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Found 40 results

  1. right now when u pay something that u recived u see a msg that says "u were charged xx amount of silver" but for some reason you dont that same msg when you are the one getting the money instead u just get the "your money in the bank its now xxx" it would be great and i think shouldnt be very hard to have that msg on both sides,aand even if posible including the name of the account u that paid you. there is algo the problem that u only see that if u are online,but not sure how to fix that.
  2. im always complaining at how other people does things wrong on organizing impalongs so now its my turn to get trashed . What´s an impalong? its a community event where other people improves and enchants your tools,while u imp other peoples items for skill,join some contests and meet people. Where is this impalong happening? at BlackFlame Island Market on x30 y27 on the celebration map When is this happening? i had to cancel it so its not happening. supplies and facilities: inn with 30 beds locked pens for people that brings horses will provide meals(about 60ql) will provide free 90ql+ mallets for everybody 80ql imping logs 71ql imping iron(i cant do better than 71 unless someone wants to donate iron or i can buy some) 97ql string and cotton im trying to get some good imping leather but dont have it yet Contests: Lets make a deal - hosted by sanrina. still trying to put together more contests,if u have an idea what could work and want to share or even want to host your own contest contact Tpikol. Tpikol and Blackflame island wont be responsible for any injuries caused by camels hitting you with hammers.
  3. This has been cancelled for good this time. As a small consolation for everyone that has signed up this last try, you will all get 1.5s store credit you can use on my merchant thread. (you can see the names in the post below this one) Check out my merchant thread here; http://forum.wurmonl...-guruen-gear-â„¢/ Yes it's another event from the people that brought you Gurrington Quests.This time it'll be a completely free event, and it'll be in the form of a fishing contest.And the best part? There's prizes for everyone! That's right you get a small prize just for participating. There'll ofc be bigger prices for the winners, and even a small consolation price. See below for details on the prizes. So let's talk turkey! well trout would be more fitting Here's how it'll go down. There'll be room for 25 participants, and it's first come first serve basis. You sign up by replying to this thread with the name of your character. Please make sure you can make it or at least give notice if you can't so we can free up the slot for another person. Each participant must be at Gurrington (X20Y18) 30 min before contest starts or they'll forfeit their spot. __________________________________________________________________________ Let's try this again, last time it got cancelled due to to few people signing up People that signed up last time, will have to sign up again. The contest starts at 13:00 CET, January 26. If there's less than 12 signups, the contest will be cancelled. __________________________________________________________________________ Fine fishing rods (70ql) will be supplied along with 5 fishing lines, and you'll get to keep these after the contest! You're ofc welcome to use your own rod if you want to. There'll be 2 categories you can enter in, these categories will be revealed at the start off the contest. You can only enter in 1 category and it'll be a blind 'weigh-in'. This means you won't know what other has entered with, so be sure to enter with your best fish for the category. The contest will run for 30 min and any fish must be delivered for the contest before this time. You will fish from the docks of Gurrington, which means no rare fish allowed for this contest. And here are the prizes you can win. Category 1 1st: 60ql Butchering Knife, LITD Pendulum, 2s2nd: 60ql Butchering knife, 80ql Chisel3rd: 60ql Butchering knife, 60ql Toolbelt Category 2 1st: 60ql Butchering Knife, LITD Pendulum, 2s2nd: 60ql Butchering knife, 80ql Chisel3rd: 60ql Butchering knife, 60ql Toolbelt Consolation prize: 20 fishing lines (fine) Prizes kindly sponsored by Gurrington Smithing & Moonshine Tannery Fishing rods sponsored by Raykow!
  4. Hey everyone I included all that I was there for and or participated in ;p please do enjoy video will have annotations to each and every event sooner or later happy late halloween, spoooooky! > Lot's more Wurm Content to come!
