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Found 87 results

  1. I'm looking for a job!

    Hello, I'm Chihuahua (on forum and in game) and I'm looking for a job, I'm deeding on Xanadu. I've got all skills (like carp, digging, mining) about 30, I can do everything like digging, mining, choping etc..
  2. WTB Drake hide pieces

    Hi there. I'm wanting to buy any type drake hide leather pieces Offering 1s per 0.04 weight Pm me with weights and we can work out a deal. Thanks, Redbearing.
  3. Job Filled *Close*

    *Snip* Job Filled, ty all!
  4. Hot Food Cooking

    Howdy pan fillers and veggie sellers. Im looking for someone who has the place ( kitchen ), materials ( veggies ), and time ( pan filling ). If you have those 3, let me know im in need of some HFC imping and im lazy . Pm me your price and location. Zahl, Xanadu T/U-18 south coast.
  5. I am looking for villagers who want to level up their skills by grinding, but you don't have to grind if you don't want to. There is a position for everyone, it's a new village and it has all the possible natural resources within reasonable distance. It is a coastal village, at L26 Xanadu.
  6. LF work

    I am looking for work in all pve servers. So PM me about what you need done and the payment. We can talk the details there. Thanks.
  7. Looking For Something? About Us We are seeking to make a bit of coin in-game and willing to do just about any job. We have a variety of skills available, making nearly any job possible. We are a team of 3/4 who enjoy a variety of tasks with our own specialties and perks. We work as a unit, so any available member could be tasked to work on your order to provide the best quality for the fastest time possible. We have an easily accessible mine for stone, and live right next to clay. Many of us are skilled Diggers and quite enjoy the task so any nearby digging jobs we may even be willing to come help you clear/level out your land. Available Ships Rowboat - 50c Sailboat - 1s Corbita - 5s Cog - 6.5s Knarr - 12s Caravel - 17s Available Bulk Bricks 1k - 1.5s Mortar 1k - 2.5s Planks 1k - 1s Clay 1k - 1s Large/Small Nails 1k - 1s Ribbons 1k - 1.5s [Inquire about other products] Available Blacksmith Items Weapons Tools: 50QL/15c Chain Armor Horse Shoe Set: 50QL/15c Available Leather Items Armor Backpack ToolBelt Saddle Available Livestock Coming soon! Delivery Charges Deliveries by boat are listed below. Any required travel by land will cost an additional fee. North-East Xanadu - 1s South-East Xanadu - 50c South-West Xanadu - 50c North-West Xanadu - 1s Inland Anywhere [Map Quadrant] + 50c [Other Map Delivery Charges Pending] We have an abundance of... Wood Clay Stone More Information? Our Server: Xanadu Our Village: Emberwynn Located: T19 Merchant: Yes Contacts Daecie Zimortei Other Shop Offers We Suggest! Mol-rehan Wagons!
  8. Looking for work!

    Do you need logs to be sawn, nails to be made, pans to be loaded, stone to be chiseled? I'll do anything! I've got experience in digging, so I am no stranger to that. Got my own (mostly chanted) tools, but food and water could be nice! Respond either here or PM me ingame ( Haraldost ). Edit: I am premium now, so I've got my skills back up to a decent level!
  9. mathob looking for work

    hi i am on exdous and i am looking for work i do planks bricks rock clay tar in game name is mathob thanks
  10. im looking for work

    pls if u need a worker pls pm me at marinethreeoseven will to do anything have most skills
  11. Looking for work

    I'm looking for all kinds of work. I may need transportation. I'm located on Exodus. If you need anything done, please message me in-game.
  12. Looking for some diggers

    Hi all, I'm building for my first deed and require a straight wall going all the way round. The plot is 16x16, centre needs reducing to a flat, same level. Work would take about 8 hours Can split, I will also be doing it myself Message me here or ingame for rates
  13. Job done, please close.
  14. LFW's - Surface Mining

