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Found 166 results

  1. The size of Draenor is 33 by 37. The perimeter is 5 and it has 0 guards hired. The settlement has 6 silver, 42 copper and 42 iron in its coffers. The monthly cost is 2 silver, 44 copper and 20 iron. The upkeep will last approximately 73 days, 15 hours and 50 minutes more. Located at x41 y8 on the celebration map the deed has no animals so just for fun i will include this "The tile per creature ratio of this deed is Infinity. Optimal is 15 or more.This is a good figure." the deed includes 5 buildings building 1 5x8 with 5x2 enchanted grass pen building 2 3x6 with 5x2 enchanted grass pen building 3 2x3 and a 1x1 trader hut ondeed mine with several veins can that be expanded below the whole deed and beyond(white highlight marks the deed limits,perimeter is included on the mine map,cave tiles mark the explored sections of the mine) the deed also includes this extras: ondeed 50ql guard tower 65 ql wooden vynora altar 65 ql wooden mailbox with 86 power 650x 47ql cotton 100x 50ql wem plants 30x 90plus ql logs 250 70plus ql oak logs 300 75ql logs 2 floor_looms 79 and 72ql 11x old or older oaks and some younger ones plenty of bsbs,coffins,beds,forges,etc I will consider any serious offers.
  2. Up for auction is one of the oldest and possibly one of the largest deeds on Exodus, Cherrington. When I moved here right after the server opened, it was a little waterside cove backing up to the forest and covered in lava spiders. We've put a lot of work into it, and hope that it'll make a great home for another player (or players!) in the future. It's PERFECT for somebody who loves trees & the forest, or who likes a park-like atmosphere, or even role-play! Originally called Avonlea Bay, the body of water that it is sitting on was named after the deed. It's in a fairly quiet area and in an alliance with good, mature, easy-going players. To the west you have a mountain that is unlikely to be deeded as it's fairly steep. To the east there is a "managed forest" that is used for wood for carpentry. South, you have water and a short sail to the Ixtlan Canal for travel and Arcanum Market for merchants. North, you have the beautiful Golden Woods and a highway to Thornfield Lake. Deed Info: Deed Size in Tiles: 81 North-South, 41 East-West. 3321 Tiles total. Perimeter: 9 Upkeep per Month: 10 silver, 90 copper, 20 iron Upkeep Remaining: 17 silver and some change. Guards: 2 Auction Info: Starting Bid: 75 Euro Reserve: NONE Buyout: 150 Euro Anti-Snipe: 12 hours after the final bid we'll finalize the auction to prevent sniping. Features: 1 Trader in a 3x7, 2-story Workshop Building. There are multiple BSBs all labeled with quality ranges so that you can store items by quality. 12 Stable Stalls with Enchanted Grass 1 10x11 pen with Enchanted Grass in a checkerboard pattern, 12 1x2 stalls, shaded under pine trees. 4 cows/bulls 5-speed horses (# to be determined, but you'll have plenty for breeding). 1 2x3 2-story Winery (we never actually made wine, but it's pretty) 2 3x5 pens/fields adjacent to the winery. 2 5x8 pens/fields across from the winery. 1 8x11 pen with enchanted grass, grape vines, and deer, including two champ deer. 2 5x7 pens/fields next to the stables. 1 really big stone building with a courtyard. This building is not completely finished, but it was intended to be a foundry/workshop for my husband. It's right outside the iron mine for easy access and would be perfect for a blacksmith. 1 3-story inn with individual rooms/balconies/beds. There is also a front area of the inn with barrels and a table (perfect for a bartender!) Leading into the back of the inn there is a kitchen with 4 ovens, FSBs, and barrels of water for storing meals. 1 Semi-finished Shipbuilding building. 1 Guard Tower - 50ql 1 Mailbox (blue!) with a 78 Courier Enchant 1 gold Vynora altar next to token. 1 silver Magranon altar in the iron mine. 1 Corbita is included. The knarr, cog, and sailboats are not included. A fenced-in flower garden right on the shore with a Path of Love and Path of Knowledge Tile. A small fenced-in CLAY island w/ gatehouse right in the bay with a 1-tile-wide road leading to it. Tar just off-deed. Lots of room for boat parking, and it's deep enough for big ships. 