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Found 773 results

  1. Hello! If you don't know me yet, you should. I sell horses. Not just any horses -- the super special new colours. Sure I can sell the old colours too if you prefer (only in the 5 speed variety), but the new colours are my speciality. I try to provide the widest selection on Xanadu. Here is what they look like: The jet black colour is also a 6th speed trait, and is the hardest colour to achieve, harder still in the 5 speed variety. Yes, I have tested the jet horse against a bay with the same gear on each, and yes, I have been impressed. He zips. Here is a link to my spreadsheet / Stock List, which I update often. Older colours are 50c each. Prices on the newest rare colours are highly dependant on stock availability, but I try to provide the best prices to my customers. These prices are listed on my spreadsheet. Where am I? I live at m7, on the mid-west coast of Xanadu. Depending on your location, I may deliver. Delivery fees apply, and are generally dependent on how far I have to travel. If I don't deliver, and you still would really like a horse (or a foal!), I can do long distance sales, where I mail you an item for payment of the horse, and then leave the horse branded and outside where you can reach him and grab him whenever you arrive. I then unbrand when the horse is home safely. Send me a tell, maybe we can work something out. These babies are gorgeous to look at all day! I hope you see a name you like! Fizziepop
  2. [07:29:50] You can barely make out the signature of its maker, '.on.hunter'. [07:29:44] You can barely make out the signature of its maker, 'Roza.e'. Will be mailed COD - you pay mailing fees. Only looking for silver in exchange, no paypal bids please. Sniper protection 2h. Bids in 1s+ increments please. Starting bid: 60s Buyout: 110s Any questions please feel free to contact and let me know.
  3. Horses, White twins on Xanadu

    Hi hi, just a little auction, I ended up with 2 white horses with the name Wildosio. 1: aged female, 5 speed + spark, born on 29th of June. 2: young (foal) male 5 speed + spark and strong and healthy, born on the 27th of August. Neither are related, so can be bred together safely. Anyone interested? Bidding starts at 80c, min 10c increments, no reserve.
  4. These lovely foals need a new home! They are two unrelated blood bays, both 5 speed and will fight fiercely. The male is Blooddream and the female Jadeecker. Great for starting a line of blood bays, or simply as a matching pair of 5 speed horses. They are located in Amish Sanctuary Market. Delivery is available, just ask for details. Price 5s plus delivery if applicable.
  5. Found a horse

    Found a harse yesterday, its young one, horse is named with Brisconet M5
  6. Are you new, and just need someplace to catch your breath and get your bearings? Are you a veteran player who just doesn't want to deal with the hassle of maintaining your own deed? Schadenfreude Estate provides basic amenities with no strings attached. Food, clothing, and shelter, a nearby market, good roads, and plenty of opportunities to develop whatever skills you see fit. Some paid work opportunities are available at standard rates (1 iron/action). Initial permissions are limited. Located on the west coast of Q12, Xanadu. Member of the Black Forest Alliance. Transportation to village may be available. PM Gangle for details.
  7. WTS 9 Sleep Powder

    I have 9 sleep powder for sale - 1s each or 7s if you take all nine. I can deliver them to any starting deed on Xana.
  8. Two Horses for Sale!

    Greetings! I am selling two grey horses for 30 copper each. Both have two special traits. HoneyWalking Gender: Female Color: Grey Special traits: Fleeter Movement than Normal(FMN), and Lightning Movement(LM). HappyNada Gender: Male Color: Grey Special traits: Tough Bugger(TB), and Carry More than Average(CMA).
  9. Young Black Dragon Spotted

