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Found 257 results

  1. Hey Deli -- not responsive... refresh/connecting... I want to make sure it's not just me.
  2. I'm relatively new to running any type of server, I'm looking to really get my moneys worth with purchasing a monthly plan on a reliable server/host. I was wondering if anyone in the community would have any idormation on which servers they use, the pros and cons of such servers please. I've looked through multiple Google searches on servers and all of them boast mostly the same offerings. I don't want to buy a server and then come to find out their customer service is junk, or their hosting is less than suitable. I'm looking to have 100 available slots on the server, a big map, no TeamSpeak (since discord is available.) a smooth running server, that I can upgrade if needed. Thank you so much for any input on this subject. Grath.
  3. Alright let me explain. Me and a group of people are wanting to make a server. for that server we want just one map. however we want there to be two major islands on that map and for each island to have different ore generation. for example one island will have iron, lead, copper, and tin. While the other island will have gold, silver, and zinc. Now we have ran into problems. we have noticed you can't choose the location of ore spawn and have yet to find a way to do that. Can someone please help. we really dont want to have two maps. we want just one map and the two islands.
  4. I was thinking -- IRL we have Swiss watches, Italian fashion, German cars, French food, etc. What if there was an in game mechanic similar to this? So we might see Celebration coal, Independence pie, Pristine pork pie, Release Rat on a Stick, Exodus altars, Deliverance huge axes, Chaos cookies, etc... One way to implement would be: The server that creates the most items over 90 ql of a certain type over a 3 month period earns the option to add a regional title to the item. The title gives some minor bonus to the item. Go catch some Xanadu trout!
  5. hey there, i was wondering if it would be possible to create a mod, that allows you to drop concrete like dirt? and i have been fantasizing about a mod, that provides a bsb with 5-10 separate compartments (drawers) within? it would be great to be able to sort 5-10 different qualities within one single bsb.
  6. I tried to start up my dedicated server after trying to make a neighboring server, and it gave me this line "Server is currently unavailable." So why can't I actually log into my own server? Please help!
  7. I tried to start my dedicated server both yesterday and today and could not get it to work because it said "Server is currently unavailable."
  8. Nobody is responding to my posts and I need help badly! Please look at this post.
  9. According to my event tab, I cannot cross servers. How can I fix this?
  10. I just bought the game and want to start a server where I am initially on my own to browse around and try things out. So anyway, how do I start my own server? What is a 'dedicated' server? On Ark it was easy to work out but here there are so many options I don't know if I am coming or going. thanks for your help
  11. Hello everyone, I'm looking for Spanish players. Do you know if there are any Spanish on the servers you play?
  12. SERVER IP: Port: 3724 MAP (4069) Map can be found at the following link: FEATURES -Modified priest restrictions. all priests can build/dig/pave no priests can do archery -Extra mob types added in -Bounty mod -Hand crafted map -Centralized hota -4x Skill gain 3x Timers SERVER MODS -Better digging -Boat mod -Bounty mod -Bulk transport mod -Creature mod -Crop mod -Inbreed warning mod -Meditation mod -Move to center mod -Prospect mod -Salve mod SERVER DESCRIPTION The Virgin Islands Reborn is a 3x skill gain/4x timers PVP server hosted on a paid for dedicated server in NA. Our goal is to provide a server with as little Admin intference as possible and only when needed. RULES No cheating This means don't use client-side mods that let you know or do significantly more than what a player using the default client could know or do. Whether or not a mod violates this rule is up to the admins. Mods that do not violate this rule include the Live Map mod, the Compass mod, the Better Tooltips mod, and the Action Numbers mod. If a mod is purely cosmetic e.g. the No Winter mod it's fine, too. Don't abuse the server This means don't try to take the server down, exploit bugs in the server software, create a million alts, etc. Just use common sense and you'll be fine. Don't make giant walls out of dirt/sand/etc. around your deed. Huge dirt walls are not only ugly, but they make raiding a settlement a massive chore, and defending a settlement kind of boring. This is not fun, and as a PvP server we've decided to disallow the building of giant natural walls. As a rule of thumb, if you have to climb over a slope it to get past it, it's too tall. This will be enforced on a case by case basis. Only hire up to seven spirit shadows/templars to protect your deed. Another aspect of PvP we found not to be fun was the fact that a sufficiently rich village could hire as many guards as they want, sometimes upwards of 50(!). This meant that rich players didn't even have to try - if they were attacked by other players, they could just let their guards zerg rush the enemy. In order to successfully raid a settlement you need to defeat its guards, and raiding a settlement with that many templars/shadows is just unfeasible. To prevent snowballing and help new deeds compete, we're limiting the number of guards a deed is allowed to hire to seven, more than enough to handle any creatures, and small raids, but not enough to do all the work in the event of a real attack. If you need to defend your deed, you'll have to get your hands dirty. With that said we hope to see you on our server. Feel free to ask any questions below!