1 Mine with two entrances: The southern-most entrance is a silver mine with several silver veins, including 1 utmost silver vein and 2 forges. The northern-most entrance is the iron mine with lots of iron & marble veins & one zinc vein. Both entrances are level and secured with fences & gates. There's also one area that has been mined down just to water level so you can easily grab a drink while mining. 3 water tiles on-deed (that we've found). Lots of undeveloped area on the east & north sides that we use as a managed forest for carpentry. Apple, Cherry, and Lemon Orchards going up the side of the mountain. An amazing view from the mountain, overlooking the Bay. I had started surface-mining part of the mountain so that I could build a tower/colossus/mansion there to enjoy the view, but didn't finish. You could continue that project OR just ignore it - it's mostly out of sight/out of mind. Inventory: This is to be determined. My husband and I will take our personal tools and a few personal items that we love. All other supplies, tools, armor, and other items will stay behind. PM me if you have questions on this. I'd love for this little gem to go to somebody who appreciates the area and the love that we've poured into it. It's a rare opportunity to find a flat coastal spot with terraforming done and so many resources close by just waiting for good use. Pictures:
  3. I am looking to sell my interests in Wurm which includes 3 premium accounts and 3 deeds. All deeds exists near each other and each character holds the deed papers. All characters and deeds are located NE Indy in the Colossus lake vicinity. I understand that this sale contains a lot of different things that would interest a lot of people individually. At this time, I'm interested in selling this in one go. Because of that, I have reduced my reserve price to something that I think is fair. I believe there is additional money to be made with this sale for those who want to go through the process of seperating and selling things individually. I'll start by listing a skill dump of each character: (note: All 3 characters have premium time until Nov, 2013) (note2: There is approx. 20s between the 3 of the characters) Seancarl: General Purpose Observer on the Path of Knowledge Skills dumped at Jul 6, 2013 ----- Religion: 0.0 Alignment: 100.0 Faith: 30.0 Favor: 30.0 Skills: 0.0 Paving: 23.046186 Tracking: 6.2172675 Milling: 2.883233 Coal-making: 23.063774 Prospecting: 21.307371 Thatching: 1.0 Religion: 3.1061373 Prayer: 7.2360506 Preaching: 1.0 Clubs: 1.2923785 Healing: 13.255642 First aid: 28.830608 Archery: 17.262756 Long bow: 10.452312 Short bow: 7.245161 War machines: 6.9896874 Catapults: 11.498341 Thievery: 1.0 Traps: 1.0 Climbing: 6.5463696 Shields: 1.0 Medium wooden shield: 1.0 Medium metal shield: 1.2001781 Axes: 24.94725 Hatchet: 32.945015 Swords: 24.88195 Two handed sword: 41.03315 Shortsword: 2.5577922 Longsword: 2.8372004 Knives: 21.204676 Butchering knife: 25.660788 Carving knife: 21.800825 Woodcutting: 53.779125 Mauls: 3.498699 Medium maul: 2.8251352 Large maul: 4.3239384 Carpentry: 66.140335 Fine carpentry: 27.606209 Ship building: 44.12286 Fletching: 11.726726 Bowyery: 1.4139495 Toy making: 6.8015065 Nature: 25.240414 Gardening: 20.644064 Fishing: 9.954938 Animal husbandry: 24.495611 Meditating: 22.03977 Milking: 1.5590153 Farming: 32.710033 Forestry: 22.622791 Botanizing: 11.374785 Animal taming: 9.3951 Foraging: 8.54111 Cooking: 10.893278 Hot food cooking: 17.147602 Baking: 3.86913 Beverages: 6.11569 Butchering: 18.581776 Fighting: 70.79002 Taunting: 1.2640716 Normal fighting: 35.866528 Defensive fighting: 4.408779 Aggressive fighting: 7.97316 Weaponless fighting: 1.5813963 Toys: 2.4648662 Puppeteering: 3.505105 Yoyo: 2.728369 Alchemy: 6.219161 Natural substances: 14.417207 Miscellaneous items: 51.73671 Stone chisel: 18.508215 Hammer: 41.195007 Sickle: 18.79318 Scythe: 1.7752692 Repairing: 23.137518 Saw: 18.02236 Pickaxe: 62.15129 Rake: 23.454054 Shovel: 48.033527 Pottery: 3.1417751 Firemaking: 13.06814 Digging: 65.84619 Mining: 59.17382 Smithing: 23.804996 Metallurgy: 4.0370345 Jewelry smithing: 20.839125 Locksmithing: 4.7595778 Blacksmithing: 48.593998 Armour smithing: 1.6350908 Shield smithing: 1.9321352 Chain armour smithing: 2.0 Plate armour smithing: 1.0 Weapon smithing: 7.0838456 Blades smithing: 6.7059727 Weapon heads smithing: 3.8555229 Ropemaking: 3.4389026 Masonry: 52.129063 Stone cutting: 29.312708 Tailoring: 19.954817 Leatherworking: 37.941273 Cloth tailoring: 23.768444 Characteristics: 0.0 Soul: 