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Found 81 results

  1. rare walls

    I was thinking about the options that we have with rare bricks and they seem to be very limited. Rare walls are not part of the game currently because they would serve no purpose other than glow. Granted, if they had glow, the performance of the game would be reduced even further. So heres my suggestion. Add rare walls but dont add the glow to them. Reduce the dmg taken over time, either on or off deed for this type of walls. Reduce dmg taken by bash/catapults to this walls unless its the deed mayor while on deed, or the wall creator while off deed. If it comes as a rare door, make it resistant to bashing/ catapult dmg and resistance to lockpicking. I dont know if it sounds good but it just came to my head. Please give you feedback.
  2. Drumroll and Affinity

    Suggestion if we can have a tiny chance% to get a Affinity in the skills that triggered it when we get a rare Drumroll? ***** Example: You have a feeling of inspiration and gain +1 affinity in Farming
  3. Chaos is unfriendly to newcomers and if they wish to settle down they will most likely need to join one of the few existing kingdoms by running out in the wild and never to return. There are hermits but hermits can’t be neighbours or live nearby because they'll be revealed by everyone. I want Freedom Isle to have a foothold in Chaos with an option to be attackable and buildable settlement. I suggest opening up a test settlement (Hunter’s Lodge) for premium and freebie players to build within this settlement. Also the first and only settlement that is possible to be attacked and upkeep-ed by the game itself. Players should be able to build, prosper and defend against other foes. A certain restriction of how large anyone can build must take place and other restrictions regarding what can be changed and what not. How to join Hunter’s Lodge: - Right click on the village board and click “Useâ€, window opens up and asks you if you wish to be a part of the Hunter’s Lodge and some further agreement on how to use the settlement agreement. Once you’ve done that you’ll be able to see Village chat and gain ability to build and remove things in the village, except the existing buildings like the Church, Tavern, Portal and so forth! Problems: What if someone starts building in this settlement and never return back? - His buildings and items will be destroyed by the GM after 15 days. The amount of guards, spirits and players is just too much. Maybe balance it out? - Amount of guards will shrink through time to a normal settlement level; the more players who choose to build and live actively in Hunter’s Lodge the faster rate of disappearance of guards will be stationed in Hunter’s Lodge. What if Hunter’s Lodge gets attacked and no one is there to defend it? - Until then, there will be few players to defend it. Not many, but surely some and when the walls are down the repairing that needs to be done comes from the villagers themselves. Villagers cannot remove gates or walls. What if other Kingdoms find this idea threating to their increase of memberships? - Other kingdoms have ways to make their Kingdoms more exciting, interesting and competitive while Freedom Isle's (Hunger's Lodge) does not. Hunter's Lodge does have access to local mines and some inland lake but that's really it. It's meant for starters and defenders only. Other Kingdoms use Hunter's Lodge as a spawn point for alts and visitors, are you aware of that? - Yes and they can still use it as they've done before. As long as they walk bit further into the woods... ;-)So what does the players of Chaos think about this? Pro's & Cons? /// Easter
  4. land map

    i had an idea this morning.... its gone now. hehe here it is land use map, direct from devs. only thing its shows is deeded vs non-deeded land. helpful tool for noobs needing to select a direction to start out for dropping new deeds yeah not for use on pvp servers, Thanks new_unsleep
  5. Please make Xanadu like Pristine/Release (fresh start), but without possibility to plant Traders to avoid "The Drama". I know we need place to buy tokens/merchants/sleep powders/magic chests etc., but you can implement "Spirit Traders" who can only sell items (no draining) and who cost for example 1000 Karma to place and then 100/week to maintain. Villagers could work together to maintain Spirit Trader on their deed by completing missions. Wurm is giving possibility to be real community game, but in other hand it's giving tools to keep players just on their one person deeds without any interactions with other players / deed owners in game*. They just ordering what they need by forum and checking mailbox. What would happen if we get rid of them? Now I'm not trying to get high blacksmithing, because I know, that I can order any 90ql tool for the price of 1k bricks. If we get rid of spirit castles on such a huge server you would make place for a lot more Master Carpenters, Master WeaponSmiths, Master Tanners and for a lot local markets. Even having personal merchant on own deed and letting people to travel and visiting you to get best quality armour/tools/weapons would be great. With real regional veins (except of iron?), if west people would have to travel couple of hours to far east to get gold it would make prices of gold lumps/jewelry different depends on location. Marble and Slate veins would determinate architecture in different parts of Xanadu. If you would let us to make tools/weapons from copper, bronze, brass, tin etc. with (without) small differences of for example speed/durability/imping difficulty you could make iron regional as well. And one more thing - don't let us to transfer money from old clusters. More real money for Wurm and less huge deeds since server start. Not really popular suggestions, but I would like to see it ingame. *I know, that everyone has right to play whatever they like and I know, that I don't have to use "mailboxes", but I need to if I want to sell my items. I just would like Wurm to be more social game with more ingame interaction with other players.
  6. Hello, I've got two suggestions: Add a visual representation of the action queue, where you are able to remove actions from the end and the middle of it by clicking. Maybe it could look like a couple of squares next to each other like the buff/debuff area we have now. Clicking on a square will remove the action from the queue. The ability to say things in your Event. I use files to load up different sets of tools and binds, one could use this "eventsay" to notify the user what has been activated, as an example. This suggestion is only minor, but would probably not be hard to implement.
  7. Wheelbarrow