  5. Treasure Hunt Main Idea- The general idea is to add another type of event to Chaos like how we have HoTA (Hunt of The Ancients) that if goes well could even be on Epic servers? I have heard of people missing the idea of treasure hunts on chaos for the chance of a hidden chest for loot of high end or middle end items that would other wise be costly or hard to get. But the original idea was more for exploration and finding things. This idea was to be a risk for loot type of situation that will be PvP. Now this isn't meant for anyone to just enter this server should be by all means Premium players only! Its purpose is for the Kingdoms like Jenn Kellon, Mol Rehan, and Horde of the Summond. The idea of this is to have another server that would be used once a month and each kingdom who participates will require at least 5 - 10 or more members to go using a portal and be transferred to this server for the chance of high loot with also the risk of PvP against the other kingdom. The only problem is you bring what you carry and you are teleported to your kingdom set portal for that server and once there you have to live off the land and instantly set in a "Work as a Team" and survival for great loot. Now this event can not and should not happen unless there is another kingdom team of even amount of players to make it fair. The portal to this event should be at your kingdoms capital similar to how the Epic Portal at spawn is. To win the event you either find the chest or what ever container is chosen to hold the loot or the enemy team is killed off each and every last one of them or a team can forfeit which will take the players back to their kingdoms portal and from there can use the portal to go back to your capital. Death System? When a person is killed their loot is not allowed to be taken until the other team loses or wins which is by finding the treasure or by killing of the other team which if the other team is killed off before the treasure is found it will end the game as said so the treasure wont be available. If a team forfeits and players have died their corpses loot should be sent back to them in the idea of like how karma can be used to Summon a Corpse same idea apply's to the treasure being founded. This is support to be by all means survival so you have to craft anything you didn't bring now it shouldn't be possible to build houses but perhaps fences and carts or if houses can be build should be wooden only. This event is not required or needed to build but if necessary it should be available for defense even or defending a location because this is still considered normal PvP in a way. Also mobs like normal passive to aggressive mobs should be spawned here yes and you would have to use the horses that was spawned there to ride which makes it ideal to bring gear for a horse before going if you want to risk a bit more for a fast horse. This event should give a fun alternative besides just HoTA and would be quite worth it but with a cost. As ideas for loot, i personally suggest the general loot to be adaminite and Glimmersteel lumps sense its a alternative to HoTA but more risk this event doesn't have to happen every month could happen every 2 months maybe more or less up to the people to decide nut in general this is another way to increases fun and more offers to this and if you haven't already guessed it Resurrection stones and other item saving items should not work here so its guaranteed to gain something. The idea for the forfeit system i haven't really thought of but that could be discussed later on if this idea happends to be implemented Server Map Suggestions The type of map for these events can be totally up to the staff of the game but ideas i had that could be interesting was to bring (If saved somewhere or anything relating to the original servers) back the old Wurm servers like gold 1 and the home servers where there could be a list and a vote of which map could be used next event. The other idea was a randomly generated map for each event so there is never the same looks to it and people will have to explore. The name of the event could be discussed by the community and staff i think it should be unique like Hunt of the Ancients but that's just me now i know this idea is long and over thought and long but i like to give detail and explain well any idea i have so others understand and i am okay if this does happen to get rejected. Please give any ideas suggestion on this i personally would love to see something like this add more fun if anything to Wurm. ~AlphaWolfen
  6. the first think that came to my mind when i read that update was, WHY? why only for the friends tab and not just all tabs.since u already did it for one tab it shouldnt be hard to reproduce for all tabs and would be great to have.
