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Found 189 results

  1. Rares! 1#Rare Pointing sign - 2s ​2#Rare forge - 5s only (pick up) ​3#Rare longsword 77ql 79N 84coc - 8s 4# Rare ropetool 83woa 77coc - 8s 5# 10x rare cordage ropes (cod or pick up) Gifts! 6# Fireworks 239ql (3x) - 1s 7#Spyglass - 3s (only pick up) 8#Spyglass - 3s only pick up) 9#Garden Gnome - 4s 10#Yule Goat - 2s 11# Snow Lantern -1s 12# Snow Lantern -1s 13#Valentines - 1s 14#Valentines - 1s 15#Valentines - 1s 16# Soft Cap - 1s 17# Source 5.57 (5570 Karma) - 5s Gems 18#Star Diamond - 1.5s 19#Gems 494ql - 3s only pick up) Weapons: 20#Small axe 61 nimb - 20c 21#Small Maul 94RT 18N 55C - 2s 22#Large Axe 80nimb 70FB - 1s 23#Longbow 90nimb - 2s only pick up) Tools: 24#rake 75coc -30c 25#Sickle 89coc - 2s 26#Carving knife botd81 -1s 27#Oakenwood ropetool 79woa 50coc - 80c 28#Butchering knife 81woa 82coc - 1.5s 29#Stone chisel 85coc - 1s 30# (45.00) WIne 76ql - 4s Only pick up 31# (31.38) Wine 76ql - 3s Only pick up
  2. Assortment of ''Trash'' rares

    Gimme some offers. Offers for everything > Single thing offers. Pick up at Xanadu Lormere (Can travel to shore) and around Hammer Lake
  3. No rares when imping ...

    Hello devs ,is kindly weird to say this but im imping 36 sets of plate till the moment i got no rares,our village has sac lots of valrei items,i dont really understand this anymore,im continue imping the plate sets but i got nothing yet,this just must be a bug or something,no? what you guys say to this? Att: Cybrax Epic Cluster
  4. Closed

    If something interests you private PM me on the forums, we'll discuss how much I want for said item thanks. To see what I have check link. Closed for now thanks
  5. WTS Bunch of rares

    As the title says: 1. Rare stone chisel, iron Ql 81,24 -- Woa 81 Coc 90 - 12s 2. Rare Carving knife, iron ql 60,48 - unenchanted - 8s 3. Rare File, iron ql 82,18 - unenchanted - 9s 4. Rare statuette of Vynore, gold ql 33,10 - 10s 5. Rare hammer, iron ql 85,14 Woa 17 - 12 6. Rare Saw, iron Ql 79,71 - BoTD 83 - 9s 7. Rare grindstone ql 79,69 BoTD 55 - 5s Everything will be cod from Deli. Buyer pays the Cod! First come, first served!
  6. Charity Sales Event - Part 1

