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Found 103 results

  1. (x16, y35) The village is at the south shore of Mercury Lake. Items for sale: (Will trade for Seryll lumps) Weapons: QL 70 weapons for sale. - 50c. All weaponsmithing items available Everything always in stock. There are QL 50 shields available for a low price aswell. Tools: Blacksmithing tools (QL 70) and also carpenty tools like grooming brush, spindle are available. Tools are priced at: 25c There are also misc items such as anvils and anchors for sale. Merchants have a variety of enchanted items for sale. CoC, WoA, Frostbrand, Nimbleness, Animals Demise etc. Jewelry: Jewelry smithing items QL 70 (pendulums, statuettes, metal altars etc) are for sale, or can be made to order. Horses: We also sell 5 speed horses. These are the fastest horses possible. All colors available. Click for current stock Feel free to come and check out what you want - we'll have it. Price is 1 s for any horse. I usually don't keep any gray in stock, let me know in advance if you want that color (usually noone does). All horses are 6-trait horses (5-speed and one extra trait). Of course never any bad traits, ever. Bisons: Now also offering speed bisons - amazing wagon/cart pullers. Once up to speed - constantly pulls at full speed (18 km/h - never slows down). No equipment necessary. Very annoying to breed, but if you want the best, this is it. Bisons are the best pullers for wagons. Once you go speed bison - you don't go back. 5-speed bison: 1 s Hides, Cotton & Wemp: Hides: QL 10 - 1c per 100 hides QL 60 - 20c per 100 hides QL 25 - 1c per 100 hides QL 70 - 1c per hide QL 35 - 2c per 100 hides QL 80 - 5c per hide QL 45 - 10c per 100 hides QL 90+ - 10c per hide QL 55 - 15c per 100 hides (1 hide = 3kg) Cotton QL 75+ - 1s per 1k. Wemp QL 75+ - 1s per 1k. All other crops also available QL 70+ - 1s per 1k From time to time, there may be some cows and other animals for sale. 30c. These are pickup only Mailbox available for other items. Inside Fortress of Linkoping there is a trader for public service You may also visit and admire the beautiful Colossus of Vynora Welcome! Have a look and have a sightseeing at the same time! Jukkken Mayor of Linkoping
  2. Welcome to and Water Seven is easy to reach by South Pristine [17] empty Marketstalls available! status: atm set to Public (-everyone can place ur merchants atm) and looking any merchants for weapons, armors (chain & plate) Open for Merchant places. contact: IG - Bratokar / Terraluna or over forum. a sea view: the 1th district of Market- and Sermonplace: for all Altars ready for sermons (Fo, Vynora & Magranon) the 2nd district of market with 10 stalls and the shipwright area is under construction we hope, we see u soon. ur Shining Valley Alliance and Water Seven.
  3. Kurios Sale Yards

    Hi, I have decided on the name and i have designed the sale yard. Images: Deed planner file: Please give me ideas on how to make the 4 center buildings without the stone proceeding into the first floor. The IRC channel for it on FREENODE is #KSY web base irc client: Please feel free to add ideas and i still need a location or it may be less central than i wanted. All opinions are welcome so please put in your ideas Thanks, Aryon
  4. I was wondering who has plans on opening a public market as soon as they can? I know the guys at Newspring City has plans on one but i have not seen anyone else mention it yet. I have a merchant i am going to place with some things and wanted to get a feel on what everyone was thinking. I am sure there will be more than one market but Newspring is close to me so might be hard to beat that one..well for me at least.
  5. Welcome to and Water Seven is easy to reach by South Pristine the new Sermonplace: (Fo, Vynora & Magranon) the sermonplace : 1st Marketplace is protected with high iron fence gates, medium hedges and with a Ql 50+ guardtower, exactly for sermons, our place and priests are waiting for other priests and follower, and have 4 innertiles range for fishing after the sermonstime. we hope, we see u soon. the priests from Shining Valley Alliance and Water Seven.
