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Found 236 results

  1. 1s each, can delver to any starter town on Xanadu. I'm located in P22 Xanadu, so will also consider delivering to coastal locations on other servers. PM if interested.
  2. WTB Body Strength & Body Stamina affinities. Also willing to offer Small wooden shield, Prayer, Baking, Mauls, Trebuchet, Excorcism, Hatchet, Butchering Knife, Large Metal Shield, Small Maul. Also willing to purchase multiple affinities if for instance you got 3 and aren't sure if the BS ones will transfer on the first death. Also buying Sleep Powder.
  3. WTB lots of sleep powder. Will pick up anything over 10+ on any coast except Xanadu. Paying 1s per sleep powder. Kil
  4. Looking to sell 15 sleep powder for 10 silver on Xanadu - meeting at Glasshollow Market (token). All sold, thanks!
  5. WTB Sleep Powder Sellers should have 5 or greater for me to travel to them. Will travel anywhere except Xanadu and Chaos. I'm looking for 30+ all up at 1s each Cheers Cold
  6. I have 7 Referrals available 6.5s. also 7 Sleep Powders @ 1s each - currently on Xan but could deliver to a another servers coastline - except Chaos obviously **** All Sold ****
  7. I have 9 sleep powder for sale - 1s each or 7s if you take all nine. I can deliver them to any starting deed on Xana.
  8. 30 sleep powder for 30s. Will deliver anywhere but chaos as long as you can invite to your village or can meet at starter town.
  9. Selling 52 sleep powders 1s each or 50s for the lot. Buyer must pickup from the NW Xanadu/Glasshollow area, but I can be flexible on the exact pickup point between Glasshollow Market, Glasshollow Lagoon, Glasshollow spawn, or Silver Glass. PM me on forums or Tathar in-game to arrange a pickup.
  10. Hello, I have for sell 9 x sleep powder - 1s ea SOLD 3x yellow potion - 10c ea rare rope tool - 5s rare clay shaper - 2s emerland 28,50ql - 20c buyer pays cod discount for purchase of all 9 sleep powder's for 8,9 s, 8,5s if you pick up your self deliwery or pickup L - 26 on Xanadu PM on forum or in Wurm nick "Kolekcjoner" PS. I like a bargain
  11. Will deliver 3 sleeping powders a reasonable distance from vrock landing have boat will travel or Vrock Landing..thanks.. over and out..
  12. I have 7 sleep powder for sale, and I will include free delivery to anywhere. Please make offers, thank you.
  13. A few items for sale, as listed: Rare practice doll, 50.37q - 2s - can be mailed Rare spatula, oakenwood 76.24 - 2s Rare grindstone, 20.96ql - 1.5s I am also selling 7 sleep powders, 1s each. 6.5 if you buy them all at once. I am located on independence, and can deliver the powders to The Howl, or they may be picked up from L18, crystal lake.
  14. Selling 7 sleep powder for 6s total, pick up only at I-16. You may PM Atheline in-game, or send me a message on the forums. Thanks!
  15. WTS 12 sleep powders for 1silver each or if you buy 10 for 9s50c or all for 11s40c (95c each ) Will deliver for free to Summerholt. PM Rhea on forum or Rheascope in game !
  16. As title mentions, looking to possibly sell a few items... 1. 86 quality tin rake 2. 93 quality tin file 3. Seven (7) sleep powders delivered to Lormere Feel free to make offers here or in PM.
  17. Asking 23 silver for the lot. Delivery to any starter town on Xanadu. Thanks
  18. Howdy ladies and gentlements, Seeling 40 sleep powders on Exodus. 1s per sleep powder OR 10 SP 9,5 s 20 SP 18,5 s 30 SP 27 s 40 SP 35 s No delivery. Pickup at Port Royal (k9 on Exodus) Post here, PM on forums or ingame. Enjoy
  19. I have a few odds and ends I'd like to sell (specifically, what I mentioned in the title). I can't travel, so the sleep powder and spyglass are pick-up only. Sleep Powder: 75 copper each or best offer; 7 in stock 70.00 QL Spyglass: 3 silver or best offer Yellow Potions: 5 copper each; 25 in stock
  20. I'm selling 2x sleep powder for 2s (1s each). Pick up in southeast Deliverance @ Dunegard (X-40, Y-38). I can also deliver to places in the south, southeast or east of Deli. PM me here or in game (Yaga). SOLD
  21. I have 2 sleep powder in Xanadu P13 or delivery to south area possible. Also 2 sleep powder on Independence delivery possible everywhere. I would also bring 2 sleep powder to the impalong on Deli if someone needs it there. Price: 1s each
  22. WTS Sleep Powder, I currently have 8 of them. 1SP=1s Located in Xanadu, Willing to travel to Vrock Landing ~ or ~ G-8 West Coast (not inland)
  23. Looking to buy sleep powders in bulk if possible. Willing to travel if you're selling a decent amount. PST/PM arakiel or just post here. Thanks.
  24. I'm selling 6x sleep powder for 6s (1s each). Pick up in southeast Deliverance @ Dunegard (X-40, Y-38). I can also deliver to places in the south, southeast or east of Deli. PM me here or in game (Yaga). [SOLD]
  25. Looking to sell 15 Sleep powder for 15 silver. Don't have to buy all at once, will do smaller lots for 1sp/1s. Xanadu L13