    All items will be COD'ed from independence. All proceeds will go to cancer research charity. For more information, please look here: Items are sold on a first come, first serve basis. Only public buyers are recognized. Please do not PM me to buy items from this list. Please make sure you write your ingame name I can COD it to! The Spyglasses may be picked up at R9, Muspellsheimr, Independence. Tools Willow Fine Fishing Rod, 78ql, 87CoC - 1s (pickup) Oak Grooming Brush, 14ql, 94CoC - 2s Oak Grooming Brush, 16ql, 98CoC - 2s Oak Mallet, 48ql, 99 CoC - 2s Oak Spindle, 92 ql, 101WoA 81CoC - 5s Exquisite Meditation Rug, 6ql, 97CoC - 2s Hatchet, 29ql, 87CoC -1s Rake, 11ql, 88CoC - 1s Saddle, 80ql, 96WoA - 2s Seryll Pickaxe, 1ql, 85CoC - 1s Pickaxe, 2ql, 92CoC - 2s Pickaxe, 1ql, 90CoC - 2s Pickaxe, 34ql, 86CoC - 1s Pickaxe, 2ql, 87CoC -1s Pickaxe, 90ql, 91WoA - 2s Weapons Huge Axe, 90ql, 80V 80N SHD - 3s Etc Brass spyglass - 6s (pickup only) Brass spyglass - 6s (pickup only) Yule Goat x3 - 2s Oakenwood Emerald staff, 6ql - 1s Black Dragon Hatchling Skull, 100ql - 10s Goblin Leader Skull, 98 ql - 10s Snow Lantern x3 - 2s Fireworks, 80ql x3 - 1s Valentines Pottery x3 - 1s Rare Toolbelt, 90ql - 8s Black Opal, 65ql - 2s Black Opal, 30ql - 1s Star Ruby, 37ql - 1s Star Diamond, 24 ql - 1s Rare Frying Pan, 91ql - 4s Rare Frying Pan, 91ql - 4s Rare Frying Pan, 91ql - 4s Rare Frying Pan, 91ql - 4s Blood (woodcutting) - 3s Blood (leatherworking) - 2s Blood (leatherworking) - 2s Blood (stone cutting) - 1s Blood (armour smithing) - 2s Potion of woodcutting, 15ql - 2s More sales and auctions coming soon! Stay tuned!
  7. close

    closing thread, don't deal with drama well you can thank deathy/cesaille for this.
  8. My Storage Alt Toons are GOING OUT OF BUSINESS. Everything MUST be sold! Everything is for sale a package only. Must pick up from West Xanadu. Please post all bids here so that there is full transparency for all involved. Sorry for long timer, wasnt going to post these up for a few days but looks like my account is going to sell fast so i got this up early Starting bid: 50E bidding increment:5E no min reserve or secret min Private buyouts and bidding: no thanks. please post all bids here Buyout: No. Unless... Euros/Dollars only, no silver. Paypal verified I also have a character for sale here: Supreme Carving Knife Auction: http://forum.wurmonl...-carving-knife/ Supreme Oakenwood Rope Tool Auction: http://forum.wurmonl...reme-rope-tool/ Supreme Oakenwood Spindle Auction: http://forum.wurmonl...enwood-spindle/ Highlights: A full ***Rare Plate Set enchanted with High-cast Web Armor***3 Rare SaddlesSeryll pickaxe 1ql enchanted (skiller)Seryll hatchet C95 (skiller)Rare exquisite meditation rugRare Large Maul12 Seryll lumps 80-90+qlRare needleRare Leather KnifeRare toolbelt89 gems4 Yule goats, 3 xmas soft caps150 source crystals4 sleeping powdersRare hammerRare ForgeSeryll Great Helm, Seryll Basinet Helm, Seryll Legging, Seryll Breast Plate^ the 12 lumps and the 4 parts (including the heaviest parts) are more than enough to make and imp a full Seryll Plate Set! Full Imgur album here:
  9. Items I do not need #2

    Due my real life activities, do not know if I will be able to log in next few days so I put all items on merchant on my deed South Park, located on coast in SW part of Deliverance. Feel free to stop by and choose what you like. Here is location:
  10. I have a few items I would like to sell: Rare Practice Doll birchwood 52ql- 50c Rare Medium Oakenwood Shield 28ql- 3s 5 kg Source Liquid - 5s (my understanding is that this can not be mailed so pickup would be needed in SE Xan) 2 Rare Rafts - one is pinewood 30ql the other is birchwood 41ql - 50c each (must pickup in SE Xan)
  11. Wts Misc items