21.79873 Soul strength: 24.087208 Soul depth: 21.892294 Mind: 26.387554 Mind speed: 20.56728 Mind logic: 31.057606 Body: 31.609468 Body stamina: 26.801195 Body strength: 29.856651 Body control: 25.373999 Journeya: Fo Priestiess Goodhearted on the Path of Love (can refresh) Skills dumped at Jul 6, 2013 ----- Religion: 0.0 Alignment: 99.28025 Faith: 57.04972 Favor: 57.04972 Skills: 0.0 Paving: 48.415623 Tracking: 6.646353 Milling: 3.4841478 Coal-making: 5.5027003 Prospecting: 21.486082 Thatching: 1.0 Religion: 10.266007 Prayer: 18.517546 Channeling: 15.879867 Preaching: 1.0 Healing: 8.236747 First aid: 19.416895 War machines: 10.086399 Catapults: 16.297762 Thievery: 1.0 Traps: 1.0 Climbing: 8.152071 Shields: 5.28878 Medium wooden shield: 1.0 Large metal shield: 3.3497803 Medium metal shield: 4.405059 Axes: 23.818409 Hatchet: 28.396563 Swords: 18.823576 Shortsword: 2.5273314 Longsword: 31.086428 Knives: 13.264607 Butchering knife: 18.611353 Carving knife: 10.628961 Woodcutting: 44.437405 Carpentry: 54.433342 Fine carpentry: 16.151617 Ship building: 17.875404 Nature: 44.617245 Gardening: 45.760113 Fishing: 8.7853985 Animal husbandry: 51.228363 Meditating: 17.054474 Milking: 1.0 Farming: 24.932793 Forestry: 37.674477 Botanizing: 14.556914 Animal taming: 46.879738 Foraging: 11.895012 Cooking: 12.16485 Hot food cooking: 24.543047 Baking: 3.9367445 Beverages: 2.926732 Butchering: 12.5350275 Fighting: 40.718956 Shield bashing: 1.5073715 Taunting: 1.3896842 Normal fighting: 30.942297 Defensive fighting: 12.5994005 Aggressive fighting: 10.193581 Weaponless fighting: 1.1118249 Alchemy: 8.920095 Natural substances: 22.2756 Miscellaneous items: 56.42189 Stone chisel: 21.094269 Hammer: 47.25875 Sickle: 37.84455 Repairing: 20.040693 Saw: 20.90177 Pickaxe: 43.587597 Rake: 7.1349397 Shovel: 65.8974 * Pottery: 30.800632 Firemaking: 14.473676 Digging: 80.45315 Mining: 41.265644 Smithing: 23.044266 Metallurgy: 3.7201228 Jewelry smithing: 35.139355 Locksmithing: 5.319867 Blacksmithing: 31.785585 Weapon smithing: 6.8191 Blades smithing: 7.665125 Weapon heads smithing: 2.498302 Ropemaking: 1.8860596 Masonry: 61.58138 Stone cutting: 32.582603 Tailoring: 4.402024 Leatherworking: 4.214946 Cloth tailoring: 8.659624 Characteristics: 0.0 Soul: 24.356997 Soul strength: 24.006151 Soul depth: 25.722271 Mind: 27.993359 Mind speed: 20.473412 Mind logic: 32.855007 Body: 32.67557 Body stamina: 27.8874 Body strength: 31.972507 Body control: 23.38121 Alfheimr: Vynora Priest Rock on the path of Love (can enchant grass and refresh) Skills dumped at Jul 6, 2013 ----- Religion: 0.0 Alignment: 97.577515 Faith: 80.447876 Favor: 80.447876 Skills: 0.0 Paving: 8.785076 Tracking: 3.283891 Milling: 4.068308 Prospecting: 1.8247584 Religion: 24.442738 Prayer: 33.298367 Channeling: 37.76903 Preaching: 8.444419 Healing: 7.2194037 First aid: 17.44327 Archery: 40.003918 Long bow: 4.2656565 Short bow: 27.673464 Thievery: 1.0 Traps: 1.0 Climbing: 2.200959 Shields: 4.057619 Large wooden shield: 1.7474527 Medium wooden shield: 1.0 Large metal shield: 5.2735553 Axes: 11.316319 Hatchet: 13.367772 Swords: 12.994457 Shortsword: 2.7754917 Longsword: 21.550634 Knives: 14.809587 Butchering knife: 19.278074 Carving knife: 13.423381 Woodcutting: 21.848595 Carpentry: 21.87034 Ship building: 1.0 Fletching: 20.19729 Nature: 44.7268 Gardening: 20.692537 Fishing: 45.360435 Animal husbandry: 2.805786 Meditating: 30.056377 Milking: 6.3293657 Farming: 69.19965 Forestry: 27.223396 Botanizing: 3.0553987 Animal taming: 13.690716 Foraging: 1.0 Cooking: 24.32718 Dairy food making: 7.4497633 Hot food cooking: 48.776184 Baking: 2.7387192 Beverages: 5.2722263 Butchering: 14.166854 Fighting: 22.63913 Shield bashing: 2.923622 Normal fighting: 22.511417 Defensive fighting: 7.0090685 Weaponless fighting: 1.7787622 Toys: 3.8256617 Puppeteering: 9.498149 Yoyo: 4.2420425 Alchemy: 1.6303245 Natural substances: 2.119504 Miscellaneous items: 41.19455 Stone chisel: 4.268598 Hammer: 3.8015106 Sickle: 22.989737 Scythe: 9.147782 Repairing: 14.159243 Saw: 1.9939965 Pickaxe: 17.850739 Rake: 58.07541 Shovel: 19.403929 Pottery: 1.1624218 Firemaking: 7.1422296 Digging: 34.982483 Mining: 16.807598 Smithing: 2.9795392 Locksmithing: 1.408937 Blacksmithing: 4.881015 Weapon smithing: 1.3284297 Blades smithing: 1.8586279 Ropemaking: 29.234379 Masonry: 16.523418 Stone cutting: 8.560222 Tailoring: 1.2528292 Cloth tailoring: 1.9378527 Characteristics: 0.0 Soul: 