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Found 369 results

  1. In all my years of breeding horses in Wurm I've never seen a horse with a single name like this... Anyone seen this before? Is this because of a new update?
  2. Horse too slow? Land travel got you down? Put some pep in your horse's step! **** ALL SOLD **** These shoes are guaranteed to speed! Contact me in-game or PM me.
  3. Jet blacks are naturally faster than other kind of horses, so a 5 speed jet black it is basically a 6 speed horse. Pickup only on Xan Q25.4 Jet blacks pure 5 speed, halter rope included: Ironflea: female 5 speed adolescent foal (date of birth: 16/03/2017). Father: Ebenwar. Mother: Pickmountain. Honeynafa: male 5 speed adolescent foal (date of birth: 20/03/2017). Father: Eastlightning. Mother: Abiahappy. Flashdog: female 5 speed young foal (date of birth: 21/03/2017). Father: Eastlightning. Mother: Abiafast. Warstrong: male 5 speed young foal (date of birth: 23/03/2017). Father: Ebenwar. Mother: Chaserblood. These two pairs are perfect for breeding. Starting bid : 2sMin Increase: 50 copper.No reserveBuyout : 4s.
  4. New batch of WOA horse shoes for sale! Excellent casts folks! Why ride slow when you can ride fast? Reply or PM with the set you want! You will receive them promptly from my 100 cast mailbox!
  5. Lost Horse

    So I seem to have lost a horse. Her name is Coffeeadriana, she is cared for by me. A beautiful gold color, she was wearing a saddle, bridle and shoes, but sadly wasn't branded. We were in the area of 34X 22Y (on the Albia map) in the area of the old Pickle Island deed, near the guard tower on the shore. It was getting late so I parked my ship and put her on the beach before logging for the night. I didn't have a tent with me, but had parked and put a horse on dry land that way a few other times and figured it would be safe enough. I logged back in less than 10 hours later and she's gone - as far as I know she was happy and had no reason to run off with the first stranger to walk by. She is still in my Cared For list so I know she's still breathing. A friend with a priest did come and search using Reveal Creatures and we tried tracking but nothing. If you find her you can contact me here or in game and i will come collect her without question.
  6. Message me in-game or Reply / PM on forum with set # you want: SOLD for 6s (102-99-99-97) SOLD for 4s (95-93-90-89) SOLD for 3s (88-87-87-86) SOLD for 2.5s (86-86-85-85) SOLD for 2s (84-83-83-83) SOLD for 1.9s (82-82-81-81) Have fun everyone!
  7. Victory Or Death's Stables! 5 Speed horses or all colours for sale. I also sell champion deer and 5 Speed bison Prices: Old colours 20c each. Pinto's 50c each. Bloodbay's 50c each Ebonyblack 50c each. Champion deer 75c each 5 speed bison 30c each Link to full stock below: Pm Irtehwinner Or Blinkybill for details. You can also visit VoD on Deliverance @ g23 ingame or t8 community map for self service stalls!. Merchant also has tools plain & chanted with WoA Pen with free 4 speed old coloured horses out front. Hope to hear from u all
  8. Looking to sell 18x 4speed horses located near Summerhold. Message Qualara. 30c each or 4.50s for all. No bad traits, no grays. 4x Black 6x White 6x Gold 1x Blood Bay. 1x Brown
  9. CLEARANCE SALE!! SUPER FUN! No more fun!
  10. Moved to auction at
  11. I'm after some horses and bison on pristine. PM me if you can help.
  12. WTB Horse/s

