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Found 369 results

  1. At Yoitsu Medow on Independence I had a 5 speed gold horse "Daisystrong" . She is cared for by a player who has not played in years. She has always had 5 speed traits , and has produced 5 speed offspring . Today She only has 4 speed traits [06:39:11] It has fleeter movement than normal. It has a strong body. It can carry more than average. It has very strong leg muscles. I do not think animals lose traits so this must be a bug.
  2. I have noticed this over a couple months now that when i breed horses and do not return for duration of pregnancy the foals have high tendency to be grey. I had marked this to coincidence the first 3-4 times i noticed it, but last 3 times have gone beyond coincidence into the realm of irritating. I breed 7 5-speed horses. 2 Browns -> grey foal 2 Golds -> grey foal 2 whites -> grey foal 2 whites -> grey foal 2 blacks -> black foal grey(F)+black -> grey foal 2 Greys -> grey foal (yes i have 5-speed greys, they are result of this oddity/bug) grey(F)+white-> grey foal 3 of those make sense (grey females), 1 is normal (black), 1 maybe 2 of the other pairs may be bad luck, but for four pairs all producing grey foals and as far as i can tell only when the breeder leaves the server for the duration seems a little beyond bad rng. if this was first time i would still think it was coincidence, but this third time out of last 3 since since i completely moved to Rel, prior to that it happened maybe 5 times before i noticed it only seemed to happen when i was off server . I do seem to also have a higher chance of having some other color (had a blood bay last round), higher chance of bad or junk traits (three of the ones below had bad/junk traits), and a higher chance of one trait short (last round had a 4 speed). These are all 5 speeds, 9+ generations i think, every pair is branded, every pair is cared for, all breeding was done with 1 of 2 different of my characters and both have AH 50-60, both characters live on Release and recently i only breed them when i visit Xan. To reiterate this has happened so many times and so many oddities that it defies coincidence, i have bred a lot of animals of various types, and these oddities are beyond any rng i have seen or even heard about and so far as i can tell the only common denominator is being off server when foals are born, which i was under impression that foals were generated at time of breeding
  3. I can't equip my horse with horse shoes or saddle. Error Message: You are not trading. - The horse is tame. - It is mature and was born a month ago max. - The horses inventory is a list with no sublevels (except left hoof and right hoof) - The horse shoes and saddle are of good quality. What I tried: - relogging (the horse went untame during that and sometimes didn't reappear after logging in again) - relogging for /lotime (the horse went untame during that) - equipping the horse with another account on another PC Note: - I had that problem before with another horse. A relog for /lotime helped back then.
  4. I have a baby piebald! Who wants him? Born on the 11th of April, this gorgeous little guy "Callosio" is looking for a proud new owner. [11:34:30] It will fight fiercely. It has fleeter movement than normal. It is a tough bugger. It has a strong body. It can carry more than average. It has very strong leg muscles. That's 4 speed, with Fight Fierce and Tough Bugger. He had(has) no bad traits. Located on Xanadu, at N7 (on the coast), pickup preferred, delivery available for 75c if needed. You've got only 3 days to get in on this, don't delay and he could be yours! Starting bid 1s Increments 50c Sniper protection 1hour
  5. Scorched Earth Stables Contact Us: Crawford Hel (Heliotrope) It should be noted that Hell Horses are an aggressive mob type with unpredictable attack patterns. Hell Horses not properly protected can potentially be killed by players without consequence. Any Hell Horses which are killed post-transaction will not be refunded, however contact us and we may be able to work something out. It is also worth noting that Hell Horses, like bears, can only be hitched to a wagon or cart in their Young and Adolescent stages of life. Contact us if you have any questions on living with and protecting your Hell Horses. Hell Horses All listed Hell Horses are 5 speeds: Horses are listed by age and are followed by the amount in stock. Females *PM for Inquiries Males *PM for inquiries Hell Carts *Shoes are currently unavailable We are selling Carts equipped with two Hell Horses for 2.5s, with the option to add two sets of horse shoes for 1.5s. The Carts are 50QL, and the shoes are 80QL. (Saddles to come) Hell Wagons Our Hell wagons are double the price of our Hell Carts at 5s. Pricing on the shoes will also be linear at 16 shoes for 3s. The Wagons are 50QL, and the shoes are 80QL. (Saddles to come) Also available: Standard 5 speed Horses (30c each) and 5 speed bison (75c each). Please inquire for current colors/ stock availability Additional Services Blacksmithing Crawford is offering his services as a blacksmith up to 85ql in any blacksmithing tool. Contact him if interested. Pick up Location will be near Rome at L,17 on the map. Deliveries may be available for your area! Contact to negotiate deliveries.
  6. sold