23.367245 Soul strength: 21.397638 Soul depth: 26.817589 Mind: 21.776005 Mind speed: 20.135233 Mind logic: 25.793558 Body: 22.177603 Body stamina: 20.702581 Body strength: 24.598879 Body control: 21.308405 The main deed is named Lothloriean Meadows, located at 14x, 48y. Located on the north end of Colossus lake, Lothloriean Meadows offers seclusion and hassle free living. You won't have to deal with noob shack spam or refuse that you see litter more traveled areas of Independence. Lothloriean Meadows is 21 x 37 with 5 perimeter, and upkeep of 1s 55c 40i. It currently has 3s 9c 40i in its coffers. Lothloriean Meadows is primarily a ranch, supporting multiple animal breeding operations. In addition to the main house, there is a very nice church, multiple pens to separate hostile and non-hostile animals, 2 additional living quarters for guests or villagers. There is 1 trader located in the main house, and a merchant located in the self service pens (which are still in development). Many of the grass tiles have already been converted to enchanted grass to keep the pregnant grass feeders well feed. Off deed, there is a farm with a tall hedge privacy fence. Protecting the farm from "over-deeding/perimetering" is an additional deed that is currently un-developed. It allows you to ensure the farm can't be taken over, and since farms don't benefit from being on deed, makes the most of the space around Lothlorien Meadows with a very low upkeep for the amount of area you are able to utilize. The deed will be fully stocked for various professions. There are multiple bsb's filled with everything you need to develop whatever particular skill suits you. Hundreds of hides, copper iron gold, over thousand silver lumps of various ql, the list goes on and on. Everything you would expect from a working deed. The deed will include a rowboat, sailboat a cog, and 4 various colored large carts. Being a working ranch, there are 20+ 5 speed horses, 30+ 4 speed horses, 10+ various colored unicorns, a female champ wildcat, female champ wildcat, unique colored cats and dogs. There are cows, bulls, hell horses and bison. My system at this point is to rotate the pregnant females on deed and move all non-breeding/underage animals off deed to keep the ratio as low as possible. In addition, all tools, a lot of which have various Vyn enchants will be included, including things like a large rare anvil. I could go on, but I'd recommend coming by and having a look for yourself. There's almost too much to list. more pictures are found here: And because I think the church my wife built is so awesome, here's a link that shows that off as well. The deed named "Onward to the edge" is the support deed to the farm. In additional to protecting the farm from hostile deed griefers, I had intended to use the area as additional breeding area. It is 11x11 with 5 perimeter. Deed upkeep is 1s and it currently has 7s 22c 86i and 202 days left before more silver is required. The last deed, named "Rainbow Meadows" is essentially a trader deed. It is located at approx. 48x, 12y. It currently has a few 4 speed horses and a few buidlings. It stands a a project unfinished. It's location isn't one that I'd call great and would suit a hermit. Deed upkeep is 1s and it currently has 5s, 39c 32i and 151 days left before more silver is required. the tl;dr of what up for auction here: 3 toons, 3 deeds, 2 traders, 1 merchant, crap tons of material, bunch of buildings, a few boats, more animals than you really want, and crops coming out of your ears. I believe this combo seems to cater to someone who wants to make some money on the side splitting everything up, or someone who wants a bit of a headstart, but not so much that they aren't left feeling like there's no room for improvement. ************************************************************************* Payment will be accept via paypal in euro or swedish krona Open Bid : 300E Min Increment : 25E sniper protection: 12 hours reserve: hidden Buyout: 500E Note to all those tire kickers out there: I didn't start this auction so you could tell me what you think it's worth. You might not agree with the price, you might have gotten a better deal at some time in your Wurm life, you might think my characters are ugly. Please, unless you are bidding or you have questions, keep your opinions about my auction to yourself. If the price is too high, it will be self evident.
