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Found 13 results

  1. Selling this merchant contract with her full inventory. Merchant is located at Freedom Market @ Independence server. She is at 1st circle, corner place (one of the best locations!), just next to the trader. Here is picture of her inventory: * NOTE: All the items in the picture are in her inventory, i had to divide them in parts to fit all in the same pic AUCTION RULES Starting bid: 9€/s Min increment: 1€/s Buyout: Taking offers! Reserve: No Auction time: about 3 days. - I prefer payment in €,£ or $ but will accept silvers too! - Im paypal verified. - Buyer must meet me at Freedom Market to make the trade! Any questions welcome via forum-pm (Corrax) or in-game (Cormax). Thanks!
  2. It's auction for Rare Large Cedarwood Cart, 11ql. Pickup at Freedom Market (just north from The Howl) on Independence Server. I do prefer to have all bids posted here. Starting bid: 9s Bid increment: 1s Buyout: 14s
  3. Hi I would like to obtain a higher quality spear, 50+ Not sure how much enchants will affect the price, so willing to look into that too. If anyone near FM has one for me, or know which stall I can get one from, please let me know Thanks Marlon
  4. So I was wandering around Independence the other day and I noticed that the public mine near Freedom Market is an absolute mess. Within one tile of the entrance is a pit so steep your character actually never stops bouncing at the bottom; about two tiles past there is another deep trench. That mine is probably the first mine most new players see on our server; do we really want something that messy to be their first experience on Indie? Well, I don't. Trooperau and Blahsonson both stopped by yesterday while I was exploring the full mine to see just how much damage there was, and they both thought it was worth some effort. It is my hope that we can come together and perhaps use the new(ish) reinforced floors to prevent this kind of obvious griefing from happening again. Some images of the entrance zone. My character is named Kikriana; I will be devoting as much time as I can to this project. I may be a new character (longtime player), but I can at least mine out walls as well as anyone else. Thank you for taking the time to read this. Edit: Thank you Lolly for pointing out the dead obvious. List of materials we will probably need: Massive amounts of concrete Lots of reinforcing beams Potentially some priests to cast Strongwall where things are just too screwy for any amount of the previous two materials to be of any use List of more-or-less-required professions: Smiths Carpenters Masons Alchemists (to make lye for concrete) Miners by the hundreds List (lol) of optional professions: Chef Medic Warriors to stave off cave bugs and trolls from the troll mound near Freedom Market Possible sub-project, since we'll have so many people in the right area: Bash that freaking troll mound so it stops destroying new players before they can learn to love Wurm Edit 2 because I am one seriously scatterbrained idiot: Please state what time you are usually online so we can schedule a meeting to plan the repairs! I am usually online between 9:00 AM and 2:00 AM the next morning, Pacific time (GMT -8); I can log in at other times if needed. If I've forgotten anything else, please let me know! Edit 3 (thank you again Atazs): Project is now underway! We have moved every last large chest, forge, and BSB to the entrance, removed all the statues (by wagon, yay!), and are already collapsing tiles deep in the mine. We have collapsed the tunnel-to-China pit just to the left of the entrance for safety reasons (and because falling in was getting annoying), and are continuing to work on closing down the old parts of the mine that honestly should probably never have existed in the first place. I probably forgot something again...Atazs? Update 5-13-2014: Raamkozijn has been hard at work collapsing tiles in the back of the mine. We've replanted some lamps inside the mine to provide a small measure of safety against mob spawns, but the mine is still closed to most players (unless you really really need ore or FS). We have been fortunate thus far in that no mobs have spawned inside the mine since we started out. Once we have finished collapsing the current mine, we will need many miners to quickly open up the new public mine "structure," and then comes the reinforcing. Update 5-16-2014: Raam's at it again! We're almost done closing the far reaches of the mine, and will soon begin the collapsing of the main cavern; once that's done, we'll, begin mining out the new tunnel mine. I'll update this post again as soon as that happens, as we could use as many miners as are available. We do have a plan for the mine, and if Raam approves, I'll post a link to it here. Update 5-21-2014: Collapsing is either finished or almost finished (I'm waiting on my client to finish updating)! We're probably going to start doing the mining more or less right away, so all those of you who volunteered, now's your time! Bring carts or wagons if you've got 'em, as we're going to try to remove the shards as we go. No sense in cleaning up the mine only to leave massive rock shard piles behind! Update 5-22-2014 12:00 AM Pacific time (GMT-8): 'Nuff said. Update 5-22-2014 3:00 AM Pacific time (GMT-8): We have completed the mining out of the new public mine. All that's left to do now is reinforce the floors to prevent future griefing. I...holy what. HUGE THANKS TO ALL THE FOLLOWING PEOPLE! Archead - Sac items Daldrin - Miner Dartaranius - Miner Delmar - Miner Gumbo - Sac items Halinor - Miner Littlemouse - Miner Raamkozijn - Sac items, casting, miner, planned the new mine Seancarl - Miner Tarkie - Sac items Thaleia - Miner Trooperau - Sac items, miner, built the temporary shed for the project Udonne - Helped with early cleanup (some lamps in the old mine belonged to him), miner Zorako - Sac items If I missed anyone PLEASE let me know!