    I was to ress this topic- The wheelbarrow. Its a great idea has purpose with out being op. And matches the style of wurm with the whole medivalish theme. Were peasants let us enjoy the lovely filth! Heres the original topic; The only thing i would add is that it be movable between ships and the like. So you don't have to make a small cart when you go to a clay pit for example just carry the wheel barrow drop it and take it back throw your clay and wheelbarrow int he boat head home. Or you can through one in the boat on the way to a friends place to help them with a project. Would also be a great addition to foraging and botanizing, less lilky to get stuck on pesky tress and such.
  8. How about the possibility of adding sub forums to the current "want to sell' and "want to buy" parts of the forums. A Sub forum for each server that is imbedded into the main one would allow people who want to market to their server specificaly can. This would allow people who want to sell cluster wide have ther post not get drowned out by "local" market type adverts. Also people could more easily find what they are looking for on their server or see if they need to expand their search to a longer range. Also a cluster specific price check area or basic market information sharing part of the forum wouldn't be bad to help remove clutter from the actually buisness part of the forum.
  9. It seems that when you right click something it is always random the way the selections are sorted. Take for example my priest, when I want to cast, I am always having to look through the long list of spells to find the one I need. Would it be hard to make the options in alphabetical order when right clicking. Just food for thought and thanks for your time!
  10. Castle Doors Poll

    Devs should add casle doors like this one for example: It would greatly enhance the medieval look of Wurm and make "Kingdoms" look like real kingdoms with real castles. Please share your thoughts. Edit: Please if you vote no, explain why...
  11. Bedrolls

    Many new players seem to want some sort of sleep bonus, yet do not yet have the skills to construct a bed. They also may not yet have chosen a site to build a hut or permanent home. What about a bedroll as a compromise? It could be made of easily gathered materials like cotton and grass, and maybe an herb, for scent and to keep off the bedbugs. The sleep bonus would be at discounted rate. It would be carried with the player, in the backpack, and could be laid down each night and taken up each morning. This might decrease the proliferation of decaying beds across the Wurm landscape.
  12. Composting

    Composting is a process that has been around a long time - all the way into the B.C.'s I'd suggest a construct make-up similar to a charcoal pile - 2 dirts and 20 wood scraps - to start the compost pile. As the compost pile sits and heats up and decomposes matter it produces compost or fertilizer. Fertilizer can be on growing crops to increase the quantity produced, or the quality of the final produce, or expedites the growth process. However, unlike a charcoal pile, a compost pile would require (organic) items to be deposited into it to keep "feeding" it to produce compost - things like wood scrap, or filets, or foraged/botanized items. That's the short version of my 1:30AM EST idea. -end suggestion-
  13. More Variety In Horse Breeds

    i think it would be nice to have more specific breeds of horses, instead of just a plain horse that comes in different colors. for example a dappled grey horse, or a clidesdale, or an arabian stallion, etc. any breed of horse just graphics tailored towards specifics
  14. In Game Auction House

