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Found 418 results

  1. wts

    wts SOLD .. nails,ribbon,iron lump,iron ore, potion of mining,blood,star ruby, potion of lw
  2. Start bid: 8s Minimum increment: 1s Buyout: Offer? Reserve: None
  3. Welcome to Skyfall Enchantments Market Every business starts slow, and so does this one. My goal is to provide you with the best enchanted items on the market, for the best price! Mailing is ALWAYS for free! !SILVERS FOR SALE! Limited time offer: *** 10c discount on all butchering knife n grooming brushes *** (The discount is not showed in the price) Example; item price = 79c Limited time offer price = 69c!! !Offer of the month! "Buy for more than 12.5s and get a free corbita" !Silver sale! No silvers for sale atm... !CHECK OUT ALL THE NEW ITEMS! Enchanted tools: Butchering Knifes, iron: Cotton, Exquisite meditation rug, cotton: File, iron: Grooming brush, oak: Hammer, iron: Hatchet, iron: Iron lumps: Key, copper: Kindlings, pinewood: Large anvil, iron: Mallet, oak: Needle, iron: Pelt: Pickaxe, iron Pickaxe, steel: Rake, iron: Rope tool, cedar: Rope tool, oak: Saw, iron Sickle, iron Small anvil, iron Shovel, iron: Shovel, steel: Spindle, cedar: Spindle, oak: Steel and flint: Stone Chisel: Water: Whetstone: Yo-yo, pine Shields, armour (also horse wearing) and weapons: Large Shield, iron: Saddle, leather: Rift loot / unique items: Bracelets: Shoulder pads: Blacksmithing imps: 90ql - 89c 80ql - 49c 70ql - 35c 60ql - 19c 50ql - 9c Please note, that if your item increases rarity, I'll add a extra charge. Costom vynora casts: I can do casts above 90+! For prices please PM. Mining service: Payment: I do accept paypal - 1s/1e! I'm always open for trades! **I'm looking for Referrals 5s/1 ** **I'm looking for Sleep powder 1s/1** - Items will be added daily! Best regards Giblet, Skyfall
  4. 10% Discount if you buy 5 items or more! 20% Discount if you buy 10 items or more! Free mailing on everything you buy! 60c Tools (Each) 50c Tools (Each) 40c Tools (Each) 30c Tools (Each) 20c Tools (Each) 15c Tools (Each) 10c Tools (Each)
  5. Closet clean out, this is the last of my enchanted stuff from when I owned Redeemed many years ago. Make me a fair offer, with who to sent it to, and if I can cram it in my mailbox, its yours. I will update the lists as things sell. Pick up from Solitude in Deliverance is possible, through merchants. Its been fun, and I still miss Wurm, but I hope these items can go to good homes Items marked C or COC have Circle of Cunning, items with W or WoA have Wind of Ages (duh) - fair offers only, please don't low ball me and waste both our time-
  6. CoD or buy from merchant at Rag and Bone Market, P22 Xanadu.
  7. I will be entertaining offers on all of these! coc / c : increases skill gain, circle of cunning woa / w : waster action timer(faster compass settling), wind of ages botd: coc and woa combined, cast power EQUALS that of coc and woa exactly! ex: 91 botd = 91coc + 91woa , blessing of the dark RT: does internal wound damage, rotting touch LT: Heals when dealing damage, life transfer AD: increased crit chance on animals, Animals Demise N: increased hit chance, Nimbleness F: does frost wound damage, Frostband Tools and weapons Steel and Flints: all coc GEMS! SOLD Ql can be IMPed higher on black smithing items for a small fee, depending on initial ql and final ql.
  8. Enchanted Stuff (Xanadu) Selling various enchanted items. PM me if you need something specific. BOTD items are Blessings of the Dark (coc+woa effects) and are my specialty. Most CoC/WoA items are priced to go, so if you want a bunch give me a reasonable offer and they're yours. CURRENT STOCK FOR SALE (09/15) TOOLS WEAPONS
  9. The other day, I was talking to a few others about how stale a lot of the markets in Wurm are, specifically the boat market. A few things that were brought up, was the fact that boats realistically "never" decay, and that once someone has a good boat, there is little reason for them to need another. Here is where my idea comes into play - Allow players to enchant boats with WoA. Seems crazy at first, but here are a couple things I want to say about it. If the enchant wears off based on distance travelled, and gives a realistically large speed bonus, it would not only freshen up the boat market, it will also help players reach their destinations quicker (Effects can be lessened or negated on PvP servers if this is an issue). Adds a "boat sink", to remove boats from the game via the already implemented shatter mechanic while enchanting. This gives reason for players to need new boats on the market, and have a risk when having boats enchanted, especially by inexperienced priests. So, citizens of Wurm, what do you think?