  4. Buyout accepted, please close Located in the North-east desert of the Celebration map, Northern Sanctuary is a village in a fantastic area for hunting. The deed has ocean access and large docks making it accessible for travelers. If you're looking for a great village on Celebration, this is your chance! Located at X38, y5 on the public map found here; The size of Northern Sanctuary is 23 by 61. The perimeter is 5 and it has 0 guards hired. The settlement has 5 silver, 4 copper and 49 iron in its coffers. The monthly cost is 2 silver, 80 copper and 60 iron. The upkeep will last approximately 50 days, 8 hours and 11 minutes more. This settlement has acquired knowledge that increases the productivity bonus of its citizens by 1.5%. A quick sum-up of the deed: A trader is on the deed Deed has a small marketplace consisting of 9 marketstalls A 100 courier mailbox at the market A stable-sales setup for selling livestock through a merchant A 97 courier mailbox and an 88 courier mailbox are in convenient locations on the deed 3 inns on-deed amount to 17 public beds A flat claypit on deed A 74 ql guard tower on deed to protect you from nasties A small sermon site with an altar of each god A small vineyard on deed A very good iron vein on deed A rare, 90 ql floor loom in one of the houses A 2x3 living house for the mayor, containing two beds, 99 courier mailbox, some chests and some other furniture 2 small, and one larger flat area on the deed allow for farming and keeping animals A storage house with a couple of bulkbins, a bed, and a forge There is a small fairground just outside the perimeter of the deed. This contains a 3x3 building with 10 forges, an 11x11 hedge maze, and a wooden inn with 20 beds. There is also an utmost iron vein just off-deed. Images: Starting bid; 30s Min increments of 5s Real currency accepted at a conversion rate of 85e/gold Buyout; discussable in PM Reserve; None Sniper protection; 1hr
  5. As you may or may not know i just bought this deed for 10s and placed a trader on it. I then later found two larger deeds for sale on Pristine for a very good price so now i am wanting to sell this one. I am only asking for what i have in it and that is 50s. The trader is set and earning and has been for three or four days now. I will link to the post where i bought it from for all the info on the mines and stuff but i will post the view as that is the selling point of this deed..IMO Zanzibar Land, located at 31x, 47y (Trader) = 50s Note: I did add in a little bit of upkeep so it will last 54 days now.
  6. so im looking at some posts for deeds and some say they have traders some say merchants. whats the diffrence between them?
  7. Post your offer here if you have one to sell.
  8. Auction is over Winner: Taskmaster Gratz
  9. Selling Ravins Bluff, trader deed. Has 2 very good iron veins, a bunch of lower ql ones, a slate vein, farm, and great hunting opportunities. The upkeep is 2.55s a month with 1 Guard Coastal deed located rufly x 34 on Good neighbours, close to markets. Just asking for my money back. 45silvers.
  10. So, the wiki is a little short on information about how traders actually work and my understanding of the topic is a bit fuzzy. So I decided to start this thread to collect the infoation, this is what I heard sofar: Traders deal with two groups of items: player made and special items. When a trader is created the creator can set a tax rate of up to 40%. He starts out with only 1 Silver and several special items. Player made items The game uses a list of base prices defined by type of item and quality. You can querry that value with the "get price" option. A trader uses this base price and modifies it by some supply and demand values. When he sells an item, he tajes this modified price plus a little gain(?) plus taxes. When he buys something he subtracts gain and taxes. In both cases taxes go to the deed. Once in a while an invisible Kingdom trader comes along to take some items and bring money. This trade isn't necessarily equal though and depends on the success of the trader. Apparently a very successful trader can receive good items in addition to the money as well. Special items Those are not affected by tax. They are never bought back. When the trader sells one of these items he keeps some money and sends some money to the king. The ratio is different from item to item. Transmutation wand: 50S Cost, 38S go to the King, 12S remain with the trader. Settlement form, Merchant and Trader contract: Everyone claims all money goes to the King and the stuff is not affected by tax, so why do trade owners sell these contracts for less? So that's all i found out so far, can anyone add more information or correct mistakes if there are any?
  11. [Close]

    3 trader deeds located on Deliverance server up for auction. Each deed comes with a no-longer premium deed holder toon with level 4 path of knowledge. Each deed also has a mailbox with courier. #1 Cartographer's Vantage Deed size: 17x17 Upkeep: 1s 57c 80i Coffers: 9s 52c 28i Location: 29.5x, 7.5y #2 Eye of Terror Deed size: 17x17 Upkeep: 1s 57c 80i Coffers: 7s 82c 69i Location: 10.5x, 12y #3 Dark Haven Deed size: 23x11 Upkeep: 1s Coffers: 6s 41c 83i Location: 13.5x, 44.5y Please post the number of the deed in front of your bids so I know which one you are bidding on. This is for each one, not the whole lot Starting Bid: 40s each Minimum Increase: 5s Buyout: 55s each Snipe Protection: 1 hour
  12. Sadly dont have time to travel from my main deed on Exodus down here to develop it so I will be selling this lovely quiet little coastal deed. 33*29 in size and comes with a trader It is located at The area is effective a hidden valley but with the added advantage of being right beside water. As such, and as I had made a start on, there is a cave dock for a small boat which needs work on which leads right into the deed. Land is pretty much undeveloped so you can do whatever you want to it. There is silver slate and iron on deed and copper very nearby. Resource wise there is clay nearby and sand and there is also a tar tile on deed but that needs raised as its on the side of a rock face. Anyway, pictures are better than words in this case so here are some pictures Link - Asking price - 40s PM Asciana on here or in game. You will need a premium character to take transfer of the deed
