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Found 192 results

  1. I have a huge selection of items that need to be sold. I am selling them for very reasonable and cheap prices for each item. I am not charging for the quality of the item at all so a 1ql item is worth the same as a 90ql one here. The only stuff I am charging for is the enchants on the items, every enchant on tools are valued at 1c/power (BOTD counts as a single power at 1c/power, not two separate ones) at the most no matter how high the enchant is. Some tools have low powers or may not be as useful so are valued lower which is indicated on the images. The weapons are cheap and in most cases very well enchanted, the price for each of these is indicated on the image. There is a selection of some rare tools which again the prices are included on the image. My mailbox is a 98 cast so I can cod them quickly to you when I am about to log on to do so. Items will be sent from either Narlis or Bloodmaster (probably the first account from now on). Horse gear: Rare items: Skiller tools: Tools: Weapons: Misc items inc. potions: Gems - 3861ql worth of them (37 silver for the lot):
  2. Prices are as follows: 1c per quality. Enchant costs from 0-69 are no cost. 70-89 is 1c per power. 90+ is 2c per power. Demise enchants are no cost. Shielding enchants are no cost. UPDATE: All listed weapons, armor, and shields are now 25% off (Not including rares/uniques). Original prices are shown on the listings, 25% will be deducted from the total sales cost during shipping. Weapons: 78.29ql iron shortsword CoC 81 FA 74 - 2s33c 77.74ql iron shortsword CoC 72 - 1s49c 84.09ql iron shortsword AD Nim 85 CoC 89 - 2s58c 77.55ql iron shortsword CoC 59 FA 95 - 2s67c 78.39ql iron two handed sword CoC 72 FA 34 - 1s50c 83.17ql iron two handed sword AD Nim 75 CoC 74 - 2s32c 77.96ql iron small maul WoA 18 RT 41 CoC 71 - 1s48c 83.98ql iron small maul AD Nim 80 CoC 81 - 2s44c 77.64ql iron medium maul CoC 76 - 1s53c 77.68ql iron medium maul WoA 68 CoC 70 - 1s47c 80.06ql iron medium maul Nim 74 FB 14 - 1s54c 77.95ql iron medium maul WoA 72 FB 35 CoC 48 - 1s49c 86.05ql iron medium maul AD Nim 70 CoC 82 - 2s38c 77.68ql iron large maul BotD 71 - 1s48c 84.71ql iron large maul AD Nim 67 CoC 70 - 1s54c Armor: 80.55ql studded leather cap AoSP 96 - 2s72c 80.33ql studded leather jacket MS AoSP 99 - 2s78c 80.85ql studded leather jacket AoSP 83 - 1s63c 81.15ql studded leather jacket AoSP 79 - 1s60c 80.83ql studded leather pants AoSP 70 - 1s50c 81.47ql studded leather pants AoSP 78 - 1s59c 80.55ql studded leather sleeve MS AoSP 92 - 2s64c 81.50ql studded leather sleeve MS AoSP 88 - 1s69c 80.29ql studded leather glove AoSP 86 - 1s66c 80.88ql studded leather glove MS AoSP 99 - 2s78c 80.89ql studded leather glove AoSP 85 - 1s65c 81.01ql studded leather glove AoSP 86 - 1s67c 81.27ql studded leather glove AoSP 80 -1s61c 81.29ql studded leather glove MS AoSP 73 -1s54c 81.32ql studded leather glove AoSP 80 - 1s61c 82.04ql studded leather glove MS AoSP 92 - 2s66c 80.40ql studded leather boot AoSP 73 - 1s53c 80.83ql studded leather boot AoSP 73 - 1s53c 81.15ql studded leather boot MS AoSP 93 - 2s67c 81.20ql studded leather boot MS AoSP 82 - 1s63c 81.40ql studded leather boot MS AosP 76 - 1s57c 81.46ql studded leather boot MS AoSP 87 - 1s68c 80.49ql iron chain coif VH AoSP 85 - 1s65c 80.39ql iron chain jacket AoSP 80 - 1s60c 80.33ql iron chain pants AoSP 79 - 1s59c 80.54ql iron chain pants VH AoSP 82 - 1s62c 80.55ql iron chain pants MS AoSP 77 - 1s57c 80.26ql iron chain sleeve FT AoSP 78 - 1s58c 80.78ql iron chain sleeve MS