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Found 3 results

  1. Hello together, I took a look for what todo to edit Wurmpedia, but somehow I'm not much into editing such wiki content. I found out more details about the ingame mechanics of papyrusmaking and Inscribing on sheets. For Papyrusmaking, the title for skill-level 70 is "Pulp-beater". About inscribing sheets (mentioned on papyrus sheet page) I spent quite some time figuring the correct formula for number of letters. I used different sheet types (paper/papyrus) & ql, ink & dye different ql, different paper ql and different reed pen ql. The formula is more complex then stated on the Wurmpedia. There is no difference between using paper or papyrus sheets. But even choosing between ink and dye affects number of letters a lot, cause dye has an offset of 10 letters, while ink has an offset of 100 letters. (so at all QL8 ink is better for writing then QL97 dye) The complete formula for Nr. of Letters is: <Nr. of Letters> = <Offset 10 or 100 for dye/ink> + <QL of dye/ink> + <QL of sheet> + <QL of reed pen> It's correct that the even the decimals of quality matters, I think even the decimals of different ql's add up in front of calculation, but i was to lazy to make an exact test for that. As far as I'm aware there are no differences for different colors of dye, but i didn't tried black dye. I spent quite some time figuring this out, hope someone helpful with better wurmpedia skills minds putting this on Wurmpedia. Desolate
  2. Just an idea - for papyrusmaking: Folios This would item would allow players to take multiple papyrus sheets (uninscribed) and combine them into a bound folio. Instead of the regular pop-up window for inscribing it would be similar, however with the 'Next' and 'Back' buttons player could inscribe multiple pages. This could be used for recipe sharing, in-game book writing, kingdom/deed laws, inventory logs, trade deals, et. al. I'd imagine the recipe being to the effect of using a needle as the tool, 3 strings of cloth, two pieces of leather, and a minimum of five papyrus sheets. There could be recipes for different sizes, i.e. Volume: req 10 papyrus sheets, 6 strings; Tome: req 25 sheets, 12 strings. If it all possible, perhaps allowing players to bind already inscribed papyrus sheets into a bound folio although it would have to be one at a time and requires at least one string with each 'addition.'
  3. Currently in game papyrus sheets take 0.5 kg of reed fiber, which takes 5 reed plants to make. I don't believe that papyrus sheets should be so heavy or take so much fiber. At most they should be 0.1 kg to make using them viable. As it stands, the average farmer needs to wait a real life week(a Wurm month) and dedicate a tile of their farm per one sheet. This seems ridiculous when considering historically they were made into books and sold by rolls of 20 sheets. A book of 100 pages would weigh 50 kilos theoretically, if made in Wurm. Please change it and people may actually use it, Thanks