  6. We are having a mini impalong with an opportunity to improve your skills and a chance to win a prize or two. -----> time; May 10th and 11th <------- place; New Haven take part in A cart race round New Haven boat race fishing competition plus more.... 1st, 2nd, and 3rd prizes will be handed out beds for sleep-overs priest channel you can place a merchant on one of our new market stalls. Come to New Haven for the skill and stay for the fun. cords on Celebration X38, Y19, XXXPlease Note Date ChangeXXX to unforeseen circumstances, there has been a change of date, on the plus side we may be able, with the extra time, to add a little something that we didn't have time for.
  7. Having slayed the 'deed destroyer' and plucking the settlement form for Tap Dance Market from his cold, limp corpse... We (Celebration Ninja's Alliance) are looking for support in restoring the barren market to it's former glory. We begin work tomorrow, if you wish to help on the project, share ideas, throw materials at the deed, please feel free to pop by.
  8. The City Of Opulence Market has opened for business! Set against the beautiful backdrop of central Exodus (with its excellent man made land and sea access) the City Of Opulence Market is home to a variety of local village merchants offering a wide assortment of mundane and enchanted goods of interest to both the local population and the discerning traveler with a taste for the finer things in life. Home to several specialized enchanted items merchants, the Opulence Market can provide high end enchanted equipment to those who want to get the most out of their Wurm time with tools that will let it happen. At the specialized enchanted tools section of the market we offer merchants selling skilling tools (70+ power COC only items), speed tools (70+ power WOA only items) and combination tools (70+ power WOA and COC items) along with a merchant selling cost effective discounted enchanted tools (60 - 69 power WOA, COC or WOA and COC) for the adventurer on a budget. With new items added daily and custom tools and casts available on request, make Opulence Market your No.1 stop for all your enchantment needs. At present we have 100+ enchanted items in stock [sample Items Currently Available] c85 beautiful meditation rug 50ql 1s95c | c88 hatchet, steel 6.35ql 1s60c | c96 pickaxe, steel 6.34ql 6s | c94 saw, iron 19.29ql 4s40c w81c70 rake, iron 82.06ql 2s60c | w91 pickaxe, iron 85.48ql 3s80c | w88 oak spindle 70.24ql 1s90c See me in local before you buy enchanted items and you'll get the merchants 10% fee off! The Opulence Market district also hosts a variety of merchants selling a selection of more mundane items. We have merchants selling miscellaneous jewellery items and gems, ropes and anchors, leather, chain and plate armor, shields and weapons, cloth goods, leather goods and tools of every shape and size. You name it. We probably sell it. Don't have in stock what you want to buy? Ask the Opulence guys in local. Many of them produce the same fine gear you'll find on the merchants and can quickly produce a custom order if you feel like sticking around - and why wouldn't you?! Opulence itself is set within beautiful central Exodus with it's elegant man made channels connecting the the great oceans together and is home to the lands second largest deed. Feel free to look around and strike up a conversation with the locals - most of them are perfectly charming and helpful. Most of them. Want to add your own merchants to the market? Sure, why not? The market is open to non villager player merchants while space is available so come along and bring your own fine wares to add to our own. We hope to see you soon Mr Exodus and other visitor. Thanks in advance for stopping by HERE. Villagers who can help you : - Caindarren (Blacksmith), Raimian (Chainsmith), Zetuka (Tanner), Akiyama (Fletcher), Busted (Vynora Enchanter), MrBlades (Blacksmith)
