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Found 5 results

  1. Hi all, we are in a pickle atm - our wonderful panfilling friends that helped us again and again aren't available at the moment - and we are under some time pressure to break a (the) record (I don't want to say more publicly until we've done it, if we make it) So we are looking for one or two able-bodied people that have done panfilling in the past and know how to do it fast and would like to help us right now at the end for a short while (with a high efficiency panfiller, we should be done in about 3h, with two - even less) and can come to Xanadu (we can offer vteleports if not used before - or just make a new char and tp?) - would be tremendously appreciated! Hope to hear from you soon! Thor & Inspira
  2. Darwinia RP Server

    Hello Wurminites! I would like to introduce you to the top class premiere server of the unlimited branch: Darwinia RP Notable Features: 1 x skill gain 1 x action speed Custom built, hand painted 4096x4096 map. Holiday events. Handwritten quests and storyline. Regular events. Meaningful seasons. For example better harvests in the fall, and no crop growth in the winter. More animals in the spring time. Active GMs who care about the server and server health. Server owner who will keep the server online so long as there is at least 1 person playing on it. Live Map mod available, but not a larger overall map, to increase the need for a proper cartographer. Patreon to help keep the server online, with sleep powder and cosmetic items for rewards. (( patreon rewards ARE NOT PAY TO WIN they are only cosmetic, and only 1 sleep powder a month. for wurm will be listed in the steam group soon. )) Steam group for ease of calendar events and forums... What makes this server unique is that we have active GMs writing quests, improving the lore, and genuinely making the server a one of a kind experience. Ontop of that, we have a hand painted carefully manicured map with plenty of interesting land features just RIPE for your exploration. As of today (October 30th, 2016) the new map I have been working on for some time is going LIVE!@##! We have a very friendly community and it has been steadily growing everyday. In fact a lot of that has been generated from my live streams at . I would personally love to see you on the server. However we do not allow cheating, or mods outside of the ones given out to our community through our teamspeak. Speaking of mods, we're working on another one at the moment that will be exclusive to our server in which it will make teamspeak "local" only to your character. What that means is, if I am standing here \o/ and you are over here \o then we would be able to chat normally... but the further that distance the less we can hear each other until we can no longer do so. Meaning again, that if there are 50 people in the same channel, you will only hear people that are within conversation range of you. We do not have an eta on release of the mod, but, the alpha is proving fruitful. My good fellow Wurmlings, come join us on the best server since Tim Berners-Lee With all due respect and admiration, Drake Oh and P.S. we have PVP in the southern server, with increased skill gains, increased available resources, however there's also a harsher death penalty, and more deadly creatures there. With great risk, comes great rewards.
  3. Hello, I believe that all the islands that exist are hosted in Europe. I would like to see a exclusive island hosted in the western continent of earth. LIke the USA. Living in the west coast of the USA and playing WO I can feel the latency pretty bad at times. I have to wait for gates and doors to open after I walk into them. At times when I'm moving to fast I'm told to stop moving so my location can be updated. Other times while riding my wagon I'm spinning out of control because the server is still trying to respond to my movement and I have to stop and wait for the catch up. I know some of you will say it's my internet connection and I need to check this and that. But there is nothing wrong with my internet when these things are occurring. I believe it's just the latency coming from the other side of the planet. In WU I load into low latency server and gates and doors open up for me as I'm walking up to them. I'm not slamming my face into the door waiting for it to open. I never experience the system message telling me my position needs to be updated. Now I'm not saying WU is better or anything like that. I just rather log into a server in my own continent. Preferably my own country and get that low latency and smoother gameplaly. Until then I'll play with what we got. Still a good game, thanks!
  4. Realm of the Drunken Mafia is a server hosted in Chicago, USA. Dedicated hosting 24/7. * PVE * English speaking only in public channels, everyone welcome! * Custom 4096x4096 map designed by Miretta * Crops won't turn to weeds * Crops grow in 24 hours * Priest restrictions removed * Deed upkeep enabled * Deed costs reduced compared to WO * Traders have plenty of cash * Starter/Training deed (Public crafting/farming) * 25000 mob count * 2x skill gain / 3x action timer * Public market * Start with 21 Body Control (Able to ride a horse) * Digging like mining * Free premium * Teamspeak server ( ) * Friendly clan (Drunken Mafia), we play several sandbox games and host a few including Wurm Unlimited and ARK: Survival Evolved. * Donations for silver available. 25cents per silver. All donations are direct to server upkeep. *
  5. God i feel like this is the only thing i post about here...... Anyway im having some sort of network issue when i try to connect to the game, just wondering if its something up with me or anyone else, all the server appear to be online and atleast 20 or so people on them (expect golden valley, still up only like 6 people though)