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Found 123 results

  1. Latest News from Mythmoor Prime We are excited to share some original creations in Mythmoor - Wurm Unlimited. Conquerors will win special, ever rotating in game rewards in surprise locations scattered throughout the event locations. Come join our community on Mythmoor Prime in these adventures and experience the thrill of Online Gaming in a whole new way. HOTA is enjoyable as a Solo or Group Player Event, although PVP. The rest are created as a minimum of 2 and up Groups. A very special, full of surprises... HOTA Maze (once conquered - resets every 36 Hours ) A PVE Maze (GM Hosted only) A PVP Event Arena A Dungeon High & Low Level - Fight Skill (GM Hosted only) Island of Doom (PVE Group Event / GM Hosted only) Weekly GM & Player Hosted Events Mythmoor Prime Map of Event Areas Starter Town - Moor's Rest PVP Events - Tickets Will Call PVP Event Arena (Player Hosted) Dungeon High & Low Level - Fight Skill (GM Hosted only) PVP Event Arena (Player Hosted) and PVE Maze (GM Hosted only) HOTA Maze (PVP) Inside the HOTA Maze Island of Doom ( GM Hosted only)
  2. A friend and I have been considering buying this game especially since it is on sale for Steam. We're willing to try it out but only if there is a good RP server. Let me specify what we're looking for. We of course want to be part of community that really wants to RP. We would like to not be too restricted by rules. Making the entire server open PvP would be great as long as there is something to balance the more aggressive actions of others, whether it be a rule or a mechanic. The thrill of possibly dying at any second combined with the fun of interacting with others at the same time is amazing and the main point of playing. Ex: Being killed on sight wouldn't be fun but being robbed by bandits would be. Having someone just pull out a sword, yell "lol kek" and kill you at a Tavern wouldn't be fun. A Noble calling you a "vile beggar" which leads to a bar fight and then you die in it would be fun. Having your base destroyed for no reason wouldn't be fun but getting into a land dispute that starts a war or feud between families/cities would be. Is there any server like this? I've seen some other posts around RP as I combed the threads but they were about a year old. It made me lose hope.
  3. Here is a link for a updated map with alot of changes to deeds and roads. This is a continuation of Tpikol Map continued by Akaryd. Updated by Kristof 2016/09/04. Celebration Map
  4. Boom Coyotes: "Vicious monsters native to Jackal, these things are bad for your health!" These are explosive hell hounds. Can be bred, cannot be tamed, can be dominated and then led. Butchering products are cooked meat and "black powder". If it gets to 30% hp or below, it starts a 7 second timer after which it explodes, killing itself and dealing damage to anyone in combat with it within 5 tiles on PVE servers, and any players, any animals, and any structures on PVP servers. If the coyote is killed within the 7 second timer it will not explode and will give fighting skill. If it explodes, it should not give fighting skill or leave a corpse behind. When it starts the timer it should freeze in place until it dies. Damage should be 2x as much as a troll's mauling attack to non-structures and 50% of a catapult attack to structures. Explosions stun. Black Powder: "It burns!" 1 unit weighs 0.025kg. Can be burned. One powder is equivalent to 1kg of other fuel. Fire Trap: "A dangerous trap that lights everything in the area on fire." 10x black powder, 5x kindling, 10x branch, 1x string of cloth. Uses fire making skill, can be improved with carpentry tools. Damage increases with QL. Effect is similar to Fire Pillar. Requires 30 fire making to create. Moderately difficult to set. Explosive Trap: "A deadly and very damaging trap." 20x black powder, 1x cauldron, 1x steel and flint, 1x string of cloth. Uses blacksmithing skill, can be improved with iron and blacksmithing tools. Damage increases with QL. Effect is similar to Boom Coyote explosion, with damage based on QL. 1QL trap should do as much damage as a bite from a wolf. 100QL trap should do 3x as much damage as a mauling attack from a troll. Radius of effect should be 5 tiles. Difficult to set.