  9. Hidden Market

    Hidden Market X23 Y26 Map 0 - Token and Mail Box 1 - Market Square 1A - Altar of Fo 1B - Altar of Magranon 1C - Altar of Vynora 2A - Gypsypunk's Horses 2B - Gypsypunk's Horses 3A - Aarbi's Horses 3B - Aarbi's Horses 4A - Hidden Cove's Hardwood Carpentry 4B - Almeriaan's Grocery Alchemy and Covers 4C - Melissa's Bulk Pavillion 4D - 5 Speed Horses and Gear! 4E - <Available> 4F - The Merchant of New England 4G - Aciddepth's Weapons + 4H - Ravens Bluff Shop 5A - <Stall Empty> 5B - <Stall Empty> 5C - <Stall Empty> 5D - <Stall Empty> 5E - <Stall Empty> 5F - <Stall Empty> 5G - <Stall Empty> 5H - <Stall Empty> 5I - <Stall Empty> 5J - <Stall Empty>
  11. Wyvern Academy Marketplace Here at Wyvern Academy we pride ourselves on giving new players a head start in the game. While giving them a safe place to learn and advice on how to best pursue any task they may wish to continue as a career. What we Need: Unfortunately, good deeds do not result in ours being free. As such, our craftsmen are grouping together to offer services that will provide the upkeep for our expansive deed. This isn't a task we can perform on our own. We need customers that will keep the doors of Wyvern Academy open. By providing customers with our various crafts we can provide the valuable silver we use to fuel our town and give new players an enjoyable experience. What we Offer: Of all of our sales, merchant and non-merchant, 50% of our sales go directly to town upkeep. We offer a brand new 6 slot market outside of our north gate on the Highway from Sloping Sands and it has a pier behind it for easy lake/ocean access. Currently five slots are available. Merchant list below. Slot 1: Mea's Leathers Inventory: Studded Leather Set 50QL - 1s Toolbelt 50QL - 18c Toolbelt 60QL - 36c (3x)Fine Meditation Rugs 30QL - 20c Mountain Lion Rug 50QL - 30c (3x)Bridle 50QL - 60c Barding 50QL - 62c (2x)Saddle 50QL - 50c Slot 2:Empty Slot 3:Empty Slot 4:Empty Slot 5:Empty Slot 6: Merchant Monom Inventory: Will be added soon Services we Offer: Platesmithing Service: 50QL Plate Sets - 3s each(Great and Basinet Helms available) Blacksmithing Services: 70QL All Blacksmith tools - 25c 70QL Horseshoe Sets - 70c or 20c each 70QL Small Anvil - 50c 70QL Large Anvil - 80c Leather Services: 50QL Barding - 65c 50QL Studded Sets - 70c 50QL Toolbelts - 18c 60QL Toolbelts - 36c 50QL Saddles - 50c 50QL Bridle - 60c Animal Rugs - 25c(Wolf, Brown/Black Bear and Mountain Lion in stock) Cloth Services: 30QL Triangle Sail - 15c 30QL Small Square Sail - 15c 30QL Square Sail - 25c 30QL Fine Meditation Rugs - 20c Carpentry Services: Mallet, Spindle, Clay Shaper, Spatula, Grooming Brush (Oak), Fine Fishing Rod (Willow) 30QL: 5c 40QL: 10c 50QL: 15c 60QL: 20c 70QL: 30c Fine Carpentry Services: Rope Tool, Leggat, Fruit Press, Press, Cheese Drill (Oak) 30QL: 20c 40QL: 25c 50QL: 30c Bows: Short Bow, Bow, Long Bow (Willow) 30QL: 20c 40QL: 30c Raw Materials: Oak/Willow Sprout: 20c (16c for bulk) Oak/Willow Log: 10c (8c for bulk) Miscellaneous Items: Replacement Basic Compass (<25QL): 5c or less, based on QL Excess Town Supplies: Dirt: 1k/s Marble Slabs: 100/s
  12. Port Tanelorn Market Hello everyone. Port Tanelorn Market is reopening. We have tried our luck at hosting a market in the past, but because of lack of time and skills we quickly realized it was a plan which needed more preparation. Now we're back with a wide selection of wares and also some medium enchantments and of course our well known bulk ware services. Come over and check out what we have so far, or if you're a seller feel free to contact me about setting up a merchant or two. We plan to offer a lot more than just a marketplace in the future. Epic Portal, Meditation rugs, Food, Beds and special meditation places will just be some of these offerings. I will keep you updated in this post. Here is what we