    rare saw - 4s rare saw - 4s rare horse shoe - 2.5s rare horse shoe - 2.5s rare unfinished Colossus of Fo - 20s (pickup ne Indy)
  7. sold

    rare horse shoe (4) - 2.5s ea // or all for 9s
  8. sold

    rare horse shoe (4) - 2.5s ea or all for 9s
  9. Be one of the first to get this on Indy! (Independence ONLY due to limitations of the game.) WTT or sell this 4 speed lady. [22:23:09] You start leading a young caineosio. Picture shows her outlined and she is at "young" at the start of this auction. I have bred her from a piebald mare so color can be passed on like the old colors, Starting bid: 1s Bid increments: 25c Buyout: trade with jet / ebony black or blood bay horse or give me an offer I can't resist 1hr sniper protection
  10. sold

    Supreme Horse Shoe - 13s
  11. Just seen yellow Strongcactus with a saddle in the water on Xana at P8 [23:13:00] It has been branded by and belongs to the settlement of Glasshollow Public Market And Harbors.
  12. closed

    Rare Rope Tool oak - 4s Rare Rope Tool oak - 4s 3x Rare horse shoe - 2.5s ea supreme horse shoe - 13s
  13. Sorry folks for crawling out from under my rock, but I found on Indy this morning a nice horse that is being Cared For by Mancreator. PST ingame to Kyrmius or PM here so I can get this horse back to it's master. Thanks. If anyone can point in Mancreator's direction that too would be very helpful.
  14. Hey! Check my stuff and price! BULK QT Price Support Beams 100 4s Shafts 1k 1s Planks 1k 1,5s Hull Planks 1k 4s Deck Boards 1k 4s Pegs 1k 2s Tenons 1k 2s Ribbons 100 1s Small Nails 1k 1s Large Nails 1k 1,5s Fance Bars 100 2s Mortar 1k 2,5s Stone Bricks 1k 2s Collosus Brick 1k 3s Marble Bricks 100 3s Marble Slab 100 2s Stone Slab 100 2s Arrow shaft 100 15c War hunting head 100 20c Hunting arrow head 100 20c War arrow 100 70c Hunting arrow 100 70c Handle 100 20c Frying Pan 100 1s Wood shingles 1k 1,5s Concrete 100 1s Meat 1k 1,5s Sprout 100 1s Animal Bits 1k 1s Mining / Diging QT 20QL 40QL 60QL 80QL 99QL Iron 100 10c 25c 50c 80c 4s Gold 100 2s 2,5s 3,2s Silver 100 2s 2,5s 3,2s Tin 100 2s 2,2s 2,5s Marble 1k 1s 1,2s 1,6s 2,8s 3,5s Copper 100 Zinc 100 20c 40c 70c 90c 2s Slate 1k RockShards 1k 1s 1,2s 1,6s 2s 3,5s Tar 1k 1s 1,4s 1,6s 2s 3,5s Dirt 1k 1s Sand 1k 1s Clay 1k 1s 1,2s 1,6s 2s 3s Other Items QT QL Price Pickaxe WoA 49 1 40 50 Pickaxe WoA 30 CoC 53 1 40 75 Gems 1-15 2c Gems 15-80 1c Source Crystal 1kg 1,5s Yellow Potion 1-100 10c Chain Armor Parts ~50 20-30c Smelter 1 15 1s Rare Rock Shards 10 1-70 15c Rare Carving Knife C70 W80 85 7,5s Small Crate 5c Buld Storage Bin (BSB) 10c Food Storage Bin (FSB) 15c Large Barrel 8c Small Barrel 5c Large Chest 8c Small Chest 5c Rare Ship Materials 30 1-50 50c Sprout 1,5c Rare Saw 17,69 5s Rare Pickaxe Iron W71C72 67,17 7s Rare Pickaxe Iron 43 5s Rare Hammer C91 92,84 7,5s Rare Gold Statuette 63 7s Animals Age Speed Price Cow 50c Bull 50c Calf 50c Horse 4 50c Bison 4 50c Sheep 50c Pregnant Animals 70c We can imp yours stuff! CHAIN SMITHING 51ql 61ql 71ql 81ql Iron 1s 1,2s 1,4s 2,2s Copper 1s 1,2s 1,4s 2,2s BLACKSMITHING 50ql 60ql 70ql 75ql Iron Tools 10c 15c 30c 40c Horseshoes Sets 50c 60c 1s 1,5s LEATHERWORKING 51ql 61ql 71ql 75ql Studded Leather Sets 50c 70c 1s 1,2s Toolbelts 15c 25c 35c - Saddles 20c 30c 50c 60c Leather Bardings 50c 60c 70c 80c LOCATION: Azyl 34x5y Deliverance. Delivery price to establish. For more information message to: Skorpionek