  5. Hi guys, Im AirborneASE in game Airbornease. im looking for 1 or 2 ppl that wanna join my deed At Xanadu, Located on map P9, German or Eng should u be GMT+1, GMT-1 im Building a Dock, have clay, tar, water and food, Mine and a 38 by 43 tile big deed. when ur interessted just write me ingame. gonna be glad and btw im not the only one, we have a good Alliance and some friends are barly near my position around 6-8 ppl. i cooperate with my Neighbors alot. we both have lot of fun, more chat than work and u can almost do what u want. atm the deed is under construction for terra but its possible to build already a house at a safe spot. place for 3-4 ppl is possible, i wont bite and looking further for more fun btw im the jung one in our group oldest hit 50. my gramma issent good i spell like a fool but even fun i can keep up haha. Ur Welcome to Mag Mel Docks Enjoy us for the glory of... sand? Nice day we wish <-- picture of deed
  6. Hi guys, Im AirborneASE in game Airbornease. im looking for 1 or 2 ppl that wanna join my deed At Xanadu, Located on map P9, German or Eng should u be GMT+1, GMT-1 im Building a Dock, have clay, tar, water and food, Mine and a 38 by 43 tile big deed. when ur interessted just write me ingame. gonna be glad and btw im not the only one, we have a good Alliance and some friends are barly near my position around 6-8 ppl. i cooperate with my Neighbors alot. we both have lot of fun, more chat than work and u can almost do what u want. atm the deed is under construction for terra but its possible to build already a house at a safe spot. place for 3-4 ppl is possible, i wont bite and looking further for more fun btw im the jung one in our group oldest hit 50. my gramma issent good i spell like a fool but even fun i can keep up haha. Ur Welcome to Mag Mel Docks Enjoy us for the glory of... sand? Nice day we wish <--- Picture of deed
  7. Introducing the new server Lagenon. It's a brand new server and map hosted by myself. It features 1x skill rates keeping it close to the original WO experience. We're hoping to get people to specialize in one or two fields and share their craftsmanship with the other players. I spent quite a bit a time tweaking and finding the best generated map I could get from tools available. It provides lots of water access for more boating fun, as well as plenty of space for everyone's projects. Made sure trees and other biome features were distributed well, and did my best to prevent any strange non-natural feel from the land. Check out our map here: The spawn is a work in progress, we're building it ourselves from scratch. The bartender is currently present, and we will be adding a trader shortly.
  8. Hi there, I'd love to start up a brand new 1x server. I'm looking for folk that would be perhaps interested in joining the server. Not looking for commitments but looking to find out how much interest there would be for it. I've been working really hard on creating a really good map to play on. So far this is one of the better one's I've managed to generate. Feel free to leave suggestions on what would make you more interested in playing. - Map size is 1024x1024
  9. Village Updates Location: Xanadu F24 Deed Size: 51x50 Spirit Guards: 1 Citizen Count: 1 Town Beds Available: 2 out 6 Plots Available: 4 out of 4 Town Bed Rent Is Free: You can live in the village for free and will be supplied with a bed, large chest and BSB. If you decide you would like some land check the spoiler above to see what plots/cost are available. Resources: Clay, Sand, Tar, Iron, Communal Facility’s Spirit cottage: Just of Deed Communal Mine - Open: Communal Farm - Open: Communal Horse&Cart - Open: Barn/Stables - Open: Black Smith - Open: 3x3 Bedroom Available FREE RENT Town Hall/Church - Under Construction: Tavern - Under Construction: Taylor Shop - Under Construction: Mason Shop - Open: 2x4 Bedroom available FREE RENT Carpenter Shop - Under Construction: Docks - Open: Market - Under Construction (OPEN): Humble Beginnings: 25/09/15 to 25/11/2015 Humble Beginnings Nearly 3 Months On: 25/11/2015 to 14/02/2016 Welcome stranger, Let me introduce myself, my name is Louie Archer and this is my wife Madalyn and thank you for taking the time to take a look at what we and Crystal Coast can offer you. But first let me give you a little background history on who we are and where we have come from. Our story starts 8 years ago when I was lord of Rivendell which was a bustling coastal Village on the shores of Mol Rehan. Our Village was ran fair and just for many years until not only 5 months ago a dark priest came to our land and put a horrible curse on it. There was nothing we could do against such power even my wife who herself was a powerful Priest could not match this Godley power. The curse rendered all that lived in Rivendell to turn against one another and only after a few months the village imploded scattering what few remained to leave as this was the only way to be rid of the curse. We made the decision to leave for the lands of the Freedom Isles and set our hearts on Xanadu. We set sale to Summerholt in nothing more than a tiny rowing boat and a few supplies hoping to start again knowing that when we cross the border we would be stripped of all our powers and skill. Present Day It has been 5 months now since we landed on the shores of F24 and formed Crystal Coast. Unfortunately my wife has not been well after the transition and losing her power has taken a great