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Found 4 results

  1. Minas Ithil is now recruiting vets and new players! Thinking about trying something new? Want to learn to PvP? Or do you just want to help a kingdom in the shadows with just the PvE side of things? Come join us in Mol-Rehan on Defiance! We're always looking for people to help in our endeavors! What 3 basic things I can offer: Vast overall game knowledge and PvP knowledge that will give you the upper hand over our enemies. Tools, Weapons, Armor, Enchants to get you started! A great community and alliance that is willing to help PvP isn't for everyone right? But once you get the adrenaline going from your first PvP experience, you'll never want to go back to freedom again! Recruitment Status: OPEN Message me on here or on discord if you're interested in joining us today. My discord User: Breakfast_Burger#5871
  2. Wagon 5s Located on West coast of Deli
  3. We are recruiting Polish speaking players to Stoned Deed on Epic Desertion. MolRehan: Twierdza Stoned Serwer: Epic: Desertion (MolRehan) O nas: Jesteśmy grupą Polaków zorientowaną głównie na PvP (7 osób chodź nie tylko ;-) Należymy do największego sojuszu na Desertion o nazwie: MRE prowadzącego działania PvP na Desertion jak i na Elevation. Większość czasu mieszkamy w Stoned na Desertion, ale zlokalizowani jesteśmy zaledwie kilka minut żeglugi na Elevation więc do stolicy MolRehan (EC) jest blisko. Dzięki temu uczestniczymy we wszystkich eventach PvP organizowanych przez nasze władze królestwa co dostarcza dużo emocji ;-) [YouTube] [YouTube] [YouTube] Szukamy graczy zarówno nowych jak i doświadczonych. Gwarantujemy szkolenie i pomoc, sprzęt. Kontakt: pm w grze Tosiek, Teosen, Vill, Villz, Kuciak, Tedix jak i przez forum:
  4. About us: Once we first joint Wurm we didn't know where on earth to start. Starting out by yourself, building a house to keep safe, whilst trying to do that, run away from monsters, then worry about food, water, trying to find cotton..and of course the many other things to go with it. We finally found a village to stay and the people who owned it were incredibly friendly, offered pretty good QL armor, weapons, meals, helped us build our very own house and helped raise most of our skills. We soon became village elders and ran the place ourselves. Unfortunately, the village got abandoned. We then decided to head off to find our own place where to stay, came across a place close to sea and main sources, which we would need. Plus it was surrounded by dozens of unicorns.. We then deeded the area and started to civilize it. After building the basics we thought about recruiting a handful of people to help out with the village and help them out too, just like we had offered to us. So far our deed is yet to be finished and generally make it look better, so there may be future plans with structures. Currently building the community housing, this will be finished soon and will be fully furnished for players. What we're looking for: Ideally this would be for experienced players. Please be aware as it's a small village only a few may join. We're looking for people who just want to chill, get on with their crafting and getting skills up, training up to go elevation and of course, help maintain the deed. (for experienced players who are ready to go to elevation, you're free to join and use the village as a pit stop to make your boat and head off from there). What Waters Edge can offer to you: Safe deed. (Deed is all blocked off by tall walls).Community housing.Community farm.Community mine.Community forge shop.Easy access for fishing.Located nearby sand, clay and peat.Free meals.Easy to build a boat. (as we're right near the sea and offers more protection as it will be docked on deeded land).Always have healing supplies.Supplied with basic weapons and armor.Regular hunting trips. (For supplies, skill gain or just for the heck of it).Live near a forest area. (never gonna run out of wood to make that boat).Deed guards.Small animal keeping area. (gain animal husbandry skill and keep your own animals in there). Part of a large alliance. Interested? If so, please message either me, Mclovin or Teal. I'm hardly online at the moment, so it would be best to message Teal. Happy Wurming. Mclovin