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Found 55 results

  1. MIYA Welcome to the village of Miya! Deliverance 39y,15x This cozy village is made up of two side-by-side deeds running along the highway in the south eastern part of the Deliverance server. We are only a short run from Green Dog, a stone's throw from the Puzzle Plaza Marketplace, and a little ride to the ocean and clay pit. There are several iron veins in our mine and we have plenty of trees and and a tar pit in our back yard! Each of our members are provided with their own plot of land to use and build on. Plot sizes range from the small, but cozy 4x4 tiles for players who don't want to take care of a lot of space or new players to learn to wurm on --- To the large, 5x14 tile plots for the more experienced players who wish to have a lot of space. There are many different sizes in between and many are available for new players or veterans of wurm! We are in search of friendly and mature Wurmians to join our ranks and grow with us! Please feel free to drop by and take a look around at 39y,15x Here we have a couple of the small plots under development! As well as so many more plots to choose from! Small! Medium! Large! Miya villagers currently have access to: A large water fountain Free meals to eat A cookhouse for cooking A workshop for crafting A church (Vyn, Mag, & Fo alters) An on deed mine (No mobs! Iron, lead, tin, & Zinc) A guard tower and deed guards A horse ranch that I run where I provide public use horses for villagers to borrow if they do not own their own. Several public use buildings are available to villagers as listed above and many more still on the way! Including an Inn and fighting skill practice Dojo that are on the list of things to build! 4 speed trait and 5 speed trait horses available in the public use horse pen! WHAT WE ARE LOOKING FOR: - Players who agree with and follow the rules and guidelines of Miya. Read them HERE. - Players who are mature and can easily get along with others. - Players who enjoy playing independently as well as with others. - Players who are new to wurm OR veterans of wurm. - Players who are patient of new players and willing to give advice or lend a hand. - Players who are interested in living in a friendly and helpful community. DOES THIS DESCRIBE YOU? If the above describes you and you are still interested in joining, please do one or more of the following. - Contact Kitaelia in game by sending a PM to Kitaelia or Keire - PM me on these official wurm forums. Click HERE to do so! - PM me on our GuildLaunch forums. Click HERE to do so! - Post a new thread in our Village Recruitment thread. Click HERE to visit our forums! - Reply to THIS thread by hitting the nifty reply button or using the quick reply at the bottom of the page! What we need to know: CHARACTER NAME: TIME ZONE: Here are some more pictures for your viewing pleasure! View of the Ranch House (left), Cookhouse (center), Token, Fountain, and Guard Tower (right) We also have several areas for community farming! View of the mine entrance from the fountain (token area)! And our very own Oasis across the highway, on deeded land, that we plan to dredge into a nice little lake! Perhaps add a Love Tile if we can! Here are the rules and guidelines we expect all of our villagers to follow and respect (Just in case you missed the link above) Please forgive the wall of text! ^-^ ~* Miya Rules & Guidelines *~ GENERAL: [ 1.] - No Lameness [ 2.] - No Drama [ 3.] - Have fun! PUBLIC BUILDINGS & AREAS: [ 1.] - The public buildings are for all Miya residents to use. [ 2.] - Be respectful of other people's work in a public building. If an item has a player's NAME on it do not take the item without permission from said player. [ 3.] - Put your NAME on items that you leave in public buildings or public grounds that you wish to re-claim later, such as a tool in a forge. [ 4.] - Items in public Bulk Storage Bins or Food Storage Bins belong to all of Miya. [ 5.] - The Bins may be sorted by item quality. Check before you take items of high QL as it may be a limited resource that isn't easily obtained. It never hurts to ask. [ 6.] - If Bins are sorted by item quality, try to use items from the Bin that is closest to your skill level. [ 7.] - Please do not lower or raise (by digging) the ground/dirt level of public areas in town. It took a long time making it flat and neat. [ 8.] - Please do not build on an area that is not your plot unless we are working together to change something in the village. RESIDENTIAL PLOTS: [ 1.] - The smaller plots are for new players or players who wish to have a small space. [ 2.] - The larger plots are for premium account players who are planning to stay. [ 3.] - Your plot is your plot. This is your personal space to build on. House, farm, trees, animals, whatever you like. [ 4.] - You may share your plot with other villagers so long as they also follow the rules. [ 5.] - Do not build on, change, or take things from another villager's plot unless given permission to by said villager. [ 6.] - Please do not raise or lower the ground tiles of your plot without asking ME first. [ 7.] - Multi-Story buildings are coming soon! You MAY build a SECOND story. However please ASK ME first before building higher than that. I'm not sure how I feel about skyscrapers yet.. >.> [ 8.] - Please POST something on the forums or let ME know personally if you plan to be away from Wurm for a long period of time! [ 9.] - If you are inactive for 60 days without notice, then you give up your rights to your plot. You will be evicted and your plot will be returned to the soil. TREES: [ 1.] - Obtain a SICKLE before you chop down any trees. One can be provided for you. [ 2.] - Replant the trees you cut down. Use a sickle on trees to get sprouts and use sprouts to plant new trees. [ 3.] - OAK and WILLOW trees are vary rare and take real life months to mature. Please do not chop them down unless you have REALLY high Woodcutting. If you need this type of wood, please ask and maybe we can arrange it. These MUST be replanted PUBLIC CART HORSES: Located in the strawberry patch behind Kitanimals Ranch House. [ 1.] - These horses are for villagers to borrow for general use. [ 2.] - Put them back in the strawberry patch when you are done for the day. [ 3.] - Do not log out with them out or attached to your cart. [ 4.] - If you loose connection and cannot log back in while you have horses out, shout on this site and ask if someone can put them away for you. [ 5.] - Too many offenses and you will loose the privilege to use these horses. [ 6.] - Treat them right and I can provide you with a pair of permanent horses for you to keep. YOU represent our village. We are all here to create a fun and friendly environment for everyone around us. With all of the above in mind, please use common sense and show respect and courtesy to others whether they be from Miya or not. These are the general rules and guidelines for Miya and it's residents. They may or may not change here and there if needed. If they are, I will let everyone know. I think these are reasonable rules and guidelines, and I hope everyone else feels the same.
  2. It's probably been noticed but, on the test server when trees are cut down the stumps and the felled trees become enormous and cannot be chopped or destroyed.
  3. it glows!! starting bid: 1s auction will last 3 days unless i get a good offer before that.
  4. 37ql Large Shield CoC 96 [13:34:10] A large heavy shield hammered from a metal sheet. It could be improved with a lump. [13:34:10] You can barely make out the signature of its maker, 'El.m.r'. [13:34:10] It is enchanted with Magranons shield, and has a protective aura of Magranon. [13:34:10] Circle of Cunning has been cast on it, so it will increase skill gained with it when used. [96] Starting bid: 5s Increments: 1s Reserve: none Buyout: none Sniper Protection: 2h Auction ends: 72 hours from OP