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Found 32 results

  1. Is Wurm free forever or is there just a free trial and at the end of it you're forced to buy premium? If WUrm is free forever then what can a F2P player do in this game that makes money sucesefully ? + How and when can i get a ship ?
  2. Whenever I try to open the Wurm Online Launcher, the launcher window moves away whenever I try to mouse over it, which means I can't click the "play" button, not sure what is causing it. Another problem, earlier when I was able to get into the game, whenever I tried to click anything other than Wurm, I couldn't click it. Anything running my explorer.exe was basically frozen while playing Wurm. I had to exit out and then end task explorer and reopen it. Earlier today I installed Java x64 because I got the constant crashing, but the problems just started happening about two hours ago. Anyone else have these problems? Anybody know the cause? Reinstalling wurm isn't the best option for me, considering I can't cap 1 MBPS DL speed usually.
  3. Hello Wurm Community, I was wondering if people would like to have 5 euro for 1 month and 1 euro for 1 silver wouldn't that be nice? ---> Just make the payments less so there will be more buyers, without profit losses. This website says that it is possible: />
  4. Hello, I recently downloaded and installed the Wurm client, and seemed to be logging in fine as I downloaded the Wurm graphics jar. All seemed well until I tried connecting for the first time. It failed, giving me the error: And then begins to go into an 300-second auto-retry loop. I'm running Java 7 update 7 and am pretty sure I've made all the necessary firewall exceptions. I'm using the same username here as I am on the Wurm client. Anyone have any ideas?
  5. This is a fan-made trailer for Wurm Online I wanted to show off. It was created by me using screenshots and frapped videos exploring/traveling and attending various events over the past year. [media=] Filming locations: 1. Sharkfin Island, Deliverance 2. Deliverance Marketplace (During its construction) 3. North East Desert, Exodus 4. Avatar Slaying site. Near Wonderland, Deliverance - 5th March, 2012 5. Green Dragon slaying site. Darkhaven, Deliverance. 6. The Great Plains, Celebration.
  6. Hi Guys, If anyone is interested, my friend Beau, who works for, will be live streaming the game Tuesday (tomorrow), September 4th, at 5:00pm EDT, on their Massively TV page. Here is a link to their lineup this week: And here is the link to their live stream page where you can watch it: If you have some time between 5-6pm EDT, you could stop by the page and chat to other players on what makes Wurm such a great, unique game to play. I think Beau is planning on having me on the live stream as well in skype. And also, he will be live streaming at Puzzles, and he'll be spending some of his time trying to get through the labyrinth. If anybody wants to join in game, just come out to Puzzles, which you can find more information out here: http://forum.wurmonl...zzle-labyrinth/ Should be an interesting hour. Faeran
  7. Hello guys, I am PandaDragonThing but if you've been playing for a long time you might have seen me playing at one time( I plan to join back in soon too ) with the name Realwurld! This game was fun but I took of to tackle other things, and one of my projects which is a bit fresh. It's like machinima, that big channel with all of other peoples videos, except mine is more aimed towards those little guys that are just starting out but have good, unique, and funny content. Why am I here? Well I enjoyed this game and was curious if any people are out there making some cool videos for Wurm? I would love to sign you on with GamersFused, this might be a great way to advertise yourself to the youtube world and possibly Wurm to viable players who are prowling for that game, this game, that is hidden under the rubble of other crappy games. I can't take on hundreds of people making all videos for Wurm Online, but I am looking for a few peeps who make high quality videos, and maybe for other games as I want to encompass a large game base for viewers which means more hits for Wurm Online( good hits ). Just starting out, you probably won't be hitting views in the million over a weekend, maybe even after months, but we are kind of asking hey, we think this a good idea and would love you to join us along the ride! You can PM me for more info and for all your questions or if you are considering being a director just hit us up with a video you would like to submit as a review. Please make sure you give it your all when making this video and all future videos if you plan on being a director, we can't accept videos slapped together for someone hoping to earn some extra views! Channel Link