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Found 5 results

  1. OMG guy’s I finally found a hosting service that works perfectly. The people there are really nice and the server setup was done in less than an hour. I got Windows VPS with 2 gigs of Ram but, they have Linux for you more savvy people. 1 gig of ram will work fine for hosting 1 server but, if you want to link servers you need at least 2. In addition you can do whatever else you want with the server ie web hosting ect. I tried a few others and they were all limited in what I could do. The firewall setup was a bit confusing at first but, if you go with this service message me and I can tell you what ports to open and how.
  2. I have been with 6 hosting providers( It has been a rough road) The 7th provider/Current is I have not been this impressed in years. Only downside so far is the fact that you need to go to their Mod manager to install the Default gamemodes. However, When I opened their mod manager I found 20+ Mods to install. In disbelief I tested a few of them and they actually work! Last company I was at they had more but only a few actually worked. I just wanted to pay my respects. I know there are more server owners out there looking for the easy life/Non aggravating and hair pulling. They are more on the expensive side, But time is money in my eyes.
  3. We want to inform, that You can get FREE VPS hosting package from How to get ? Sign up and submit request here Free VPS will be activated in few hours! Technical details: RAM: 1 GB CPU: 1 vCPU, Intel Xeon 2.6 - 3.4 GHz Storage: 30GB, RAID10 Operating system: you can choose from most popular Windows and Linux versions, FreeBSD Location: Serveroffer private data center in Europe Network: 100Mbps, multi-homed DDoS protection: available, let us know in advance if needed Period: 30 Days Full VPS description: read VPS hosting description Other services we provide: VPS hosting - Xen VPS, Windows, Linux, FreeBSD operating system support Linux VPS hosting - OpenVZ with TUN/TAP support Dedicated servers hosting - physical server hosting, servers with onboard and add-on GPU, KVM Colocation service - data center space rent DDoS protection - advanced DDoS protection against world wide attacks Payment methods: Bitcoin, PayPal, Bank transfer, CashU, Webmoney, SMS, SafetyPay and many more Data center location: Lithuania, EU - Dedicated server hosting
  4. We have been using Citadel Servers and are very pleased with 99% up-time, fast servers and excellent support. Just wanted to share this information!! Citadel Servers
  5. Hello Wurmians and future Wurmians (xD), does anyone know a hosting company which will defenitly host WU servers and where everyone can rent one? Because of my location i 'd prefer Central European ones, or even better german ones, but ofc i ll check every company you can name. Thanks and save travels, Simju