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Found 6 results

  1. Hear ye, hear ye! As of earlier today, I've refounded the Academy of Enlightenment. A small hint to its predecestor on independence ran by me and Dannyiron from 2009 to 2013 During its 4 years of being around the Academy was home to a several dozen players, many were tought the basics of Wurm in its crude basic form, while some quit, others stuck around becoming long term players of wurm. I have noticed during the past 4 months on Northern Freedom Isles that no such thing as a newb academy exists, or at least that I am fully aware off (correct me if i am wrong). Our goal: Help new players find their way into Wurm and earn their footing, hopefully making them long term players as Wurm notoriously has a steep learning curve and low new player retention percentage. Who am I? Most know me as Elwood from the Southern Freedom Isles, born on Jenn-Kellon home before migrating to independence to join Dannyiron as a elder before eventually moving across the servers throughout the years. I have been a CA myself so I know how important certain aspects are to new players and how to keep their interest in the game. Elder Team: Elwoode Ilyich Quelliz Allies: Genehunt Location: M-16, just off the highway east of Overture How to contact us? Either pm Elwoode ingame, or Elwood2 on the forums, if you cant wait you can head over to our discord server and file in a request and we'll try to get back to you as soon as we are able too. Sponsors: Shout out to Dunsel for providing us with horses! our grattitude cannot be expressed with words! Progression of the deed
  2. We are welcoming new and returning players at the N. Indy Academy. Brand new and looking for a place to stay as to make survival a little easier? Want to get back in the game without starting your own deed? Tired of being lonely? Looking for a strong community? WHY Indepence? Its the perfect size Xanadu is too large to travel from edge to edge comfortably (and the other servers are too small instead = little wildneress left.) Steady playerbase With WU, Independence didn't loose nearly the amounf ot players that Xanadu did! We are old, experienced, and we love this server too much to abandon it. It has the most active ratio of players in relation to the server size, hence you get a lot of activity = active alliance = activa trade/barter system. We had people move here from Xanadu in search of a more active community. So what can we offer you here on this great server? We are right on the beach of Colossus lake (Independence server), just a couple of tiles from water and convenient highways to help you navigate. All the basic resources are very conveniently located here. This village is also part of an alliance, with several experienced and friendly players - this allows you to use the alliance chat channel to get in touch with the surrounding community, in times of need, or just for fun. (The village itself is an alliance creation, hence a lot of us are invested in the Academy). Don't forget that you get a free teleportation to the Academy as well (if you haven't already used this option when joining another deed.) Housing: We got two options for housing atm: Your very own locked room in our inn (til something else opens up OR you/we build something new for you ) Empty land to build on The available plots of land are 4x6 - but a 3x6 house would be max due to the other tiles being on a slope (mild slope for farming, fences or such) So what do we have to offer? Resources: The mine entrance is on deed, with the main material needed (iron) being right inside the entrance. Very convenient. Tar and clay are within 2 minutes of travelling either by boat or on foot (or in a cart or wagon if you got premium). A public farm area where you can grow crops, tend to them and eventually harvest them. The farm also holds animals for grooming, milking, shearing and breeding. It also has a kitchen with ovens and a storage area for crops, seeds and wood needed to fuel the ovens. A Public workshop where we have set up some of the basic tools you will need (several forges, anvils, a loom and such). The alliance - this might be your greatest resource ever. Need advice? In dire need of some assistance? The alliance probably got your back. Safety: Gated community to keep trolls out, and guardtower on deed if somehow something does finds its way in. So what are you waiting for?! Come on in! 'How' do you ask? Just contact me on the forums, or send a PM to Seancarl in game (also me). It also works to talk to Asdf, Malchimus or Lillie for an invitation.