  13. Auctioning a Mountain Top Deed w/ Trader and a Large Magic Chest. Comes with a Path of Knowledge Level 4 character for "Get Info" ability. No Premium, but has been premiumed before, so will not get deleted. No other skills to speak of. Deed Name: Summer Flame Located on Deliverance Server @ 36x 16y The size of Summer Flame is 13 by 19. The village has 6 silver, 54 copper and 41 iron in its coffers. The monthly cost is 1 silver. The upkeep will last approximately 183 days, 5 hours and 38 minutes more. The deed comes with a trader who is secured, a Large Steel Magic Chest, A mailbox with 90 courier cast. There is a large (surface mined) flat area that is mostly empty with a lot of potential to become a nice sized village. There are two well built roads that lead off the top of the mountain that lead some of the way down. Prospecting one spot next to the house shows a very good iron vein and multiple other iron veins and a normal Marble vein. From experience this usually means a lot more of both. I have it on good authority that there is an utmost lead and utmost iron vein under the deed. Starting Bid: 60s Increments: 1s Snipe Protection: 1h No Reserve Buyout: 1g The auction will last for 1 week and will end on Saturday April 27, 2013 @ 8:00pm EST
  14. Welcome all! PUZZLE PLAZA MARKET AND EVENT DEED: LOCATION: 25X 32Y DELIVERENCE SERVER Hello all and welcome to the Puzzle Plaza thread. The Plaza is up and running, The event section should be open in time for a Christmas event. After wroking long hours, Puzzle Plaza is now the main MarketPlace for the whole Deliverence server. I would like to Reach out to all the players that helped with DMP and watched as it fell. The DMP was a place built by many good players all with the right intentions. The reason it was built and the person who birth the idea may have been alittle less forth coming of why. So to all that helped I hope Puzzle Plaza will be in your travels for the future. Accomplishments: Since opening the Market has attracted over 50 mercahnt and has Hosted 2 major events: The server wide god spells were successfully casted on the 22nd of september 2012 and the Troll king was slain one week later on the 30th of september 2012. We are working toward a great place where the whole community can meet up and have fun, make friends, and celebrate this wonderful game we all love to play. Something new: Webbler, Monctonclown, Tep and Snoo have been working on a desert and when complete will be 16,500 tiles in total, making it the biggest desert on Deliverence server. It is located Just west of the main entrence of the Plaza. For all new hunters and all old, it should prove a nice hunting ground and centeral locations for all. The Truth behind the events. After hearing of a place called Puzzles labyrinth, I quickly contacted these Players. Griphyth (also see blog) Faeran (Maze Designer) Nicilie (Building Champion) We Lassoed the Idea together in Fusion of a game/event deed, Comperhensive Market area and a Well designed Puzzle/Labyrinth, in a compact area. The Puzzle: Monthly events ( 1 week on 5-6 weeks off). Games, Mini quests designed by us for the players, Team events with preists needed to complete tasks inside the Labyrinth (challenges for older players) and a 4 day event timer, for starting events at maximum players online ( Sermons between thurs-sat) While players gather for a Sunday event time. The Market: Mini map, Colored sections, Player name and description, trader, mailbox and altars. The Grounds: 8 Bed Inn (perplexed Pillow), Working church with water (Priested pietism), Stable and parking area (Puzzle Parking). Puzzles crew and design team: Faeran, Nicilie, Griphyth, Lizabeth, Snoo, Wulfgar. Mapping and screen shots by Foreverskyz Special Thanks to: kaih, Snoo, Lizabeth, zuperman, Sandyar, Wulfgar, Gumbo, Zivrit ,Raycg, Despise, Clifford, Fig, Bonehunter, Jamesp, Metaldragon, Drago,Willow, Order of Black Rose and all others from Christmas event 2011. ZA|!F3A® Clear, Build and Own the Land!
  15. Starting big: 40s Auction length: 3 days Buyout: None yet, will maybe post one after some offers are received Located at K-40 http://noizeviolatio...wurm/CelebH.png directly south of Amish Paradise (old Raunigi) Selling this deed on the south Celebration server. It is halfway developed, plenty of room to do whatever you'd like and not a lot to take down to start from scratch. The deed is mostly flat, an easy project to complete if necessary. I recently clearcut the trees so they are not that old. I'm afraid the pictures don't show much but it's a big, open deed. I am also including with the deed a 34ql pinewood cog with 10 rafts - the deed is less than a minute by foot from AP's harbor. View from the NE corner, off the Stigg-Amish highway Utmost gold vein Iron vein on deed Many, many lead veins (have not prospected them all but there are at least 20) 98 cast mailbox at token Tar pit on deed 2000+ bricks 1500+ logs Trader (will include 30s+ worth of silver jewelery) Gold Mag and Fo altars Pair of bison 2 pairs of 5 speed horses Any other animals desired negotiable 3 brick storage buildings with 5 brick gatehouses All owned land fenced in 30ql pinewood cog w/10 rafts (min 7s value!) Great starter deed package for a new player, or someone wanting to relocate to Cele. The area is fairly well settled but many neighbor deeds have started to decay. The remaining locals are as kind and friendly as you can get! Happy bidding! Link to larger renders of screenshots:
  16. Title says it, i'd like to make Hand Mirrors as an available item on Traders for purchase, should i ever decide later down the line i'd like to change the look of my character, i'd pay to do it. Changing the name of a deed is 5s, so maybe 1s-5s for mirror. Could also bring in more money to the King! I imagine someone will throw in the 'make an alt and trade it to the character' suggestion.. but.. seriously? I'd rather support the game and save myself the time.
