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Found 572 results

  1. Wts 1K Cooked Meat

    I am selling 1k cooked meats (Ql 19+) for 2s. If buyer wants I pack them in barrels with little 25c fee. Pick-up only, because i have no ship/boat ! They are located in New Pineview, Exodus. PM to CainDarren for more information if needed. In game name is Caindarren with small 'd'. CLOSED!!!
  2. Wts Referral

    Hi I want to sell my referral for 6s.
  3. Hi there! I would like to sell Garden Gnome (19.5 ql, clay) - 4s (+ CoD, Deliverence). Send me forum pm if intrested. My ingame name is Archerpl.
  4. Selling Referal

    Hello everyone, I'm selling my referal for 7s. My ingame name is Thegoblin and I'm on Deliverance server.
  5. Base price is 7s if you pick her up at (37,47) in the SE of Deli. Delivery is available for a fee depending on your location. Message me on the forums or in-game to work out the details. Thank you. SOLD (finally)
  6. For sale by original owner, all reasonable in game coin offers considered. BOK and Amulet 99ql, Spyglass 89ql Thanks sparrow
  7. Sold

    WTS Starter Vynora priest Account Nick Patchouli [ Deliverance Hussars Haven ] Skills dumped at 2012-08-21 ----- Religion: 0.0 0.0 0 Alignment: 74.76502 74.76502 0 Faith: 51.736965 51.736965 0 Favor: 20.0 20.0 0 Skills: 0.0 0.0 0 Paving: 1.0 1.0 0 Tracking: 1.0 1.0 0 Prospecting: 4.9323626 4.9323626 0 Axes: 1.0 1.0 0 Hatchet: 1.0 1.0 0 Knives: 1.8706245 1.8706245 0 Butchering knife: 3.8782265 3.8782265 0 Carving knife: 1.740986 1.740986 0 Woodcutting: 1.0 1.0 0 Carpentry: 4.090187 4.090187 0 Fine carpentry: 1.0 1.0 0 Ship building: 1.0856733 1.0856733 0 Fletching: 1.1499283 1.1499283 0 Bowyery: 1.0 1.0 0 Toy making: 1.0 1.0 0 Nature: 10.823211 10.823211 0 Gardening: 7.898316 7.898316 0 Fishing: 11.47508 11.47508 0 Meditating: 4.436471 4.436471 0 Farming: 22.865108 22.865108 0 Forestry: 9.578717 9.578717 0 Cooking: 1.3213205 1.3213205 0 Butchering: 2.2512677 2.2512677 0 Fighting: 1.1242627 1.0 0 Normal fighting: 1.690534 1.690534 0 Defensive fighting: 4.8890953 4.8890953 0 Miscellaneous items: 25.000404 25.000404 1 Stone chisel: 1.9686661 1.9686661 0 Hammer: 19.499886 19.499886 0 Sickle: 8.227902 8.227902 0 Repairing: 5.5294366 5.5294366 0 Pickaxe: 33.065765 33.065765 0 Rake: 17.08864 17.08864 0 Shovel: 1.0 1.0 0 Pottery: 1.0 1.0 0 Firemaking: 1.0 1.0 0 Religion: 28.089157 28.089157 0 Prayer: 42.010628 42.010628 0 Channeling: 31.034304 31.034304 0 Preaching: 10.586194 10.586194 0 Digging: 4.117394 4.117394 0 Mining: 31.055937 31.055937 0 Healing: 3.9849963 3.9849963 0 First aid: 8.761776 8.761776 0 Smithing: 1.0299854 1.0299854 0 Blacksmithing: 1.1124451 1.1124451 0 Weapon smithing: 1.0299854 1.0299854 0 Blades smithing: 1.0 1.0 0 Ropemaking: 1.0 1.0 0 Masonry: 19.520622 19.520622 0 Stone cutting: 1.8088119 1.8088119 0 Tailoring: 1.0519156 1.0519156 0 Leatherworking: 1.0 1.0 0 Cloth tailoring: 1.3449429 1.3449429 0 Thievery: 1.0 1.0 0 Traps: 1.0 1.0 0 Climbing: 2.9873242 2.9873242 0 Characteristics: 0.0 0.0 0 Soul: 20.687746 20.687746 0 Soul strength: 22.44189 22.44189 0 Soul depth: 21.861609 21.861609 0 Mind: 12.274322 12.274322 0 Mind speed: 19.569786 19.569786 0 Mind logic: 21.326319 21.326319 0 (can command Corbita) Body: 15.171886 15.171886 0 Body stamina: 20.79345 20.79345 0 Body strength: 21.158949 21.158949 0 Body control: 19.545683 19.545683 0 premium time 0 days PayPay Verified only. Start 20 Euro min bid 1 Euro End 25.08.2012 21:00 GMT+1 +50 ql Vynora statuette
  8. [Sold] Selling 1 Gold Coin

