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Found 776 results

  1. Emberwynn Farms M23 About Us We are seeking to make a bit of coin in-game and willing to do just about any job. We have a variety of skills available, making nearly any job possible. We are a team of 3/4 who enjoy a variety of tasks with our own specialties and perks. We work as a unit, so any available member could be tasked to work on your order to provide the best quality for the fastest time possible. We have an easily accessible mine for stone, and live right next to clay. Many of us are skilled Diggers and quite enjoy the task so any nearby digging jobs we may even be willing to come help you clear/level out your land. Ships [Not available for Delivery!] Rowboat: 50c Sailboat: 1s Corbita: 5s Cog: 6.5s Knarr: 12s Caravel: 17s Bulk Items Bricks: Standard: 1k - 1.5s Rounded: 1k - 1.5s Pottery: 1k - 2.5s Mortar: 1k - 2.5s Planks: 1k - 1s Clay: 1k - 1s Large/Small Nails: 1k - 1s Ribbons: 1k - 1.5s [Inquire about other products] Blacksmith Items Weapons: Tools: 50QL: 15c Chain Armor: Horse Shoe Set: 50QL: 15c Leather Items Armor: Backpack: ToolBelt: Saddle: Livestock Coming soon! Delivery Charges We offer Delivery and Transportation Services to anywhere on Xanadu for an additional fee. We may choose to decline Delivery services for any reason we see fit, resulting in Pick-Up option only. Inquire with us about having a Delivery/Transportation service provided for your own Personal Needs/Orders too! Deliveries by boat/wagon are listed below. Any required travel in-land will cost an additional fee. [Any Non-Coastal Location [Ex: K23] will incur this fee.] North-East Xanadu: 50c South-East Xanadu: 50c South-West Xanadu: 1s North-West Xanadu: 1s Inland Anywhere [Map Quadrant] + 50c [Coastal only includes Coordinates sharing Ocean/Water Access] [Other Map/Non-Xanadu Delivery Charges Pending] More Information? Our Server: Xanadu Our Village: Emberwynn Located: M-23 Merchant: Yes In-Game Contacts Daecie
  2. How Is This Deed Different Than Other Deeds ? Our deed is different from other deeds because quite simply it is a brand new deed. This means you can come to our deed and enjoy, enhance, and participate in any skill or trade that they want ( Yes !! even yo-yoing) . The "newness" of our deed also allows for players to contribute and feel valued in a way that is unrivaled to other deeds. Essentially this means that no matter what job you pick your efforts are going to be greatly valued and are going to go straight into the enhancement and enjoyment of our deed. For example if your trade or job was to be a stone mason not only going are you going to see your bricks going into the building of forges, walls, etc but you are also going to be able to participate in planing and building with the bricks you made. Another feature that separates us from other deeds is my deeds commitment to villager participation and interaction. In my deed I AM NOT the boss I am just an organizer and I am relying on my deeds mates to help plan, build and decide on the direction of our deed. We are going to meet and discuss planing, building, revenue generation, and all deed activities often. As the deed moves forward and (hopefully) more players join I also want to add in the idea of roles/titles/guilds. This concept and its workings are going to be discussed in a future meeting. Finally I would like to add that our deed offers a casual playing environment where we are completely understanding that not everyone can be on wurm all the time. As long as you work with us and show us that you are ready to roll up your sleeves and get a little dirty we can help you get active, contribute, be a fully immersed deeds mate and hopefully feel wanted, needed and a part of something good. What Does This Mean For Me ? These differences are going to mean that your products, job, skills, and your wurm character are going to be sought after and needed by your deeds mates and your deed. This is going to make your jobs seem more purposeful which ultimately means your going to enjoy playing more. It also means that your going to be able to make real changes and be able to participate in every aspect of your deed. Finally these differences mean that your going to be able to play in an active, engaging, and talkative community that is going to have your back at every step through your wurm journey . Why and How do I Join Participate in any job you want. Work on a new deed in a fresh environment. Feel valued knowing your efforts are needed and required to advance our deed forward. Be able to plan, manage, and participate in all parts of the deed. role play !!! Emphasis on active strong, helping, community. If any of the reasons listed above sound like something you want to be a part of or you just want a deed to join in general or you have some questions please pm me at Boktai or Kooladekiller. Also you can email me at or reply to this post . I look forward to playing with you !!!
