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Found 30 results

  1. From what i've seen, there are several roleplaying communities throughout the servers scattered about. This is by no means an attempt to unite them all, but rather just a group (approx. 4-8 people) interested in either joining an existing roleplaying community or starting fresh with like minded individuals seeking the same. Now this is starting to sound like a sketchy craigslist ad. There are a few forum posts about people starting roleplaying groups here and there, but the latest post seems to be over a month ago. We're on Freedom Isles, Celebration. Possibly interested in relocating. Disclamer we're looking for mature players and mature roleplay. I don't mean erotic roleplay. Open to ideas and reaching out a friendly hand to any interested parties. ~Sammond
  2. Hey everyone, just returning to the game and notice there is a few ruins around that needed fixed up. There is one in particular that I would like to build up on the Serenity server and I was wondering if anyone also was interested in helping out with the task and possibly starting up a village once we completed a perimeter. On a side note, if anyone is up for starting up a village and also would like to role play that would be possible too. When I say role play I'm not talking about that ERP crap, more like telling great stories and fleshing out our characters with written words. Role play wouldn't be required though, it was just an option I thought I'd throw out there.
  3. Recently I got into heirlooms. Being a major roleplayer myself, I found them quite interesting and planned to make one myself. My friend mentioned that Heirlooms where quite like fanfiction. Being a fan of that too, the heirloom I plan to make would have a massive story to it, and I would roleplay it out fairly so its legit. This thread is kind of asking the rest of wurm, what is your opinion on heirlooms, and roleplayer ingame generally. Do you think the heirloom concept is a good idea? maybe for marketing, player made scenarios (Capture the sword) or as I planned to add, a whole player made religion (not a demi-god but kind of "Disciple of vynora!") Like, Should Heirlooms even exist? and what exstent should they go to?
  4. As Seris rose over a dark sky, Upper Crinkley Bottom was just waking up. Collecting his battle scorn pick, Purp ventured into the caves once more, mining out the ceiling until he could no longer reach. But something was different, he was mining faster than ever before, his shards were of supreme quality and green halos would circle his vision. A voice called out from afar; heavy set with purpose and direction. "Is your goal in life to achieve riches? To achieve freedom?". It was him! Magranon! Echoing from the walls of the damp, musty cave. Purp knew exactly what this meant. Dropping his pick he fled to the barracks above, stumbling over a wood scrap Marni had left the night before, and trashed his chest searching. Searching for the heirloom given to him by his master's friend decades ago. A statuette resembling the artists interpretation of the deity Magranon. It could be improved with a lump. He knew the sun would be up soon so had to leave, but where? He knew of no other priest, no-one who could convert him before he missed his chance.... He had no other option; at the top of his voice, he cried "LF Mag for convert!. And almost immediately, from a far away land, a response came back from a young priest named Baneblackguard, digging away at his new home. "Where are you? I dont have a statue." Purp put something in his pocket. Running down to the boat, he set sail for the north. Passing nothing for miles, he eventually passes what could only be described as... well, something big. Something huge, moving like the wind. With hooves. No time to explore, he HAD to get to Bane before he finished his evening's work. Sailing through the canal, Purp finally reaches the Padre and hands him the statue. Rites beginning... no time for smalltalk. Is your goal in life to achieve riches? To achieve freedom? Who is stopping you? You are. Who will help you? Magranon will! We, the followers of Magranon will stand at the top of the world one day and sing! Together we will strive to rule the world. We will conquer all evil, build fantastic houses and live rich and glorious lives in them. "What is knowledge for if you do not use it? What use is compassion if you are hungry? What are the alternatives? Say yes to yourself! Say 'I will!' Your world will change, and you will change the world! There are obstacles. People and forces will oppose us. Who will want to deny us all we strive for. That force must be utterly defeated! No victory will be possible unless we cleanse the world of that evil. Join our ranks. Help yourself reach the top!" You will now pray to Magranon. Baneblackguard gives out a round of applause. <Purp> "nice ramp" <Baneblackguard> "Ultan built this place. i live further up in the hill" Damn! He forgot about the monster, the big, hoofed monster. He had to go, saying farewell he ventured back to the dock to investigate. Mooring the Unsunk Hero, he climbed the cliff and .... there it was. Like destiny. A ferocious beast indeed, the juggernaut can crush mountains with its horned forehead. He has large muscles, but looks a bit undernourished. <Tich> big isnt he Quickly, Purp throws a meal, made of dog meat and corn, up into the air, hoping to score a 3 point swish into the mouth of the beast. A aged avatar of magranon eats a meal. a Aged avatar of magranon does not seem hungry any longer. "MY HOUSE!" Yelled Purp. High-fiving the rose bush. A horn sounds and the gates are locked. Lionheart Canal is put on alert! Purp was uninterested in the crocodile which was attacking the local guards, he was with his maker. His God. His life is now complete and there's only one more thing to do before he can rest happy. You now care specially for Aged avatar of magranon, to ensure longevity. You may care for 0 more creatures.