toll on her so it has just been me doing the terraforming and construction. The Deed currently is 51x50 and the main Town (50x25) has been terraformed and ready for construction to begin. The Town will be where all the trade will take place and in time will have a Port, Harbour, Tavern, Church/Town Hall, Black Smith, Tailor, Carpenter, Mason Shop where you can craft and hone your skills and not to mention an impressive market where anyone can put a trader to sell there items. Village Rules We like to run things differently than other Villages. We believe that our Citizens should be given the freedom to make their own decisions and to do that we give you the freedom to do so. A lot of villages don't give you much freedom to do what you want and not much say in how the village is developed and managed. We believe there is no right or wrong way to create a village but we think many different minds designing a village is better than 1 or 2. There are just 2 rules to uphold: Have Fun! Do not ever dig/terraform in the main town or existing roads. What Cant Be Done On Deed: Destroying Buildings: This is just to protect the Town from greifers. If you want something destroyed just ask as long as its yours that is. Attaching Locks: This is to protect the village from getting messy when villagers quit/leave. If you require something to be locked the Mayor would be happy to do it and just add you to the permission, easy! What can be done on Deed: Apart from not destroying buildings and terraforming the main Town etc you can do anything you like as long as you own the land, more on that next. Village Economy We want to create a true Village economy and below I will tell you how we can achieve this. In real life we need to earn money to live, to pay our bills, eat, clothes, tools and most importantly to play Wurm. Imagine everything was free and we didn't need money sounds great but no, if this was the case we would never advance in life and would probably die of boredom. So to start the economy you need a reason to work to make money. Well to do this we have a Tax/Rent if you like, which means to have land you have to purchase the tiles which makes them yours to do what you like with and then pay the Town a tax each week to keep it, more on costs later. If you want you can stay/live in the Town for FREE until you are ready to buy your first bit of land and then you would pay a weekly tax depending on how much land you own. You could do this many ways by buying silver from Rolfs shop or selling to the village. The Village buys any bulk items at 25% below the going price which saves you time on finding a buyer and also the traveling time to. All Tax, Rent and profit that the village makes goes to expanding and improving the village. Payment Methods & Tile Costs Payment is easy you can either pay with coin or if you want to pay with bricks for example you can do. Tile Cost breakdown: To purchase a tile will be a 1 off cost of 50 iron for each tile. The Rent/Tax there on for each tile will be 25 iron for each tile. Example: You want to buy a 10x10 piece of land 10x10 = 100 tiles Purchase Cost: 100 tiles x 50 iron = 50 copper Rent/Tax Cost: 100 tiles x 25 iron = 25 copper per week Well Thank you for taking the time to read this and if you want to be a Citizen of Crystal Coast please Pm for a chat or reply to this post I look forward to hearing from you.
  10. hi all! o/ i started playing 2 months ago and i'm premium for almost 1 month now. i made a deed but i don't like the spot so i decided to move and make another one. when i found a nice location i first made the mansion in deedplanner, to see how it looks and to decide how much materials i need. i think the result is quite nice so i wanted to share with you guys please tell me what you think! screenshot of map link 1 link 2 both links are same savefile when clicking 'open' in deedplanner, paste one of these codes in the bar and open the files
  11. As part of the Q&A plan there was listing about new items to sell on traders and thought that maybe we should offer up some suggestions for that. I dont really have any of my own right now but i wanted to make a thread so we can start thinking of ideas and list them so that maybe the developers can get an idea of what we are wanting.
  12. Eh change... scary, scary change. Well, when time allows, I would like to have the colors for each pmk and kingdom available as forum theme options. Nothing fancy per say, just the base colors would be fine. I present the Empire of MR colors (sure there's other kingdoms... but I don't care! ):
  13. Was thinking the oak stump would make a cool altar base. So lets say you plant a oak tree where you want your altar, let it grow to Very old or overaged (overaged pref) then cut it down. Then you could activate a bowl and use it on the stump to get the option to create an "Oaken altar" or something. Mats could be : Stump, bowl, 26 Tar, some manual carving work. Maybe more, whatever would be needed to balance it. Good idea/dumb idea?
  14. Hi everyone, Looking for Village to join, prefer newish Deed/Villages I am a Returned player and realised all my Friends quit Made this new Toon but now im Stranded down at Esteron with all my original Gear I like to grind these preferred skills most: Nature - Animals etc Smiting - All types Carpentry - Fine. Digging Mining Combat (Defensive/Normal) Would prefer a high mob spawn area. Online many hours daily, and Grind a lot.
