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Found 4 results

  1. I'm new to wurm, never owned my own deed, and enjoyed the game for the most part. I moved into a deed on the east coast with someone who allowed me to stay on their deed, so i know nothing of perms or how to check or double check perms. We had been doing renovations to the land and had dig up a lot of dirt (for me it seemed like a lot) 43 large crates full of dirt, 3 fullish of rock shards, 3 fullish of sand and a number of empty/partially filled large crates. Apparently, the deed owner had reset the perms a weeks or so ago to allow a neighbor to drop off some stuff on deed and didnt reset the perms, which basicall left everything open (free to take a guess?) a feature Wurm should address so villagers KNOW if their stuff is safe by being able to see but not alter the deed perms. This led to all of the crates on the deed being pillaged and relocated about 150ish tiles away to another deed. This deed being owned by Vahnessa, who is related to Vortexxx either thru account sharing or being one and the same. Shortly after all these crates were taken, Vortexxx posts in the trade channel: [20:18:58] <Vortexxx> (Xan) WTS 43 Crates Of Dirt (16s Crates included into the price) Free Delivery and sells to god knows who (if it was you, i'd love to talk to you to check something). So, I venture to this deed, a short 2 minute wagon ride, to see some crates with some of my messed up renaming. I inquire with vortexxx about his (seeing as how he stored a large number of rares at this deeds front gate with his name plastered all over them) to see if this were true and if it were at all possible to get any of it back. He denies ever taking anything, says he hasnt been to that deed in a long time (even though he was actively trying to sell rares on that deed). Today, I get some of the crates returned, none of the dirt crates, he claims everything was returned and someone must have stolen them again, even though the deed owner was on shortly after he was. Sure, its a game mechanic to be able to take whatever you want that isnt bolted down, just seems shady to do that to your neighbors. It's my fault for not knowing/having no way of knowing about the deed perms for a deed I dont own and dont have access to see the deed perms for random people. Wall of words, vortexxx now claims this was done by two new random deed villagers, Aase and Malika or something, but something just doesnt add up. waa waa aside, I'm likely not getting back the weeks of work I put in as a new player and there is nothing i can do about it. So this is just a public notice I guess, not that most will care. But just use some caution when dealing with vortexxx, bolt down your crates, hide your kids, cause if you happen to leave anything laying around (especially those who cant see deed perms) yo cold get jacked. -1 player to wurm. enjoyed it mostly, could have had a better combat system, could have had more trustworthy players.
  2. Closed see Summerholt Merchants for all sales All prices Are now negotiable. See merchants for Items And over 40 items new I added recently to the Summerholt Market ============= BLACK FRIDAY DEALS END IN ============== Claus: All reserves / holds during this Sale but be paid for by the end of timer ( no rain check ) prices will revert back to original after sale. ALOT of this is on my merchants at the Summerholt Market so If you request something here to buy if it has already sold I can not help this. Update: Items Added / Reserves Placed / Pending Sales Added Please Be Aware Most Items Listed are on my active Merchant.. Be patient on your purchase request.. I will check for item availability. Pending Sales will be handled soon as possible some items will have surprise discounts for patients customers. Ty