    Pm me here or in game on Rayzer or Epson with price will cod Enchanted Saddle 58ql WoA 77 Horse Shoe Iron 66.96ql WoA66 Horse Shoe Iron 66.06ql WoA61 Horse Shoe Iron 66.69ql WoA57 Horse Shoe Iron 65.95ql WoA53 Pickaxe Iron 1ql 72coc Pickaxe Iron 1.60ql 41coc Non Enchanted Horse Shoe Iron 66.58ql Horse Shoe Iron 67.62ql Horse Shoe Iron 67.83ql Horse Shoe Iron 68.22ql Rares Trowel 79.82ql sold Studded Leather Pants 49.3ql sold 3 Sleep Powder 1.5s each or 4s for all must be collected (Xanadu P25) will deliver for a fee.
  12. 1 rare shovel 82ql 77woa - 5s 2 rare saw 82ql iron - 3s 3 rare horse shoe 74ql - 2.5s 4 rare chain jacket 80ql - 2.5s 5 rare chain gaunlet 75ql - 2.5s 6 rare chain boot 71ql - 2.5s 7 yule goat - 1s 8 snow lantern - 50c 9 fireworks 80ql - 50c 10 fireworks 80ql - 50c
  13. Looking to buy a supreme carving knife, ideally 90+ QL with WoA and CoC enchants of 80 or higher. Willing to pay 25s for one with all of these specifications. Also willing to entertain offers for other supreme carving knives. Now offering a minimum of 25s for a supreme carving knife, up to 35s for high QL and enchants. Also looking for: rare oak clay shaper, any QL (4s budget, I'll imp it myself) Thanks pkerguy! rare iron file, 90+ QL (8s, willing to pay extra for good enchants) Thanks Macadelic! rare oak rope tool, any QL (6s for 55 QL or lower, paying extra for higher QL or good enchants) Thanks Romadador! rare oak fruit press, any QL (name your price) Thanks PhatThaiJones! 2 sickles, 90+ QL each, CoC enchanted (rare not necessary, name your price) Thanks Nusty! butchering knife, 90+ QL, WoA+CoC enchanted (name your price) Thanks Nusty! leather knife, 70+ QL, no enchants (name your price or post merchant link) Thanks PhatThaiJones! Please post here or send me a forum PM if you have one of these to sell. Also include your location if you're on Xanadu, or your server otherwise. EDIT: To clarify, while not necessary, I'm also considering rares for #5. EDIT 2: I don't need the enchants on #5 and #6 anymore. I'd still like them on the carving knife, though. Also, I'm currently interested in buying up to 60s at 1 euro a piece, or in equivalent USD. I have enough coin to cover what's on the list here, but I'd like to add some items to it that I don't have coin for yet. I'm Paypal verified and have bought 1g in the past. Bought. Thanks again pkerguy! EDIT 3: Now that I have more silver to work with, I'm looking into getting some more items from my wishlist. I just need a moment to see what I need. EDIT 4: After making the trek to Jackal and back, I'm eliminating the QL requirement from supreme carving knives that I'd be interested in. It seems rather silly in hindsight; I could just get it imped somewhere if need be. (OK, fine, I didn't go to Jackal or invent Wurmian spaceflight. But I'm still opening up the criteria for what I'm looking for.) EDIT 5: The shopping list is almost fully covered! I just need someone with a supreme carving knife. In the meantime, I have a rare one to hold me over. EDIT 6: Upping my offer price and including a minimum price, since that was lacking. EDIT 7: Making a new thread for the carving knife, since everything else is making it too complicated to see what I still need. Feel free to lock this one.