  3. Polish returning player looking companions to reclaim old home and build a new one. Im looking polish or ENG-speaking players to cooperate, build, fight, live long and prosper together :). U can find mi in game (Xanadu) as Lordsadipl. -- North-EastPolski gracz wraca do gry! Szukam chętnych do pomocy w odbiciu z ochydnych łap potworów mojej starej siedziby. Zapraszam polaków i osoby mówiące po angielsku (średnio jest sens pisać o tym po polsku, ale polak z angielskim też sie przyda). W grze znajdziecie mnie pod nickiem Lordsadipl. -- Północny wschódLord Sadi
  4. Hi gus I'm coming back to the game on a new account, I live in Xanadu, I'd like to know if anyone has any service so I can work
  5. Missing piece for personal goal. (Not sure if it's enough to "embark as commander" while the ship is moored or if I need to raise the anchor and actually move the ship.)
  6. I'm an on again off again player Not a complete noob but I'm looking for a village to join on Xanadu. I'm not sure where I am on the map, will definitely need help finding your village.
  7. LETTERKENNY Hello we are happy to announce that we are opening up new plots in Letterkenny. Located at Xan T20/21 Come build your house on a free 5x5 plot. We often have lots of paid jobs. (Paid in silver) and beds for your to get that oh so precious sleep bonus. We also have a working mailbox We have a great little local alliance started. Check it out here PM "Whytea" in game for faster response or leave a comment on this post
  8. As most of us know, Xanadu was supposedly created using a random map generation technique not previously used on other Wurm servers. While the merits and results of this approach are debatable, it's important that we predicate any debate on valid premises and acquire as much knowledge about the topic as is reasonably possible. For example, were the Wurm Online developers entirely truthful about this? Could such a sprawling, diverse, interestingly detailed landmass have arisen simply from random heightmap generation? We need, and deserve, to know more. To that end, through painstaking analysis of the map dumps released in December 2017, I believe I have determined the exact methodology used to produce the Xanadu terrain heightmap. Due to image-heavy content, the rest of this post is behind a spoiler tag.
  9. Everything is of undefined low QL[1]. Delivery to coast anywhere except inner seas/lakes up to 2s per route (full knarr). Pick up possible for no cost at specified location on Xanadu coast. Bring up your own crates/containers for swap. Containers are available to purchase at an additonal cost specified in this list down below placed towards the end of the post. You can use ctrl+f (find feature of your browser) with 'containers:' keyword to navigate to it. Contact me only through forum private message system (available through my profile). Do not leave replies in this thread (I might not read it) nor try to message me in game. Private forum message only. If you want something a noob can craft and it's not listed drop me a PM. UPDATE: I am currently quite busy so for now this offer is on hold, I leave it here so you can still review it and get idea about what I offer and my prices. One time 10% discount. Be third [content] person to buy anything and to leave a positive feedback and get 10% off. Please include disclaimer that you were actually incentivized/tricked/paid to do this. Failing to comply with this requirement will result in revoking of said discount. To avoid disagreement and confusion I strongly advise to write down a feedback comment beforehand for mutual additonal. If you are not interested in said discount just ignore it and do nothing afterwards. If you bought something and are dissatisfied naturally feel free to post a negative feedback. I think it is fair to not