  5. Freedom Market Horses service - where you can buy horses as well as saddles, bridles, bardings and (soon) horseshoes at our merchant - always open, never sleeping, and right at the central market of Independence! Where Freedom Market, outside the East exit leading to the Hills of Aenasan and Crystal Lake. The horse market is right at the intersection with the Great South Road, under the new highway up Dragonfang). How to buy 1) Find the horse you want by examining horses in the pens - or by reading the key names at the merchant 2) Buy the key from the merchant 3) Unlock fence gate and grab your horse 4) Drop the key in the barrel for used keys Prices (all horses are rideable - adolescent or aged) 5S horse - 40c (9 available today May 9) 5S breeding PAIR - 60c (0 pairs available) 4S horse - 20c (2 available today May 9) 4S breeding PAIR - 30c (4 pairs available today May 9) Saddles coming! Bridles coming! Barding, cotton QL35 - 25c Barding, cotton QL60 - 55c Horse shoes - coming! (cont. below)
  6. Selling 31 Sleep Powder for 39 Silver or a Trader Contract. near Freedom Market
  7. Hi, I provide a Digging Service on Independence 88 Digging Skill 1000 minimum to Dig 1,5K Clay/Tar 1S Delivery 10 Coordinates around Freedom Market free Terraforming: 10 Coordinates around Freedom Market on the Independence Community Map or Easy Access to Water and you provide a large Cart with Rafts and Horses 10i per Action or I can have the Dirt Any other Area PM me with your Coordinates
  8. SOLD 2 Sleep Powders, for 5s Near Freedom Market PM Marlon in game :-)
  9. Hey all, I'm looking for someone to plan & build a few wooden houses for me 3mins walk from Freedom Market on Inde. I'll want some 3x3x3's, 1x1x1's, and a few others so there is alot of planking / building to do. Lots of trees around so that shouldn't be a problem. As for the digger, i'll need you to dig down to rock for me, and destroy some pavement. I'm on a mountain so finding the rock shouldn't be too deep. I need the Mason to create me 2000 bricks & 1000 mortar. Name your price below & i'll get in contact with you! Thanks!
  10. Me and a Friend are taking orders Indy but will have to meet at Freedom Market for drop off & payment. We are very reliable, try our best with the quality of our items/goods. So please drop us a line below with what you want and we will try our best to give you what you want. Thanks Zztopplerzz
  11. Welcome to the Buccaneer's Den We are located just south of The Howl | Freedom Markets | Freedom Docks right where new players spawn. The village is currently still under construction and we are in the middle of creating quarters, stables, pens, boathouses and of cause the famous Inn. New players that join us will get help, food, tools and access to beds in exchange for their contribution to the village as Deckhand, Miner or Woodsman. Right now we have no open positions to fill. Please watch this thread for information. Take a look at the screenshots below that will document the growth of the village. Cheers | Skyrant and Tiss
  12. Made a map of the FM merchants. http://map.pheonix-e...edom Market.pdf