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Found 9 results

  1. I removed vein by using errupt and freeze. After that tried open the cave by tunneling, but system didn't let me do that as if vein was still there. But undeground this same tile showed regular rock.
  2. I recently purchased a new deed on an island that was made by wand of the seas. I have now made two attempts to discard a sandstone vein that is blocking me from creating a mine entrance by having the tile erupted. Neither time has discarded the sandstone (melted? idk) My first attempt was followed by a ticket, the Cm that responded was wonderful, their advice was to try a second time. If there was no change, it was suggested to post here... Here I am So can anyone offer some insight.. The first Lava cast was frozen but took upwards of 12 hours to cool down. The second Lava was frozen and cooled faster but the sandstone vein remains intact.
  3. In CA help some folks were just talking about WU code and how it seemed to indicate erupt will no longer occur on a reinforced tile resulting in the "nothing occurs" message. This seems like a pretty major change. Did this just go in with the update? For one thing I have a PvE priest whose sole reason for choosing path of power was to remove off-deed reinforcements if necessary. Is this something we want to get rid of leaving deeding the only method of removing reinforcements?
  4. This all starts with the path of power ability Erupt. Currently lava fades back into rock really quickly and lava has no use in PvE except decoration, overall this level 7 skill has little use for the majority of players. On PvE remove the mag domain only restriction slow down the revert rate (pause it completely in a mag domain so mag domains allow magma to remain for decorative purposes), I am not going to suggest changes on this part to PvP since that is a balance issue. When lava cools down it has a 25% chance to form a special kind of wall (obsidian). Obsidian walls are very fragile and break after only 10 blows giving 2 weight of obsidian each time, leaving an obsidian floor, they have 10x the chance to give gems compared to normal walls (so roughly double the chance of getting a gem each tile in a much faster space of time). Obsidian walls can be reinforced as with normal walls and are, in every other respect, normal walls (not veins). Obsidian itself is not much use as a building material, however it does have many uses in cutting instruments ( because of its extreme sharpness. A nice way to integrate this in wurm is to allow it to be crafted into various short blades (knives and the like, no long thin blades since it IS very fragile) that take double damage but work twice as fast. These tools cannot be imped or repaired, their QL is always the QL of the blade component when crafted however they take enchantment VERY easily (50% difficulty reduction). These changes would make erupt much more useful on PvE servers as a power (since it allows access to a unique material and a decorative tile that is no longer transient). This suggestion is aimed at PvE balance but I don't think it would impact PvP balance overly much since the tools are aimed at crafters and not fighters, the wall chance is not certain so as a tactic it is not really viable.
  5. I recently got very frustrated trying to open a tunnel which just wouldn't work. Turns out an old lava tile, which I had frozen from the surface and then forgot about it, was getting in the way. The situation underground was like this, where the dark grey squares are cave entrances from south to north: [18:20:22] <Logi> report it So here we go, what I thought was a feature but may actually be a bug: - Freezing a lava tile from the surface doesn't remove the lava wall from under the ground - Instead, you need to freeze a second time from underground - This makes it hard to remove a lava wall when the terrain tile is very close to water surface or underwater. Another thing is, when you use erupt, the North-West corner of the tile is raised by 4 slope. This is great and very useful to terraform, but: - When erupting, the tile corner is raised even if it is part of a house or cave entrance. - In the image below, erupting the lava tile would make the entrance of the left dark square non-flat. - The inside cave floor is not raised but instead remains flat, resulting in a small visible gap between cave floor and ground floor. - Non-flat cave entrances remain after the lava is gone and you can use them normally. The final thing is what really made me crazy. I am not sure if it is a bug or not but I want to report it anyway: - When trying to mine a tunnel adjacent to an underground lava wall you will get a not really indicative mine warning that stops the action: -- The ground sounds strangely hollow and brittle. You have to abandon the mining operation. - When trying to open a cave from the underground adjacent to a lava wall you will get another warning stopping you: -- The cave walls look very unstable. You cannot keep mining here. - This was not tested further, but both tiles on the above image were unable to be tunnelled. Many thanks to GMs Smejack, Ladywoe and Logi for the time they put in solving this!
  6. So i recently hit path of power lvl 7. And wanted to test lava spawning.. only to find out that it requires a magranon altar. This got me very disappointed, as this basically restricts HOTS from using that meditation power as we cant build magranon altars. I'm guessing this was done to limit where you could place lava, but whoever made this restriction maybe unintendedly forgot that BL also needs to be able to use meditation (e.g. dont link meditation to religion please.. 2 different mechanics) My suggestion to fix this.. if theres a purpose for this being linked to altars.. please allow it inside libilas domain aswell.. Or to completely free this from religion, allow it to be used inside your own kingdom influence maybe?
  7. I have been working hard to make my Path of Power (on both me and my priest) to spew lava tiles all over my place and mountain to build a volcano. So far the volcano is possible for me at this moment but I can't put lava pits on my deed. The lack of information "in-game", such as meditation messages are just random and are uninformative, its not even related to anything to the path itself. Since meditation is suppose to be enlightening, useful informations should be provided about this path along with the levels of the meditation skill about its powers. I don't fully understand the Magranon domain limitation since lava would still be rock in fusion. Lava is part of the earth/planet and its also from volcanoes, which are mountains on fire and for me it still look like Magranon way. -From that link, There is a passage at the Magranon inscription on the Altar of Three. Quote: I am the Fire and the Mountain. -From that link, The puppet show between Magranon and Vynora. Your Vynora puppet: 'Magranon! What are these creatures I hear about?' Your Magranon puppet: 'Creatures?' Your Vynora puppet: 'Made from lava?' Your Magranon puppet: 'Yes. I made them.' Your Vynora puppet: 'How do you create life?' Your Magranon puppet: 'They are animated fire spirits.' -And Magranon holds all the fire spells, such as Fire Pillar... very close to lava effects. -Plus, at 40 Faith and 40 Favor, a Magranon Priest is immune to lava damage. So, by definition, Magranon IS fire. ----- So here are the suggestions: 1- Removing the limitation of the Magranon domain since everything Magranon believes in, fits with having lava around, Or there is something I didn't understood about the Lore of Magranon. 2- Allowing deed holder to allow Erupt casting on the deed. ----- Thanks TMD
  8. Does freezing a lava tile raise the rockface, or does that only happen when lava cools naturally ?
  9. I just acquired the erupt ability to turn rock tiles into lava. I have a rock tile in a Magranon domain - 5-6 tiles from the Mag altar actually - and on my deed. But when I try the Erupt the timer does not start and I get a message "Some psychological issue stops you from spawning lava here". What's that supposed to mean? Nothing in the wiki about it.... Update, tried a tile over 20 tiles from the Mag altar but still in the domain, same message. I'll scout around for an off-deed Magranon domain to try.