  13. I am new to the Wurm thing and was wondering is it possible to see sharks, sea monsters, and make server clusters so i can explore/do deep sea fishing with my girlfriend
  14. So after many headaches I've finally built and tested my first mod. Built with Ago's modloader and Tested on a v1.1.1.1 server with a dozen mods and internal code changes. TransNumbers is a server mod that allows a configurable number for the Transmute Tile feature, allowing it to require the amount you desire . The properties file is set at the default 100 inside the server code. Not exactly code but you get essentially 1 point per 10ql on a single unit of transmutation liquid created, and used. It will do nothing if unchanged, Only when changed from 100 will it do anything. When set to anything besides 100, it will adjust the target value of 100 to your new number, and also adjusts the examine results according to your adjusted number. Ago's Server modloader required Download my mod here
  15. I didn't create a copy of my creative server before building on it and would like to start over with the same map. I don't have a clean copy and don't know how to get one. Does anyone know how I can do this? Thank you for any assistance
  16. Just wondering if there are anyone out there who can do me the huge favour of creating a servermod to be able to build larger buildings when lv 100 carpentry Would be awsome to have a large castle
  17. Not asking for magic here, or summon stones... but a slightly less drab way of travelling. People are rejecting business because of it, neglecting deeds, etc. Just a simple, non instant, but versatile NPC controlled (scheduled every 6 hours or something) air or sea based vehicle that operates like a train. You get there in time, get on the right one, and it auto pilots up to 10 people to the next stop. Sailing is almost a joke, and so is the wind and the fact that I only had enough karma for one town portal summon after 4+ years of playing Use it, don't use it *shrug*
  18. This site has a few ideas. Not sure if they will help anyone but thought I would post it.
  19. Hey there first of all i would like to apologise if there is already a post about this. My issue is that i am wanting to make a server cluster, i am currently using Linux Centos7 to run the initial server so as ive stated on the heading it is a headless server im running and cant use a gui to configure the servers. I can easily enough set up another server but the issue is setting up the advanced settings for the cluster, i cant seem to find any of the settings in a configuration file on my initial server. Hoping you guys can help out Thanks in advance alicheek
  20. Greetings! Pearl town is a dedicated server hosted in France.The map is the original Ocrea with several changes. Its a free PVE server with bounty system and lowered deed cost/upkeep. The 200 skill and 80 action rate give dinamic gameplay without loosing all the challanges. The server have around 16 mods all to unlease the limits meditation priesthood farming etc. Phobia mod is installed so spiders have different modells. The two altar moved near to the spaw point (10 min walk). I created a cannal middle of the map to connect east and west seas. The starter town have publik mine, traders, market stallls and more may come. If you want to know more from this server visit the forum: Server IP: The server and forum still under dev.
  21. it would be very helpful if a mod could be custom created to speed up decaying items and creature corpses off deed. This would be great for polling timers taking so long from the clutter of random junk left laying around including dirt piles, locks, tree stumps, dead animals... etc.. Might be helpful to create a .properties for items admins want to whitelist from the increased rate (if possible) Thanks in advance.
  22. July 5th, 2016 @ 21:15 UTC (14:15 PDT) Just wondering if anyone else is experiencing massive lag and repeated disconnects, with, at times up to several minute delays between inputting a command and wurm finally responding. And before anyone asks, Yes, I have tested my broser with other web sites in Europe and Australia and have reasonable fast responses from them And Yes I did testing with my ISP, which says I am getting 5ms to my isp. A ping to the wurmonline dot com site says 145ms. A ping tests say 11megs/per/sec down from a german isp and 4megs/per/sec up to a German ISP. So anyone else finding wurm nearly unplayable today? Food for thought, Cheers! Hughmongus Co-Administrator Albia Roads Map of Indy
  23. Noticed an issue with support tickets being opened up and changing original player for the ticket and the contents being changed. In some instances the time stamps are incorrect as well. Player opens a support ticket on cluster 1 CA responds to ticket on cluster 2 and escalates to a GM GM opens same ticket on login server ... Player changes to a random player other than the original owner. Time stamps between the responses change out of order between customer, CA, and GM. Looks to me as if some issues are going on with messaging between clusters with support tickets. This started me checking mail as well. I'll follow up. Cluster 1 Cluster 2 (same ticket) also note: This ticket was open by a player named Rantul and his ticket. So same ticket shows two different players as who opened the support ticket and the original ticket who it belongs to isn't even listed....
  24. I am trying to set up a second server to connect to our existing server, have gone through the wiki tutorial which was great help. First server works fine and has been for ages, loading up the second server with the Adventure database and I get the following error: That's a really unhelpful error message, my best guess is there maybe a database issue with kingdoms, but where it is and how to fix it I have no idea.
  25. Here is the Wiki for setting up a WU server all of the information is there.