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Found 87 results

  1. Hullo folks! I've just returned from a fairly long hiatus, and seeing as I can't afford premium right now, am looking for some low-skill labor to earn some coin! Preferably on-site, and will do pretty much anything except pan loading. Digging, brick cutting, making planks, etc, you name it! If you've got the material, I've got the time!
  2. Hey, everyone I am looking for a pan filling job. I do 1k pans for 1s if it is just filling the pans. If you wan't me to empty the pans as well it will be 1k pans for 2s. I would prefer not fillet but send me a message if you need me to. (If prices are not what you want please pm me in the game) Thanks, Blinko I can go to any Server.
  3. Gnome Depot is now Hiring! If your looking to make some in game silvers in exchange for your time, then The Gnome Depot wants you! We are looking for a few people, beginning players or vets, it does not matter. What we have to offer Safe and secure housing if needed. Safe and secure work area All materials needed to do the job Tools needed to do the job Positions to fill Brick Maker Mortar Maker Please see Gnomegates in game or pm here on the forums if interested for more details and to discuss wages.
  4. looking for a lvl 90+ miner for surfice mining need a quote if need location plz pm
  5. Hi I'm new player on Exodus server. I'm looking for work with low skill requirements. I can do Mining, woodcutting ( include making plank, shaft and kindling ) , packing dirt, paving, digging ( but not on hill area ) and other low skill job. If you need that kind of worker, just post it here, pm me here, or pm me on game if I'm online. Currently I can only travel on Exodus server, so I can't cross to other server. Thank you.
  6. Hello I'm new Wurm player, I play on Independence and I'm looking for work to earn some silvers and buy premium. I can make for ya low QL stuff like planks, bricks, dirt etc. also do Mining, Digging, Woodcutting, what only you want. Nothing above 20 skill and no delivery cuz I have no possibility (carts, horses etc.) If you want a true solid worker just post here or pm me so we can talk about details. I have a lot of time and can work everyday, after we can sign a contract for longer maybe. I'm waiting for offers, thanks.
  7. Hey guys this is Catmanel the current sheriff of morgul reborn, i'm working on restoring the city and in time making it even better then it was before, were situated on the horseshoe island (as minas morgul because maps not been updated yet) and looking for some players who want to lend a hand, everyone is friendly here and share most of our stuff as of yet nobody has their own house yet either, but in time a residential quarter will be built. If you wish to run your own business you are free to do so from our town and get help from the locals all we ask is a 10% levy on your profits that goes towards upkeep of the town. if your not earning any money then it doesn't cost you anything at all to stay here its just when you make money. CALLING ALL TRADESMEN we are also wanting to get some outside traders to come and set up merchants in the town so that its more of a trade hub and we can get it running again, first month trial period can come for free but after that the 10% levy would be required to help keep the town running. So if anyone is wanting to come join me message me in-game or on here. Vynora even came and visited
  8. Hi ! I and my 4 friends need some silver coins. Play some time. We live next to Echo Lake. We can do anything to get money Please help . Nick in game : Enio Thanks
  9. I have a small project I am in need of help with. I have done most of it myself but I can see its not professional and I would like some help with improvements. If you have a understanding of SEO or PPC management can you send me mail. Its not of great importance to me so I am only willing to pay in the range of 20 silver That is a small amount but It is a fun project for some and would only take an hour or so for a person with PPC and SEO understanding. I would be willing to pay more but you would have to give me good reason. Thank you. Gramuly
  10. Greetings, we of Sol are looking for freedomers who would consider joining us to try epic a bit and earn some coin helping out with the various tasks at hand in getting KoS started and establishing infrastructure. If you are interested give me a shout.
  11. Hello, I just started playing, and looking for labor work, so any kind of job which doesn't need far deliveries, or i can do it at my employee's deed. From making items to gathering/cutting wood, mining etc. i accept any job. I'm on Independence, and currently inside the Howl. Reply here or PM Synthar in-game if have job to offer.
  12. As it says i am looking for work warning i am not the most skilled player so i can't do QL but if you need help flatting mining or just want lots of materials like rocks planks nails etc. Thank you have a good day or night .
  13. i need work to gain money send my a mail if interested im on indy and can travel to all servers GMT+1
  14. Hey guy's and girl's i am looking to fill pans for 3s pm me in game at Dobby or my alt Winky you will also need to take me to deli 1 time a month. (price can be discussed if need'd)
  15. Hello everyone. I am looking for work that will pay in Iron or Copper (if feeling generous) Here is a list of my skills (For more specific skills feel free to ask) Some jobs I am considering Mining (I don't mind being afk for some money) Chopping trees Gathering ingredients Building (Must be supplied) Animal Husbandry (Gathering milk) Cooking (Making Meals) Converting (Fo only) Clothes Making (Cotton, Leather, etc) Making Bricks Fishing Jobs I am not Considering Hunting (I don't really like fighting) Digging (I am not good with the leveling mechanics lol) (But if you show how, I may be willing too) Well I guess that's it, so if you need some help with anything I am your man
  16. Hiring for several different jobs. Premium or non is fine, bring as many alts as you wish Will provide tools, meals and food for all jobs, if you a premium possibly a bed as well In most cases we can transport you here if you require We have all 3 altars as well Please private message me on the forum if you are interested or in game All of these can be long term over 10 silver easily. With notable exceptions you must join the village temporarily while working. This is negotiable possibly. Littlelady on release, pm me there or here on forums (or both) Level (Have hired two, looking for 1-2 more) Simple, level(command) dirt, put it in a bsb or cart, get paid per load. MUCH faster than digging Bricks We have a mine and plenty of shards, make the bricks and bsb them
  17. Hello! I'm searching for someone who would give me a job. I'm a new player and I'd really love to be able to buy premium, but I can't buy it for real money :C So I need a job. I could do almost everything (if it doesn't require premium). I currently have 2s, and I need 10s. I prefer Exodus server, but I could travel to other servers if you have more work for me EDIT: I'm not searching for a place to live, I'm in a village already. Just work. Contact: PM here or in game-Tymon --- Sorry for my bad English, I'm still learning.