offer: Merchants: - Lumi's Mixed Wares: PM Lumi or check out her Forum Post - Xene's Armory: Various Weapons up to QL 57 and some medium enchanted tools for beginners - Red's Merchants: Chain Armor (QL 50) and Lamps (QL 50) - Rik's Ropes: All kinds of Ropes, Sails and some meditation rugs Bulk Wares: These are rough prices, of course we offer mostly anything that can be sold in bulk, just ask. Wares can be picked up or delivered. Delivery on Exodus is free. Please ask about other servers. Most expensive is north Independence with 1s. 1k Rockshards / Dirt = 1s 1k Mortar = 3s 1k Bricks = 2s 1k Logs = 1s 1k Planks = 1s 1k Charcoal ~QL 30 = 4s Ship building: (all boats include anchor and lock) 10 Rafts (QL30) 50c 1 Rowing Boat 1s 1 Sailing Boat 1.2s 1 Corbita 5s 1 Cog 8s 1 Knarr 15s 1 Caravel 20s We also offer a special referral deal on ships. When you buy a ship from us you can refer other people to us and receive 10% of what they pay as a referral bonus.
  13. Looking for high ql tools, armors, leather items, weapons or 5-speed horses? Well we got everything at Gurrington Mini-mart, convienently located on the major waterway of Celebration. Gurrington, Celebration (X20Y18) Remember to check out our quests here! Merchants at Gurrington Mini-Mart: Genuine Guruen Gear â„¢ - Weaponsmith, Platesmith & Masonry. Moonshine Tannery - All your Leather needs! Charms & Chains - 80ql Chain armor w/ enchants, 50ql Jewelry. If you don't find what you need on the merchant, feel free to contact us via this thread or the merchants own threads. Thank you for shopping at Gurrington Mini-mart!
  14. includes ondeed guard tower,91 power mailbox,a bunch of buildings includings an inn and a big workshop.several merchants still on the market side,half deed still unused the deed includes the Lemanrss account as mayor,that holds the deed and writs. selling for 20s OBO.
  15. located at x30 y 27 on celebraton map blackflame market its now mostly finished,and it includes a mailbox next to the token,a public tar pit and an inn with beds for 10iron(they would be free if that was posible) wurmplanner map of the market for easy navigation. Shop List: 1-1 Willow Landing Merchant1-2 Prosperous Carpentry : carpentry and fine carpentry items and tools. 1-3 CtC Sales : 70ql enchanted tools,weapons and armor 1-4 Komunalac´s Tools (60-90ql blacksmith tools and enchants) 1-5 Aarbi's Shop:tools and 5speeds horses. 1-6 Gj´s Bulk Goods: bulk goods and Mounts 1-7 Northern Light Supplies store (lockpicks,sails,ropes,bulk goods) 2-1 Sands of time goods 2-2 Blacktower goods: tools,anchors,pendulums. 2-3 tools,cotton,healing covers. 2-4 Empty 2-7 Gypsy's Box of Delights: leather tools and armor. if u are interested on one of the empty plots or have any suggestions,contact Tpikol. feel free to drop a merchant on the stall section.
  16. The Friends of Exodus alliance is pleased to announce the opening of a new public market - FoE Canal Market - Located at x39, y5 in the NorthEast of Exodus. Easy access via sea (Canal is knarr friendly, also deepwater anchorage) and via land (highway from Esert to market). Dedicated merchant houses for: ToolsWeapons / ArmourTailoringJewelleryHorse sales Coming soon - Bulk sales area (next to deep water for easy pickup), Ship components, General sales, Inn. Boat Bridge to Deli Mediation areas for Path of Love and Path of Knowledge Other Features: Gold altars to all three Gods.Epic PortalNearby Tar (can be seen in the main picture at the back)Site secured by Spirit TemplarLighthouseMailbox (95 cast) Some minor cosmetic works are still in progress. Anyone interested in placing a merchant should either post here or drop me a PM. Finally - a BIG thank you to all those that helped in getting this built - either by supplying materials or their time and labour. I won't mention names as I am bound to forget someone from the list but you know who you are.
