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Found 122 results

  1. Deeds need to become more secure in the PvE environment especially pertaining to crafted items like ships being built on deed. If one is building a ship and has one piece left to place to finish the creation, it should be able to be left until the person whom you intend ownership of it can come with your permission to finish it. I believe that people with shoreline properties should not have to build inside a building and use the "ship transporter," if they want to build a ship. It makes little sense that one cannot build a ship on a deed tile right next to the water without the possibility of some random player coming, finishing it, and leaving with it, even with the deed roles being locked to the public. As people pay for deeds and maintainence of them, it is not unreasonable to have some expectation of security on those tiles, in the PvE environment. I do realize that such a suggestion would not work in the PvP environment, due to the mechanics and type of game play. The members in my alliance all believe that PvE deeds should have ironclad security for all containers and crafted items and I speak for all of us. Moreover, if this idea of securing crafted items like ships cannot be implemented due to coding or another unforeseeable mechanical issue, than at the very least, there should be some sort of event logging system or tool that GMs can use to help with recovery or find out where it has gone other than using "tracking." A player can track. GMs should have access to other tools to assist them with this. In the event they have been provided such tools, I then must pose the question, why are they not being used? Finally, most new players are not aware of this type of situation and would assume the safety of items they are crafting on their deeds and the safety of containers on their deeds, whether inside a building or not. Issues of this nature could likely cause a domino effect with player retention, as people will become frustrated, that they cannot have security on spaces they pay to rent in the game and items they make can go missing without support being able to asisst them more, than telling them that "it's a costly lesson." Overall, it can equate to a loss of revenue and bad name developing for Wurm, which would be a shame, especially with all the new players we are expecting to join this gaming community.
  2. in game name zarroc pm me
  3. Not sure if this was the MR version or for freedom but it has a red cross and looks amazing. I sure hope they get the depth sorted on them so they can be more usable because they are really nice... Now the rest of the boats are on test too but i am just posting the caravel as it is my favorite one.
  4. Greetings all ! "You see a corbita under construction. Ql: 34.71798, Dam: 0.0. The corbita needs 1 peg to be finished." Buyer choose wood type After it will be fihished, i improve it to 65+ql Included: Boat lock Mooring anchor Pristine & Release free delivery Price: 5s You can order additional up to 49 Large crates for 7 c/each. Thank you for attention.
  5. Another fine auction, brought to you by The Gnome Depot! Click here to visit The Gnome Depot bulk goods store! You are bidding on the following Supreme Row Boat [19:46:06] A small rowing boat that will accommodate three people. This is a supreme example of the item, with fine details and slick design. Colors: R=80, G=172, B=80. It is locked with a lock of very poor quality. It is made from cedarwood. You must use a file to smooth out the "Mini Gnomemobile" in order to improve it. Ql: 30.146585, Dam: 0.0. It is moored here. The name of the owner, Gnomegates, has been etched in the stern. Great to have for exploring the new server with! Find your new home before anyone else does!! Ships sail faster, still capped at their maximum. A rare ship will have an increase in speed as if there were another passenger on board. Starting Bid: 10s Minimum Increments: 1s Reserve: None Buyout: Offers Accepted Snipe Protection: 1 Hour Pristine and Release Coastal delivery available for a fee. Free dockside pick up on Release.
