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Found 178 results

  1. Hello everybody, I have 2 rare large shield in auction. Buyer pays cod. #1 ql85 rare large shield < iron>, with coc86 Buyout from: devily/labmonkey Bidding starts at 5s 50c increments 12s buyout No reserve #2 ql80 rare large shield < steel>, with coc75 Buyout from: Arakiel Bidding starts at 7s 50c increments 13s buyout No reserve Thanks for the buyouts!!
  2. 1 Rare Chain Sleeve 94ql Iron Starting bid: 1.0s Min Incr: 20c Buyout: 5s AUCTION ENDED
  3. COLLECTION FROM LAMA RANCH NEAR LAMA CITY. I'm selling bulk and small qtys of Low QL Iron between 1-7 (mixed batches no garuntee of higher ql iron), pre smelted. 1i for every 5, buy 20 pay for 15, or buy 50 and pay for 40. I'm not in a position to make deliveries and as such will not be doing them, the Iron os kept locked safely away untill you arrive to collect it, payment may be made in advance or on collection but credit will only be given to regualr customers, if payment is made in advance And I am not online the key will be hidden in a location that will be shared with, and only with the buyer, of payment os to be made on collection, I will be present.
  4. 10 sets of 95ql chain armour 3s a set pm Kylebooze (me) for times to pick up. These are first-come first-served, get them while they're HOT! I'm located at Silent Hill on Inde [56x 20y] - Community Map on the border of G 23 and H 23 on the ingame map I will mail, cod is an additional 10-20c per piece
  5. Closed

    Rare Iron Butchering Knife 63.78ql [23:18:45] A heavy knife with a bent blade perfect for butchering. This is a very rare and interesting version of the item. It could be improved with a lump. [23:18:45] You can barely make out the signature of its maker, 'Impa.a'. It is the newer model so it weighs 1.2kg Starting Bid: 7s Increment: 50c Buyout: 10s Sniper Protection: 1 Hour Buyer pays COD or can be picked up at Devil's Peak, Indy
  6. I am looking to sell 7 iron chain armor sets they are a minimum of 75ql, a couple of pieces are 76ql due to imping until they needed a lump. 1.2s/set (if picked up or located on Indy) 1.5s/set (if delivered elsewhere) I don't deliver to chaos currently Iron Chain Set 1: Chain Coif 76.03ql Chain Sleeve 76.57ql Chain Sleeve 75.87ql Chain Gauntlet 76.38ql Chain Gauntlet 76.15ql Chain Jacket 75.84ql Chain Pants 75.96ql Chain Boot 76.65ql Chain Boot 76.36ql Iron Chain Set 2: Chain Coif 75.98ql Chain Sleeve 75.86ql Chain Sleeve 75.85ql Chain Gauntlet 75.73ql Chain Gauntlet 75.94ql Chain Jacket 75.66ql Chain Pants 75.64ql Chain Boot 76.24ql Chain Boot 76.15ql Iron Chain Set 3: Chain Coif 75.85ql Chain Sleeve 75.83ql Chain Sleeve 75.76ql Chain Gauntlet 75.47ql Chain Gauntlet 75.58ql Chain Jacket 75.40ql Chain Pants 75.27ql Chain Boot 75.76ql Chain Boot 75.66ql Iron Chain Set 4: Chain Coif 75.58ql Chain Sleeve 75.51ql Chain Sleeve 75.75ql Chain Gauntlet 75.46ql Chain Gauntlet 75.38ql Chain Jacket 75.35ql Chain Pants 75.14ql Chain Boot 75.57ql Chain Boot 75.50ql Iron Chain Set 5: Chain Coif 75.35ql Chain Sleeve 75.50ql Chain Sleeve 75.43ql Chain Gauntlet 75.36ql Chain Gauntlet 75.24ql Chain Jacket 75.18ql Chain Pants 75.10ql Chain Boot 75.43ql Chain Boot 75.33ql Iron Chain Set 6: Chain Coif 75.30ql Chain Sleeve 75.22ql Chain Sleeve 75.19ql Chain Gauntlet 75.19ql Chain Gauntlet 75.17ql Chain Jacket 75.12ql Chain Pants 75.08ql Chain Boot 75.31ql Chain Boot 75.24ql Iron Chain Set 7: Chain Coif 75.27ql Chain Sleeve 75.09ql Chain Sleeve 75.15ql Chain Gauntlet 75.11ql Chain Gauntlet 75.09ql Chain Jacket 75.07ql Chain Pants 75.08ql Chain Boot 75.10ql Chain Boot 75.07ql I am located on the eastern island (Stubborn Island) in the southwest corner of Independence Community Map: 61y, 9x In-Game Map: T,9 Either post below or PM me on forums or pm me in game impala (not on very often)
  7. Who? Me, Gallade, owner of the "Safe Spot" settlement, which also includes the mine mentioned here. What? It's an Iron vein of Utmost (95+) quality, easily accessible. Maybe a bit too easily, since it's right in front of the entrance of the mine I started. Having pretty low Mining skill myself, I can't bring myself to waste so much good ore. Therefore, I'm giving you all a unique offer. Bring your superior (80+ if possible, will settle for 70+) mining skills to it and mine to your heart's content. I will retain 25% of the ore you'll mine, but the rest, you can just walk away with as much of it as you can carry. Where? 30x, 45y on the Community Independence map. This is the exact spot: It is on a highway, a few minutes' cart ride from Freedom market, and a bow shot from the Inner Sea. When? Reply to this topic if interested, or contact me in-game. I'll be on most of the time, so just keep an eye on the shout and gshout chats. Make sure to inform me of your Mining skill level, approximate time you'll take getting to destination and how much ore you plan to mine beforehand.
  8. Hi, We currently have the following high ql iron in stock: ql stock price /100 price / k 90+ 4,900 0.75s/100 7.2s / 1k 95+ 1,000 1.75s/100 15.0s / 1k 99 300 5.00s/100 We also have plenty of dirt, bricks, mortar, planks, etc in stock - see our merchant ad: PM me on forum (preferably) or in game - same name - Baloo Thanks,
  9. bulk