AoSP 71 - 1s51c 80.25ql iron chain gauntlet AoSP 71 - 1s51c 80.30ql iron chain gauntlet AoSP 88 - 1s68c 82.60ql iron chain gauntlet LS AoSP 73 - 1s55c 80.26ql iron chain boot AoSP 74 - 1s54c 80.29ql iron chain boot AoSP 70 - 1s50c Shields: 80.48ql cedarwood small shield CoC 79 - 1s59c 80.32ql cedarwood shield CoC 82 - 1s62c 80.65ql iron small shield CoC 70 - 1s50c Rares: 77.55ql rare iron large maul - 6s 77.62ql rare iron large maul - 6s 81.93ql rare studded leather sleeve AoSP 80 - 2s 80.73ql rare cedarwood large shield CoC 73 - 5s 80.29ql rare cedarwood rope tool - 5s 80.49ql rare pinewood rope tool - 5s 80.70ql rare cedarwood rope tool - 5s Uniques: 80.00ql fireworks - 75c 56.87ql clay garden gnome - 4s 99.00ql snow lantern - 50c 2x 100ql white dragon hatchling blood - 1s each 100ql green dragon hatchling blood - 1s 100ql green dragon blood - 1s 97.09ql white dragon hatchling skull - 7.5s All sales mailed from Chaos. All purchasers must have either never joined the Wild / Chaos server or have joined the Empire of Mol-Rehan to be able to use the mailing system as is. All sales final.
  3. new thread
  4. So I have this rare large chest... It's pinewood and does not glow. So, making another chest, I used some rare birchwood planks, and lucked out and it actually rared, complete with awesome glow and all, with one plank left to go! (First time ever, thank Rolf for small miracles...) So I was thinking... GREAT! Let's make it something rather unique! I've never seen a.... oh... olivewood rare chest before. Let's make one of those! So, I happily attach the last plank, and voila! rare olivewood large chest. Then I notice the glow is gone. Ok, maybe I just need to move the chest to reset the display. No dice. No glow. [16:15:53] A large chest made from planks and strengthened with iron ribbons. This is a very rare and interesting version of the item. It is made from olivewood. You notice some notches you must carve away in order to improve the large chest. Ql: 34.35525, Dam: 0.0. So... is there a list anywhere of what woods actually glow when rare and what ones totally don't? Because having a rare that doesn't glow, is very anticlimactic for how long it takes to actually make one of these things. It's just a normal olivewood chest that happens to say 'rare' in front of it. Yippeedoo. I'd further like to suggest that all rare be made to glow, regardless of wood type, please and thank you.
  5. Heya, As the title says got for sale: So the price is following: Rare Sauce pan - 3s Rare trowel - 6s Rare oaken spindle - 3s Rare pinewood spindle - 2s Rare arrows/square piece of clot, iron lump, silver lump, lead lump - 30c each. Seryll pendulum - 4s Star emerald, sapphire, ruby - 3s Seryll ring - 1s Glimmer pendulum - 1s Fireworks - 50c Yule reindeer - 80c Red dragon skull - 10s Valentines - 1s Garden Gnome -3s Yule goat - 1s Rare rake - 6s Rare carving knife - 5s rare grindstone - 4s rare small anvil - 5s rare chisel - 5s rare needle - 3s 140 yellow potions - 3s Gems - offer potion of tailoring - 3s each potion of frost - 1s potion of LW - 3s each oinment of stonecutting - 2s each Red dragon blood - 2s each Snow latern - 1s each Soft cap - 1s each. Rare medium metal shield - 4s Rare Large wooden shield - 5s Rare small metal shield - 4s Rare blank LS - 5s Rare LS with casts - 9s Rare shovel - 7s Also selling rare Large Cart - 70 ql (Pickup from Exo) - 15s. Buyer pays the Cod!
  6. Taking offers on following items, want to sell all the potions of one kind in a batch (to one buyer). Will obviously give a discount to 1 buyer for all potions of one kind.