  7. - ----- I want to get this one over reasonably quickly with all the drama surrounding dragons at the moment. I'm looking for pretty much any fighters to come and help. I would prefer if you post your FS before hand so I have a better idea of how soon I could actually run the event. Two handed weapons are a MUST, try and grind your weapon skill in one of these, preferably huge axe, as much as possible before hand. I would prefer if low skilled fighters didn't take up all the slots, but there's not really any way I can check on what fight skill someone actually has other than the titles. I'm also looking for Fo priests, Magranon priests and a butcher, again feel free to post your skills for the butcher role so I can pick the best chance to get the full butcher. If you don't have a high QL butchering knife I can get hold of one for you. Assuming we actually get a decent butcher, I'll be distributing the drake out fairly. Most likely (but may vary on the success of the butcher) as 1 set to the butcher, 10 sets or so "highest damage", 1 for the leatherworker, 2 for the people who helped me organize this and the remaining ones as a random draw to attendees and any priests (with a slightly higher weighting). There's a deed on site to ally to or be a citizen of for quick respawns if you do die. Note: Please don't flood this thread with arguments about penning dragons etc. There's a nice thread for discussing that here:
  8. So I play wurm for awhile now and with all these events anyone thought about human chess event? chessboard made from slabs and coblestones. people as pieces. I think it can be fun
  9. 5th Akhenaten Tournament 2nd February, 2013 />
  10. 5th Akhenaten Tournament 2nd February, 2013 />
  11. Arena Building EVENT Hello this is Sklo and we are back. Goldenflamer and me were thinking of making the Ahkenaten tournaments on differnet spots everywhere on Freedom. And this is your part. Build with your village an amazing arena and we will come to you and do a [Village Name] Tournament at your place. This is not just a big help for us this is also a great landmark for your village and many will marvel on your colluseum. How big should it be? I hasn't to be bigger than the Akhenaten Arena but if you have the time make a giant version of an arena no problem. What does the arena need? o) Battlefield o) Stand o) Armory o) Store for prizes And don't forget to display how far you are in this thread for free bumps and more arenas!!! Make the Akhenaten Tournament also come into your village! And have fun in building the arenas. Greetings Goldenflamer and Sklo
  12. Frontier, on Independance, 22x, 50y, recently completed its first 1026 tile farm. To celebrate, we have decided to hold an event, which everyone and anyone is free to enter, and there will be some great prizes to be one. The event Between 30 and 50 needles will be dropped inside the farm. Each needle will correspond to a different prize. Participants will enter the farm at the same time, and will then be left to locate as many needles as they can find. Each person finding a needle in the farm will win a prize. Contestants will not be allowed to drop item on tiles to make a pile, so its all down to looking hard. You can win as many prizes as you can find. The prizes Enchanted horse shoe sets Enchanted tools Enchanted Weapons Chain and studded leather armour sets Cash prizes, from 1 silver to 10 silver Frontier There will be altars, free food courtesy of Redeemed, 100 hot food cooking, water, and places to leave your horses. The deed has a harbour connected to it, at 22x,48y, and a straight road leading to the village. When is it happening? As you can see, i havent put a date for this to happen up yet. It will likely be several weeks from now, held on a saturday afternoon, but i would like to get an idea of numbers, as if many people choose to come, i will increase the number of prizes Please post if you would like to attend. Heres the farm Uploaded with
  13. Arena Building EVENT Hello this is Sklo and we are back from the summer break of our events. Goldenflamer and me were thinking of making the Ahkenaten tournaments on differnet spots everywhere on Freedom. And this is your part. Build with your village an amazing arena and we will come to you and do a [Village Name] Tournament at your place. This is not just a big help for us this is also a great landmark for your village and many will marvel on your colluseum. How big should it be? I hasn't to be bigger than the Akhenaten Arena but if you have the time make a giant version of an arena no problem. What does the arena need? o) Battlefield o) Stand o) Armory o) Store for prizes And don't forget to display how far you are in this thread for free bumps and more arenas!!! Make the Akhenaten Tournament also come into your village! And have fun in building the arenas. Greetings Goldenflamer and Sklo