    wts iron lumps (1500x) 90ql iron lumps (1500x) 80ql 10s
  10. Starting Bid at 4 Silver Min Increment: 50c Buyout: Recieved
  11. *Snip* Job Filled, ty all!
  12. sold, close please
  13. Bashkin's Chain Works Bringing You Chain armor Under a Warranty Plan Are u sick of buying armor and then having to pay for it be repaired back up to QL? All it takes is buying a warranty plan that fits for needs! ONLY 50c!!! Chain Armor Pricing Chart Warranty Rock Plan Tin Plan Zinc plan Iron plan Chain iron copper gold iron copper gold iron Copper gold iron Copper gold QL 50ql 60cql 70ql 80ql Boot 10c 16c 36c 16c 20c 40c 20c 26c 60c 30c 36c 80c Boot 10c 16c 36c 16c 20c 40c 20c 26c 60c 30c 36c 80c Coif 10c 16c 36c 16c 20c 40c 20c 26c 60c 30c 36c 80c Gauntlet 10c 16c 36c 16c 20c 40c 20c 26c 60c 30c 36c 80c Gauntlet 10c 16c 36c 16c 20c 40c 20c 26c 60c 30c 36c 80c Jacket 15c 19c 49c 19c 30c 60c 30c 34c 90c 45c 49c 1.2s Pants 15c 19c 49c 19c 30c 60c 30c 34c 90c 45c 49c 1.2s Sleeve 10c 16c 36c 16c 20c 40c 20c 26c 60c 30c 36c 80c Sleeve 10c 16c 36c 16c 20c 40c 20c 26c 60c 30c 36c 80c FULL SET 1s 1.5s 3.5s 1.5s 2s 4s 2s 2.5s 6s 3s 3.5s 8s +Warrant NA NA 3.7s Free Free 4,3s 2.5s 3s 7.5s 3.5s 4s Ask Barding 1.5s 2s 5s 2s 2.5s Ask 2.5s 3s Ask 3.5 4s Ask Chain Armor Improve cost Iron,copper Marker To 50 50 To 60 50 To 70 50 To 80 Icbash Free Free 1s 2s Others 60C 1s 2s 3s Warranty NA Tin Plan Free Zinc Plan Free Iron Plan Free Example Others 1 to 70 = 2.60s 50 to 70 = 2s Warranty Info Plans can be Upgraded All Warranty Armor Must have maker's mark icbash. All Warranty contracts will be posted here after Payment of your order. All plans 30cdays after order before it can be claimed. Buyer is responsible for Shipping or transport. Warranty VOID! If Caught Cheating the warranty system
  14. For sale: 90ql iron and 90ql copper: - 7.2s per 1 k Delivery can be arranged, but collection would be preferred from one of our conveniently placed warehouses on most Freedom servers (except Chaos) PM me here or in game, same name Baloo
  15. Close please

    7 rare lumps, iron and a rock shard start bid: 1s min increaments: 1s buyout: offers Happy Bidding!
  16. Sold please close thanks
  17. Close pls

    #1 Rare Lump, Iron(5x) Bidding Starts at 1s Increments 50c Buyout 5s #2 Rare Lump, Lead(4x) Bidding Starts at 60c Increments 50c Buyout 3s #3 Rare Marble Shards(2x) Bidding Starts at 20c Increments 30c Buyout 2s Winner pick up on Exudos G25, or pay the mail Happy Bidding
  18. Iron lump 90ql (1k min. order for delivery) Strongwall cast no prices yet so pm me with an offer Currently located on exodus. Free delivery to the coast if your order is atleast 2s, 5s for xanadu and further. Any questions? Ingame name is dapperdan currently not available, will open again soon.
  19. No reserve, Sniper protection: 2 hours Items can be pick up from Exodus - Sandhill (m15) or buyer pays cod #1 Starting bid: 1,5s Min increment: 0,5s #2 Starting bid: 4s Min increment: 1s #3 Starting bid: 4s Min increment: 1s #4 Starting bid: 6s Min increment: 1s
  20. EAS tools

    PICKAXES(skillers): CoC85, iron 1ql 1s + CoD CoC75, iron 1ql 50c + CoD CoC72, iron 1ql 50c + CoD CoC77, iron 1ql 50c + CoD PICKAXES: WoA80, iron 80ql 1.5s + CoD WoA83, CoC49 84ql 1.5s + CoD HATCHET(Skillers): CoC94, iron 1ql 3s + CoD CoC93, iron 1ql 2.9s + CoD CoC75, iron 1ql 50c + CoD CoC71, iron 1ql 50c + CoD CoC70, iron 1ql 50c + CoD CoC70, steel 1ql 50c + CoD CoC61, iron 1ql 30c + CoD IRON LUMPS: CoC79, 92.44ql 50c + CoD CoC79, 92.44ql 50c + CoD RAKES(skillers): CoC89, iron 7.28ql 1.5s + CoD CoC81, iron 7.28ql 1s + CoD CoC74, iron 7.28ql 70c + CoD CoC71, iron 7.28ql 60c + CoD Custom imps/tools: Weapons 85ql 80c + CoD tools 90ql 1s + CoD tools 95ql 1.5s + CoD SOLD TOOLS WoA87, CoC76, iron 73ql 2s + CoD CoC91, iron 1ql 2.5s + CoD CoC87, iron 1ql 1s + CoD CoC89, iron 1ql 1.1s + CoD STEEL Hatchets: CoC82 ql1 steel 90c + CoD CoC86 ql1 steel 1s + CoD STEEL Pickaxes: CoC 84 ql 1 steel 1s + CoD CoC84 ql 1 steel 1s + CoD IRON rakes: CoC 81 ql 5.32 iron 80c + CoD CoC 81 ql 5.32 iron 1s no CoD CoC 89 ql 5.32 iron 1s + CoD
  21. Looking to sell my beautiful deed on the coast. Here are the details: The deed extends a few tiles into the ocean, so the dock is on deed. There is also room to expand to the east (current perimeter extends to a highway). Deed highlights: Private trader in a 3x3 secure building (tax rate is 0, 6 tiles from token)3x3 'foundry' with a rare forge and two additional forges upstairs2x3 'bakery' with 5 forgesanother 2x6 building used as a warehouse and sleeping quartersLove tiledozens of enchanted grass tiles in small and large pens200+ tiles of farmland currentlyspirit mansion with [83] courieron deed mine, well planned with 8 iron veins and 7 gold veinspublic mine close with numerous zinc veinsclay along shore in perimeterlot of oak and willow trees on deed51ql guard tower in the center of the deed (deed is completely fenced)2 - 1x2 gate houses on the east side of the deed (sleeping quarters)most of the deed is well groomed with tons of treesvarious mats in bsb and fsbseveral cows and bulls will stay behind2 horses and a cart will be left behind as well Dock and coast Bakery (right) and foundry (left) Warehouse and Trader building Large pens Small pens farm on east side of deed With only four buildings (excluding 3 gatehouses), there is a ton of space to do what you want. Being a coastal deed, there has been some mild terraforming done, but it is natural looking. I enjoy the open space and did not feel the need to fill each tile with a building. Looking for 45s. Send PM here or catch me in game. Thanks for looking!
  22. 90ql rare Small Maul looking new home price: 10s 9s 8s can be collected form Sandhill village Exo or I can Cod on buyer cost grab bargain!
  23. Gone

  24. Welcome to your new home! The size of Angelfire Ghostlands is 31 by 55. The perimeter is 5 and it has 1 guards hired. The settlement has 1 silver, 94 copper and 43 iron in its coffers. The monthly cost is 4 silver and 41 copper. Can easily be downsized North and South without losing any resources. Huge stable area with over 40 5-Speed horses (no neutral traits). I will breed these before I leave! Many Bison and Bulls / Cows too. Mine has many lead veins for your 70-80 mining grind. Plenty of Iron of all levels. 1 UTMOST SILVER! Over 250 farmable tiles Camellia and Lavender farms for sprout production. Many Oaks as well. Manor is 3 x 3 and has 5 levels. Level 2 and 3 are 'apartments' for villagers. Level 4 has 4 forges for HFC grind. Includes many BSB's / FSBs with good stock Accepting offers through 10/24/14. Starting at 20S