  6. Greetings all ! "You see a knarr under construction. Ql: 24.802986, Dam: 0.0. The knarr needs 1 peg to be finished." Buyer choose wood type After it will be fihished, i improve it to 60+ql Included: Boat lock Mooring anchor Pristine & Release free delivery Price: 15s You can order additional 40 Large crates for 3 s (7.5c/each) Thank you for attention.
  7. We all know Caravel's and Cog, spend most of their time moored in people harbours. Now we have wagons, we need a lifestock transporter, if you make either of these ships a transporter they will actually have a reason to be made and sell apart from being pushed to the top of people houses and made as lookouts, It will also stimulate the ship building trade as a caravel is tough to make. While im here.... Add speed increase to ship QL in increments of 50, 70 and 90 like horse shoes. Once again, it will give highly skilled player more work and all low skilled player wont know make a sailboat and use that forever... ...I have suggested this before btw. MIlo
  8. 'ello, Currenty, passengers of boats are placed, arbitrarily. In the case of the small sailing boat, the first two passengers obstruct the view of the helmsman. What I suggest is: Change placement of passengers so that obstruction of helmsman's view is delayed until it isn't preventable anymore (e.g. in case of the smal sailing boat, passengers are placed behind the helmsman first... the places in front are used, last.) (EDIT 03/15/14 03.43 UTC+1) Passengers are sitting down and therefore don't obstruct the helmsman view...sitting would be a nice addition, actually, but certainly not the least amount of effort. Well aware of that. Passenger's can choose their position. I think the first option is enough, though the second would also be nice... probably not necessary (EDIT 03/15/14 4:40 UTC+1) to solve the problem, though. Ultimately, a sitting animation/stance would also be a nice addition (to be reused in various ways, say, a sit in... or sitting around a table, or so.) Regards, Shiniest
  9. /vteleport or the karma teleport... I crossed the border from Indy - had the usual, has the boat kicked me where is the boat. situation. So i used /vteleport, couldnt do it from indy. it teleported me to my deed (or seemed to) but then i got stuck as soon as i tried to move more than 1 tile. /stuck did nothing.. so i relogged. When i logged back in, i was still on the boat. (the commander of the boat did not see me still on the boat until i relogged, to him, i had teleported successfully) I had used my free teleport and had to use the karma one the second time.. i disembarked just in case it was a boat problem and not a transition problem. It then worked. I find myself with 300 karma instead of 1300 but i guess that's ok because it's relatively useless anyway. I was advised to report this bug. If you can re-credit me my freebie teleport (or award me 1k Karma), that would be mighty fine of you.. either way, I think i won't be the last person to try teleporting from a ship fresh across the border and this problem will, occur again. take care
  10. Hello. For sale, a Cherrywood Knarr. (víkingr not included) It's currently Q32, comes with a mooring anchor and is not painted. Specifications; Mind Logic - 23 Occupants - 13 Max Solo Speed - 25 km/h (faster as you increase the crew) Raft Capacity - 100 Small Crate Capacity - 75 Large Crate Capacity - 43 Footprint - 4x1 Height - 8 dirt Passable Depth - 7 dirt 15 Silver is the sale price and i can deliver for free to Exo / Indy / Deliverance (50c charge for delivery to Cele) I will bump this thread occasionally. Safe Travels
  11. Hello! I want to sell my caravel. I live at my old deed, at Independence ( 44x,48y in Bright Mine.) Please make me a PM on forum/ingame. (Ingame name: Giblet) (0)GMT +1:00) Info! Ship ql:60! Lock ql:60! Anchor ql:60! I can agree 15s and some enchants on some of my tools for the caravel. If u buy now, i will give ya 500 rock shards for free! " Enchants: Hammer 83ql, woa 40, coc 79. Want woa 80+. Rake 70ql. Want Coc, and Woa 70+. Small anvil ql 60. Want Coc and Woa 70+" - Giblet Of Bright Mine!
  12. WTB Ship

