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Found 577 results

  1. Hi, I would like to know what these two might be worth (Separately), or maybe take some offers on these if there is any interest. Thanks // Folke
  2. Decided to go with 55eu , first come first served Skill dump:
  3. WTS 20s

    Hello everyone, I have some silver coins for sell. 1s:1e 60 45 20 silver in stock Verified paypal only. Post offers here or on PM.
  4. I am selling one of the rare adamantine longswords that was awarded by GM during the Chaos Treasure Hunt event (1 of 20). This sword has a reduced weight of 2.25kg compared to the standard 3kg. It has several high level enchants: One of these at 80ql recently sold for 50s without enchants. I am also now asking 50s. Please PM me here on the forums, thanks!
  5. Hello, i have for sell Rare strange Bone - 30s
  6. For sale; x17 Yellow Potions x17 Sleeping Powders Located at D14, possible delivery. PM me ingame, @HeWhoHordesManyPillowsor reply here. Thanks for looking.
  7. Im looking to sell my of weapon of war since i got a new shinny toy. Sword is currently Ql 87.80 [13:31:39] A long and slender sword. This is a very rare and interesting version of the item. The longsword needs to be sharpened with a whetstone. [13:31:39] You can barely make out the signature of its maker, '.an.rose'. [13:31:39] Nimbleness has been cast on it, so it increase the chance to hit. [93] [13:31:39] Life Transfer has been cast on it, so it will transfer life to you when harming enemies. [91] [13:31:39] Circle of Cunning has been cast on it, so it will increase skill gained with it when used. [95] Leave me offer here.
  8. As title says, 30s:30e, only paypal. Premium time will be bought for money.
  9. Brown Cow Milk 6 barrels----30 copper Per Barrel 10 Whetstone---10 copper each----96-100 QL 3 recipes of Unfermented rum---30 copper each---Decaying quikly 3 Goblin Skull-----25 copper each Buchering Knife----30 Copper Mountain lion pelt Woa 79----45c
  10. Hello all . i Want to Sell ACC name Drawen
  11. WTS Black Drake Set full set including cap, pick up from witch's cauldron deed deli. 80s
  12. [WTS] Misc Enchanted Tools - Low price Aloha got the following for sale: please PM me in game or Reply to post! Thank you Accept both coins and Sleeping Powder ( SP - trades at 5s or more ) - 2s - 2s - 2s - 2s - 2s - 2s - 2s - 2s - 2.5s - 2.5s - 2s - 2s - (pair) 3.5s - (pair) 2s (note dmg) - 3s - 2.5s - 1.5s - 1s - 1s - 1s - 1s - 2s - 2s -2s ENCHANTED TOOLS: - na Q42 - w93 c72 - 1.3s Q22 - c83 - 70c Q23 - c78 - 45c Q13 - c71 - 40c Q79 - w73 c79 - 95c Q79 - w73 c79 - 95c Q79 - w73 c79 - 95c Q79 - w73 c79 - 95c Q7 - c64 - 25c Q14 - c80 - 60c Q15 - c80 - 60c Q15 - c81 - 60c Q15 - c81 - 60c Q15 - c82 - 60c Q16 - c82 - 60c Q15 - c83 - 60c Q16 - c85 - 65c Q>10 - w82 - 60c Q>10 - w74 - 40c Q>10 - w77 - 45c Q>10 - w84 - 60c Q>10 - w74 - 40c Q>10 - w74 - 40c Q34 - w42 c62 - 35c Q>10 - c69 - 30c - 1.8s Q80 - w73 c65 - 70c Q88 - w88 c79 - 1.2s Q87 - w95 c83 - 2s Q83 - w86 c90 - 1.8s Q79 - c83 - 60c Q20 - w68 c50 - 40c Q38 - w72 c93 - 1.3s Q84 - w91 c81 - 1.5s Q2 - c75 - 40c Q1 - w81 - 60c Q76 - w88 c74 - 1s Q75 - w86 c70 - 1s Q44 - c83 - 60c Q72 - w59 - 20c Q67 - w72 c32 - 50c PLAIN TOOLS: Q88 - (10 available) - 30c each Q90 - (2 available) - 70c each PM me ingame or reply to thread. Thank you
  13. Want to sell: Supreme oak grooming brush 20ql (no enchants) - 12s, Large maul 81ql, iron Nimb65, LT73, CoC70, MS69 - 2,5s, Large shield 67ql, iron coc77 - 30c, Needle 15ql, iron, coc 76 - 30c, Rake 6ql, iron, coc89 - 60c, Lump ada rare 83ql - 2,5s.