    Young black dragon spotted in Xanadu Q16'ish , 10:30 am London Time Hes small but got sharp claws & bitey teeth Can someone call all dragon tamers to kill this pest (would like to be there for kill ) Dragon full frontal Close up of dental work Were trying to lure it Loreme not sure if this is right tactic not in a position to make a pen or start mining Seems the tactic is to make a mine & trap him in there were, so thats the plan Update 13:30 Someone has deeded the area and put me on KOS, seems I have met my 1st group of mean Wurmians Don't know exactly who the 'special' guys are but you're not on my Christmas card list PM Ammar or me for approx directions
  10. Well, actually I picked a pair for you! 2 Adolescent Foal Young Piebald Pinto horses. They are the same age and from different parents. Perfect for your cart or breeding more lil' pintos to run around your deed. Update: they are both now Young as of this morning. Young fat Chasersouth - female 3 speed + FF and SH It will fight fiercely. It has a strong body. It can carry more than average. It has very strong leg muscles. It looks unusually strong and healthy. Young fat Manwild - male 4 speed + TB It has fleeter movement than normal. It is a tough bugger. It has a strong body. It has lightning movement. It has very strong leg muscles. Pickup at P14 Blackthorn Port near Lormere or delivery can be arranged, at an additional cost, depending on your location. Bidding starts at 3 silver for the pair of same aged, non-related, foals. Minimum bid increment of 25 copper No reserve and sniper protection of 1 hr Get in touch if you are interested in other new-colored horses of various speeds.
  11. Four speed piebald male horse

    This lovely little boy is after a new home! His name is Eastflash. He has four speed traits and is strong and healthy. The price for him is 2s, plus delivery if applicable. I am near Summerholt, and can deliver as far as Greymead or similar distance. EDIT: This young lad is now adult and ready to work!
  12. Who are we? •We are a small Finnish community with five (5) active members •Our policy is democratic; we make decisions and work together for the deed •We are all experienced and high skilled players, always to help each other on deed and in alliance •We are a part of an alliance called The Pineview Dominion, which has also active members What kind of deed are we talking about? •Deed is located at D24, the very north-east corner of Xanadu •Deed is currently scaled 26x76 tiles with 10x13 and 4x5 house plots, horse stables, farming area and district for visitors to stay •The area we live on has a lot possibilities with flattened area, large mine, forest and alliance harbour right next to us •Perfect fighting grounds with lots of different mobs around Who are we looking for? •No matter if you are a beginner or experienced player, all we wish is that you are: ►active, ►willing to develop your character, ►Finnish or you speak Finnish fluently, ►willing to have a good time in a wonderful game, ►participating on deed's different works we do together What we can offer? •House plot sized 5x4 tiles sized (NOTE! This has changed since we are getting more villagers!) •Fast horses for riding and dragging cart •Metal altars for praying and holding seremons •Farming area and grown vegetables to make meals •Mine with several iron veins and lots of other materials •Helpful and friendly community to help you out and spend good time with •We can pick you up if you are on reachable distance ( between Glasshollow-Esteron) How to contact? •You can reach us via forum or in-game with the characters named: •Caindarren •Acrisius
  13. WTS 7 sleep powder, make offer

    I have 7 sleep powder for sale, and I will include free delivery to anywhere. Please make offers, thank you.
  14. Twin Piebalds! (on Xanadu)

    Twins! Who wants these guys? Name is Sadrun. They share the same name and the exact same traits, right down to the bad one, which is already cured. One is a boy, born on the 27th of June. The other is a girl, born on the 1st of July, and they are not related. Old examine is listed in events window -- current examine is: [19:42:12] It has fleeter movement than normal. It has lightning movement. It can carry more than average. It has very strong leg muscles. It has keen senses. It has a certain spark in its eyes. They are only 4 speeds, but of all the traits they could be missing, I think they've chosen the best possible one. (Least impact when missing.) Description of what each of the traits do (from the code) is listed on my sales page. Depending on your location, delivery may be arranged, for a fee. (I'm at m7 on Xanadu) Bidding starts at 2s Minimum increments of 25c No Reserve Snipe Protection of 1h
  15. Supreme Fruit Press SOLD