provide any additional incentive in this case as I think your negative emotions and desire of justice are enough to make you come out and encourage you to post. Format: Item name - price [number in stock currently] Additional symbols: -If something has two plus sings (++) behind square brackets it means you can order even if I don't have stuff in stock currently allowing me additional time to complete the order. -If something has single plus sign (+) behind square brakets it means I can provide you more even if it's not in stock currently but some conditions apply (like higher price, long delay, limited amount, etc., there is too many to mention them all here so just drop me an inquiry about the item in question and I will fill you with details). -If there is not any plus sign behind square brackets it means I sell only what I currently have in stock and nothing above that. -If something is rough estimate it is prepended with tilde (~) symbol. -Strikethrough example marks recent change. Dig: Dirt - 70c/k 50c/k [currenty 0, ask for restock]++ Clay - 70c/k 50c/k [currently 0, ask for restock]++ Sand - 70c/k 50c/k [0]++ Moss - 70c/k 50c/k [1k]++ Peat - 70c/k 50c/k [1k]++ Tar - 70c/k 50c/k [1k]++ Building materials: Bricks - 99c/1k 1,1s/k [0] Planks - 80c/1k [~200] Mortar - 1,15s/1k[200]+ Clay bricks - 4s/1k[0]+ Mine: Iron - 70c/1k [0]+ Iron 70QL - 1s/k [1k] Lead - 70c/1k [0]+ Copper - 70c/1k [0]+ Tin - 70c/1k [0]+ Zinc - 70c/1k [0]+ Stone shards - 70c/1k [0]+ Marble shards - 70c/1k [0]+ ~1QL Logs: Linden logs - 50c/k [700] Sprouts and seedlings: Linden sprouts - 50c/100 [327]++ Apple sprouts - 50c/100 [0]+ Maple sprouts - 50c/100 [0] Blueberry sprouts - 50c/100 [56] Raspeberry sprouts - 50c/100 [42] Hazlenut sprouts - 50c/100 [34] Walnut sprouts - 50c/100 [19] Camelia sprouts - 50c/100 [43]+ Ivy seedling - 50c/100 [53] Hop seedling - 50c/100 [59] Oak sprouts - >50c/100 (not sure about price yet) [22]++ Willow sprouts - >50c/100 (not sure about price yet) [4]+ Thorn sprouts - >50c/100 (not sure about price yet but bit cheaper than oak/will I guess) [26]++ Ask if you need different sprouts at 50c/100. Mixed grass: Mixed grass - 30c/k [0]++ ~10QL Flowers: Yellow flowers - 70i/1 50i/1 [98]++ Orange-yellow flowers - 70i/1 50i/1 [46]++ Purple flowers - 70i/1 50i/1 [18]++ White flowers - 70i/1 50i/1 [17]++ Blue flowers - 70i/1 [20]+ Greenish-yellow flowers - 70i/1 [8]+ White-dotted flowers - 10c/1 [2]+ Meat: Meat - 20c/k [~11k]+ (around 30QL, not sure) Animal parts: Eyes - 20c/k [530] *new* Paws - 20c/k [136] Hooves - 20c/k [434] Tails - 20c/k [413] Fat - 20c/k [557] Bladders - 20c/k [333] Teeth - 20c/k [170] Glands - 20c/k [84] Also currently got one wagon for 50c, a bunch (>10) of rare and supreme stone and marble shards, few rare marble bricks and rare colossus bricks. I am also interested in providing seasonal harvestable items (fruits/nuts/etc). The problem is I never seem to be able to gather more than 500 per season even having huge plantation nearby which means it would take me a lot of time to gather any significant amount to intrest bulk buyers and make my first sale. Also I am not even sure if anyone would like to buy it in the first place and I lose motivation very quickly. So let me know if interested. Containers: Small crate - 3c/1 or 20 planks/1 [~ 1 crate rack] (They can only be ordered to hold other stuff bought in this offer. Possibility to swap/barter for 20 planks ea. I can sell them at 5c/1 if you want them empty.) Large crate - 8c/1 BSB - 10c/1 [0] FSB - 10c/1 [0] Small raft - 5c/1 [0] Pottery bowl - 20i /1[100] If you are unsure how many items will fit in a given container give me a message. Disclaimers: [1] >99% of this stuff is low QL until otherwise specified but don't assume it will come in "SPECIFIED" QL. If you want "SPECIFIED" QL ask beforehand.