  10. Iron Horse Shoes -- All 70+ QL with WOA 25c each -- 90c set 70.41 ql -- WOA 75 70.29 ql -- WOA 59 70.51 ql -- WOA 53 70.75 ql -- WOA 52 22c each -- 80c set 70.72 -- WOA 50 70.61 -- WOA 47 70.15 -- WOA 38 70.48 -- WOA 37 20c each -- 75c set 70.32 -- WOA 34 70.60 -- WOA 32 70.20 -- WOA 32 70.22 -- WOA 30 18c each -- 70c set 70.55 -- WOA 30 70.12 -- WOA 29 70.28 -- WOA 19 71.12 -- WOA 12
  11. Selling Rare Pickaxe Circle of Cunning (86) & Wind of Ages (97) 8s Mailed from Chaos Buyer pays cod Please list your character you want it mailed to
  12. Item up for Auction: 80QL Rare Fruit Press, Lavender-wood! Item will be COD from Release. [06:44:11] A wooden contraption made from planks with a shaft to press in order to extract juice from fruits and vegetables. This is a very rare and interesting version of the item. It is made from lavenderwood. You must use a file to smooth out the fruit press in order to improve it. [06:44:11] Wind of ages has been cast on it, so it will be quicker to use. [85] [06:44:11] Circle of Cunning has been cast on it, so it will increase skill gained with it when used. [83] Starting Bid: 4s Min Increase: 50c Reserve: None Buyout: 10s Snipe Protection: 1 Hour Happy Bidding All
  13. Item up for Auction: 90QL Rare Large Anvil, Iron! Item will be COD from Release. [12:26:23] A large, heavy metal anvil. This is a very rare and interesting version of the item. It could be improved with a lump. [12:26:23] Wind of ages has been cast on it, so it will be quicker to use. [95] [12:26:23] Circle of Cunning has been cast on it, so it will increase skill gained with it when used. [83] Starting Bid: 6s Min Increase: 1s Reserve: None Buyout: 12s Snipe Protection: 1 Hour Happy Bidding All
  14. Hello, for anyone, who needs to make some mortar and wants to make it faster - WoA Clay: Pricing 50+ / 5 c 60+ / 15 c 70+ / 30 c 80+ / 60 c Clay is 80ql+, 2kg. You can combine it (just make sure you activate clay with WoA first) for infinite use. Keep it in inventory or it will decay fast. Dmg can be reduced by combining with other clay. Reply here, send me pm or contact me ingame (nickname: Losik). Stock is limited. First-come, first-served.
  15. Item up for Auction: 90QL Rare Carving Knife, Iron! Item will be COD from Release. [10:52:48] Made for carving, this knife has a broad blade and half a hilt. This is a very rare and interesting version of the item. It could be improved with a lump. [10:52:48] Wind of ages has been cast on it, so it will be quicker to use. [87] [10:52:48] Circle of Cunning has been cast on it, so it will increase skill gained with it when used. [81] Starting Bid: 4s Min Increase: 1s Reserve: None Buyout: 9s Snipe Protection: 1 Hour Happy Bidding All
  16. Make an offer, if I agree on price, I send you item. Buyer pay cod, location exo Q22. note: fishing rod only pick up
  17. Heya, As the title says, auctuioning bunch of stuff as one It will be a 4 day auction because of the holidays in my country Starting bid: 5s Min increase 50c Buyout - Pm me! No Reserve Can discuss delivery to coastal places. Good luck with the auction to all! Wulfgar
  18. Heya, As the title says: Will be sent in a backpack. Starting bid 20s Min increase 50c Buyout 35s No reserve Will be cod from Exodus, buyer pays the fees
  19. I'm selling all items listed here for 1c per enchant power. For example if it has 50 CoC it's 50c, if it have 50 CoC and 50 WoA it's 1s. It will be mailed to you for free.
  20. Here is a really nice rare compass : ) [18:21:17] Wind of ages has been cast on it, so it will be quicker to use. [72] Starting price: 1s increments : 50c reserve: none (yeah, i still haven't learned my lesson :D) Buyout : none set, would really like seeing the auction flow! sniper protection : 30mins Good luck!
  21. Up for auction are some tools. Min bid is 1s for each item. Increments of 10c No reserve. Sniper protection of 1 hour. 1. Iron Chisel 94 quality. 95woa/69coc 2. Iron Hatchet 88 quality 66woa/92coc 3. Iron Hatchet 2 quality 93coc 4. Iron Hammer 94 quality 72woa/61coc 5. Iron Hammer 15 quality 80coc 6. Iron Sickle 89 quality 76woa 7. Iron Sickle 4 quality 95coc 8. Iron Pick 89 quality 52woa/73coc 9. Iron Pick 3 quality 93coc 10. Mountain Lion Pelt 93.87 quality with 1.71 damage 60woa/70coc 11. Mountain Lion Pelt 98.78 quality with 1.03 damage 94coc 12. Pelt .20 weight 92.07 quality with 8.99 damage 86coc 13. Rat Pelt 86 quality with 8.90 damage 94coc 14. Rat Pelt 100 quality with 0.09 damage 96coc 15. Cat Pelt 57 quality with 4.07 damage 88coc 16. Cat Pelt 96 quality with 2.94 damage 77coc 17. Iron Awl 80 quality 82coc 18. Pine Grooming Brush 2 quality 89coc 19. Iron Carving Knife 79 quality 92coc 20. Iron Carving Knife 15 quality 78coc 21. Linden Spindle 61 quality 69coc 22. Iron Scythe 27 quality 88coc 23. Iron Saw 59 quality 97coc 24. Iron Shovel 15 quality 89coc
  22. Helping a friend sell out. All horseshoes are at 91 or 92q and are iron. Only listing by WOA. First set. 52woa, 54woa, 67woa, 72woa. Second set. 73woa, 74woa, 74woa, 74woa Third set, 74woa, 75woa, 75woa, 78woa Fourth set. 82woa, 82woa, 83woa, 85woa Firth set. 85woa, 86woa, 86woa, 90woa Bridles 1. 70q bridle. no enchant 2. 75q bridle. no enchant Saddle. 50q saddle. 100woa Min Bid per item is 1s Increments of 25c No reserve. No buyout. Sniper protection of 1 hour.