  7. Hi - These are the remaining items for sale : Also have 15kg source liquid for sale at 15s - pm me to arrange. First come, first served. PM me with your best offer on Rares and potions: Best offer in 48 hours wins. However: rare shovel = minimum 10s rare butchering knife = minimum 6s rare studded leather glove = 1.5s Compass prices are as follows: the ql / 2 + woa cast, so for example: the 59.75ql compass with 63 woa, price is 59.75 / 2 = 29.87 + 63 = 92.87 or 93 copper rounded up Please post your compass requirement here, so others can see what has already been sold. Postage of 1c per item is for buyer's account. Thank you and happy buying Baloo
  8. Tool Creation(Large Anvils 1.5x more than listed price) QL Blacksmithing Chain Smithing(Iron, set) Jewellery Smithing Shield Smithing Carpentry Fine Carpentry 50 10c 50c 20c 10c 10c 10c 60 20c 75c 30c 20c 70 30c 1s 30c 80 50c 50c 90 1s 92 2s Improvement is the difference of current QL and desired QL. (80 to 90 imp is 1s-50c=50c) Below 50QL is valued at creation price. Lighting(All iron, PM for other materials and prices) QL Lamp Torch Lamps Imperial Lamps Lanterns 30 5c 5c 8c 73QL - 40c 40 10c 10c 15c 82QL - 75c 50 15c 15c 23c 91QL - 1.25s 60 20c 20c 30c 70 30c 30c 45c Lamps can be dyed for an additional 2c each. Lantern costs include dye of choice. Free delivery for orders over 1s value. Bulk discounts available. Enchanted Wares 90QL Whetstone 4.5 Damage 77CoC - 40c 84QL Rake 84CoC - 70c 90QL Axe AD Nim73 FB88 CoC95 MS68 - 4s 93QL Rare Oak Mallet 102 BotD - 12s 90QL Rare Iron Pickaxe 90WoA 85CoC - 9s 90QL Iron Pickaxe 97WoA - 3.75s 90QL Iron Pickaxe 94WoA - 3.5s 91QL Iron Pickaxe 100WoA - 4s If you need me, post here or send me a PM.
  9. In this thread I'll be selling off miscellaneous items such as tools and weapons. If you would like any of the items listed below let me know which one(s) and who to send them to. All items will be CoD'd from Chaos. Potion of Leatherworking - 3s Potion of Mining - 4s/each - Sold. Ointment of Stonecutting (1.21dmg) - 1.8s Potion of Woodcutting (1.54dmg) - 3s Oil of the Armor Smith - 2s - Sold. 1.2s 70c 60c/each *WoA pickaxe sold.* Saw - 1.3s 82ql Hatchet - 1.8s Skiller hatchets (B = Blessings of the Dark) - 1c/power Make an offer.
  10. HD 95N 94RT Huge axe-2s SHD 62N 71LT 71C Huge axe-Sold HD 78N 99RT 69C 76MS Small maul-2s HD 98N 77FB Small maul-1s HD 96N 76LT 71C Small maul-1s Med maul-sold Hammer-3s Hatchet-2s
  11. Hello, on my magical blacksmith grind I made a few rares and want to sell them :). There are a few random items also. Message privately, please. 6s for blank rares Prices are to the far right.