  3. On May 13th I lost a grey horse called Goldocean. It was lost in the Area of Wurm Academy. Contact me here, or Serraphine in game. Silly crashes
  4. Oakheart Shores – where people can learn in peace and safety This deed wants to be a beginner academy for friendly and open people joining the game. It will not restrict citizens by gender, religion, timezone or how often they log in. All we want is a group of people willing to learn, enjoy themselves and (necessary) speak English. The deed is located on the topmost island of Celebration, the Cherrywood Isle (BD-58 coordinates on Being an island has its advantages and disadvantages – but best of them all, it is less traveled. The deed is on the south side of the island on the waterfront. Main entrance is located east, making a connection to the (only) highway that connects the north and south sides of the island. There are deeds nearby, mostly friendly people though, but nothing very close so you can still have your privacy. The deed itself is walled off and it has a maxed out guard tower, meaning you are always safe inside the deed from creatures and have protection from the tower guards in the immediate surroundings outside the gate. All the infrastructure of the deed is already in place, so you will not have to worry about where to leave space open and where not. The Community Center Building (in the middle) has the basics already there (forge, oven, large anvil, BSB, table, bed, coffin, large barrel) and it has a well to provide continuous water. It also has a mine with 3 iron veins and a forge - and pairing that with the forest just outside the back entrance (next to the mine) gives you access to all basic resources. The owners of the deed live on the north side of the island so when in need, all it takes is a 5 minute trip to solve any problem you might have (plus, you can always chat with them when they’re online via alliance chat). The possible lots that you can choose from (see below) where thoroughly thought through and are virgin, leaving you the opportunity and chance to modify them as you wish (see rules). All in all the owners will try to help you as much as they can (or within their available time) with advices or some materials (like meals or resources not found in the immediate area). The purpose though is for you to have a good start in the game and give you the opportunity to develop your skills without needing to “start from nothingâ€, without the constant danger of creatures and in a community that just makes everything more fun . If you are interested in joining Oakheart Shores, please post a reply below with a little info about yourself and what lot are you interested in (see below) or send a /tell in-game to either Vitrelle, Thorakkanath or Inspira. Within our available time we could come to scoop you up and give you a boat ride to the island, if not you’ll just have to swim . Rules: · On your lot you can do anything you want as long as you don’t step on someone else’s toes · Existing roads and fences are not to be modified or destroyed without prior discussion with Thorakkanath, Inspira or Vitrelle · All trees on your chosen lots can be cut down with the exception of oaks, those have to remain · On the back of the deed in the perimeter – there is a forest, you can cut down those trees if you need wood, but please always replant what you cut down · Try to help each other, everyone is a beginner and together you can learn easier the game (and it’s more fun too!) – maybe someone goes into mining and tool making for everyone else, someone else does farming, etc. – the possibilities are endless · Be polite and respectful, this is a game that people play to relax, not to hear drama · We reserve the right to kick and KoS anyone that obviously does not let others enjoy themselves in the game (and also for long periods of inactivity without letting us know in advance) · If you work together you could even start your own farm outside the deed borders and inside the perimeter (blue line) – but you will need to terraform the ground and build fences and locked gates to protect your crops from intruders and animals · You are allowed to use, but not build or modify the community areas, these will be done either by or together with the owners · Lastly, these rules are meant not to restrict, but to insure a nice and peaceful atmosphere where everyone (hopefully) will enjoy themselves and the game J · The special rule: well, this is no rule , but a deed does cost silvers to keep up, so if you wish to support us in our efforts, please send us a message, you will try to get you something nice if you do so – we promise! Available lots In the image: the blue line means perimeter border, red line deed border where there are no fences built up Lot A · Second biggest lot: (9x7) 63 tiles · EXTENSIVE terraforming needed (must love to dig!) · Pretty secluded · No scenery · Probably good for: someone that likes to live in a forest Lot B · Biggest lot of them all: (5x8 + 3x4 + 4x3) 64 tiles · Medium-large terraforming necessary · Next to the mine and to the main gate · Very long and somewhat fragmented lot · Next to one of the community areas and guard tower · Probably good for: someone that likes to try out farming Lot C · Third biggest lot: (9x4+5x3) 51 tiles · EXTENSIVE terraforming needed · Next to the center · View over the water and all community areas · Can suit a wide variety of people (that like to interact) Lot D · Fifth lot in size: (7x5) 35 tiles · Very little terraforming necessary · View over the water · Probably good for: someone that does not play very frequently Lot E · Fourth lot in size: (7x6) 42 tiles – effective 7x5 – 35 tiles · Partly in water, a medium-large amount of terraforming necessary · Unrestricted waterfront lot, great scenery · Good for someone that wants to have a property right on the shore (shipbuilding?) · Could be extended in the perimeter, although no deed or decay protection! Lot F · Smallest lot in size: (4x7+2) – 30 tiles · BEST location · No terraforming necessary · Superb view from above on the water and distant lands · Close to one community area and to the Community Center building (above) · Probably good for: someone that does not need a lot of room and can use space efficienty Hope to see you around! Thorakkanath