    Hello Wurmians, anyone got some spare 5-speeders on Pristine? can pickup, color doesnt really matter but d love a black one. Need one now and one later for a friend, depending on price even some more. PM offers (wih age pls) Greetings Simju
  13. Hi. The current age stage setup for horses is a little confusing. Instead of: Young, Adolescent, Young, Adolescent, Mature, Aged, Old, Venerable (bold is not a typo, they repeat) can we have something like: Foal, Young, Yearling, Adolescent, Mature, Aged, Old, Venerable (bold is changed name of stage) Only the name would have to change, everything else can stay the same. Thank you for your consideration!
  14. A while ago we got three more horse colours, and it really got a lot of people enthusiastic about horses again. PLEASE add all the rest too? All the options were great, makes the game more immersive and brings more interest and fun to the game. As a reminder, here are the options we got from Malena a while ago on this forum thread: Edit: As requested before, please make bred hellhorses non aggro on Freedom:
  15. Taki's note: After having taken a stroll into the dark depths of our forum I am finding that there are a metric fuckton of lost/found horse ads. This irritates me a bit as it's a massive amount of clutter so I decided to write up a public thread dedicated to lost or found horses. I'll probably remove this spoiler post if this thread becomes regularly used. Deliverance is an incredible community and I wish to improve the effectiveness of what we currently have. If anyone wants to claim a following post to manage a wall of fame, feel free to do so. No way in hell that I'm doing it. XD! These two posts took about an hour to make. lol. Lost your horse? Found somebody else's? Let people know here! Please ensure that adequate detail is provided such as where you found/lost it and if you found it feel free to retain it's name for proof of ownership as you feel appropriate. This is entirely voluntary but if you wish to reward the individual that found it by all means, feel free to do so. Deliverance is an incredible community and many will go out of their way to help others as we know how important having a pony is. Thank you for helping each other out!
  16. Just found it swimming off coast of Riven. Brought it to Riven and dropped on deed as just passing through. In case you were missing it.
  17. Hello, today I had a pretty unhappy accident, I charmed my hell horse with a charm rune, to be able to 'care for' it, and then I un-tamed it. I made sure that it is untamed by examining it and hovering over it a few times, also I had to get into the 'animals' tab under the Body menu, and this tab also said it is untamed. Another thing was that I got a confirmation on the event window saying: [20:32:06] You no longer have this animal tamed! So I left my other hell horses with it as I usually do in my pen, and went afk for a while. But when I got back, the horse was dead. It got into a fight with another hell horse and died in it. Here are the logs: Event log: Combat log: Here's where it all happened, I was standing right there where I am on the screen so I was able to get the AOE damage done to me. The horses were in that pen
  18. Offer Prices for Rares and Shoulder Pads Fireworks 60c each Small Anvil 73CoC 70c
  19. ================================================================================ Now selling discounted 4s and 3s horses, mostly rare colors! See merchant on site! ================================================================================= Seahorse Livery Location: P9 (923, -5983) Accessible by water and mountain tunnel (Entry P10). 4s Horses === 15c 3s Horses === 10i =================================================================================
  20. My horse (Dreamunity) has twice now lost a shoe off of the same foot. Other shoes were at 10 damage the first time a shoe went missing, and other shoes were at 3 damage this last time it went missing. I noticed the first time that a shoe was missing right before the Black Dragon fight on Deliverance, replaced the shoe and then continually did upkeep on the shoes to make sure it didn't disappear again. After about a week and a half and quite a few runs out of town I was preparing to repair and change her equipment. My friend bought me a set of Rare horseshoes as a gift and as I was about to put them on, I noticed the same shoe was missing (The Left Hoof). After repairing all of her shoes and saddle I moved the equipment to a different horse. The only people that have access to the horse are myself and my village (all are people I know IRL). I've asked and they say that they aren't messing with me.
  21. As the title states, I'm looking for an experienced horse breeder in north Xanadu. I am first and foremost interested in purchasing some horses but I also have a few questions about animal husbandry, specifically horse breeding. Just reply here or drop me a tell in game if you prefer, main is named Amory
  22. Hello! As the herd on my yard has grown a little too big for my own personal needs, I will be selling bunch of pintos, bloodbays and brown horses. All of them are 5-speed. No bad traits on any. Will set a specific file for anyone to check, what kind of horses I have on sale. Horses are at Amish Estates, G23 of Xanadu, so basically nextdoor to Summerholt. Horses can be picked up whenever I am online and delivery is possible. Bloodbays and pintos are for 90c and brown ones are for 30c. Send PM on forum or in-game (have the same name as the forum account name)! NEW! I have also 8 (4 female, 4 male) 5-speed bisons, 50c each.
  23. My attempts to breed the new Blood Bay horses have finally been successful. I now have a small number of 5-speed males and females, so I can take first orders. (Customers will probably have to wait a little while until the next foals are born.) All horses have 5 speed traits: Place your orders today and enter the queue! The price for a 5-speed blood bay horse is 2s, venerable ones are 1.5s. As soon as available, horses can be picked up at Dunegard (X-40, Y-38). PM me here or ingame for details. I will also trade Blood Bays for any other new color (as long as they have the same number of speed traits).
  24. Starting bid : 2s increments : 50c reserve: no buyout : offer if you want snipe : 10mins Huntingjack - Male Adolescent Foal : Fleeter movement - Can carry more than average- Certain Sparks Northecker - Male Adolescent Foal : Can carry more than average - Very strong leg muscles - Keen Senses Kisskiss - Female Young Foal : Lightning movement - Tough Bugger - Certain sparks Rainkalil - Female Adolescent : Very strong leg muscles - Fight Fiercely - Keen senses Pickup Xanadu Q25, here: