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Found 546 results

  1. Last edited 2015-08-25 Major revamp - merging this deed with our other deed, Lothlorien Meadows. Self service pens are out of order but we still have stock to sell - just PM Seancarl in game for assistance. Welcome! We are located at Lothlorien Meadows, at 49x, 13y. Everything here is 5 speed (usually with added bonus trait) Cows, bisons, horses, hell horses 5 speed horses: Females - 50c Males - 40c 5 speed bison: (will pull a wagon at around 18km/h on flat ground without gear) 4 bison - 2silver (2 males + 2 females) 5 speed hellhorses: Any gender - 1silver 5 speed cattle: one pair (cow+bull) - 40c
  2. WTB 1 female champ unicorn on independence Answer here, in a PM or to Freddykrueger in game
  3. The names, Thekraken, I'm a 6+ year player whose played on almost every server at some point in time. I'm looking to join an alliance in indy, I'm active most days ( ughhh like that work thing gets in the way...) I really enjoy wurm for the sense of community, so I'm looking for an active alliance, where I can contribute. I'd love to be apart of a large project, working towards a goal, something that is bigger than just me. I'm an easy going guy and down for just about anything. My timezone is EST and play at nights. If you want to know more specifics about me PM me in game or on the forums.
  4. Independence server crash. Just crashed. 0/0 online on Independence. Thanks your time.
  5. Once noobish premium player returning to wurm looking for somewhere on Indy to resettle. Have a few skills around 20 (capped for now) looking to work on new and old skills while meeting others and helping build/complete new and ongoing projects. Looking for somewhere stressfree social and helpful to get me back into the game, know or got the place, Message me Thanks in advance
  6. Are you looking for a place to start over new? Or just fairly new to the game? We are a couple of experienced players who can offer you a safe place to explore the world of Wurm from. We live on a beautiful lake with plenty of open land to build on. We also have several houses ready to be occupied if you would rather focus on other things than building a house for now. Perhaps you are a returning player, looking for a base or an active community to start your own project next to? Or if you are completely new to the game you are more than welcome to stay with us. We can help you navigate the game - but we do have our own things to do around the deed so we appreciate if you have that drive to make things happen yourself. Not to say I don't love spoiling new players with some good food for high nutrition so you can focus on more fun things to do, or hook you up with something useful every now and then - but we will not be doing everything for you. We will simply give you a friendly community in an active alliance, a spawn place close to wherever you decide to live (on our deed or close to it where there is plenty of room to build something of your own.) Easiest way to reach us is to send Journeya a message in the game ( /tell journeya ) Welcome to the N. Indy Alliance.
  7. Rift is at J - 21 ingame, 49x, 28y Albia map.
  8. Welcome in Foggy Valley C&E U can find us at North Crystal Lake (Independence) Community map: 37x 32y In game map: on border between h17 and h18 For orders contact on forum or ingame (cybaru) All prices are NOT including delivery (items can be send COD or picked up on my deed) also posible delivery (price for it need to be consulted directly) We are offering: Blacksmithing Weapon Smithing Jewelery Smithing Plate Smithing Shield Smithing Cloth Tailoring LeatherWorking Masonry / Stone cutting Carpentery Fine Carpentery Enchants Prices Animals Woodcuting
  9. Hi, everyone! I started Wurm a little over a year ago and only played for 2 months, all of which I was premium. During my playtime I called Xanadu home and lodged at Amish Estates (nice place and people!) I didn't get very far in the game, very few of my skills are over 20. And I still consider myself a noob because this game is so complex you can play for a year and still not know everything about it. Recently my schedule has opened up to allow me time to invest in a new game and I have chosen Wurm! I'm looking to relocate to Independence; in fact my character Baeowulf is parked on Independence right now! ...I just don't know what direction I should be heading yet because I haven't found anyone to join. If anyone has room and is interested in having a new player, let me know! P.S. I was gifted a sailboat by a very generous friend on Xanadu to make the journey, which I still have. So getting around by water would be no problem for me.
  10. Hello all. It's been a little bit since I've played Wurm. I do remember how fun it was to start a new settlement from nothing with a small group of 2-3 players. I've got that wurm "itch" again and was wanting to jump back on. Anybody interested in beginning anew with me? Preferably we would all start from scratch with new chars in a new location.
  11. Is there a independence map for wurm unlimited
  12. Adolescent Rolf

    Selling a brown horse by the name of Rolf, on Independence (15,O on ingame map). Delivery/collection can be discussed [19:08:13] It will fight fiercely. It has fleeter movement than normal. It is a tough bugger. It has a strong body. It has lightning movement. It can carry more than average. It has very strong leg muscles. It has keen senses. Starting bid - fifty copper Minimum increment - five copper
  13. Hi, I want to restart wurm online after a long period of absence. I have enough skills to manage but I have none of the needed tools. Have things like a file, but nothing to cut or mine with. I'm around Kinoss Bay. I used to have a deed there but that deed is long gone. Someone else is living in the area and I can barely recognise it. So what i need help with is: Tools or a way to get/make them. Some tips on an area with some access to the basics where I can start up again. Maybe a nice community of people to join (don't specifically want the hermit life again). I hope some of you can give me tips. Would really like to play again, but the hurdles I have to take to get the basics back have been holding me back for a while now.
  14. Hello. I'm looking to buy either a steel or bronze chain barding 90ql+ only, as well as looking to buy a 5 speed Jet black horse, adolescent or young only. Either PM me here or message me in game at Undine with prices. I'll pick up the horse in person, PM me with location.
  15. We are welcoming new and returning players at the N. Indy Academy. Brand new and looking for a place to stay as to make survival a little easier? Want to get back in the game without starting your own deed? Tired of being lonely? Looking for a strong community? WHY Indepence? Its the perfect size Xanadu is too large to travel from edge to edge comfortably (and the other servers are too small instead = little wildneress left.) Steady playerbase With WU, Independence didn't loose nearly the amounf ot players that Xanadu did! We are old, experienced, and we love this server too much to abandon it. It has the most active ratio of players in relation to the server size, hence you get a lot of activity = active alliance = activa trade/barter system. We had people move here from Xanadu in search of a more active community. So what can we offer you here on this great server? We are right on the beach of Colossus lake (Independence server), just a couple of tiles from water and convenient highways to help you navigate. All the basic resources are very conveniently located here. This village is also part of an alliance, with several experienced and friendly players - this allows you to use the alliance chat channel to get in touch with the surrounding community, in times of need, or just for fun. (The village itself is an alliance creation, hence a lot of us are invested in the Academy). Don't forget that you get a free teleportation to the Academy as well (if you haven't already used this option when joining another deed.) Housing: We got two options for housing atm: Your very own locked room in our inn (til something else opens up OR you/we build something new for you ) Empty land to build on The available plots of land are 4x6 - but a 3x6 house would be max due to the other tiles being on a slope (mild slope for farming, fences or such) So what do we have to offer? Resources: The mine entrance is on deed, with the main material needed (iron) being right inside the entrance. Very convenient. Tar and clay are within 2 minutes of travelling either by boat or on foot (or in a cart or wagon if you got premium). A public farm area where you can grow crops, tend to them and eventually harvest them. The farm also holds animals for grooming, milking, shearing and breeding. It also has a kitchen with ovens and a storage area for crops, seeds and wood needed to fuel the ovens. A Public workshop where we have set up some of the basic tools you will need (several forges, anvils, a loom and such). The alliance - this might be your greatest resource ever. Need advice? In dire need of some assistance? The alliance probably got your back. Safety: Gated community to keep trolls out, and guardtower on deed if somehow something does finds its way in. So what are you waiting for?! Come on in! 'How' do you ask? Just contact me on the forums, or send a PM to Seancarl in game (also me). It also works to talk to Asdf, Malchimus or Lillie for an invitation.
  16. I have an 80ql supreme longbow I'm looking to enchant with Bloodthirst. Power of the cast doesn't matter. I'm in the south west of Independence (with no boat), but it's not a problem to travel either across the island or to a coastline. Please post your price here
  17. As title says, Hops, Grape, Ivy or Rose seedlings are for sale. *70ql *100x = 1s Location: Independence T19 (41x 62y) Shaylies Workshop/Bear Dock (South central coast) Not feeling like traveling? Delivery can be fixed. Pm/post here or message "Willbur" ingame. Best Regards,
  18. Hey guys and gals. Any interest in a mega-project? No, I have no idea what kind of project, exactly, just thought it would be cool to group up as a small community and do a mega project. If you aren't interested that's cool. Chime in if you are though, and we'll discuss details. Thanks! Update: It's feeling like a grand memorial to those we've lost (and onward) might be the way to go with this project. If you agree with that thought and have ideas to share please feel free to chime in!
  19. Just what it says on the tin, selling twelve sleep powders on the Indy server, one silver each Located at fifteen O on the ingame map, can potentially deliver, or meet halfway if long distance
  20. Hello everyone! During the upcoming weekend we are kicking off our monthly Magranons Scar mining event. Event will be hosted from 5th to 6th November at #MagsScar #GurubearCrater #Independence. More detailed information in Magranons Scar official thread. The sights of the project are reason alone to come pay a visit. Everyone are welcome. Disclaimer; We are reserving our rights to post this Kick-off advertisement in Town Square due to the years-lasting nature of Mags Scar project. During the years many have participated, visited, enjoyed, admired or just heard of this project and its stubborn nobility in continuing it. It is believed the Mags Scar project team knew they were doomed to finish this highway. Where any other group would have surrendered to despair, Mags Scar team fought back with even greater strength and made the Guru mountain fear for every inch it was reduced. Our message about this kick-off monthly event is intended to reach the whole community, not just those who read Independence sub forum. Mags Scar was started within few months from release of Deliverance server and has existed as Wurm Community project ever since, despite of many people settling down in multitude of new servers introduced.
  21. Rift 9/13

    Alright lets see a show of hands for who's going to show up to the Rift! I may or may not show up myself. Location: Between H21,H22 on the in-game map (Grand Steppe) Will have screenshots up later.
  22. Un oras pentru romani. Daca ati inceput acest joc, va pot ajuta sa il stapaniti si sa il intelegeti. Sunt pe Indpendence langa Freedom Market! Orasul se numeste Galati Port! If u looking for a Romanian player or a Romanian village, you found it! If you just start this game, I will help you to understand and to play this game! You can find me near Freedom Market! My city is called Galati Port!
  23. Nippy General Store Bulk Goods Boobaby's Blacksmithing Weaponsmithing 50ql 15c 60ql 25c Shads Leatherworking Resources Cotton 80+ql 1s per 1k Wemp 80+ql 1s per 1k All other veggies 80+ql 1s per 1k Will offer a discount on Bulk amounts over 5k Free delivery on all orders *ALTERNATE PAYMENT* As we know not everyone has silver ready to pay with we take barter payments for items. Here are some exchange rates. Referral 6s Sleep powder 1.5s Gems 2c per QL Open to other offers Merchant at Freedom Market Located at Nippy Shores 24x 46y
  24. Starting Bid: 60s Bid Increment: 2s Reserve: None Buyout: 85s Sniper Protection: 1 hour
  25. We are located on the NE side of the map - at Lothlorien Meadows (you can find it on the community map). I don't have much time to play these days so no deliveries - pickup only. Its easy though. Simply drop by, buy the key corresponding with the horse you want (token is accessible here if you need to use it), then you can grab your horse (and drop off the key in the chest by the vendor before you leave pretty please.) Current stock and prices: 5 speed hell horses I also have 5 speed hell horses - currently charging 1s each and got a waiting list for those. Hell horses wont aggro you once you are in a cart, hence they are a vey convenient way of travelling when hunting or hauling stuff for large distances due to their speed (they do about 30km/h with some decent gear). I would not advice them for your around the deed cart but they are great for hunting trips, travelling or hauling stuff. If you can't reach me in game then send me a message here on the forums and I will get back to you as soon as I can.