My Merchant Location : Summerholt Market Xanadu Summerholt (Starting City) H/G 23/24 Open for Trades /PayPal / Reserves / Reasonable Combination Offers / etc.. Value & Appreciate your privacy? Feel free to private message me here in the forums to add a Sales request. #0 Supreme Rake 30s ( New Item* ) #1 Rare Leggat, Walnut 50ql ish 3.5s. ( Was 5s ) #2 SOLD #3 Rare Plate Leggings, Steel 70ql 5s. ( Was 7s ) #4 Rare Practice DOLL, Birch wood 25ql 1s. ( Was 2s ) #5 SOLD #6 Rare Scythe, Iron (DEATH) 60ql 8s. ( Was 10s ) #7 SOLD #8 SOLD #9 Rare Small Tri-Pod Table 3s. ( Was 5s ) #10 Rare Toolbelt 90+ QL (10-Slots) 6s. ( Was 7s ) #11 SOLD #12SOLD #13 SOLD #14 Rare Carving Knife 85QL 96 Woa Imbued 6/10 11s (( Reserved By Kevindurant )) 1 week hold !!! #15 SOLD #16 SOLD #17 SOLD #18 Rare Cheese Drill, Oak 54c 73ql 5s ( Was 7s ) #19 Unique Rare BRASS Low Weight Fit in BoK butchers Knife 90ql only 6 in all of Wurm 30s ( WAS 50S then 40s now 30s ! ) #20 Rare 9ql Hatchet 6s ( WAS 7s ) #21 SOLD #22 Rare Maul 90QL_94N_93FB_83C_85MS 11s ( WAS 12s ) #23 SOLD #24 Rare Large Maul 92+ QL 8s (Was 9s) #25 104 woa normal 80ql Horse shoe 4s ( Was 7s Then 6s Now 4s ) #26 Silver Frying Pan 93+ QL 5s ( Was 7s Then 6s Now 5s ) #27 101 Woa 90 QL Large Anvil 6s ( Was 7s ) #28 SOLD #29 SOLD #30 SOLD #31 Rare File 80ql 8s. ( Was 9s ) "In Demand" #32 SOLD #33 SOLD #34 Supreme 60 QL Chain Sleeve 7s ( Was 10s Then 8s Now 7s ) #35 Supreme 60 QL Chain Sleeve 7s ( Was 10s Then 8s Now 7s ) #36 Supreme 69 QL Chain Head Piece 6s #37 Seryll Rings 20-40 QL 15 Copper Each ( Was 20c Each ) #38 SOLD #39 SOLD #40 SOLD #41 Rare 91QL Saw 7s #42 SOLD #43 Rare Role Tool Cedar 90ql 81 Woa 78 CoC 6s ( Was 8s ) #44 Rare Spatula,Oak 3s ( Was 4s ) #45 Rare 90ql Leather, Studded Leggings 3s ( Was 5s Then 4s Now 3s ) #46 Rare Statuettes ALL types 6 to 12s each pm requests on QL / medal. ( ALL RESERVED ) ( PENDING SALE ) #46A Mag / Nah. 12s ( RESERVED ) #46B Libia 8s ( RESERVED ) #46C Libia 7s ( RESERVED ) #46D SOLD #46E SOLD #46F SOLD #47 Rare Rings 2s each #48 Rare high NoLocate Jewelry pm requests.. #49 Skulls: Kyclopes 8s. ( Was 10s ) #50 Skulls: White Dragon Hatchling 8s. ( Was 10s ) #51 SOLD #52 SOLD #53 SOLD #54 Rare Horse SOLD #54 A #1 SOLD #54 B #2 SOLD #54 C #3 SOLD #54 D #4 SOLD Pick Up only Items #55 Rare Sailboat 20s A Rare Large Chest loaded inside for Storage. Pick up Only #56 Rare Wardrobe 7s ( Was 10s Then 8s Now 7s ) #57 Rare Hanging Lamp, Bronze 51ql 2s #58 Rare Hanging Lamp, Brass 36ql 2s #59Rare Iron Lamp 2s #60 Rare Iron Lamp 2s #61 SOLD #62 Rare Iron Lamp 2s. #63 Rare Torch Lamp 2s #64 Rare Lamp Brass 2s #65 Rare Armour Stand 5s (( Pending Sale )) Lot to add later......... Added items: Supreme Carved Pumpkin ( very cool ) 5s Clay Shaper 90ql 90+ BOTD 10s Rare Huge Axe Blank 14s ( 1 alrdy Sold 1 More added ) Lot to add later......... Items are actively on sale so not all items may be available for sale if they have already been purchased at my Merchants. I apologize. Ty all for your patience. Keep This Forum post, Sales Related. I plan on a Huge Black Friday Sale on Nov 27th ONLY @ My merchants have to be on site to receive the deals when that time comes. Sincerely, Vortexxx
  3. WTS Rare Low Bookshelf Not Mail able But you can pick it up where it in your inventor so no loading required. Free Delivery for this piece. on Xan Very Beautiful piece asking 6 silver Anywhere else 50 copper fee unless you order more Furniture Below for a free delivery charge. Thanks Selling Normal Furniture as well. Now Open For a Trial Run Furniture Store Summerholt area... High Book Shelf's Low Book Shelf's Wooden Benches Tripod Tables Coffers Small Bed Side Tables Beds Large Carts w/t lock and key Chairs Tables Ect... Questions ? just commend below. 60 Copper Each Free Delivery with orders with 5+ pieces of more.