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Found 8 results

  1. Taking offers on everything, just rather have the coin to fund my ml grind ;p.
  2. I have some blood potions that are gathering dust, hopefully someone can make better use of them. Acid pots 10c each, WS and AS pots 2s each. Buyer pays CoD or collects from South Release (P15). I may consider bulk offers.
  3. This is a large multi-item auction, please use the format "Item number - bid - bidder name" for clarity and ease. Items number 1-30 Starting Bid: 50c Minimum Increments: 10c Buyout: None Reserve: None Sniper protection: 1hr Item number 31 (These are a full lot all will be sold together) Starting Bid: 2s Minimum Increments: 25c Buyout: None Reserve: None Sniper protection: 1hr Item number 32 Starting Bid: 50c Minimum Increments: 25c Buyout: None Reserve: None Sniper protection: 1hr Items number 33-49 Starting Bid: 1s Minimum Increments: 50c Buyout: None Reserve: None Sniper protection: 1hr Items number 50-54 Starting Bid: 1s Minimum Increments: 50c Buyout: None Reserve: None Sniper protection: 1hr Item number 55 Starting Bid: 2s Minimum Increments: 50c Buyout: None Reserve: None Sniper protection: 1hr Please note I do not accept private bids, all bids must be posted here, feel free to PM me with buy out offers or questions. All items are CoDed to winner at their expense unless picked up on deliverance at Funndy Docks, the only exception to this is if someone is to win a large quantity of items with a final bid of over 5s and they make arrangements with me for delivery. Please no random chatter or discussion on this thread, keep it clean for bids only if you have questions comments or concerns PM me! 3/12/15 Edit notes: Added current bids to OP image, lowered start bid on item 31.
  4. 1. Potion of Acid ql. 78,58 >> 2s 2. Potion of Acid ql. 75,37 >> 2s 3. Potion of Mining ql. 64,4 >> 3s SOLD 4. Potion of Mining ql. 84,18 >> 4s SOLD 5. Potion of Mining ql. 94,58 >> 5s SOLD 6. Ointment of Stonecutting ql. 58,47 >> 2s 7. CR potion ql 70 >> 10c 8. 31 yellow potions (ql ranges from 16 to 100, avg. ql 66,9) >> 1,5s SOLD
  5. Want to sell: 1x Soft Cap 99ql, 6.32dmg - 1s 2x Snow Lantern 99ql - 1s each 2x Potion of Acid - 50c each Cod cost is 10c to Xanadu and 20c to other servers (per item).
  6. Hello! I like participating in unique hunts, and by doing that I managed to amass a good number of those tasty potions. It's time to auction them off. Pickup can be arranged from Xanadu (M20) or Pristine (O16). I can also mail from one of these servers. For everything: Starting bid: 1s Increments: 50c No reserve No buyout 1h sniper protection Current bids: 1# - 4s (Tuanta) 2# - 4s (Tuanta) 3# - 1s (froggeryz) 4# - 1s (froggeryz) 5# - 1s (Ted) 6# - 1s (Ted) 7# - 1s (Ted) 8# - 1s (Ted) 9# - 1s (Ted) 10# - 1s (Ted) 11# - 1s (Ted) 12# - 2s (Ryamu) 13# - 14# - 3s (Tuanta) 15# - 3s (Tuanta) 16# - 3s (Tuanta) Good luck!
  7. Being hit by a valrei mob, and getting an 'Acid' wound, what exactly does this do? increased dmg? less healing? Some clarification would be good.
  8. I was messing around with a program called game booster and let it tweak my system so it would perform better. After the gpu gets hot or stays on longer then 15 minutes, pattern walls start appearing vertically and horizontally until eventually everything is a big pattern with sharp edges or walls but i can still walk around in game like it's a giant acid trip. Mind you i got the game booster application to restore everything and I didn't actually need the performance, I just wanted that extra few fps on max settings, When my amd vision engine control center is set to balanced or lower for performance, either it exits with no crash prompt or waits tilI Im doing something strenuous for the system then it just shuts down, no warning crash prompt or anything, so I have to keep my graphics setting set to maximum quality all the time, and the pattern walls didn't start appearing until after models went acid on me, first I would see items on the ground that had sharp edges and spears sticking out of them, and I couldn't make out what they were, so i would hover the mouse over them right click and examine to see what they were, eventually i shut down game booster and everything was fine when i relogged, but I don't know if it was because of game booster, the server, or my amd integrated card, you see i recently bought this laptop from the local walmart, it was only 600 dollars, but it had everything, good integrated graphics (amd), plenty of memory (6 gigs) and a quad core procesor (amd A8) as well as a 17 inch display, the reason i posted was to help future people having this issue, and i don't know how long my amd can hold out before the acid is permanent. Therefore if this issue has already come up please post where i can see the solution before my computer dies of an acid over dose, thanks you so much!