  15. Blood Imperium Strength. Loyalty. Courage. In the beginning of June, an unknown adventure shall begin for myself and a group of people who have agreed to join the Epic, Elevation server with the sponsorship and support of AceRifle. We have planned and recruited among our friends, and are now ready to take recruitment to the next level and to start recruiting people we have not yet been in touch with. Upon the creation of our PMK, we shall update this post with the new information. Our Principles. Warriors are not born and they are not made... Warriors create themselves through trial and error, pain and suffering, and their ability to conquer their own faults. We believe in courage, above all things, as the first quality of a warrior. We believe that justice is more important than peace. We believe that without hope, there can be no true despair. We believe in freedom from fear, denying fear the power to influence our decisions. We believe that a strong will is irreplaceable. We believe in ordinary acts of bravery, in the courage that drives one person to stand up for another. We believe that you sometimes must be cruel to be kind. We believe in acknowleging fear and the extent to which it rules us. We believe in shouting for those who can only whisper, in defending those who cannot defend themselves. We believe that experience is the best teacher, as it gives a test before offering a lesson. We believe that pain and death are better than cowardice and inaction. Founding Members: 22/25 Possible FM: 40 Requirements and Details of Joining 1. You do not have to provide coin in any way. 2. You do not have to take on any special responsibilities or position. 3. Being a founding member entitles you to a position of your choice from a list provided upon elections. 4. You may not be part of another Epic PMK at the same time. 5. The use of our forums and TS3 server are required. 6. You must be active regularly, preferably at least 5/7 days a week. 7. You must be willing to level up your fighting skill as soon as possible after joining if you are new. 8. You are to attend as many community events as possible for you. F.A.Q. Q: When will you leave? A: As said, in the beginning of June. Q: Will you have custom designs? A: Yes, they are already in progress and we will request for them to be implemented as soon as possible. Q: Do you have experienced players? A: Some are experienced, some are new. We are currently in the process of introducing the new ones prior to the launch of our kingdom. Q: Can I join as a newbie? A: Yes, we welcome PvP First-Timers. Q: Can I get a roster? A: The roster is available exclusively to members and those who have agreed to be part of the project. If you wish to join as a Founding Member, please pass me a PM here to receive links to forums and further information. NEW: You can now also visit our forums by clicking on the button below! Thank you everyone!
  16. Looking for a village which can teach me the ins and outs of the game. Hawaii Standard Timezone Looking for established village w/ open housing Can use/download Teamspeak
  17. Read the Wikipedia. Yes, the info can be so-so; however, its still invaluable. Ask questions. ALOT. Just pester everybody... especially the CAs. The masochists actually volunteered for this. Never click on a link posted by Glory. EVER. If you have to ask, the answer is, "No, you cant kill it." Steal everything not nailed down, then come back for the nails. Its perfectly fine to spam Enki with pms.
  18. Looking for work? or an active village and alliance? New to the game and looking for somwhere safe to bump your skills before setting out on your own? Then come join us at Legendary Enterprises! Not only do we have access to extensive forests, peat, clay and tar, we also share a sizable mine with the nearby Metal Works just across the river. At Legendary Enterprises the only thing expected of you is that you follow our rules, they are simple; Don't Steal Be respectful And don't start fights with other villages or you are on your own. Not only does joining us here give you the oppertunity to work with a very large local alliance of preists, shipwrights, miners, builders, farmers and more, it also provides you with the option to earn money helping on contracts. While its still on the drawing board public housing will be built soon. If interested PM me or TsubasaLegend in game. Interested in trade? Please see our advert in the Merchant Adds Section
  19. Hello, my name is Szai and I have been playing Wurm Online now for 10 days along with my girlfriend Afanasyi. I was refraining from making this post because watching Wurm isnt exactly exciting but after the suggestion of multiple viewers I have decided to. I have been a small-time streamer for 10 months or so, mostly streaming Dota2, League of Legends and Archeage plus others. I am somehow having more fun in Wurm than i have in a game in probably a few years and in only 10 days, with the help of people from my stream chat I think im off to a pretty good start. I know not a lot of people stream this game and maybe with good reason, but it is a great game and ive met really nice people from it so far. I cant promise tons of excitement but I do invite anyone curious or bored to stop by and say hi. Its usually pretty laid back and just talking, sometimes we break out some music or funny videos, i usually get a helpful veteran or 2 in chat and you can listen to all the noob questions i ask! I generally stream starting around 2pm EST and go until 5am or so EST. No set in stone schedule but thats typically the case, unless i stay up way too late playing. PS: im sure people will ask. In game i am located on the SE corner of Independence Stream is located at
