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Found 37 results

  1. Welcome to Fringe's Workshop .: Welcome to my shop :. We are located at LunatiC Fringe on Celebration Map (x17, y16) / ingame map( H 13 ) Our status: Free & Take orders Some items can be mailed (courier 90)rare mailbox. Fee for each item: +10c for Celebration +20c for other servers For orders, you can pm: - Tclunatic (ingame or forum) updated: 1 november 2014 Chain Armour Smithing: ql50 ql60 ql70 ql75 ql80 Information Chain sets(iron) 55c 80c 1s10c 1s50c 2s Chain(single piece) 8c 10c 15c 20c 30c *Jackets & pants = +10c Chain Barding(iron) 50c 60c 70c 80c 1s Shield Smithing: ql50 ql60 ql70 ql75 ql80 Information Small metal shield 8c 15c 20c 30c 40c Medium metal shield 10c 20c 30c 40c 50c Large metal shield 15c 30c 40c 50c 60c Plate Armour Smithing: ql50 ql60 ql70 ql75 ql80 Information Plate set 1s 1s70c 2s50 3s75c 4s50c Low stock on ql80 steel Plate gauntlet 5c 10c 15c 18c 25c Plate legging 25c 40c 60c 80c 1s15c Plate breastplate 30c 50c 75c 1s 1s45c Plate sabaton 10c 15c 25c 30c 40c Plate vambrace 15c 25c 35c 40c 50c Plate Helm/basinet/great 10c 15c 20c 30c 40c Weapon Smithing: ql50 ql60 ql70 ql75 ql80 Information Iron weapons 25c 35c 50c
  2. It always seemed off having separate skills for shields of different materials. Not to mention it limits by concept having shields made from other materials. Having it separated by size does make sense, especially for smaller shields or bucklers. Tortoise shields and so on. Shields and the skills for them should be sorted into three main groups: Large, Medium, and Small. The materials they are made from can still play a role: wood is lighter, faster, easier to make, and takes dmg easier. Metal by comparison heavier, slower, takes dmg better. The current shield skills... unsure how they could be dealt with. One could just go with the higher of the two wood and metal skills and discard the lower. It could be calced how the skill progression could have gone for one skill from the two. In the area of shield attacks, shield bash can stay along with another skill/attack Rim Strike, Shield Strike, or whatever one wants to call driving the rim of a shield into someone. Whether automatic attacks with a shield or bound to keys?
  3. seryll shields don't have the right models
  4. No fancy formatting, just cheap prices, prices in parenthesis include the mailing cost from Chaos. Contact me for bulk order discounts. Best Regards, Nightfall
  5. The Witches Warehouse Stock goods at discount prices Tools, weapons, armours and misc. Accepted Methods of Payment. All items are exchange for shop value equivalent Sleep powders - 1.5c Gems - 1copper per ql Please click the link to view our items for sale ---------------------------------- Enchant Prices: Power Copper Per power 00 - 50 = 1c pp 50 - 70 = 1c pp 70 - 80 = 2c pp +15c 80 - 99 = 3c pp +25c ---------------------------------- Quality Prices 50ql = 40c 60ql = 50c 70ql = 60c 80ql = 75c 90ql = 95c ---------------------------------- Weaponsmithing Prices 50ql = 60c 70ql = 80c 80ql = 3s 90ql = 4s ----------------------------------
  6. Eden Mercantile has reopened its doors, and is ready to meet your supply needs. We currently offer the following goods for sale. If you don’t see it, feel free to ask. To order: Reply to this post Contact Telarin on forums or IRC Contact Blasphemer in game All mailable items will be mailed for the cost of postage. Other items can be picked up in Eden (Chaos 9x 25y). Orders of 2s or more will be delivered to Gold Coast free of charge. Delivery to other destinations can be arranged depending on the size of the order and how quickly it is needed. The Warehouse (in-stock items):
  7. I hunted for 15 minutes, my 90 ql shield was ruined with 40 dmg. This is insane. Please make it reasonable. I have to carry around 4 shields to hunt for an hour.
  8. Whispering Pines Marina Hello,me and Toadly are citizens of Whispering Pines Marina,Deliverence (12x 3y) We sell 60 ql chain armor,70 ql shields,little bit of 50 ql cotton and 60 ql lamps. Lamps: Imperial street lamp 50 ql is 60 c iron lamp 50 ql is 20 c Crops: 1000 kg of 50 ql cotton - 1s If you want to buy less just pm on the forum the amount(min of 100 kg). Armor: Chain set 50 ql - 1s Shields small,medium,large shields - 40 c Delivery: We have a mailbox so we can cod the items. If you dont want to pay cod or you bought cotton then only option is to pick it up.I can meet you half way so you would not have to walk that much but only as far as Green dog. You can also visit a merchant near our deed.
  9. Welcome to Tomorrowland! We're a small village on the south coast of Chaos We have a mailbox with 98courier(3min delivery) I don't do deliveries unless it's a big order 50ql chain armour: 1silver 70ql chain armour: 2silver 80ql chain armour: 3silver 90ql chain armour: 5silver+90ql iron must be provided Every order comes with 1 free 50QL large metal shield. If you want a order delivered it has to be greater than 1set of armor, can discuss delivery in PM. You can find me ingame by PMing Norad or Snug. Yesterday is History, Today is a Gift, Tomorrow is Mystery!
  10. Closed due to lack of intrest
  11. It'd be cool to have chitin shields and armor made out of scorpion and or spider chitin, with chitin armor serving as a sort of "light plate" (or "paper plate" compared to steel) I imagine it being a low-tier armor for light infantry that's good at defending attack types that leather's bad at, but otherwise roughly equivalent. And it'd make spiders a bit more useful. While I'm on the topic of making spiders useful, perhaps we could have spider venom as a butchered item, which could be activated and used to make a 'poison arrow' out of an arrow. Possibly also a poisoned spear. Sorry, the idea is very inchoate, but poisoned arrows would be cool. I guess scorpions could supply venom as well. Standard disclaimer: as with all my harebrained ideas, this is less important than MSB.
  12. Since armor and bowracks got added today, why not add shieldracks? Or allow shields to be on armorracks.