    #1 rare large shield, iron : start bid 5s Sold to Ginodeal, cod to Unluckyone as requested minimum inc 50c buyout 9s #2 rare metal shield, iron : start bid 5s Sold to Rolandt (PM buyout),cod to Zandry minimum inc 50c buyout 9s #3 rare small metal shield : start bid 3s sold to Postinglels minimum inc 50c buyout 7s #4 rare hammer, iron : start bid 4s sold and cod to Nineol minimum inc 50c buyout 8s #5 rare small barrel : start bid 1s sold and cod to Beezie minimum inc 20c buyout 3s There will be no sniper protection. Buyer pays CoD.
  15. Rares: Pickaxe: 85ql WoA83 CoC85: 12s Oak Rope tool: 82ql CoC96: 13s Horseshoe: 70ql WoA99: 8s Iron Pickaxes *More stock coming soon* Steel Pickaxes *QL varies between 1-30. Can be mended down as per buyer's request* CoC 65: 50c CoC 69: 60c CoC 69: 60c CoC 75: 70c CoC 76: 70c CoC 79: 80c CoC 79: 80c CoC 81: 85c CoC 94: 3s CoC 94: 3s Carving Knives: Hatchets: Steel: 3.62ql CoC 75: 80c Gems: 1,452 QL: 12s (free delivery on Xanadu) (All gems >10ql) Misc. Snow lantern - 1.5s *Mailing at buyer's expense.
  16. Both Items are located at J11, Xanadu 70ql - Rare Branding Iron30ql - Plate Vambrace, Seryll EACH ITEM: Starting bid: 2s Min. Increments: 50c Sniper Protection: 2hrs Reserve: 2silver, Buyout: 6s Each ITEMS SOLD! I will COD items, or pickup from J11 Xan. Happy Bidding!
  17. to be able to store mats in bsbs, fsbs, and crates. without losing rarity. they would still get hit by the 5% decrease in weight. less clutter that takes up memory and therefoe improve fps due to less lag from loading and rendering theres other options for storing like using alts, merchants, etc, and the remove option of gift wrapping,. but just suggesting another way of doing it.
  18. WTS veggies, meat & rares

    Selling some veggies. These will be pick-up only from either M23 @ Whisper Cove or Q25 @ Esteron Market on Xanadu. All veggies and wemp are over 70QL @ 1s/1k. 3k onions 3k corn 5k garlic 1k rye 2k potatoes 2k wemp I also have 2k meat (33QL) for 1.5s/k. I also have a few rare items for sale, also pickup only at either location, or mailable if possible (you pay COD): Rare oven (53 QL) - 8s Rare floor loom, birch (67 QL) - 8s Rare spinning wheel, oak (56 QL) - 3s Rare iron lamp (60 QL) - 2s 2x Rare hanging lamp, bronze (50 QL) - 2s each (pickup at Esteron Market only) Rare wagon, cedar (43 QL) - 15s OBO Rare chair, cedar (25 QL) - 1.5s Rare needle (50 QL) - 2s Thanks and happy Wurming!
  19. All sold thanks.

    Cod to Buyer Thanks.
  20. Closed.