  12. i want to sell some rares no reserves send me pm with buyout offers 1 - Rare gauntlet,steel 82.14 ql asop:86: Starting bid : 2 s Min increment : 25 c 2 - Rare gauntlet,steel 82.21 ql asop:79 : Starting bid : 2 s Min increment : 25 c 3 - Rare toolbelt 81.39 ql : Starting bid : 6s Min increment : 50c 4 - Rare spindle,maplewood 90.56 ql woa:91 coc:81 : Starting bid : 3s Min increment : 50c 5 - rare toolbelt 80.96 ql : Starting bid : 6s Min increment : 50c potions 1 hour sniper protection winner pays cod current bids 1: 2.8s vortexxx 2: 2.8s vortexxx 3: 6s stonecutter 1995 4: 3s ondar 5: 6: 2s vortexxx 7: 1.80s vortexxx 8: 1.80s vortexxx 9: 1.80s vortexxx 10: 2s vortexxx 11:buyout 12: 13: 14: 1s vortexxx 15: 1s vortexxx
  13. also selling ointment of stonecutting 54.54ql post or pm me on forums a good offer and if i like it cod will be from chaos
  14. All of the displayed is for sale. Prices are under the numbers. Please state the number, item name and who to send it to in your replies. First come first serve. Enjoy:) The red list: 1. 50c 2. 50c 3. 50c 4. 1s 5. 50c 6. 50c 7. 50c 8. sold 9. 1.3s 10. 1s 11. 1.2s 12. 40c 13. 3s 14. 50c 15. sold 16. sold 17. 50c 18. sold 19. sold 20. 2.5s 21. sold 22. sold 23. sold The green list: 1. sold 2. 5s 3. 3s 4. 2s 5. 6 rare whetstones left, 1.5s each, first come first serve (now with a picture). 7. 2s 8. 6s 9. sold 10. 3s 11. 9s 12. 7s 13. 60c 14. 70c 15. 50c 16. 50c 17. 60c 18. 50c 19. sold 20. 2s 21. 2s 22. 30c 23. 50c 24. 50c
  15. WTS enchanted items coc 66 70ql saw coc 71 trowel 70ql coc 51 71ql mallet coc 57 40ql shovel coc 69 15ql shovel N49 and F27 2handed sword 71ql WTS enchanted and rare items a rare stone chisle 84ql coc 80 and 37 woa Edit 1: stone chisle has been sold
  16. Items sold from release I will update forums 1 time per day, could take up to 24 hours to respond to PM's #1 89.95ql rare large anvil, iron (c30) 4s SOLD #2 67.36ql rare grindstone NEW PRICE** 1s SOLD #3 25.31ql rare small metal shield, iron 3s SOLD #4 84.66ql rare large maul, iron (n93 LT83 c80 ms73) 9s SOLD #5 80.31ql rare cauldron, iron 3s SOLD #6 11.56ql rare plate gauntlet, steel 2.5s SOLD #7 55.26ql rare plate gauntlet, steel 2.5s SOLD #8 89.77ql rare needle, iron (c91 w88) 3s SOLD #9 87.74ql rare sickle, iron (N79 LT66 C91) 8s SOLD #10 77.29ql rare chain sleeve, iron (a86) 2s SOLD #11 10.72ql pickaxe steel (c96 skiller) 1.5s SOLD #12 1.00ql pickaxe steel (c87 skiller) NEW PRICE** 1s Pending #13 90.26ql rare pickaxe, iron (w18 c88) 5s SOLD #14 93.21ql rare pickaxe, iron (c66 w101) 6s SOLD #15 90.66ql rare short sword, iron (94N 87FB 88C MS88) 8s SOLD #16 38.95ql rare satchel 3s SOLD #17 31.62al potion of woodcutting 2s SOLD #18 50.99ql small bell, brass .7s #19 50.86ql small bell, brass .7s #20 99.00ql snow lantern .5s SOLD #21 84.15ql halberd, iron (n92 f90 c87) 2s SOLD #22 100.00ql valentines, pottery 1s SOLD #23 100.00ql valentines, pottery 1s #24 90.91ql mallet, pinewood (86coc) 1s #25 90.53ql longsword, iron (F95 c75 ms70)NEWPRICE* 1s SOLD #26 15.65ql pickaxe, iron (c80) 1s #27 89.72ql pickaxe, iron (w70) 1s #28 29.70ql pickaxe, iron (c66) .50s #29 89.22ql pickaxe, iron (w73 c57) 1s #30 79.27ql pickaxe, iron (w57 c68) 1s #31 39.57ql pickaxe, iron (w58 c58) 1s #32 1.00ql meditation rug, cotton (c73 w66) 1s #33 13.08ql