  10. Due to real life getting in the way I'm having to step away from wurm so I'm letting my inn deed go. It's a project some of you know I had lots of plans for, the inn has even been visited by a demi-god. The deed is "The Three Legged Troll", located on the highway (i helped build) in O20. The building itself is a large 96 carp plan, has an 11x3 workroom in the back, plus the inn bar area at the front. Upstairs are 2 communal rooms, plus 2 single rooms, also on the 1st floor is a private room with access from the workroom via a ladder. The next floor has 3 private rooms, all rooms have beds, some other furniture bits but more furnishings are needed. There is a merchant (inn keeper downstairs), plus larder and chests to leave stuff out for people passing. I usually leave food, cotton and some basic tools. Outside at the back there are a few private pens, there is a public craft hall at the side. Out front is a highway that runs through the deed, a viewing area with mailbox and token. Under that are enchanted grass public pens and fields. There is an offshoot for a wagoner that I'll be moving to another deed, but the wagoner container will stay. The price for the deed is minus the merchant, if you would like the innkeeper merchant as well, just say so in the bid and that will be 7s on the price. There are 2 large carts out the back, one belongs to Wulfmaer. Oh and there is a 91QL rare loom inside the workroom along with tons of random stuff and building materials. There is also a small mine behind the inn with iron and sandstone veins. I haven't mined much more than a small tunnel yet, it has a nice ramp down to it mind. Pics: There is more furniture than shown, I just haven't updated the pics of the rooms yet, it's mostly just beds in the rooms. Upkeep is 1s29c per month. There is 16s68c in the upkeep so the price will take that into account. Starting bid: 20s Min increments: 1s Buyout considered via PM. I also have the owner (mayor) of the deed for sale if anyone is interested. Yetian I'm not good with prices for characters, but it's been suggested 50s/e is a fair price. I'll be selling him anyway so if interested, he can be sold with the deed, let me know via PM if you are interested in taking the deed with Yetian. He's a longstanding character and has had no issues during his/my time in game. He comes with all his tools, which are all enchanted I think. Armour and Weapon I'm selling on their own (armour is sold). His staff auction is:
  11. Sniff. Finality is going through inactivity moods these days. Everyone's still welcome to join the ranks as always, but if you're looking for a place with people running around and shouting "Hi, how are you!" every day, then you may end up being disappointed. I warmly suggest hooking up with Oakheart. Or you can come and be alone with us. Dot dot dot. Highways. Reaching everywhere, seemingly endless. Adventures. Waiting for you, offering challenges and rewards. Ruins. Perishing slowly in silence, but the tales they could tell. Travellers. Brave fortune seekers, or desperately adrift in the seas of the wilderness. Sol and the moons. Observing, dispartial, tranquil. And then there's us, silly bunch of people who throw every bit of wisdom to the wind and spoil a perfectly good and profound intro. Finality Life's good. A fun group of friendly people (cannot sell us as boring and hostile, can I). We play, we idle, we admire eachother's underwear fashion and occasionally we succeed in... things. Our village has had ups and downs, more people and less people, but we're still here. Looks like even the Deed Reaper has facepalmed and given up on us. We don't care too much about making money, please bring your own. However, we are friendly and caring and we share your stuff, please bring a lot of money. Over time we've grown resistant to bad meals. There's a rule not to beat the cook, hence we all do cooking. Badly, but kill ratio is near zero. We have learned to decrease long term suffering by falling on the head on the first try. Our horses recently learned to walk forward, sheep have stopped barking (they picked up sneezing though) and bisons don't have constant gas anymore (some still argue that's not an improvement). FREE subscription to our yearly discontinued newsletter. Rodrigues is back! PICTURES! In the name of all the wonderful citizens in Finality, protector and creator of all that's blue and shiny, owner of sand in everyone's shoes, - Shmeric PS. You can also try to reach out to and /tell your funniest childhood stories or dirtiest pensioner jokes to Naiani and/or Gheen.