  20. The Eldritch Cabal is a booming little town located just a couple of minutes walk East of the Spawn Town of Summerholt. We welcome anyone interested, new or old and have had a lot of new players recently and are doing our best to teach them the ropes. We operate on respect. Show respect, get respect. That easy. Don't cut down trees on deed unless they're apple. Someone may have planted them for a reason. Don't throw things that you want to keep on the ground. There are many ways to secure your belongings until you get situated. If it's on the ground, it's fair game. These are the only rules we run by, they're short and simple. Other than that, have fun. It's a game, not a job. You can PM the following people if interested, or leave a reply here. Sigilor - Mayor Bosnar - Council
  21. I'm so happy to have finally made it back to Wurm online now that it is once more Mac compatible. However it hurts, my old character is long gone and nearly 2 years of progress little more than a memory... I will be looking to start again on Idie's Freedom Isles, it will be interesting to see how mich jas changed since I last played, and if i can find them, i look forward to seeing old face again, but for now I will need help; shelter, Conversion to vynora and some tools to get me going os all I ask, i am more than willing to work fields and mines to pay my way untill i am back up to strength. I will tey to be online tonight.
  22. When it came time for new horse models the community was given a voice in the matter. We were shown a group of different horses and we, as a community, decided upon which horse type to be used in the game. This was a very practical method that left the vast majority pleased, or at least not considering jumping off a cliff. Now we have the new ship models. It would seem just the opposite of the new horse models has happened. Here, the vast majority is very displeased with what has been given. The reason for the complete difference in results is plain for all to see. In the first instance the community was given a voice in what they would see and use in their day to day WURMian lives. In the second instance no choice nor voice in the matter was offered. The new ship models were simply placed in the game, like it or not. Would it be so difficult to give us a voice in what we are to see in game every day as was done with the new horse models? Thus the proposal. Offer the WURM community a voice in the matter of new models entered into the game while realizing the talents of the model makers as the limiting factor. This would produce the positive results of the horse models and avoid the negative results of the ship models. All hail Sarcaticous. Hail.
  23. Hey, I'd like to suggest a new possibility for new playes. When first getting into the game, picking a server is mostly at random, in hope of finding the perfect spot or settlement. Some people however realise pretty soon that their desired goals for the game aren't achievable on the map they have chosen, and wish to switch after only a few hours of search. I personally think that during that 24 hour newbie bonus period, one should be able to change server simply by navigating the map panel and picking a new one. There could be a one-time use limit or something to avoid people exploiting it, but I'm sure that it would help a lot of new players. Before anyone tells me how easy it is for them to find someone to bring them over to the other islands because the Wurm community is so helpful, let me tell you how it really is. If you are lucky, you will find someone who is kind and trusts you with what you say. They might then help you over to the other island. Most of the times though, you have to pay for their time, or nobody even responds at all. We like to consider ourselves very friendly and helpful, which we are in many ways, but dedicating time to bring someone to another server is too much to ask from most people. Trust me, I have had that problem a lot and have only once found someone willing to do it for free who actually ended up doing so and not just claiming he would "tomorrow". There is of course the option for new players to make rowing boats, but anyone who has tried to make one at low skill knows how frustrating it is, and how long it can take, so for a complete newbie it is a lot to ask to just build a boat. Buying one is an option too, but what newbie would like to spend 16€ on 10 silvers just after starting, only to be able to pick a new server? Well, I would rather quit than doing that at that point in time. And player sales of silver are never in such low quantities. My suggested solution to this is, as mentioned above: a limited-used (once, maybe twice, or five times, I don't know) option to navigate the Map screen and switch between any of the same cluster's servers, perhaps excluding Chaos, during the first maybe 10 hours of gameplay. Within 10 hours of playing, nobody can really get skills worthy of exploiting for, and with the low BS and ML it makes no sense to make a new character just to switch between servers freely. Exploiting could be prevented further by adding a complete inventory wipe upon switch. That way nobody can just make a new char, put his stuff on it, and teleport over.
  24. Should now be possible to convert to evil deities in HOTS template kingdoms.