  15. So with the fix in for boat crossing lock ups today I noticed the freeze embark bug is back. It happened many times today on wagons/carts/horses where I would embark from any range other than standing on top of the vehicle and ending up having to relog due to freeze up. It happened about 5x hopping onto a cart and once each hopping onto a wagon and horse.
  16. Was wondering if there was a GM command to change the name of bred horses? I see that someone made a mod, but i don't really want to use if i don't need to. Thanks for having a look at this.
  17. I have many Horseshoes 71 QL 70+ WOA for sale at 1s each. The horseshoes are located on my merchant in Glasshollow Central Market name Gears. Visit my merchant, or leave a msg below to get your hands on these fast horseshoes.
  18. Horse found swimming in Inner Sea, between Black Dog Canal and Magic Mountain. "[16:27:21] It is being taken care of by Atro.". I'll drop it off at my deed in the NW for the time being, I'll be happy to reunite it with it's owner, PM me in game or on forum with some additional details.
  19. Vend a Horse is currently offering a buy 3 get 1 free sale for New Year's Vend a Horse is located at Q15 outside the south gate of Lormere, by the markets. Limited delivery may be available, charges may apply depending on distance. Horse gear also available, pm Elizarya to inquire about gear or delivery. Pricing: 5 speed horse 50c 5 speed bison 75c 4 speed hellhorse 75c 5 speed hellhorse 1s (out of stock, sorry) Wagon 1s Newbie? free large cart or imp to 50 on cart/wagon with horse purchase
  20. Hi! i want to sell my rare Horse shoe 72 QL. 3S
  21. So I'm an explorer. I love to visit new places on the server and see new villages. And I understand that exploring isn't without its risks. That's why I have a set of 50QL studded armor, a 50QL longsword, and a 40QL medium metal shield. I also have horses to help me get around (and stay alive). And yes, I also bring lots and lots of cotton. It has saved my life a few times after taking on some mobs like Wolves. I'm originally on Indy, but I would love to explore the roads of other servers. Sadly, knowing animals can't go cross-server with you, it makes it too risky to explore other servers on foot. I have barely any fight skill, but I am slowly working on it. What is an explorer to do, without spending tons of money creating alts and having each of them found a deed on every server and buy a horse for me?
  22. I am giving away my animals, so who is interested I can deliver them anywhere on Release map just tell me
  23. 16ql - rare saddle 49ql - rare bridle (63woa) 4x 70ql - rare horseshoes Starting Bid: 20s Increments: 1s Buyout: 25s No reserve, 1h sniper protection Note: C.O.D at buyer expense from Independence
  24. With all the rares gone and only the supreme left, this auction gets resurrected and restarted! Make you bids! Do you have only 3 supreme horse shoes and want to make a set? Make a bid! Do you meet too little luck while wurming? Make a bid! Do you have too much silver in your coffers? Make a bid! Make a bid? Make a bid! Buyer also pays CoD, mailed from Xanadu. Starting Bid: 10s Min Increment: 50c Reserve: NO Buyout: 20s Snipe Protection - 1 Hour
  25. When i lead a horse and go to ride them it causes my client to disconnect and it goes to the loading screen where it hangs up saying "trying to connect". This also happened yesterday when i was disembarking off the horse. I have not tested but i think it might be when you try to embark and disembark to and from a tile that the horse is not on. Note: I am not sure if this is a server issue or client but since it causes the client to disconnect i placed it here.