  14. 4th Akhenaten Tournament 23th June, 2012 Time: http://www.timeandda...00&sec=00&p0=37 Proudly Sponsored by Killstreak Merchandise After some requests from Veterans, I decided to organize a new Tournament in Akhenaten (Independence, Kinoss Bay (south)) for everyone. For all who never attended on a Tournament, here are some basic facts you should know. You will only use the "spar" function which avoids the death of the loser, due to the fact that the "stronger" Player stops before the final hit happens. Don't be scared of attending just because you fear to fight a too high skilled player, you will be put in different Leagues to increase your chance. But why should you attend on such an event where you try to almost kill people? You will actually see that those public events make fun, alot of fun. The fact to meet old friends is great in such an environment. However, I didn't even mention the worthily prizes you can win. The winner in a League will get great stuff, which goes from Weapons to Tools, even enchants or speed horses are common. But I don't have the gear to fight? Armour and your Shield/Weapon of choice will be provided by us. The gear is around 50Ql so there is no advantage of better gear in the whole Tourney. The supply of high Ql meals, water and +90Ql cotton is standard in our events. I hope you got a basic impress of the way we handle with Tournaments. I will now explain the rules and the exact expiration. Rules Fighting is only allowed with provided gear, you have the right to pick a weapon/shield of your choice. The provided gear is only borrowed and have to be give back after the fight. The fight starts with the word "start" and ends with the event massage. The winner is pronounced in the event message post fight. Only Spares are allowed. Its only allowed to register one account per player . Any kind of off/deff spell and healing during the fight is forbidden. It is possible to change the rules anytime before the official start of the Tournament. Any kind of cheating will cost you your head, be fair and have fun. I am not able to give you a date or a daytime yet, but be prepared for the Saturday in about 3 weeks. The problem of the right time for the event is still impossible to solve due to the different time zones we live in. If you believe to know the best compromise, pm me. Furthermore, I am still looking for prizes if you have the ability to provide something feel free to pm me. If you would like to sign in please leave your application here in the forum. Account name Figthing Skill(main skill only) Time zone example: Sklo 70.33 GMT +1 Leagues League 1: 80+ Fighting Skill Joemog [GMT +1] Maximusthegreat [GMT +1] Longshanks [] League 2: 70-79,99 Fighting Skill Lancelot [GMT] Sklo [GMT +1] Neopherus [GMT +1] Pingpong [GMT -8] Darkmalice [GMT] Suntan [GMT -5] Zivirt [GMT -4] Herrfritz [GMT +1] Oreohh [GMT -5] Roman [GMT +10] Robfox [GMT +1] Zuperman [] Wwiiol [] aka KellyT Fevfev [GMT +2] Thorgot [GMT +2] Gumbo [GMT -5] Atazs [GMT +1] Reasons [GMT] League 3: 60-69,99 Fighting Skill Faldan [GMT -1] Mavv [GMT] ishymitsukai [GMT -7] League 4: 50-59,99 Fighting Skill Bobmcjeffery [GMT -8] Thunderstruck [ GMT -8] Translucent LockeHalfblood Jilly League 5: 40-49,99 Fighting Skill Wort Melketh [GMT +1] League 6: 30-39,99 Fighting Skill Docterchese [GMT] Selvetarm League 7: 20-29,99 Fighting Skill Underbank [GMT -4] League 8: 10-19,99 Fighting Skill Wraithglow [GMT] Kristoff [GMT -6] Ralinth [GMT -5] League 9: 1-9,99 Fighting Skill Current Prizes 71,87Ql Maul with 84Nib 91Fb and 84Coc 3x Large Metal Shield 85Ql [Chromega] 80Ql Longsword Ad 84Nib 73Fb 76Coc [Gatwick] 85Ql Longsword [Zuperman] 20x Longsword ~55Ql [Lancelot] 100kg 90Ql Iron Lumps [Pingpong] 70Ql Silver Chain Armour Set[Darkmalice] 70Ql coc Metal shield[Darkmalice] Small Sailboat[suntan] 90Ql Spindels and Mallets[Zivirt] 80Ql Bows [Herrfritz] 85Ql weapons for each group[Lancelot] 90Ql Chain Armour Set[Zuperman] 90Ql Huge Axe[Zuperman] DRAKE SET(for League 4,if they get 8 fighter)[Kaih] 60Ql Chain Armour Set [Melketh] 80Ql Longswords [Melketh] 90Ql Studded Leather Set [Wort] Speed Horse [Wraithglow] 2x Super Pickaxes [Gumbo] 4th Akhenanten Tournament Grand Champion The best 3 Fighter from League 2 have the opportunity to fight against League 1 Fighters for the honor as Grand Champion and a overwhelming real life Trophy from Killstreak Merchandise. This special competition will be after the final of the regular Tournament. visit Killstreak Merchandise or like them on Facebook Challenge from Kaih: If League 4 gets over 8 people the Winner of the League will get a Drake Set from Kaih. So group your friends together and fight for reputation, honor and prizes! Akhenaten is located in the South-West of Independence at coordinates 12x 50y on the Community Map. This Page isn't finish yet, I will add more contend soon! If you find mistakes, please pm me.
  15. How do you think about a boat parade on the birthday of Freedom (today in 2 weeks)?? From Independence to Celebration and maybe also with some visits of landmarks (big things built from players)... If you want fun and we get enough this will occur in today two weeks. Best Regards Sklo