meditation rug, cotton (c78) 1s #34 1.00ql exquisite meditation rug, cotton (c95) 1s SOLD #35 1.00ql exquisite meditation rug, cotton (c89) 1s SOLD #36 52.86ql leather knife, iron (w84 c87) 1s #37 89.97ql leather knife, iron (c57 w57) 1s #38 84.14ql butchering knfie, iron (w54 c77) 1s #39 50.82ql fruit press, oakenwood (c93) .5s SOLD #40 67.29ql spindle, oakenwood (c93) .5s SOLD #41 57.82 lantern, iron (252 white) .5s #42 34.09ql ropetool, cedarwood (70c) .5s #43 21.82ql ropetool, oakenwood (73c w51) .5s SOLD #44 78.65ql ropetool, cedarwood (92c w57) 1s #45 48.80ql ropetool, willow (79c) .5s #46 84.39ql great helm, steel (99 aosp) 1s SOLD #47 58.20 pendulum, copper (lw90) .5s SOLD #48 51.81 needle, iron (c83 w31) .5s SOLD #49 90.00ql steel and flint .5s SOLD #50 90.04ql shovel (w78) 1s #51 87.21ql shovel (c90 w65) 1.5s SOLD #52 86.59ql shovel (w72 c77) 1s SOLD
  17. Closed see Summerholt Merchants for all sales All prices Are now negotiable. See merchants for Items And over 40 items new I added recently to the Summerholt Market ============= BLACK FRIDAY DEALS END IN ============== Claus: All reserves / holds during this Sale but be paid for by the end of timer ( no rain check ) prices will revert back to original after sale. ALOT of this is on my merchants at the Summerholt Market so If you request something here to buy if it has already sold I can not help this. Update: Items Added / Reserves Placed / Pending Sales Added Please Be Aware Most Items Listed are on my active Merchant.. Be patient on your purchase request.. I will check for item availability. Pending Sales will be handled soon as possible some items will have surprise discounts for patients customers. Ty My Merchant Location : Summerholt Market Xanadu Summerholt (Starting City) H/G 23/24 Open for Trades /PayPal / Reserves / Reasonable Combination Offers / etc.. Value & Appreciate your privacy? Feel free to private message me here in the forums to add a Sales request. #0 Supreme Rake 30s ( New Item* ) #1 Rare Leggat, Walnut 50ql ish 3.5s. ( Was 5s ) #2 SOLD #3 Rare Plate Leggings, Steel 70ql 5s. ( Was 7s ) #4 Rare Practice DOLL, Birch wood 25ql 1s. ( Was 2s ) #5 SOLD #6 Rare Scythe, Iron (DEATH) 60ql 8s. ( Was 10s ) #7 SOLD #8 SOLD #9 Rare Small Tri-Pod Table 3s. ( Was 5s ) #10 Rare Toolbelt 90+ QL (10-Slots) 6s. ( Was 7s ) #11 SOLD #12SOLD #13 SOLD #14 Rare Carving Knife 85QL 96 Woa Imbued 6/10 11s (( Reserved By Kevindurant )) 1 week hold !!! #15 SOLD #16 SOLD #17 SOLD #18 Rare Cheese Drill, Oak 54c 73ql 5s ( Was 7s ) #19 Unique Rare BRASS Low Weight Fit in BoK butchers Knife 90ql only 6 in all of Wurm 30s ( WAS 50S then 40s now 30s ! ) #20 Rare 9ql Hatchet 6s ( WAS 7s ) #21 SOLD #22 Rare Maul 90QL_94N_93FB_83C_85MS 11s ( WAS 12s ) #23 SOLD #24 Rare Large Maul 92+ QL 8s (Was 9s) #25 104 woa normal 80ql Horse shoe 4s ( Was 7s Then 6s Now 4s ) #26 Silver Frying Pan 93+ QL 5s ( Was 7s Then 6s Now 5s ) #27 101 Woa 90 QL Large Anvil 6s ( Was 7s ) #28 SOLD #29 SOLD #30 SOLD #31 Rare File 80ql 8s. ( Was 9s ) "In Demand" #32 SOLD #33 SOLD #34 Supreme 60 QL Chain Sleeve 7s ( Was 10s Then 8s Now 7s ) #35 Supreme 60 QL Chain Sleeve 7s ( Was 10s Then 8s Now 7s ) #36 Supreme 69 QL Chain Head Piece 6s #37 Seryll Rings 20-40 QL 15 Copper Each ( Was 20c Each ) #38 SOLD #39 SOLD #40 SOLD #41 Rare 