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Found 7 results

  1. Atm there is a plethora of bulk storage options: bulk bins, racks for empty bulk bins, and bulk storage units. However, we still have just food storage bins. It would be nice for both functionality and aesthetics to have similar options for food storage as we have for bulk storage. Not to mention other food storage options, such as keeping and perhaps even raising live fish. Sacks for keeping large amounts of seed, flour, and other low volume items. What else may come to mind? Edit: Oh neglected to mention the development work can theoretically be relatively easier as most of the code work was already done with bulk storage unit development. Granted the gfx devs would have more work, and of course there's always debugging. 😵
  2. This is irritating and would prefer this fix for the upcoming later version of Wurm and Wurm Unlimited. When using your Farming skill feature - Harvest and Re-Plant -> 3x3 or 5x5, farming goods are created into Piles of xxx. My issue is that when putting into food storage bin that should have shows the farming good and not "pile of xxx". This may seems like I am trying to take away Pile of xxx feature which can probably stack to 100 which not at what I am getting at. As I haven't got that far yet. But, I am really asking the developer to fix it where Piles of xxx get converted to individual in food storage bin. It doesn't make sense to view and withdraw pile of "1" farming good when it is actually 1 farming good in general. To me, this was unintended and over-sighted and hope that this can be fix for further triggering details minded Wurm players. Edited: I was confused with the installed mod so might have to retract this post. Fix: Depositing 1 farming good will convert "Pile of xxx" into individual farming good
  3. Hello there! I could not find any mention of this problem on this I will write this in a separate post. Situation 1: We have 1 of any food that can be put in FSBs, like fish.. Then we put it to FSB and get from FSB What's it mean? I can eat fish before 0.01 weight then put it to FSB and get out full fish. Situation 2: I can up skill of Coocking infinitely and at the same time constantly raising the quality of the subject Todo: 1. Pick up any fillet (example on fish) 2. Knife -> Create chopped 3. Put to FSB chopped fillet 4. Get chopped fillet from FSB 5. GOTO 2. With each new round of the cycle - the quality of the product grows with the skill
  4. Some servers have this, I thought I would find this mod here but nothing. Store raw meat, fish, filets into the fsb Thanks
  5. The current FSB model is huge, literally massive in comparison to most things. It takes up more than half a tile, width wise, and fitting one of these in your structure can be an absolutely miserable challenge if you want it to look nice. So why don't we get something more compact, something nicer and less clunky like the huge, ugly behemoths of a container we currently have?
  6. Members of alliance are unable to rotate Food and Bulk Storage Bins on an allied deed. They are able to push and pull them, and are able to turn other objects (forges, crates, beds, etc) without issue. Village members can turn BSBs and FSBs, it is only alliance members who cannot
  7. On deli, willing to come pick it up from any server(cept chaos >_<). Please pm me on the forums or ingame with price!