    Hey, I need a few people to come help me mine down this portion of stone on my island in C9. It's not that big, but it is a nasty time sink! It's in an L shape, about 2 wide by 6 Long, and 2-3 high. It has knife like edges on the top. as for pay, well i'd be happy to give at minimum a silver or 2 per person, the job really isn't that big. Pm: Leilue.
  15. Looking for any work for newbies. (2-3 persons) Edit. We live in Independense.
  16. Hi! I am looking to hire the services of a FO Priestess/Priest willing to travel to the Exodus Server (coordinates: x6, y30). PM me for prices. -KimonoFaith
  17. Looking for helpers

    Looking for helpers for various projects at Sand Asylum x9 y23 Release. Wages negotiable by hour or task. Food, drink, tools and beds provided if need. PM Eberhelm or Mooji in game
  18. Looking for any work to keep my hands busy, living in Plattekloof near FM so I prefer working in these areas, but I can consider further ones as well. I'm open to discussion so don't hesitate to ask/offer. I am also willing to take up creating tasks including: bricks mortar planks support beams shipbuilding parts carpentry items masonry structures others These are just few things I can do, I'll accept almost every task I can handle so again - just pm me and I'm sure we'll come to terms. I usually have some materials on stock so it might also be an instant-buy of materials. Contact via PM ingame and forums. Game nickname as on forums: Thys.
  19. Looking for Work

    Looking for any kind of work, must be paying. Anything is acceptable. Let me know about where you are, so I can reach your destination. Will do anything for good pay. Best offer gets accepted.
  20. Looking for work

    I'm looking for work to make some coins. I'm willing to do almost any kind of work that I can, e.g. digging, terraforming, low level mining, building walls and fences, making bricks, planks, mortar, nails and other low level blacksmithing products, medium level carpentry products including large crates. I won't do pan filling though. I live on Exodus but I can travel to other continents in the Freedom Isles as well, except Chaos. However, I don't have a ship so I can deliver bulk product on Exodus only. Please reply here or pm Lbnb in game.
  21. Will be taking orders PM me on here or in game ''Sircrews'' will let you know my cords and were we can meet once order is placed and finished.
  22. I have been looking at the price structure in Release, and when I ask how people get to a price most people say "ten iron per action". I am interested in this system and would like to know if anyone can shed some light on this. I do not want to hear about all the loss of material in creation, as, tbh, I think it is not right to charge your customer for stuff you did not create/did not harvest, neither is it the customer's fault if you want to trade stuff but have low skill and experience failures. Now that Release has been active for a long period of time, I believe we should be revisiting the prices set for the server right at the start when everyone was still getting heaps of fails on creation (no longer the case) and everyone was getting far less crops (no longer the case). It seems to me there are some people who set some prices right at the start of Release, and now everyone else is just asking the same prices. If people or smaller private traders are charging the way I am listing in this post, please let me know by leaving a comment, or by pm me on forum. Here is what I could come up with using the charge per action formula: 1. For 1000 veggies the normal price is 1s. If you are a farmer (the people I assume would be selling veggies as a trade) you would do the action of sow, harvest, and get 6 to 7 veggies (no raking) or 7 to 8 veggies or more, (with one more action of raking). This means that say for 3 actions (sow rake harvest) you get 6 veggies. Why are veggies then not priced at 50c per 1k? 2. Cooked meat: Kill, butcher, cook. Same as above, you could say an average of about four meats per mob, for six actions you get three to four meats. Hence following the logic of 1 iron per action, cooked meat should be priced at 2s for 1k (in most cases this seems to be correct) 3. Planks: You chop the tree then chop it up into six logs, then saw. So you get 6 planks per log, 6 logs per tree (for argument's sake), so that is 36 planks per tree, for 43 actions. Following the charge per action formula, this means a thousand planks should cost 1s20c. 4. Small nails: Mine a lump, Make 6 small nails. 7 Actions, 6 nails. So 1k small nails should cost 1s 16c 67i 5 Large nails: Mine a lump, make 4 nails. 5 actions, four nails. Large nails should cost 1s25c for 1k 6. Bricks: Mine a shard, make a brick. 1k should cost 2s. 7. Mortar: Dig 20kg sand (one action), dig 2kg clay ten times to get 20kg, combine twenty times to get 20 mortar (1kg clay plus 1kg sand make one mortar iirc). This means 31 actions for 20 mortar. Mortar should cost 1s55c for 1k, not 3s when using the 'per action' formula of pricing . 8. Iron ribbons: Mine three iron lumps, create one ribbon. Four actions, one ribbon. 1s33c per 1k ribbons. 9. Lumps: Every action of mining is one action only. In reality the price should be 20i for one lump regardless of the ql. If there is a price for the ql, the lowest ql lumps should not be much more than 20i per 1 lump, yet it seems to be priced at about 10 to 60, per lump (depending on type of ore). In honesty, then the same should be said about ql in veggies/crops, planks, nails, bricks, mortar etc. Quality pricing seems to be in effect for lumps and logs, I assume bc of their value in imping. Following this logic, you can now work out the price of creation for items e.g. let's say bsb: 25 planks plus four large nails plus one ribbon: 3c for planks plus 50 irons for nails plus 13.3 irons for ribbon is 3c 63i each. Add say 3c for your time and that makes it about 6c65i per bsb. Other random prices I have heard: Horses: Five speed horses are being priced at say 1 to 2 s for a horse, yet for a 5 speed bison people are asking from 2.5 to 4s. I would be interested to hear from someone who is charging the same for bison as for 5 speed horses (1 to 2 s per bison). Logs of over 72ql ranging from 3c to 25c per log - if you are selling for around 1c to 3c for logs of over 72ql, please pm me or leave a comment to this thread. I would like to ask people who sell within the range I mentioned above, to please pm me here on forums or leave a comment to this thread. Thanks!
  23. In need of a farm hand