  18. I'm not listing my town name because I'm currently planning on changing it within the next day or so and don't want to throw anyone off. I am currently recruiting new(ish) players to my town. I'm located in South-eastern Pristine and am willing to pick you up from Blossom. As of right now, I'm looking for a specific set of criteria - later on recruitment will be a little more loose. To be eligible, you must: - Live in either an Eastern, Mountain, Central, or Pacific timezone. - Be a premium player - Expect to be on semi-regularly between 6p-12a central time The deed is large, but the village is still undeveloped and does not have many members. There is plenty of food, lumber, rock, and ore to be found. We also have a fair number of cattle (horses, cows, & bison). If you're interested please pm me here on the forums, or in game. My player name is xTheosx. Thanks, and I look forward to seeing you in game!
  19. Looking to hire someone for a possibly large job, will pay in parts & do as much as you like. Up to 30 silvers possibly. Contact me in game, Littlelady or pm me no skills above 20 required Fencebuilding and evening out slopes
  20. I have played some game that are free and games that charge by the month or that charge by the item. None of the games I have played are the same as Wurm. You get to play up to lvl 20 without premium. After premium you have to find work. Thats life. In real life you have to get a job after you are old enough. Its the same here. You dont have to be a master craftsman to find work. I have played for about 2 years and I see ways to make money. I know players who pull real money out, thats a bit harder but to just earn premium is not that hard. I want to give a few examples of how you can play for free and enjoy yourself while doing it. -------------------------------- I was on my boat going to my gold mine. On the way I saw an open mine. Outside the mine was a box full of logs. Lots of logs. It also had nails. there are players looking for fences to be built. Yesterday some guy wanted to buy dirt. We all get free shovels. A week ago a pirate killed me and took my things. He sold them and was paid with paypal. Im not upset. I made a mistake. Point is you dont have to pay to play this game. If you are young and dad wont let you use his credit card. Well it is time to get a job in wurm and build your own house and be your own man. This game is full of old people with money be kind and work hard and you will find loyal friends. Even loyal bandits who have no problem sinking your ship and sending you home naked
  21. Wtb 5K Dirt

    Hell's Gate, a "not so new" deed on the Pristine Server, is currently looking for someone capable of delivering 5k dirt to our deed, located at: X: 28, Y: 14 on this map - Please pm me, my name is xTheosx, in game with a cost of providing your services, the estimated time that you will be able to provide the materials requested, and whether or not you are willing to help disperse some of the dirt. I will of course, want to know your digging skill if you're willing to help disperse it, so please have that info ready. I am willing to pay a fair market price for the dirt, and may want to negotiate further payment for help dispersing the dirt if you are willing to do so. Keep in mind that if we are not able to come to an agreement on a price for the dispersal, that I may only have you deliver it, and that while I'm offering to pay someone for help with the dirt if they deliver it, I am not currently looking to pay someone only for terraforming - this secondary offer is only available if you can deliver the dirt requested. If you cannot deliver the dirt, your services will not be considered. Also, if you are not able to provide the full 5k, I am willing to accept smaller quantities, in increments of 1k, if you can deliver it. Thanks!
  22. new MERCHANT opening soon!!! in DELI!!! this merchant is designed with the newb in mind.... read on for full could help you be set for life in the wurm world.. ok basically this is a merchant with the newb in mind... now i know your thinking... "but most newbs don't have coin!" and this is true...but with a quick stop at the merchant they can find a job board... the two neighbors of this merchant are willing to give jobs and pay a few coins in exchange.. now most must be thinking well where is this... (pics will come later) but it's easy...there will be signs from greendog... and it's only a 3min walk from greendog... next to tabula rose and mookton... around 20x 32y... now you must wonder...what stops other high level players from taking advantage... nothing..other then most of the items are going to be low ql... just starter items that they can get going with... and even if they do...they still have to pay... so...when the newb market is open i will add pics and directions... thanks for reading.. EDITED (changed the wording since that is what everyone is tripping off of....) (one word misused and everyone hates...Thanks ppl)
  23. Hi everyone! I want to be able to transfer to a premium account some time in the future, and I don't exactcly want to pay money for it. I'd like to pay for it with silver coins, if at all possible. I understand that silver coins can be valuable, and I only ask a small amount of coins. I'm hoping that I can build up the coins over time. I am currently located very close to Rainbow Lake. If you're interested, private message me or leave a comment.
  24. I would like to buy 1,000 dirt. we can discuss cost/ delivery/pick up. Independance,
  25. Work: Tear down Tall Stone Wall Location: Southern Celebration (E-29) Need anyone willing to help tear down a wall that is on my deed that I would very much like gone. I follow Vynora and really dont want to take the hit for doing so. More than one worker welcome. Willing to pay for time worked at time of work completion (i.e. tear down as much as you can in the time you have and I'll pay for that time). PM me here for coordination of time and pay. Thanks! PAR