  17. How about the possibility of adding sub forums to the current "want to sell' and "want to buy" parts of the forums. A Sub forum for each server that is imbedded into the main one would allow people who want to market to their server specificaly can. This would allow people who want to sell cluster wide have ther post not get drowned out by "local" market type adverts. Also people could more easily find what they are looking for on their server or see if they need to expand their search to a longer range. Also a cluster specific price check area or basic market information sharing part of the forum wouldn't be bad to help remove clutter from the actually buisness part of the forum.
  18. -Very recently placed, in Puzzle Plaza Market: "The Fletching Stall". A trader dedicated to sate your needs of Q50 arrows at an affordable, yet not exploitive price. -For the hunter - Q50 War Arrows at 3c. but most importantly, crafted with love. On the side I take requests for arrows, by unit or quiver, up to Q50 (can imp higher, but its not worth the effort) Q30 - 1c 50i Q40 - 2c Q50 - 3c Free Delivery within the Deliverance west coast, south coast, and Green Dog area. (for purchases equivalent to 1s or higher)
  19. Hello fellow wurmians. I am the new owner of the GOLD PEARL MARKET. I hope I can bring new as well as old merchandise to Exodus. There is no fee for planting a merchant at this market, it is completely public and accessible by anyone. Go shopping... or spent a night in the hotel: The Gold Pearl Market is accessible by the ocean and features a large harbor! The Gold Pearl Market is currently featuring 24 market stalls. There are 5 merchant stalls currently occupied. Current merchants: Ravenholm plate - featuring plate armour, shields and a few tools Bananaenchants - featuring enchanted tools Goldfirst - featuring statuettes of the 4 gods Goldenwine - featuring misc items lady apothecary - featuring healing items / alchemy Contact Person: If you need to get in contact with someone, PM me here on the forums or ingame (nickname: Reincarnation) Cheers and happy shopping everyone.
  20. Tap Dance Market on Celib server has room for placement of merchants, bulk veggies vendor pm me here for selling bulks, ill provide bsbs, or fsbs have a dock stall open as of 10/13 Lots of stocked merchants Mailbox available TDM is under NEW ownership we are doing some changes but are open to all feel free to drop your merchant in our market
  21. I'll put more on it later. 4x 26y
  22. The Co-Op is reopening. Those of you who have shopped this co-op before know we always give great prices, usually the best prices. As we are not in a central location, only a serious shopper will ever likely make a purchase, but such a shopper will be glad they investigated the prices. Finally, I do not feel a need to make it easy for someone to undercut my attempts at paying for my required things. Bearing all this in mind, I will not be posting prices. If you care to know what they are, however, below is a map. I earnestly hope to make many of you VERY happy shoppers.
  23. Wana make one place for all what is going on right now in WP. WTS: 1k cotton at 40+ql 4 speed traited aged horses with saddles. Horse shoes 40+ql WTB: 50 Torch lamp heads 1 sac. knife Jobs: Diger on highway, aprox. 3k dirt to dig. Miner in marble cave, aprox. 2k marble shards. Builder with 50+ skills, aprox. 150 walls in difrent floors. recruting pearl markets buy or sell coins sell referal
  24. Hi guys, I've been having fun gathering sprouts for a while, but all those sprouts only for myself, seems a bit much if you don't replant or make hedges. So I was wondering if there is a demand for sprouts, and what their market value would be. What would I ask for e.g. 100 lavender/cedar sprouts? You can respond here or send me a PM. I'm really interested in your opinion. Thanks a lot! Nadineb