  17. What is the difference really? Can someone perhaps setup bullets for each? Example: Trader Blabbity Bloobity Merchant Blabbity Bloobity ---- Thank you
  18. Auctioning off a no longer needed deed on Independence. Im selling it for (what i consider) a reasonably low price as its only used as a trader deed. Its located just a 10min walk NE from Freedom Market, situated at the foot of Dragon Fang .... 36y, 36x Silvertown is 21x19 - 1s per month and has 65 days in upkeep and no templar. There is no mailbox on deed, but one only a 2min walk away which has a 87 courier cast, a guard tower and tar also in close proximity. 2 single story houses on deed, one housing a trader. There is a mine just off deed, iron and tin veins throughout and also a gold vynora altar. The larger paddock has 4 enchanted grass tiles. Bidding to start at 20s Increments - 1s Reserve - hidden Buyout - 40s Auction to last 6 days unless buyout met in this time.
  19. The deed Vulcan Outpost located on the south east coast of Deliverance (32x 46y on (Low Res).png) is for sale. Its size is 51x29 and surrounded on all 4 sides by Palisades. The deed was planted a few weeks after Deliverance was opened. The deed is surrounded by a small desert and right at the end of the huge steppe, so its a great place for hunting. The mine has plenty of iron veins and a few silver veins, but its not expanded very much and I know there are many uncovered silver veins in the western part of the deed ("Prospected" with a priest of Magranon and the Mole Senses spell). There are also 10 forges for fast smelting of ores inside the mine. The deed also has a trader and a large magic chest. The chest has 6 damage due to 1 months inactivity, but if you make sure to open it occasionally it will last forever. It was bought 9 months ago. There are a 110 tiles farm, a 70 tiles enchanted animal pen, and a rather large area currently unused next to the 30 tile large BSB storage house. There are 5 buildings. 1 is the 10x3 storage building, 1 farm building with 3 forges, 1 6x6 house originally made to be an inn, a 5x2 smithing house (5 forges, 7 coffins and 5 bsb's) and a 5x5 house with the trader, large magic chest, and 3 beds. Feel free to ask questions. Starting bid: 50s minimum bid increment: 1s Hidden reserve: Yes Buyout: 1 gold 50s No private bids accepted except buy out. The auction ends March 13, 20:00 GMT (1 week from posting).
  20. Ever wanted to own your own island? Hell, haven't we all? Well my friend, this is your opportunity to not only own any island, but one with all the resources you'll need; pre-packaged materials, boats, homes and crops, not to mention it is completely self-sufficient with five traders to pay for all your upkeep! So what do you get exactly? Let's break it down: Deeds, each with it's own mayor account: The Dark Island: 33x33 with 19 perimeter. Upkeep until 14th May 2013. Housed trader & Merchant. Mayor Darkebony. Upkeep per month is 3 silver, 77 copper and 40 iron. The Dark Island Docks: 43x17 with 5 perimeter. Upkeep until 5th June 2013. Mayor Darkblood. Upkeep per month is 1 silver, 46 copper and 20 iron. The Dark Island Western Shore: 61x51 with 10 perimeter. Upkeep until 15th May 2013. Housed trader. Mayor Darkdrake with knowledge path level 4. Upkeep per month is 6 silver, 93 copper and 20 iron. The Dark Island Southern Point: 29x61 with 6 perimeter. Upkeep until 23rd May 2013. Housed trader. Mayor Darkrage with knowledge path level 4. Upkeep per month is 3 silver and 65 copper. The Dark Island Northern Zone: 17x45 with 20 perimeter. Upkeep until 13th May 2013. Housed trader. Mayor Darkreaper with knowledge path level 6. Upkeep per month is 3 silver and 21 copper. The Dark Island N W Sector: 31x21 with 5 perimeter. Upkeep until 27th July 2013. Housed trader. Mayor Morrigan with knowledge path level 4. Upkeep per month is 1 silver, 30 copper and 20 iron. You may notice there is another deed, Dedri's Homestead, this is an alliance member who left Wurm last September. He is inactive, his deed is 21x21 and due to disband in August. Accounts: Most of the mayors are placeholders with knowledge 4 for getinfo. Darkblood & Darkebony do not have this knowledge power. Darkreaper is higher at Crooked level for this path. He also has some skills, listed here; Skills dumped at 19-Jan-2013 ----- Religion: 0.0 Alignment: -100.0 Faith: 52.921726 Favor: 44.242405 Skills: 0.0 Paving: 1.0 Prospecting: 3.3096483 Religion: 24.348232 Prayer: 20.28197 Channeling: 36.037167 Preaching: 12.868128 Archery: 22.693012 Long bow: 17.073582 Climbing: 4.6103315 Shields: 4.4351587 Medium wooden