    As title states, I am in need of a farm hand, preferably someone with access to a boat and interested in gaining farming skill. Duties: Sow roughly 1k tiles every 5-7 days, Tend once (or more if you want skill) Be able to deliver goods, manage sales A boat may be required Located on Independence I can provide A sizable farm field, Good quality Meals, and a place to build a temporary or permanent residence. Tools/ Weapons/ Shields/ Armour improvements and enchants could also be provided as payment. What I am hoping for how ever is a person who would be interested in taking a Share of the crop (Mainly wemp and cotton, 90+ql) as payment, and I would be willing to work out a very fair split. You would handle all deliveries, (I can help if sales if needed) Please PM me with a bit of info if interested, and we can Chat from there. Thanks
  24. Hello, new to the game and want to try and make enough money for a deed, so offering my services as blacksmith. I can make blacksmithing items up to ql50, and am willing to take bulk orders and deliver. Feel free to post directly in this thread or pm me with "job offers". I am located on north Exodus and while I don't have a boat, I do have a large cart with 5 small crates So I will do my best to deliver your order ASAP. At the moment I will only take orders on Exodus (if I build a boat this will change). Kind Regards Berinon
  25. Hi Just as the tittle said, I'm a mid skilled player looking for work for some coins to extend my premium time. I could do almost every basic things like mining, digging, brick chipping, plank making, mortar bending, pan filling, nails crafting, farming, grooming, building, etc. I just won't do bashing thing and surface mining. I'm currently at Exodus, but can travel to any freedom server (except chaos) if the payment are reasonable. Current skills : ~masonry 42 (with woa chisel, chiping speed 1k bricks per 3 - 5 hours) ~carpentry 53 (with woa saw, plank making speed 1k per 3 - 5 hours) ~Digging 39 ~Mining 50 ~the rest ask in pm I could also improve your silver or gold altar to 60ql if you have the lumps. If you interested and have some coins to spent, please send me PM here, or PM me in game, my IGN is also Tatang. thank you. Keep wurming [CLOSED]