    Greeting People of Wurm! For sell is, 1k of planks, low ql and pinewood for 1.5 silver 1 rare bsb, 20ql, Pine - 1.5 for the above items please PM Denafig ingame if you wish to buy rare lantern sold or, if a lantern isn't your style, I will make large or small crates, 10c per. All you have to do is come down. (crates not available on demand, order needs to be placed ahead of time) PM Isleana or post here 7,200 dirt for 1s per 1k of dirt. PM Rockhopper ingame for details *No delivery will be made to PvP servers
  21. Selling the following items, prices are listed, Offers are considered. Buyer pays for CoD / pickup / Ships Are pick up only and come with Anchor and Lock and imp'd to 50ql Silvers and or Euros are accepted. 1/1 Ratio All items are located on Release List will be updated as possible Rares #1. Rare Horse Shoe set (4 shoes) / 10s #2. Rare Unfinished oven / 6s #3. Supreme Needle 80ql / 12s #4. Rare Lantern / 6s #5. Rare Lantern / 6s #6. Rare Dredge, Birchwood / 3s #7 Rare Rake / 6s #8. Rare Grooming Brush, Oak / 6s #9. Rare Unfinished Forge / 6s #10. Rare Unfinished Guard Tower / 10s #11. Rare Unfinished Guard Tower / 10s #12. Rare Lantern / 6s #13. Rare Saw / 6s #14. Rare Horse Shoe set (4 shoes) / 10s #15. Supreme Horse Shoe / 15s
  22. Close this thread please
  23. Good morning Freedom, Please fee free to peruse my current stock of enchanted weapons, tools, rares and seryll items for something of value. All prices have been marked down from normal Glasshollow Market rates and are available to COD to you where possible. Please check back frequently as stock is updated each and every day. Small Mauls small maul, iron 80ql LT59C74N81 3s20c small maul, iron 78ql LT81C70N95 7s20c small maul, iron 77ql LT50C69N88 3s40c Halberds (Pickup only from Glasshollow) halberd, iron 70ql C75FB81N80AD 3s90c halberd, iron 75ql LT63C80N83AD 4s20c halberd, iron 75ql LT61C76N71AD 3s60c Axes axe, iron 80ql C86FB80N94AD 5s20c Huge Axes huge axe, iron 91.52ql N82FB98C81 5s80c huge axe, iron 75ql LT77C93N70AD 6s20c huge axe, iron 71ql N74FB81DD (Dragon Slayer) 3s30c huge axe, iron 71ql N72FB84DD (Dragon Slayer) 3s30c huge axe, iron 71ql N89FB79DD (Dragon Slayer) 3s80c huge axe, iron 71ql N78FB75DD (Dragon Slayer) 3s30c huge axe, iron 70ql N83FB73DD (Dragon Slayer) 3s30c Rare Weapons rare halberd, iron 76ql LT52C77N73 20s (Pickup Only From Glasshollow) rare two handed sword, iron 90.99ql LT79C101N79AD 26s rare short bow, willow 25ql 5s (Pickup Only From Glasshollow) Horse Shoes horse shoe, steel 75ql w78 1s50c horse shoe, steel 75ql w70 1s50c horse shoe, steel 75ql w75 1s50c horse shoe, steel 75ql w83 1s50c horse shoe, steel 75ql w78 1s50c Pickaxes pickaxe, iron 6ql c82 80c pickaxe, steel 6ql c81 1s Steel Pickaxes (Frugal mans rares) pickaxe, steel 87.00ql c80w96 5s60c pickaxe, steel 86.99ql c85w92 4s10c pickaxe, steel 86.02ql c81w72 2s25c pickaxe, steel 85.25ql c78w81 2s25c pickaxe, steel 85.12ql c72w72 2s10c Hatchets hatchet, steel 6ql c82 1s Sickles sickle, iron 4ql c70 70c sickle, iron 4ql c94 3s Needles needle, iron 50ql c95 3s50c Shovels shovel, steel 18ql c87 1s80c shovel, steel 18ql c80 1s Awls awl, iron 6ql c86 1s30c awl, iron 6ql c74 70c awl, iron 1ql c87 1s30c awl, iron 6ql c89 1s60c Pendulums Pendulum, iron 50ql Lurker In The Deep 97 w73 3s Pendulum, iron 49ql Lurker In The Deep 99 w72 3s20c Ropetools rare rope tool, pinewood 50ql c67 3s Seryll plate sabaton, seryll 28.91ql 3s plate leggings, seryll 28.36ql 3s basinet helm, seryll 27.59ql 3s spear, seryll 1ql c83 4s Grooming Brushes grooming brush, oakenwood c82 1s30c grooming brush, oakenwood c92 3s grooming brush, oakenwood c87 1s80c grooming brush, oakenwood c84 130c C = CIRCLE OF CUNNING W = WIND OF AGES LT = LIFE TRANSFER N = NIMBLENESS FB = FROST BRAND AD = ANIMAL DEMISE DD = DRAGONS DEMISE All items COD from Xanadu at buyers expense unless stated otherwise. Some items are Pickup Only at the Glasshollow Market but can be held on request for a short period to allow for travel. Most items are currently available at Glasshollow market at normal rates. Please post here or forum PM me with orders for goods. If you can't find what you are looking for feel free to let me know and I'll see if I can quickly knock something suitable up for you. Thanks for browsing!