91QL Saw 7s #42 SOLD #43 Rare Role Tool Cedar 90ql 81 Woa 78 CoC 6s ( Was 8s ) #44 Rare Spatula,Oak 3s ( Was 4s ) #45 Rare 90ql Leather, Studded Leggings 3s ( Was 5s Then 4s Now 3s ) #46 Rare Statuettes ALL types 6 to 12s each pm requests on QL / medal. ( ALL RESERVED ) ( PENDING SALE ) #46A Mag / Nah. 12s ( RESERVED ) #46B Libia 8s ( RESERVED ) #46C Libia 7s ( RESERVED ) #46D SOLD #46E SOLD #46F SOLD #47 Rare Rings 2s each #48 Rare high NoLocate Jewelry pm requests.. #49 Skulls: Kyclopes 8s. ( Was 10s ) #50 Skulls: White Dragon Hatchling 8s. ( Was 10s ) #51 SOLD #52 SOLD #53 SOLD #54 Rare Horse SOLD #54 A #1 SOLD #54 B #2 SOLD #54 C #3 SOLD #54 D #4 SOLD Pick Up only Items #55 Rare Sailboat 20s A Rare Large Chest loaded inside for Storage. Pick up Only #56 Rare Wardrobe 7s ( Was 10s Then 8s Now 7s ) #57 Rare Hanging Lamp, Bronze 51ql 2s #58 Rare Hanging Lamp, Brass 36ql 2s #59Rare Iron Lamp 2s #60 Rare Iron Lamp 2s #61 SOLD #62 Rare Iron Lamp 2s. #63 Rare Torch Lamp 2s #64 Rare Lamp Brass 2s #65 Rare Armour Stand 5s (( Pending Sale )) Lot to add later......... Added items: Supreme Carved Pumpkin ( very cool ) 5s Clay Shaper 90ql 90+ BOTD 10s Rare Huge Axe Blank 14s ( 1 alrdy Sold 1 More added ) Lot to add later......... Items are actively on sale so not all items may be available for sale if they have already been purchased at my Merchants. I apologize. Ty all for your patience. Keep This Forum post, Sales Related. I plan on a Huge Black Friday Sale on Nov 27th ONLY @ My merchants have to be on site to receive the deals when that time comes. Sincerely, Vortexxx
  18. Hello All you can see here is for sale. Just PM me on the forum and tell me what you want and how much would you like to pay or ask me about price. Enchants 60-79 Enchants 80-94 Ornate fountain (You can use it to paint ships/colossus and other big objects. Gifts Garden Gnome, valentines and yule goat Sold Artifacts, Rares, Potions, Gems, Others Seryll lumps, glimmer medalion and axes. rare arrow sold.
  19. Character Name: Louischalma Auction Time: 5 days (sooner if substantial offer is made) Minimum Bid-350e Reserve: None Sniper Protection: 1 HOUR Bid Increment:10e Paypal payments only Serious Bidders Only Please. Private Bids and Buyout offers considered. This Character is located on Independence and buyer will assume ownership there. Character will be in his boat near Port Eagle. *No delivery to chaos or other servers* 49 Titles This Character comes fully loaded and ready to play with the following major items: -Sailboat located near Port Eagle -Farwalker twig -Full Green Drake Set @90+QL (minus the cap) -Spyglass -Small Maul at 89.9ql with LT,Nimbleness, and COC -Merchant Contract -Great Helm with 80aosp -46 Silver coins -Rare tools (see photos) -Premium til Nov 24,2015 Skills dumped at Oct 24, 2015 ----- Skills: 0.0 Religion: 11.297879 Prayer: 24.212349 Channeling: 1.0 Preaching: 2.0 Exorcism: 1.0 Artifacts: 1.0 Hammers: 1.0 Warhammer: 1.0 Healing: 20.064598 First aid: 37.030457 Clubs: 1.4998165 Huge club: 2.532794 Archery: 5.0039706 Short bow: 2.0743573 Medium bow: 1.0 Long bow: 3.0490885 Thievery: 2.5997376 Stealing: 1.0 Lock picking: 2.6184285 Traps: 3.4799182 War machines: 6.246912 Catapults: 10.434778 Trebuchets: 1.0 Turrets: 1.0 Ballistae: 1.0 Polearms: 1.8832115 Staff: 2.1209135 