  14. Hello all. i have some Maple syrop to sell in stock i have now 400 L can by delivery from Sammerholt 1s 45L for 80c
  15. Path of knowlage level 12 about 1month of prem left on both battery and main
  16. Looking to sell 18x 4speed horses located near Summerhold. Message Qualara. 30c each or 4.50s for all. No bad traits, no grays. 4x Black 6x White 6x Gold 1x Blood Bay. 1x Brown
  17. Hello everybody, I want to sell my deed on the server Celebration. It is north of the market of TDM. It's a nice small deed with citywalls that are connected by bridges. With this system you almost can walk around on the walls except where the workshop is. It has more than 290days upkeep and upkeepcosts are very low. The deed is included with all materials and stuff that is stored there. All kinds of lumps from ql1 to ql90+. Also under the deed is a mine with some veins. Also an enchanted horse area with horses (with all kinds of traits) + horsegear. Workshop has storage too from dirt to logs and tools to work with. Only the 3 rare forges were sold. Here are some pictures to get an impression. ] Always feel free to walk and look on deed, the gates are open. Give me an offer and we can negotiate about. Any questions can be asked in pm of this forum. Kind regards, tc
  18. Want To Sell: 41 sleep powder Expected price: 40 silver if you pickup Location: Independence G9 (corner of the land, close to Chaos border)
  19. !!! Rare Butchering Knife 89ql, C71, Bronze Rune of Lib (+10% gather ql) - 10s Rare Carving Knife 90ql, C76, W95 - 6s Rare Fruit Press, oak, 34ql - 3s Rare Hatchet 92ql - 4s Rare Horseshoe 25ql - 1s Rare Lantern 88ql - 2s !!! Rare Pickaxe 90ql, W41, Bronze Rune of Lib (+10% gather ql), 100 imbue! - 40s Rare Ropetool oak 86ql, W59 - 3s Rare Shield, iron 69ql - 2s Rare Shovel, iron 92ql - 4s Rare Small Anvil, iron 89ql - 4s Rare Spindle, pinewood 79ql - 50c Rare Toolbelt, 90ql - 8s !!! Rare Huge Axe, steel 90ql, 88NB, 92FB, 93CoC - 18s RARE MATERIALS: 2 x copper lump - 10c each 3 x gold lump - 15c each 3 x iron lump - 10c each 2 x silver lump - 15c each 2 x zinc lump - 10c each 3 x stone brick - 20c each 1 x sprout, orangewood - 15c 1 x SUPREME bronze lump - 30c RIFT: Pair of Elaborate Shoulder Pads 75ql - 3s Left Basic Should Pad 50ql - 1s Chain Shoulder Pad 25ql - 1s Fist Bracelet, seryll 25ql - 1s Bracelet of inspiration 25ql - 1s Used Necklace of Focus, seryll 25ql - 1s Necklace of Protection, seryll 25ql, 83dmg(?) - 10c Artisan Ring, seryll 75ql (shield bashing skillgain) - 2.5s Lumps: Adamantine 8.78ql 0.17kg - 80c Adamantine 87.81ql 0.21kg - 2s Glimmersteel 85.37ql 0.4kg - 3.5s Glimmerstell 92.11ql 0.36kg - 3s Seryll 83.72ql 0.25kg - 1s Seryll 84.27ql 0.57kg - 2s !!! Seryll 95.6ql 1kg - 4s Other: 2x Yule goat, straw 99ql - 2s each 4x Fireworks 80ql - 1s each Rare Knapsack, applewood, 40.5ql - 3s !!! Supreme Knapsack, iron 62ql - 8s Pickaxe, tin 88ql - 3s 3x Picnic Basket, straw - 3s each Tools: Butchering Knife 24ql, 100CoC - 4s Carving Knife 26ql, 83CoC - 1s Carving Knife, steel 6ql, 68CoC - 30c File, iron 76ql, 95CoC - 2s Hammer, iron 78ql, 97BotD - 3s Mallet, oakenwood 87ql, 91CoC - 2s Meditation Rug 7ql, 85BotD - 1s Pickaxe, iron 22ql, 85CoC - 1s Rake, iron 76ql, 70CoC - 30c Saw, iron 90ql, 91WoA, 79CoC - 3s Scissors, iron 23ql, 77CoC - 30c Sickle, iron 20ql, 78CoC - 30c Sickle, iron 19ql, 78CoC - 30c Sickle, iron 91ql 71WoA - 70c Stone Chisel, iron 74ql, 91WoA - 2s Stone Chisel, iron 70ql, 95CoC - 2.5s Trowel, iron 79ql, 97WoA - 3.5s Items are located on Deli, buyer is paying CoD.
  20. Hi. I have 9 saddles to sell, all 70 QL and all enchanted with woa. w89 - 1.5s w89 - 1.5s w90 - 1.5s w90 - 1.5s w93 - 1.75s w94 - 1.90s w94 - 1.90s w95 - 2s w95 - 2s Or 12 for them all. If you are interested, answer here, send a PM on the forum or PM Folke ingame. Thanks a lot // Folke
  21. WTS Strange Rare Bone - 25s Buyer pays CoD from Xanadu.
  22. Hello All, I'm selling all my gems. I have added up the QL to 3194. QL ranges from all over. I'm asking for 30s for them all, and will pay for the shipping (about 1.2s). PM me on forums, reply to this post, or in game. ~Smokes
  23. WTS 8 sleep powder for 8s. Location: Xanadu S8.