    WTA one lovely supreme fruit press, made of applewood. This charming piece comes with a high sheen and nice blue words in your inventory. 50.09ql. Minimum bid increments 1s. Starting at 10s. Buyout 30s. 1 hour sniper protection.
  16. I been spending some time looking for a place to deed. I finally found one I liked around I26 (map below). I was pretty excited scouting out the location several times. Most of the area around there was un-deeded with the exception of Jayren's (Mistvengery) deed which is about a 10x10. To make a long story short, as I was surveying the area he asked me If i can move more north and I declined because I was interested in the coast and a dock. Jayren immediately logged on Mistvengery while I had my survey banners up. While the Survey banners were up Mistvengery walked by me and dropped a building plan in front of me preventing me from deeding. I immediately asked him why he was doing this and he ignored me walking away. I have video footage below with no audio. Now what he did was unfortunately legal but morally wrong. This was going to be my first deed I drop and Mist made it a horrible experience. He even suggested where to deed trying to control where I can live. I have heard of this guy owning a 1000+ tiles and running people out of their deeds and burning down bridges. I'm posting this because I want people to know what happen and the kind of person Mist is. After he did this he made me realize that I'm glad I didn't deed there because I wouldn't want to live next to this guy or have anything to do with him. I contacted a GM and was unable to do anything. All logs between the GM, Jayren and myself are below. [youtube] [/youtube] Conversation with Jayren aka Mistvengery Conversation with the GM after the incident.
  17. Port Caldorus is recruiting

    Port Caldorus is looking for you! we offer you as much space as you need to fulfil your dreams. Port Caldorus is deed located in P8 on Xandau SW coast. All the resources (clay,peat,tar,moss, and veins are on deed). There is already 50% of the terraforming done, so you can settle down on a terraformed area or you can help with terraforming and shape your own area. New players and vets are equally welcome, so join today and help us creating a nice city in these wild lands. For further questions simply pm here or ask Calimdor ingame.
  18. We have been working hard working the land to create a place for our great new town! We are looking for anyone who would come help out the town however, I would like to send out a special Invitation to new players. This will be a great place to come learn the basics of the game and get a little help to get you started. New players will be given a small plot of land for free and help getting started to the best of our ability. Location Xanadu T/21 Msg me in game or reply to this thread.
  19. Selling 7 sleep powder for 6s total, pick up only at I-16. You may PM Atheline in-game, or send me a message on the forums. Thanks!
  20. This auction has ended. Thanks to all bidders. A 3 day auction. Supreme willow longbow [13:39:00] A long but unstringed slender bow. This is a supreme example of the item, with fine details and slick design. The willow wood used in this bow gives it good strength yet supreme flexibility It is made from willow. It could be improved with a log. [13:39:00] You can barely make out the signature of its maker, 'Acrisius'. [13:39:00] Nimbleness has been cast on it, so it increase the chance to hit. [71] [13:39:00] Circle of Cunning has been cast on it, so it will increase skill gained with it when used. [95] I can include a 50ql bow string if needed. Cannot be mailed. I can deliver this to any outer coast of the freedom isles for an additional 1s price except chaos. Otherwise it's pickup only. Located at D24 Xanadu. Start bid: 15s Min. Increments: 50c Reserve: 18s Sniper Protection: 1 hour Buyout: 30s
  21. Asking 23 silver for the lot. Delivery to any starter town on Xanadu. Thanks
  22. Esteron Market is Rebuilt and Once Again Open! Come place your merchant today at the newly re-opened Esteron Market! Esteron Market is once again open to the public. Still a bit of a work-in-progress, so please don't mind the mess. But we have rebuilt and are opening the doors to new merchants who wish to set up shop in our corner of Xanadu. The Market is located directly East of the Esteron starter town in SE Xanadu. As a hub of activity in the area, there are always things going on, folks about and coin to be spent! Feel free to come and place a merchant in one of our open spots. Let us know if you are interested in selling horses or other animals. As well as if you might be interested in our upcoming bulk sales building. Just get in touch at all if you are in the Esteron area and want to be involved with the Market or our Kingdom of Esteron alliance. Message Araninco, Beastwolf, Cambriaa, Polojordan or Treadwell for more information. Currently 57 open merchant spots Mailbox (courier 86) Accommodations for 2 additional horse (or other animal) merchants Guard Tower protection on each end of the deed Easy highway access to East, West and South Ships can be docked along Esteron East coast and/or Southern Comfort with efficient Lakeside Highway access In the works Bulk sales building Inn with rentable beds Starter housing plots Chapel dedicated to white light gods Public crafting area Monument to those who helped out rebuilding the Market Market Pictures