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Found 10 results

  1. I have the following for sale: 39 x Sleep Powders 1s each or (13 for 12s, All for 35s) SOLD 2 x Yule Goats 1s each SOLD 3 x Yule Reindeer 1.5s each SOLD 4 x fireworks (3 @ 80ql, 1 @ 99ql) 1s each 3 x Snow lantern 1s each 72 x Yellow potions 4c each 55 x Source Crystals 4c each SOLD Collect from Independence G/H17 or will send COD
  2. I have a few odds and ends I'd like to sell (specifically, what I mentioned in the title). I can't travel, so the sleep powder and spyglass are pick-up only. Sleep Powder: 75 copper each or best offer; 7 in stock 70.00 QL Spyglass: 3 silver or best offer Yellow Potions: 5 copper each; 25 in stock
  3. Ladies and Gents! I have here today for you the (after i looked through the archive too) (may or may be not be the) largest yellow potion auction ever made in Wurm! Do you want to fool your neighbors? Perhaps make a prank on one of your villagers? Want to scare to death a fellow kingdom friend? Or just....have some (good ole wurm) fun? (perhaps to the point where your non wurm-playing spouses/family (shame on them!) start to wonder if you smoked something) ------------------------ Well you've come to the right place! These potions will give you countless hours of fun and more! Technical details: 34 potions under 100ql and 66 potions at 100ql -------------------------------- Start bid: 7s (7c per) Increments: min. 50c Buyout: 17s (17c per) Sniper protection: 1h -------------------------------- Good luck! Have fun using them and get potionated! (yeah yeah, all you grammar nazis out there, i wanted to make up a word >.<)
  4. Like the title says, auctioning 24xPotions and 25xYellow Potions Starting Bid: 1s Minimum Increment: 50c Buyout: make me an offer No Reserve 1hr Sniper Protection Pick up only (delivery could be arranged at an extra cost, but PM me before bidding)
  5. - SOLD - I have a set of 40+ yellow potions, including 30 potions of 100ql: I'm offering the complete set for 3.50s 2.00s (pickup southeast Deliverance). I can also deliver to places in Deli and North of Exodus.
  6. Just clearing some stuff..... Buyer pays COD or can arrange collection from Pest Harbour Indy (Inner Sea) - Could deliver if on inner sea..... 10 Yellow Potions (10 x 100, 2 x 96) - 100ql @ 60c ea, 96ql @ 55c (all 12 for 5s) 4 x Fireworks (3 x 80ql, 1 x 99ql) 80ql @ 1s ea, 99ql @ 1.2s 2 x Snow Lantern (99ql) - 2s each 1 x seryll Plate Gauntlet (30ql) - 5s 3 x seryll lumps (78.82ql) - 2s each
  7. Soft capx5 80c each Yellow potions: 40i per ql 80qlx1 64qlx1 50qlx1 48qlx1 32qlx1 16qlx3
  8. Rare demon statue - make offer through PM Red wine 68.29 ql (30.00) with barrel - 2s Sleep powders x3 - 1.5s each Large Anvil with 32 CoC - 50c 5 yellow potions (16ql, 32ql, 48ql, 50ql, 64ql) - 35c for all 5 Large crates - 10c each (by order) Small crates - 8c each (by order) Seryll lump 80ql - 1.5s All items located in Kalayaan, Indy... PM on forum or in-game. Prices are negotiable.
  9. Want to sell: 1 Firework 80 QL = 1 S 80 C sold 1 Lump, Seryll 80 QL = 1 S sold 1 Yellow Potions 16 QL = 25 C 2 Yellow Potions 50 QL = 40 C/each Pick Up on Bergdorf (High Fort) on Deli (4x, 16y) or CoD (Buyer)! For Rare-Fans: 1 Rare Rock Mine Door 50 QL = 1 S 80 C