  5. Lawedan Village Lawedan is a hardcore roleplaying community that encourages the players to simulate how their characters would act if they were at the Middle Ages. We are the only community that simulates and roleplays as much as we do here in Wurm. Please note that the community is not only for experienced players but actually we encourage new players to join. During gameplay you will also be able to grind most of the Skills in the game potentially up thanks to our "Guilding System", which also simulates the "Guilds" of the Middle Ages, in a guild you will receive tasks that will help both the village and the skill of your picked Guild (therefore joining the Guild of Blacksmiths will grind your blacksmithing skills up). We do not seek for skills, but for maturity, activity and roleplaying skills. We actually encourage new players to join us TODAY! Join now the best roleplaying community in Wurm! News! (19/01/2013) We have just finished the main gate to the Keep! The inner defenses of the castles are slowly becoming very strong! Jobs Ladder Unique Opportunity to become a noble! We have started projects to build the first castle in Lawedan, therefore we have several nobility positions open! If you think you are good enough to become a noble one, apply today (Nobility Ranks are not posted on the prezi table!) Check the Jobs Ladder for more information Note: We are very sorry that we are taking so long to make all the roles, it's a complex process as each role must promote roleplaying. We are trying to make the roleplay as awesome as it can get!! We are also creating the starting villa with all the features required to start one of the best roleplays ever. To apply contact (/tell deskoft) in game or Private Message me. We receive new players! Map The map is being re-written by our specialists! Taxes Citzenship Tax: 5010i (50 Copper and 10 Iron Coins) every first week of a month (IRL Time). House Tax (Per Tile): None Set Yet Shop Tax (+House Tax): None Set Yet NOTE THAT EVERYONE CAN PAY THIS TAX AS EVERYONE HAS A WAY OF GETTING COINS, OUR VILLAGE WILL ALSO GET YOU PAID! KING MATTHEW "THE GREAT" STRIKER The Great King of Lawedan, known for his great determination and courage when the situation looks impossible, King Matthew I, sometimes called King Matthew the Great is the first King of Lawedan and founder of both the Lost Order of the Dragon and the creator together with Sir Blakd of the Lawedan Castle. Although several stories are being told about him being quite a lunatic, he has probably earned the respect and gratitude of the people of Lawedan for his conviction and faith in his Kingdom, together with all the Great Nobles of Lawedan, he pushes forward the limits of the Kingdom in order to one day, be the dominant kingdom. CONSTABLE IGNASIUS PERMATO Constable Ignasius Permato is a war veteran known for his great methodology of combat, being one of the last members of the Order of the Silver Cross and for the known stories of him sparing lives of several enemies, Constable Ignasius Permato is the second one in command in the Army, apart from the King and he is in charge of the training of non-noble forces. GRAND SQUIRE MASON STRIKER The Grand Squire of King Matthew the Great, King Matthew gave Grand Squire Mason his last name for his life-long service, therefore being considered the third one in command.