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Found 6 results

  1. With an alt, I went to see if an easter egg has decayed. My main has dropped the egg, but I wasn't on that server so I sent the alt just to see. The egg was on a deed, right on the same tile with the deed token. It had decayed, and there was an opal on the pavement. [00:58:38] You get an opal. The alt is not citizen of that deed, and it has no permissions afaik. Just to be sure, I did test pickup, push, pickup planted, and it doesn't have them: [00:59:33] That would be very bad for your karma and is disallowed on this server. It's not able to pick up anything else. This alt didn't drop the egg there, it's non-prem and didn't have any egg. Is this intended or known, or it may have slipped through, for items from eggs?
  2. Apparently easter eggs do not decay while on deed. They may be in the list of decorations, so they will never decay. Please check these posts too: (Was asked to re-post it here.)
  3. https://gyazo.com/f6d77ea6d9bca50796a013879002c41c Fireworks, birchwood 80ql 00dmg best offer Easter egg 99ql 00dmg best offer Statue Of Vynora, silver 32.66ql 00dmg best offer yoyo, birchwood 38.52ql 00dmg 50i or best offer yellow potion 16ql 00dmg 15c or best offer yellow potion 50ql 00dmg 25c or best offer
  4. Pendulum, iron (LilDeep-99) Woa 72 49.78QL 4.0 Silver Would take 6.5 silver for Both Pendulum, Iron (LilDeep97 Woa 73 48.20QL 3.5 Silver ^ ^ ^ Cog 5.50 Silver Around 45 QL Near 24H Summerholt on Xan ( Ocean Ready ) Anchor + Key req. 22 Mind Logic --- SOLD Rare Small Anvil 78.05 QL 64 WoA 37 Coc 8 Silver SOLD Fire Works Birchwood 80QL 2 Silver Long Sword 63 QL Ench's = 73 FB / 82 W / 67 C / SHD = Self Healer's Demise 4 Silver I also have various aosp Chain, and leather and plate ranging from 60-99 aosp cast and 60-90 QL at my Merchant @ 24H Look for the Green Dragon Ethereal PM Vortexxx in Game would be the best method or post here requesting CoD and whom to mail to. Thanks.
  5. Fireworks 80QL - 1s yellow potion 50ql - 1s Easter Egg 99ql - 1s Pickup near Gold Pearl Market on Exodus
  6. Fireworks 80ql, no damage Easter egg 99ql, no damage Lump (seryll) 1kg, 80ql, no damage yellow potion, 50ql, no damage 1 sleep powder