  12. Sold

    I have 2 merchant contracts for sale on Xanadu. Pickup from p22 ideally as I sold my boats lol. Sold
  13. all prices are negotiable! make an offer if you feel like a price is a bit off Bulk goods: Rare items: Rare Materials: Enchanted tools: Enchanted weapons/shields: Other: Delivery: Buyer pays mail expenses. Mailed from a 99 courier runed mailbox. I will deliver non-mailable goods to any freedom PVE coast accessible for a knarr except the inner coasts of Xanadu for an additional 1s 50c fee. Free delivery to any purchases of 5s or more. I have no access to a wagoneer. Crates/BSBs 10c each unless we do an exchange. Located at D24 coast, Xanadu. You can reach me with a message in game (Acrisius), a forum PM or a reply in this thread I don't take custom orders. I only sell what I currently happen to have in stock.
  14. Polish returning player looking companions to reclaim old home and build a new one. Im looking polish or ENG-speaking players to cooperate, build, fight, live long and prosper together :). U can find mi in game (Xanadu) as Lordsadipl. -- North-East Polski gracz wraca do gry! Szukam chętnych do pomocy w odbiciu z ochydnych łap potworów mojej starej siedziby. Zapraszam polaków i osoby mówiące po angielsku (średnio jest sens pisać o tym po polsku, ale polak z angielskim też sie przyda). W grze znajdziecie mnie pod nickiem Lordsadipl. -- Północny wschód Lord Sadi
  15. I am looking for a new location to start a deed next to active neighbors on a coast of Xanadu that is near the larger population centers (which I understand to be Summerholt, Glasshollow, and Newspring, but open to other suggestions). I'm 75% sure I don't want to join an existing village but wouldn't mind being near one and working together on occasion. Does anyone have suggestions on where the more active areas of the map are in terms of regular players? This is aimed more at suggestions of general neighborhoods/areas, but if you are active and have a specific good space near you let me know. I'm not very experienced yet - but I've played the game a couple months and the group I started with has mostly left the game, so looking to move and would like to end up somewhere that has lots of active people in the general region to trade with/work with/etc.
  16. My idea to help those crazy long travel times, sailing around Xanadu: Trade Winds. When you reach a decent distance from the shore, you enter into the Trade Winds, which blow 2-3x as strong as the normal winds. We don't want crazy fast sailing near land, because it would make cave canal navigation and docking quite the challenge. I would envision full implementation of this as a new water texture, for the outer 100-200 tiles, leading up to the server crossing border. Don't know how hard adding a choppy water texture would be, but this would be something that could be done down the road. I imagine the speed zone coding could be done quite easily. In addition, it would be fantastic if we could actually see the server border, with some clever little graphic additions. No visible walls or border lines, but some floating debris, like ship wreckage, or a batch of seagulls circling around. Seeing the border was close would be helpful in normal winds, but much more necesary with the Trade Winds, where you could easily shoot through a border crossing unintended. The orange text warning might not provide enough time to respond. Also, while I am at it, lets eliminate the "shark scouts you" message and kick off to water thing. Could we just have a "strong gust of wind" blow us away from those dead zones? Would help in afk sailing quite a bit. Could make it fun and do a pirate ships for the border graphics in those places and "Pirates chase you back into safer waters".
  17. Via Wagoner connected to the greater Xan highway system or pickup at Q11 (ocean access). 10k available, 2s/k, 5c per crate if delivered per wagoner, but I will accept their return and will pay 5c for the empty crates back. You can PM me in game or here, same name
  18. Hey, Im Searching German/ Eng New player to join my deed on Xanadu. i just start but all is flat and some natural flow :3 in future some crops, animals or maybe fruits and some smithing ? sailing is possible to, Docks is 1 min near us. no obligations, just have fun and come up with projects. simply being together is worth more than a duty cave. the (FlyingHill) Expect all of you Ingame Name: AirborneASE Just Pm me ingame, im online Below some urls with deed pictures.
  19. [20:40:01] A long pole with a string and a hook made of iron. This is a very rare and interesting version of the item. It is made from pinewood. It could be improved with a log. [20:40:01] Circle of Cunning has been cast on it, so it will increase skill gained with it when used. [78] 78QL, PM with offer.