    i only want to inform me about the price for a ship (Corbita, Cog or Caravel, maybe Knarr) Cedarwood QL higher than 25 maybe + 30 rafts pls PM me Server: Pristine Ingame: Simju
  13. Wts Knarr

    It happened I have a Knarr for sale. What you will get: A choice of woodtype for the ship Around 55-60ql ship A free mooring anchor A boatlock as a gift What do I ask for this: only 15s A free delivery to any coastal place at Exodus is possible. The delivery to any other pve server will cost you 50c more. PM me if you have any questions.
  14. Wtb Ship

    In Blossom area. Would like small sailing boat or Corbita for new character. Please tell me what type of ship you own and your current price. Wil pay 10s or less. Will not travel. Thanks.
  15. Corbita Missing

    Can be closed, thanks to GM Enki!
  16. Hey everyone. Eastern Acadian Ferry & Cargo Service handle delivery of cargo and people all over the freedom cluster. That be cargo you need to have picked up one place and delivered to another. Or be it that you purchased something from us that you need delivered. Our market deed is located at 36y 11x on Deli and this is also home base for the fleet used to make delivery's. Will post link here soon of what you can buy at the deed. Our fleet consist of 4 ships currently and expanding at amazing rate. (Pristine and Release cannot be serviced yet.) Delivery can be arranged to chaos aswell for added fee and need's to be arranged according to our delivery rules for Chaos. Pm for more info. Delivery to any freedom server along coast lines or water sources where all boats can go is possible. Maximum delivery rate is 4k items per time but some items will be less. Pm for info if needed. We use standard rates that might be updated from time to time so check them here often. Delivery Rates. Freedom: 50c Chaos: Negociated by PM My ingame name is the same as here so you can pm me either here or ingame. Br. ShangXiq
  17. I think it'd be a nice feature for the larger ships such as the corbita and cog to have dinghies to make it easier to board and unboard the parent ship. It could work similar to the anchor, i.e. "load dingy", "launch dingy" etc. Also make loading and unloading cargo a bit easier if there's no harbor around.
  18. Wtb Corbita

    Basically, I want to buy a Corbita on chaos, anyone selling, Give me an offer?
  19. Welcome in Varsovia Shipyard My nick in game: Wiluss Loc Exodus x47 y35 (East shore island) We offer : Ships: All with free lock and anchor and QL 80 Free delivery on exodus Raft 8c Rowing Boat 40c (pick up only) Smal Sailing Boat 1.5s Corbita 5s Cog 7s Knarr 16s Caravel 25s Farming: Vegetables, Coton , Wemp at 1s - 1000x Carpentry: Carpentry Tools up to 90ql Wood Cutting: 100 logs 70 QL - 50c Cotton: Meditation Rugs 30/40/50/60c at 60QL Sails Armors Ropes: Rope 1c Thick 10c Moring 5c Cordage 5c Weapon smithing (50ql Max): 10c for 50QL Stock: All ships with free lock and anchor and (Max 80QL) Rafts 70x - 8c per 1 Caravel Willow 80ql - 25s Caravel Apple 80ql - 25s Cog Mapple 80ql- 7s Knarr Cherry 75QL - 16s Corbita Apple 75QL - 5s Corbita Cherry 75QL - 5s Sailing boat Cherry 75QL -1s Sailing boat Apple 75QL - 1s Unfinished 99% : Sailing boat (you can pick wood type 1 peg left) 75QL - 1.5s Knarr (you can pick wood type 1 peg left) 75QL - 16s Sold: Sailing boat (you can pick wood type 1 peg left) 70QL - 1.5s Knarr (you can pick wood type 1 peg left) - 18s Knarr (you can pick wood type 1 peg left) - 18s Farming goods: 1s - 1k 10s - 11k PM Wiluss
  20. Sold

  21. Razor's Shipyard & Parts Emporium (reopened) A proud member of The Union of Freedom Shipbuilders [uFS] since 2011 Free repairs Triangular rig -------------------------------------------------- 70c spinaker rig ---------------------------------------------------- 70c square rig ----------------------------------------------------- 1.0s large square rig ------------------------------------------------ 2s anchor (min 40ql) --------------------------------------------- 50c keels(70ql) ---------------------------------------------------- 50c seats(70ql) ---------------------------------------------------- 40c oars(70ql) ---------------------------------------------------- 40c hull planks --------------------------(per 100 @ min 70ql)----------------------------1.5s pegs - -------------------------------(per 100 @ min 70ql)----------------------------50c tenons -------------------------------(per 100 @ min 70ql)----------------------------50c mooring rope-----------------------------------------------------------------------------20c cordage rope-----------------------------------------------------------------------------30c thick rope---------------------------------------------------------------------------------35c All ships are backed with our lifetime guarantee of free repairs for the life of your boat. rafts (30ql) - 15c rowboat - 1s sailboat - 2s corbita - 12s cog - Special order only knarr - 20s caravel - market price (all ships are 70ql comes complete with lock and anchor) In Stock: Yards are open PM Razoreqx
  22. [Sold]

    Knarr 70QL - apple, lock + anchor (free delivery) 17s Merchant ads link - Rafts on stock at price 8c per raft. It has a clinker-built hull assembled with iron rivets and one mast with a square yard sail. At insufficient wind it is rown with oars. The side rudder is on the starboard side. It is locked with a lock of okay quality (QL: 38.12). It is made from applewood. You must use a mallet on the "Thermal-Lance" in order to improve it. Ql: 70.135624, Dam: 0.0. The name of the owner, Ckczk, has been etched in the stern. 23 mind logic is needed to command + ultimate pvp / merchant ship, can load 100 rafts + fast, not so dependable on wind + more sailors more speed + my favorite to shallow water and canal journeys captain view - Contact me there, PM or ingame nicks on Independence: ckczk, Pijavice, Vecernice
  23. Hello! I want to sell my account in Inde server, he is located at Hermit island. Skills Includeing: Inventory: The writs are from my older deeds, the houses mostly still here. As you can see he have a merchant and some fine tool/weapon. Cog (Name: Pioneer) +24 rafts+lots of tools [10:58:48] A sturdy one-masted merchant ship with a flat bottom. It is locked with a lock of below average quality. It is made from cedarwood. It could be improved with a log. Ql: 58.82982, Dam: 0.0. It is moored here. The name of the owner, Icetrias, has been etched in the stern. Cog storage: (after I take this pic I put 7 more raft in it, thats why you can only see 17 raft here) Sailing boat: [19:32:11] A small sailing boat that will accommodate five people. Colors: R=154, G=154, B=154. It is locked with a lock of very poor quality. It is made from cedarwood. It could be improved with a log. Ql: 59.656113, Dam: 0.0. It is moored here. The name of the owner, Icetrias, has been etched in the stern. +Corbita? The account have a corbita too ~54ql I can give with(!) the account for 5s or Ill take with my other account. A big ETC: The account have 3 house in his inventory. The houses not wort a coin but in the houses there are many tools and materials. They was part of a village (disbanded becouse a mistake). I dont want to pic all the chests, bsb, fsb...etc. Guard Tower 54ql Beds x5 Forge 54ql Floor Loom 55ql Gold Vyn altar Myself planted 100+ pine forest. If the buyer want he can start at this nice place. Premium: [11:55:31] You have premium time until 13 Jul 2013 10:29:27 GMT +1 Sleep powder and +1 silver coin since I payed prem so he have 7.86.94 coin. I need also price check and offers too. Payment only silver coin in PRISTINE server to Stewen Mailing not posible between clusters.
  24. Selling a cog for 8s obo Comes with the mooring rope Can be improved to 50ql upon request. Currently on Exodus. [22:53:19] A sturdy one-masted merchant ship with a flat bottom. It is locked with a lock of very poor quality. It has an interesting aura. It is made from cedarwood. It could be improved with a log. Ql: 30.938713, Dam: 21.278048. It is moored here. The name of the owner,Talilon, has been etched in the stern.
  25. Supreme Stern

    The stern of a ship, to be fitted on the hull. This is a supreme example of the item, with fine details and slick design. It is made from birchwood. It could be improved with a log. Higher chance to make rare/supreme/fantastic ship, sacrificing for skills, or just fun with having nice supreme item. Starting bid: 50c 20c Min. increment: 50c Buyout: 5s Can be COD'ed in gift, I can deliver for free to coastal places on south Exodus and whole Celebration. Auction ends in four days after posting this thread, have fun!