    Selling 1 gold coin, 60€ via Pay-pal. PM ReaverKane or DeathEagle in-game, or PM me on the Forums. (Not closing yet, wanna give the buyer a chance to drop feedback )
  9. WTS 6.5k Strawberry (+60ql) for 1.5s/k (15i per), delivery is available for a fee depending on the buyers loacation. Alternatively the buyer can pick up from (37,47) in the SE of Deli and avoid delivery fees. Please leave a message here or contact THIRTYNINE in-game. SOLD
  10. Selling just over 1,000Ql of gems, specifically, 1015.85Ql of gems. I'm asking 20s for the lot. Based in deliverance. Can be picked up from Serendipity bay, 33y, 40x. If you need delivery I can probably arrange it for an extra fee, but let me know beforehand so I can ask around.
  11. Starting from 20s if you pick her up (37,47 in the SE of Deli), delivery is possible for a fee depending on your location. PM me on the forums or in-game to work out the details. SOLD
  12. Deed is located at 8X 12Y, That's north-west of the map. On a 5 minutes walk away of the shore if you use the 3 tile roads, less if you go true the wilderness. There's a 3 tile wide road with sand borders leading to the deed, in the middle I added a guard tower for safety. The deed is 15 by 35 big and contains 1 Guard. It has an upkeep of 2 Silver 5 Copper and it has 8 Silver 3 Copper in it's coffin. (good for 109 days) The deed contains 2 stone houses, one with workspaces and one with 2 bedrooms (each with a bed and a large chest in it) The workspace has a forge, oven and floor loom in it, 1 food storage bin and 4 bulk storage bins. There are 2 normal sized animal pens and 1 small pen for diseased animals. The deed also contains 10 horses (6 male/4 female) and 5 cows/1 bull. There's also a mine on deed which contains several zinc veins, but we have an off-deed mine with 1 found normal QL iron ore vein, some other normal to good veins we haven't found yet, but also one undiscovered utmost iron ore vein. Hmm what more.. well there's a well and a Vynora altar, plenty of hunting grounds nearby. The deed is located in a pretty birch/pine/cedar and lemon-tree forest. and ask me if you need to know more Now some pictures: The road I added to the deed: Cost price is 15 Silver.
  13. Base price is 7s if you pick her up from the SE of Deli (37,47 on the community map), delivery fees apply depending on your location. PM me in-game or here on the forums to works out the details. SOLD
  14. The Black Diamond stables are now open for business. See what we have for sale We are located at 42x, 32y on the old map (z52 on the low/high res maps) near Kami. Horses in the sale pens are available by buying a key from my trader in town if I am not online. I am also willing to do free swaps to mix up the blood a little bit as long as the horses are comparible.
  15. 6K+ Dirt For Sale (Deli)

    We have 6K+ dirt for sale near Echo Lake on Deliverance. Asking 75c per 1K but willing to negotiate since we can't deliver it. Pick-up only. PM me in-game (Keenan) or you can contact Vyolette in-game as well, or feel free to PM me on the forums.
  16. Title says it all. Gotta get rid of some odds and ends that have been collecting dust, so time to sell sell sell. Armor is not enchanted. Price of shipping will be added if you prefer me sending over mail, else I can deliver for free to anywhere but Chaos by boat. PM me here or ingame or post here if interested.
  17. Wts 40S 25E

    Want to sell 40 silver coins for 25 euros. Pm me here or ingame: Wixq
  18. Today's Specials

    Pickaxes 70.69ql, 63coc SOLD 70.22ql 50coc 70.41ql 56coc chisel 70.39ql 51coc SOLD hatchet 70.09ql 53coc 50c per item + 20c mailing cost. (basically 1c per enchant power with free item) First come first serve. 99 courier on mailbox so under 10 minute delivery time.
  19. WTS Varsovia Deed Independence island 58x 58y on community Map near Deliverance border 25-33 Size 1.65s Unkeep cost 4.84s Unkeep money Guard tower 40 QL Mail box 61 Courier cast knowledge bonus 1,5% wooden green house with 2xbed, floor loom, 3xchests, 2xbsb,fsb,weapons racks, and oven Iron more than 10 veins Silver and Lead 2 forges in mine Clay and Tar nerby Hughe Hunting grounds on nerby steppe Animal pen Nice harbour inside bay Starting bid 10s Minimum bid +50c Aucion End : 10.06.2012 20:00 GMT +1 Map :< Guard tower from harbor: Token: Mail box: Animal Pen: Varsovia casttle plan:
  20. Selling Bulk Corn

    Clearing out my fsb's before my priest hits 90 farming. (@ 87.5 now, so you have some time to make your offers) Corn! Get the grill going 1605 @ 82QL - 1.6s 1558 @ 73QL - 1.5s "Buyout" 2.8s for both stacks. Offers for smaller values will be considered. Pickup only at 62x23y. Treehuggers Eden, Indy (Can be discussed if you live close by)
  21. Wts Shadow Hollows Deed, Deli

    I'm looking to sell Shadow Hollows. It is located at 18x, 36y. The monthly cost is 3s65c, and there is 48 days worth of coin left in the coffers at the time of this posting. The deed is sized at 25x53. 25x31 of it is fenced in, and completely flat. The outside is somewhat normal landscape, with a ton of trees on each side. My plan was to flatten it, but due to lack of time on my end, I never got that finished. There is also a spirit guard, and I started a guard tower on the one corner. There is 3 pens inside, all decently sized. 2 of them are side by side with a gate in between, and are 5x4. There are horses that will go with the deed. Some of them are speed type of horses, but due to my low AH skill, I'm not sure of the exact traits. There is 3 buildings, 2 of them being 4x5's, and one a 3x8 warehouse. Writs will be given upon sale. The one building has 2 beds inside, and the other 10+. In the warehouse, there is about 500 or so corn, potatos, and pumpkins. There is also 700+ cotton and Wemp in another BSB over by the ql 80ish Loom. There is also a forge and stove inside the warehouse, both ql 50ish. There is a mine inside the fenced area as well, that has 4 silver veins, one of them being an Utmost vein. I'm not sure on the exact amount of ore left or anything, but it hasn't been touched since I found it. Asking price is 20s. Willing to talk pricing if 20s is a bit too high, but it was a lot of work to terraform what I did, and build all the fencing. The Loom plus the Utmost vein also have some value as well. You can message me ingame or PM me on the forums, or post below. Whichever is easiest. Thank you.