    My idea is that every starter deed has an auction house, in them is a special NPC where you can set up and view auctions. It would need to have a pretty good GUI with ways to search auctions, find auctions by category and see new auctions. There could be a small fee for setting up an auction or not, that's up to the devs. On freedom this should be for all servers in a cluster, each auction house would be linked into 1 big continuous global auction, just for some sanity and to make it more useful. On epic I guess each kingdom would need their own. Traders could sell, for maybe 5s, a new type of NPC called an auction runner. It would let you set up a place for anyone to use the auction house remotely. Alternatively, mailboxes could be updated to do the same function and charge a small fee for the run. Pros - Safer and more convenient auction trading. - A way to see the "average" current price for items. - A new type of functional public building people could make if the NPC auction runner is used. - Money sink. Cons - It could make merchants less useful in their traditional role, but they would have some use still. - Money sink. - It would effect the economy, may be good or bad in the long run but it would effect it So, what do you think.
  15. Smelt Unwanted Locks

    My affinitiy is in Locksmithing, so I would VERY much want to use that to get my QL up and put some REALLY nice on my gates and doors eventually, etc.. But I have so many low QL locks that I don't know what to do with! I cant sell them obviously, (who wants a 8 - 20ql lock? Peh. You could make yourself one easy.) I guess, I just really wish I could smelt them down to make something new. Right now I have a bit of a graveyard of unwanted locks I've been practicing smithing with. I pray this idea hasn't already been submitted, and I am very sorry if it has. xxx ****(For now, I say Locks only, because I don't want people stealing keys and smelting those too. I could see some griefers doing that randomly for fun and it seems like that'd be a bit of an annoyance for people, especially newbies, perhaps, just like the key appears in the inventory when the lock is created, we can remove the key the same way after the lock is gone, but only if it is in the inventory, or with the lock.)
  16. Fur Needs A Little Love

    OK i didnt put much thought into this but I notice that fur is only used for beds, and i thought it would be amazing if you can use them for other furniture and Fur Clothing Like say you have an Oakwood Chair, why not use a fur on it for a padded Oakwook Chair We can have Bear Fur Cloaks or Wolf Cloaks, with the head of the animal fur you used as a head cover (this would obviously only work with the helmet off, or have the hood off when wearing a helmet) Toss in your other ideas guys this is all i could think off in 2 minutes
  17. Hey all wurmians and developers who are reading this. I would suggest few things. Sailing boat - I know there would be lot players who would say that the sail is disturbing, and it really is. Would be nice if the rig would be higher, so the sail would be higher and won't disturb players to see around, or you could make smaller sail. Walking on bigger ships - This would be great if you could move around Corbita,Knarr,Cog,Caravel and could enter below deck,captain's room. There even could be more board fights with this. Also, you could move and shoot,see from all sides of ships. Would be nice if you could make bed, tables, barrels, chest in the ships, and when walking to access them. Cloth armoury - Im been quite suprised about cloth armour. The hood is blue, why the sleeves are red? Also, would be really nice and it would be bigger roleplay IF clotharmour could be painted. It would be nice if you can paint it as you like, that would be big bonus. Multiple armours - We have plate,chain,leather,cloth armour. Would be handful if you could wear Chainset under Plate set (This would give more armour bonus, but would slow down the player) Cloth set under Chainset (Chainset would have little bonus) Thanks for reading this, Waiting for your comments and i think those are useful suggestions. Your Zibens.
  18. i believe a boomerang would make a great addition to ranged weaponry. essentially, you throw the boomerang from a distance of point blank to maybe 10 tiles, it hits (or misses, which gives better opportunity for instant recovery) then, based on your boomerang skill, you get a chance for instant recovery (similar to arrows dropping chance, but you dont have to go pick it up). there may also be a chance if it misses that it flies off somewhere (dropped in a random nearby location) and you have to search for it to recover (which is unfair to those of us with fancy graphics, but who can throw boomerangs perfectly?) perhaps also add a boomerang satchel so if one goes off flying, or isnt recovered, you automatically equip another to throw.
  19. Allow Us To Crouch

    With the new tall grass, it would be awesome if i could crouch in the grass XD idk maybe add some stats so when your crouched you are half as likely to aggro an animal or half the distance of enemy aggro to you, and make your footsteps quiet so you cant aggro animals from behind Either way i just wanna hide in the grass
  20. Womens Clothes Please