  20. [20:38:54] A tool for mining. This is a very rare and interesting version of the item. The pickaxe has some dents that must be flattened by a hammer. [20:38:54] Wind of ages has been cast on it, so it will be quicker to use. [87] [20:38:54] Circle of Cunning has been cast on it, so it will increase skill gained with it when used. [82] [20:38:54] It has been imbued with special abilities, and it improves mining max ql [100] 92QL, PM with offer.
  21. Hi people! We had a lot of newbies lately and we're now looking for players who proved to have a strong commitment in one specialty. No need to be an expert in your discipline. The most important thing is to stick to it. In our village we have a core of new players who believe that multiple specialists helping each others is more fun, and we progress together faster. Wurm can feel lonely sometimes, that's why needing people who need you in return feels more like being part of a team. If you want to focus on animal husbandry but you need to eat from time to time, you won't have to cook, someone will do it for you! If you need a sword, someone will make it for you! Just give good horses in return and enjoy you job! Feel free to contact Yliandrian, Dinant, or Lunadew to join !
  22. Wickedwench Looking for an island just for yourself? Want to auction this deed on Xanadu since my irl buddy got active again, so we're moving to another server to start a deed together. Its located at R8, not far from Newspring. If you wanna have a look, just pm me here on the forum and we can arrange a guided tour. The deed contain 2 buildings, one main building with 2 bedrooms, and a nice spot for grinding your cookingskills. The other building is set up for smithing and leatherworking, and the second story is empty. Was planing to use it as storrage, it got a bridge from the outside so you can drive wagons inside. The mailbox is runed for increased size, and got a currier cast [100] on it, so its a fast an good mailbox. It also have a mine, so far Ive decovered following veins: Sandstone (Very good) Rocksalt (Normal) Copper (Good and normal) By the bay its a small farm too, just big enough to get you some food for cooking. There are 8 pens thats 2x1 big, and a bigger pen just outside the house. The big pen got all the tiles enchanted. So far its 5 enchanted grass tiles in the 2x1 pens, more will be added before the auction is over. There is a wagon, and a large cart that comes with the deed. Also 8 bulls, 4 horses (3 of them 5speed), some cows and sheeps. And its plenty of other things like storage (crate racks, many large storage units, foodbins) and other decoration. For more pictures, follow this link: The knarr on the pictures will not come with the deed! All rare decorations, like forges, ovens, wagons, signs and so on will NOT be sold with the deed. All rare items will be replaced with regular items. Picnic backets, merchant and other special uncraftable items will not come with the deed. Starting bid: 20s Minimum increase: 1s Private bids/Buyout: Nonono Sniper protection: 1hour If you got any questions, feel free to ask!
  23. Welcome to Hindleap Horses! Situated in a peaceful forest just west of Summerholt, I breed blood bay, piebald and jet horses. I'm aiming for 5 speed with 'certain spark' and 'strong and healthy'. This gives fast horses which are resistant to disease and live extra-long lives, approximately 9 months in total! I always have the old 4 colours available as well. Hindleap is in G23 as shown above. There is a main road from Summerholt and the turnoff onto the gravel path to Hindleap is signposted. There is access by water from the north and just to the south at Amish Paradise Market where a number of horses bred by myself and others are available. Amish Paradise Market information is available here. The market offers self service and a choice of 4 Hindleap horses, or you're always welcome to come to Hindleap for a personal shopping experience! Delivery to all coastal areas of Xanadu is available, and to other areas on request. Also available: black sheep bred to order blank 80ql horseshoes, 90ql available with a little notice 5 speed unicorns bred to order limited numbers of hell horses champion deer bred to order Prices: Colour With Spark Without Spark Piebald 50c 30c Blood Bay 50c 30c Jet 75c 50c Current stock list: New colours are slowly becoming available! Check my stock list for availability and prices. Message me in game for enquiries!
  24. Emerging from the Epic cluster with a newfound taste for peace, I am looking for one or two players to accompany me in my foray back into Wurm Online. The village is located here on xanadu, and the map can be accessed via this link: Old and new players welcome! As it currently stands, the deed is still in its infancy, but I am of the opinion that this phase of the game is the most fun. PM Blakd ingame.