4. So I started having this issue in the tutorial and it has persisted even since and through multiple logins. Basically I log in to Wurm and can only preform actions that have no second options: EXAMPLE: O boy I am a noob and a spider is eating me in the face..... Right-Click to open menu on the spider... Hover over "Attack" then nothing happens. Now I know how to attack because I can do it maybe three times max on a fresh login before this bug shows its ugly face again. But once the bug does pop up I have to completely relog to do actions again. It is making the game un-playable an suggestions or out right fixes would be great. So far I have attempted a re-install and done the pack updates on the launcher.