    I think it's a legitimate request.It's been mentioned in other forum posts. Can we just get this topic recongnised?
  21. Hey there! What if you could train your normal pet, like a brown bear, into a champion brown bear? The Idea: You get a "killcounter" for your pet, the pet have to fight aswell, not just stand 5 tiles behind you and watch you fight. And after like hunting down together 50-100(?) critters, your pet will become a champion. Your pet have to be tamed the whole time, if it go untame the counter will reset to zero! This way it becomes a lot harder and not everyone can get a champ easily. Maybe finetuning needed, but thats the idea. Greetz Kamie!
  22. Cloth Barding

    Cloth Barding should be a means to decorate ones horse without a speed penalty. When visible armour comes out, I'm hoping that you'll be able to at least dye the barding different colours, with a possible further enhancement of being able to make Kingdom-themed bardings. In another game I used to play, everyone from my group would use blue barding so we could easily identify who was who without having to worry about shooting or killing a horse that was actually ours. I think if this were to be implemented alongside of Kingdom styled cloth barding, it would allow for a more user-friendly experience, as well as eye candy. How can a red and black cloth barding not look nice on a black horse? An image below is kind of what I'm looking towards seeing, but perhaps without the head-guard. This kind of barding should have little to no impact at all on a horse's speed to allow for use on Freedom without complaints. Perhaps armour like the above could be customized by changing the emblems on parts of the armour, or having a different base colour per Kingdom. Mol-Rehan would get a red, black, and yellow barding (fire based) of some sorts while Jenn-Kellon's barding would be more geared towards a blue and green colour (water and landscape based). HoTS's barding would be primarily black. What are your opinions on the matter?
  23. Polearms currently are not used much at all as a wepon class by wurmians. This could be rectified by adding a medium defensive or parray bonus to polearm class wepons. A staff or spear is a smuch a defensive tool as it is an offencive one as shown by most of the fighting styles that implement these wepons. in short i suggest these changes/additions *Improve parray chance or some other defensive bonus for polearms *bonus is not added when defending against archery *Add a shield bash type ability with polearms *Make polearms give a small bonus to climbing and stanima usage while climbing *Possibly a staff type wepon made with a staff and a gem that has favor stored in it to slightly improve preist abilities *A one handed short spear with 1.5 damage to mounted and pierce damage type comments welcome
  24. I would like to see stone tombstones/headstones.1 Players could place them as a memorial to other players who've come and gone over the years, and/or keep a graveyard. It'd be a simple and fun decoration to add on a rainy weekend. 1. This isn't more important than Multistory Buildings. Nothing on earth, not even the Geneva Conventions, not even Miley Cyrus's new haircut, is more important that Multistory Buildings. This is one of those "save for later" ideas. EDIT: This has been implemented. Thank you, CCAB! http://forum.wurmonl...ll-stone-walls/
  25. As the title suggests, I've had an idea concerning how we currently improve items that we cant pick up (guard towers, forges, chests etc etc) First lets familiarize ourselves with the content : We have two semi-new elements in the GUI - the target window, and the selected bar. The target window is really beginning to flesh out and fulfill its function without being too much of a clutter (random suggestion concept : somehow merge the target window with the fight window?). I'm loving how it shows the kingdom icons and health currently, and there's so much room for improvement there its really a fantastic GUI element. The selected bar however, I feel, is slightly useless. I cannot for the life of me think of an example when it would make my gaming experience more streamline or easier or benefit it in any way. Here's my suggestion : Modify the layout of the selected bar to match that of the targeted bar (an icon element, a name bar element, and an info bar element). The icon section could reflect whatever ingame item you have selected (a basic model, or 2d icon image would suffice) The name section would obviously still show the name of the selected item The info bar shows relevant information to the selected item (e.g What it requires to be improved, its current QL and damage) There we have it, a slight tweak to an existing GUi element to make it the equivalent of a PVE targeting window. Think of it as a crafters targeter. Akin to when we were gifted with the little "imp" column in our windows. Some examples of its use : Rushing through ruins clicking on items to see what has damage worthy of repairing Improving any item that can't be picked up (no longer need to examine) monitoring tile edge slopes while digging (i know we have the mouseover but this could be handy also) It would go a long way to further reducing the requirement for heavy event window spam - less text is best! Pro's and Con's would be appreciated, and any further suggestions / modifications to the concept. Please limit comments to constructive criticism otherwise.