Long spear: 2.0460997 Halberd: 1.0 Prospecting: 71.18494 Coal-making: 38.304527 Milling: 1.0 Tracking: 41.638435 Paving: 33.611458 Climbing: 20.593876 Thatching: 1.6161957 Firemaking: 34.55314 Pottery: 25.450903 Mining: 96.3356 Digging: 85.16504 Ropemaking: 14.032118 Smithing: 68.908676 Blacksmithing: 98.17929 Locksmithing: 31.913185 Jewelry smithing: 57.039616 Metallurgy: 17.478098 Weapon smithing: 35.953377 Blades smithing: 34.615227 Weapon heads smithing: 31.489973 Armour smithing: 21.594368 Shield smithing: 61.028305 Chain armour smithing: 13.783442 Plate armour smithing: 1.0 Tailoring: 13.500354 Cloth tailoring: 33.693836 * Leatherworking: 9.255603 Masonry: 92.516335 Stone cutting: 65.70785 Cooking: 37.28377 Hot food cooking: 64.796394 Baking: 1.0 Dairy food making: 1.1652812 Butchering: 43.58326 Beverages: 5.9168477 Nature: 51.33115 Fishing: 26.83399 Gardening: 39.666664 Foraging: 30.116669 Botanizing: 22.593708 Animal taming: 23.804379 Forestry: 60.309353 Farming: 69.057175 Milking: 4.9848733 Meditating: 19.398897 Animal husbandry: 42.260727 Papyrusmaking: 1.0 Toys: 5.7686234 Yoyo: 7.7940454 Puppeteering: 4.632346 Fighting: 82.15909 Defensive fighting: 45.649582 Normal fighting: 76.89577 Weaponless fighting: 16.55659 Aggressive fighting: 30.903528 * Shield bashing: 20.01435 Taunting: 4.925213 Miscellaneous items: 83.41592 Shovel: 69.8816 Rake: 51.056377 Saw: 29.585817 Pickaxe: 97.4632 Repairing: 64.90714 Sickle: 49.280476 Scythe: 16.61534 Hammer: 79.81214 Stone chisel: 75.33639 Alchemy: 9.077139 Natural substances: 25.197104 Shields: 53.27458 Medium metal shield: 25.784208 Small wooden shield: 1.0 Small metal shield: 14.722789 Large metal shield: 61.173664 Medium wooden shield: 11.544222 Large wooden shield: 1.0 Axes: 63.588314 Hatchet: 81.433975 Small Axe: 20.098885 Large axe: 23.377796 Huge axe: 20.715488 Swords: 46.03494 Longsword: 78.57473 Shortsword: 18.655678 Two handed sword: 20.220211 Knives: 35.02563 Carving knife: 39.769268 Butchering knife: 44.81759 Woodcutting: 95.01585 Mauls: 38.148655 Medium maul: 73.74527 Small maul: 58.27135 Large maul: 10.465147 Carpentry: 82.07658 Bowyery: 7.087872 Fletching: 15.245279 Fine carpentry: 66.26479 Toy making: 12.010854 Ship building: 13.482513 Characteristics: 0.0 Mind: 49.20517 Mind logic: 56.443943 Mind speed: 28.468554 Soul: 36.907917 Soul depth: 29.968748 Soul strength: 42.057602 Body: 61.73418 Body strength: 58.791256 Body stamina: 49.532047 Body control: 37.919876 Religion: 0.0 Faith: 30.0 Favor: 30.0 Alignment: 100.0
  20. Only have rare Helm and rare jacket atm. Trade my HQ, aosp white drake parts + Silver for your rare white drake parts
  21. Up for Auction here we have 6 items. All items are to be mailed COD paid by winner(s). (Items Located and Mailed from Independence Server) Bid increment for all: 1s #1- 70.27QL Rare Saddle Start Bid: 1s Reserve:9s #2- 96.60QL Rare Hammer 56w/59c Start Bid: 1s Reserve: 9s #3- 96.05QL Rare Hatchet 90w Start Bid: 2s Reserve: 10s #4- 96.43QL Rare Pickaxe 80w Start Bid:3s Reserve: 9s #5- 96.76QL Rare Pickaxe 94w Start Bid: 4s Reserve: 10s #6- 96.41QL Rare Chisel 93w Start Bid: 2s Reserve: 10s
  22. I have no idea what the market for rares currently is, so would like a PC on the items here. Any assistance would be greatly appreciated. Thanks very much