shield: 1.0 Large metal shield: 5.389733 Axes: 11.586208 Hatchet: 13.977327 Swords: 2.4745123 Shortsword: 3.5660698 Knives: 4.810752 Carving knife: 7.15997 Woodcutting: 22.952003 Mauls: 7.0375075 Medium maul: 10.740481 Carpentry: 16.018515 Fletching: 15.877809 Nature: 8.490046 Fishing: 1.0 Meditating: 15.677306 Farming: 1.3882244 Botanizing: 13.989402 Foraging: 5.5080314 Cooking: 1.3733177 Butchering: 2.6994445 Fighting: 2.781409 Normal fighting: 20.077026 Defensive fighting: 1.0 Weaponless fighting: 1.8381438 Miscellaneous items: 39.19602 Stone chisel: 17.11533 Hammer: 11.686676 Repairing: 18.000734 Pickaxe: 55.59436 Shovel: 29.155935 Pottery: 4.373137 Firemaking: 2.2681782 Digging: 39.80438 Mining: 52.452057 Masonry: 42.712826 Stone cutting: 25.526024 Characteristics: 0.0 Soul: 22.83884 Soul strength: 25.955044 Soul depth: 20.980711 Mind: 22.52404 Mind speed: 19.982649 Mind logic: 26.157854 Body: 22.331507 Body stamina: 20.073927 Body strength: 25.752592 Body control: 20.151999 Resources: The island has it's own tar, two clay spots, sand, dirt, lots of unmined rock. There are several discovered iron veins of varying ql (including an upmost and very good) and a top-ql gold vein I bought myself. I've also prospected silver, copper and zinc on the uncovered rock areas. The island is covered in trees (pine, willow, oak, cedar, no fruit trees) and one or two thorns. Hunting: The island is dangerously good hunting, right now there's two champ trolls running about. You can expect raging scorpions, spiders, hellhounds, bears, wolves, lions and trolls. Ships: As I haven't been able to sell them, you get these ships included (will be owned by Darkblood at handover); Caravel 'The Emperor's Wrath', oak, 68ql, pretty good lock, anchor. Caravel 'The Festering Scythe', cherry, 52.9ql, poor lock, anchor and 44 rafts. Corbita 'Evil Overlord', cedar, 31ql, poor lock, anchor. Knarr 'Carrion Eater', cherry, 70ql, very good lock, anchor and 40 rafts. Cog 'Nocturnal Harbinger', oak, 41ql, poor lock, anchor. Included materials and extras: You get everything already on the deeds, some estimates are; 10, 898 bricks 15, 119 mortar 100 logs 1, 279 slate shingles 4, 120 planks 1, 193 small nails 150 marble slabs 329 cordage ropes (trader food) 320 mooring ropes (trader food) 494 steel lumps 498 coal 4, 000 lead lumps 55 slabs 48 fence bars 820 wemp 500+ cotton 200 frying pans 100 support beams + ribbons 7 gnomes Screenies: Screenshots, and that winter texture, do not do the place justice. I highly recommend viewing the place in person. At it's longest length I think the island is some 200 tiles across. Your nearest neighbour is across at crater lakes sanctuary, only viewable in local from the docks. The full folder of screenies can be found here; I think that covers everything. Don't be put off by the upkeep's, the traders happily pay for those. I am selling all of this, together, for 250e. It pays for itself, so I'm happy to wait for a buyer.
  21. Deed 41X38

    Deed is "Stay Off The Grass" Located on Deli at 21x 46y Was carved out of the southern forest by myself with a little help from a friend (Jaytee). Has been resized a few times do to growth/need of more room. Has clay and sand in the area for the masons who need mortar. Also has grape bushes and maple trees on and off deed for thewine makers. Want to start fresh on a new server with new view and new people to get to know. Comes with: Boathouse and 2x2 pen (off deed but on south coast) Trader RARE Guardtower 70ql (6 guards) 2 mines include 4 iron viens: 2x good, 1 normal, 1 utmost 1 well many small pens 1 large pen ( some enchanted grass) 2 fenced in areas for fields/other catapult 8 story house 3 horse stables in large pen spirit castle with 64 courier cast bell tower coffin 3 beds some bsbs Winery (included is a winebarrel, large barrel,and fsb) Bakery (includes oven, fsb, bsb, large barrel) church (includes all 3 altars of light faiths) Not Included: Crops Animals tools Armour May take some bsbs boats lamps In Coffers: 11s 31c 8i upkeep is: 3s 3c 40i upkeep left: 104d 9h 13min Pictures are here untill I can find another way to show them: Starting bid: 40s bid incuments:1s No BuyOuts Private bid excepted PM Cijifan in game on Deli for a walkaround if wanted or if you have any questions. Will update as I remember more.
  22. Some leftover deeds my vultures haven't picked clean. Each deed comes with a trader in a safehouse, the mayor account and anything lying about on the deed or in buildings. Accept cash (40s = 28e) or coin. Paypal verified for cash. Inde All gone! Exo Gone! Celeb All gone! Pristine Gone!