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Found 8 results

  1. Simple suggestion: Let us dye towers I just made a full large amphora of dye only to find out it won't do.
  2. I really do think that PMKs should be able to design what their Guard Tower should look like. Right now i think we have 2 MR base, 3 BL base, and maybe 2 JK based kingdoms. I could be wrong on the numbers. But now depending on what kind of kingdom base PMK you want, that is the tower design you get. The guards are wearing the tabard of the kingdom base you choose, not the design you make. I think it will make your PMK more unique if you can run around the map and be able to tell what kingdom area you are running into based on what the tower looks like. Either with the design and look of the tower or just have the banner, or tall banner design hanging from the side and the guards wearing your kingdom design. Just a thought
  3. Some time ago i loved our HOTS towers, the most awesome looking badass towers in Wurm. But now something amazing just happened. The tower which looked like this. Now look like this lol Now its our duty to get that changed. Devs and designers work really hard and we all loved the new scale sets. But this is a fail in my experience. Please revert the HOTS tower look. Thanks
  4. You too can own one of these beautiful Empire of Mol-Rehan wagons on the Freedom cluster now!!! Price: 5 Silver They can be picked up on Deliverance at Zanarkand (N19) .(You will need to bring your own horses if traveling by land or either a knarr, corbita or caravel if traveling by sea. Also, wagon delivery charges are PER wagon since onlt one wagon fits in a ship) If you need delivery, we can handle that for you at these prices:(Delivery is to knarr or corbita accessible areas only, you will have to bring your own horses to pick them up if traveling inland) Deliverance or Exodus: 1 Silver Celebration or Independence : 1.5 Silver West Xandu: 1 Silver East Xandu: 2 Silver Release: 2.5 Silver Pristine: 3 Silver **note: If you would like to choose the type of wood used, please place order thru forum pm with wood type desired, and allow approx. 1 day for delivery. PM Nsu in game or on the forums to place your order today!!!! Also selling these beautiful Empire of Mol-Rehan Banners 50 copper each and Flags only 40 copper each!**note** These can not be mailed. How about a beautiful new towering MR Tall Banner or two? Only 1 silver each (due to amount of materials used)(These can not be mailed) Want to have a towering MR silo style tower on your deed? We'll start one for you for only 50c (as of 8/29 these can no longer be mailed). That's one of these nice towers for only a few copper and then the effort to finish it on your deed!!!**note** Unfinished towers can no longer be mailed Merchant with towers located at Zanarkand (Deliverance N19) All prices are for in-game user to user trades only, purchases from my merchant at Zanarkand on Deli are a few coppers more to cover taxes charged by the game.
  5. First off: PMK tabards randomly switch to template-kingdom tabards while wearing them. (this bugs out only for the wearer and is commonly occuring) Secondly: Towers, Guards, Battlecamps all show the template kingdom flags, not PMK ones.
  6. Would you like one of those new fancy towers on your deed? What about one of those cool new decoration? What about a high ql loom, wagon or a cart. You have come to the right place! I have 90+ in FC and Carpentry and can make it all happen. Just let me know what ya need and we can arrange a way to get it. Have already built an archery tower! And it was just released, yes i am that fast! Pm me here for questions!
  7. So, with the new style "building towers" how does catapulting work? Can you aim at any specific level of the tower? Do you take out each wall section of each level independantly or are there rules involved? If all of the walls at a level get destroyed what happens to all the higher walls? A scenario I can imagine happening ... In a town is a building say 5 units tall having all but one of the base walls destroyed then during an attack a bunch of people can go into and up to the higher floors. One other can catapult the remaining wall so you have a free floating building which can no longer be climbed. Players in the floating tower are unreachable by the attackers. I think you can still fire from windows so potentially it makes for safe defence.